tagSci-Fi & FantasyNever Trust a Beautiful Woman

Never Trust a Beautiful Woman

byZev Green©

This is my first attempt at writing erotica so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



He was sat in a shadowy corner of the bar, nursing a pint of ale when he saw her across the room. She was an imposing figure, nearly six foot with a strong yet stunning face and flame red hair cascading down her back. A tight cerise dress clung to her curves, showing off her near perfect voluptuous figure. Her most striking feature though was her skin. She was a mottled mass of color all over and from where Scott sat the colors seemed to shimmer and dance. Blues, purples, yellows, reds, greens, pinks, all swirled almost rhythmically across her flesh.

She'd come to the cantina alone but had quickly integrated herself into a diverse group of creatures and was laughing and talking along with them. As Scott watched one of the -he couldn't quite tell, but he looked human- cracked a joke and the woman threw back her head and her deep throaty laugh filled the air. That laugh had a magical seductive quality that drew him further under her spell. He found himself transfixed by this amazing creature, mesmerized by the magical movement of her skin. She must have sensed him, for at that moment she turned and her eyes caught his. She flashed him a ravishing smile then turned away and seductively walked towards the bar.

Scott saw his chance and leapt out of his seat, nearly overturning the table his glass rested on. He reached her just as the barman, a strange mousey creature with patchy blue fur and whiskers, handed her a drink. She clasped a delicate, long fingered hand around the tall glass of blood red liquid and lifted it to her lips.

"Here, let me get that," Scott said, offering the barman a note.

"Thanks." She smiled at him. "May I join you?"

Scott couldn't believe his luck. He nodded speechless, and gestured towards his seat with his abandoned pint.

She sat herself down opposite him, crossing her long legs. The split in her dress fell open revealing an expanse of thigh swirling hypnotically with color, tapering into a well formed calf and delicate ankle. Her feet were encased in a pair of elaborate strappy sandals with killer heels.

Scott was snapped out of the trance her skin had almost put him in when she said softly, "I'm Kaia."

She had a slight accent that he couldn't place, and not having seen anyone like her before couldn't be sure if it was typical of her race or not.

"Scott," he stammered, unable to take his eyes off her shapely legs.

He did his best to engage her in conversation, but his inability to shift his gaze from the magical woman in front of him left him stuttering and barely able to form sentences. He was completely captivated by this most unusual creature. She sensed this and did everything in her power to entrance him further, crossing and uncrossing her legs and letting the slit of her dress fall open more exposing yet more of her bizarre skin. She subtly pulled down the already plunging neckline of the dress to show a little more of her colorful cleavage.

By this time Scott was a wreck and when Kaia leaned in close, running her foot up his thigh and whispered in his ear asking if he'd like to come up to her room, it was all he could do to nod weakly.

Scott knew that he shouldn't follow - he was a member of the Space Corp. after all and this kind of liaison was most definitely against regulations - and a little voice in the back of his mind told him to stop before this went any further, but he couldn't help but take her proffered hand. He allowed himself to be led to the teleporter platform where she keyed in their destination.

"I'm checked into one of the port hotels," she told him. "I hate staying on my ship when there's better accommodation available."

Together they stepped onto the platform and faded from view. They rematerilized in an old fashioned looking hotel lobby.

"I just love old style architecture," Kaia said. "I spotted this place over the information channel and just had to stay here."

With a cursory nod to the man - well, probably a man, but Scott couldn't be sure - Kaia half dragged him down the corridor to her room. At the door she scanned her palm and it opened. She pulled him inside and roughly pushed him up against the door which closed under his weight. Leaning up against him, she kissed him firmly, her hands cupping his face. Feeling the length of her body against his, he pulled her closer to him, his hands exploring the curves of her waist and back.

Finally Kaia pulled herself away from his hungry lips. She placed a long tapered finger on his lips to silence the objections she sensed would come. Scott reassured, she slipped off his uniform jacket, dumping it carelessly on a nearby chair and began to slowly unbutton his shirt. As each button was released by her expert fingers she planted a soft kiss on his chest before dropping to the next. As his shirt fell to the floor, Kaia stood again and took Scott's hand.

She led him across the room till he stood before the huge four poster bed - Kaia had a sixth sense when it came to picking space port hotels with the kind of large luxurious bed she liked - and slowly dropped to her knees. She began to unbuckle the chunky insignia belt at his waist, pushing his hands away as he tried to help her quicker her pace. The belt was soon flung across the room and she began to work on the standard black uniform trousers that he, like all members of the Space Corp. wore. They had purposefully difficult fastenings, no doubt to discourage this sort of liaison, but Kaia made short work of them, pushing them down to his ankles so he could step out of them.

With his trousers gone, Scott's cock was restrained only by the thin material of his boxers which threatened to tear. Kaia hooked her fingers around the waistband and with one fluid movement had them at his ankles. His cock sprang free from its bindings, jutting away from his body and pointing proudly ceiling-wards. Ignoring it for the moment, she began slowly and tantalizingly to kiss her way up his legs. By the time she had reached his inner thighs he was begging for more, telling her he'd do anything if she'd just touch him.

Kaia looked up into his eyes and smiled, then ran her tongue along the length of his penis. He gasped as she lightly encircled the head then engulfed his cock in her hot mouth. Scott tangled his fingers in her long red hair, holding her head steady as he pushed his cock deeper into his throat.

"Fuck, Kaia. You always this good?" he moaned.

Kaia put her tongue to word on his cock as she slipped a hand between his legs and began to caress his balls. She cupped them in her palm and began to roll them with her fingers.

Kaia continued to devour his cock until it began to swell and twitch with an imminent orgasm. Releasing it from her mouth, she stood up and with a playful glint in her eye pushed him roughly to the bed.

Scott lay back on the bed with Kaia straddling him, the playful look still on her face. He wondered what she was thinking of, but as sure whatever it was would make the evening even more fun.

"I brought a few toys with me," she told him. "Want to play?"

Scott smiled at her and nodded, and with that encouragement she reached under the huge bed and pulled out a large box. She slid off the bed to see better and opened the box, removing a couple of pairs of handcuffs and a gag.

"Last chance to object now," she informed him.

"Me? Back out now? This looks like fun!"

In fact he wasn't so sure how much fun it would be, never having been tied up before, but he wasn't going to risk missing out on a night of passion with the stunning creature he had before him.

Pleased that he had agreed to play, Kaia fixed each of his arms to a bedpost with the handcuffs so expertly that Scott suspected she'd done this many times before. Not that he really cared, after all it was him that she was with that evening. His upper limbs firmly secured she gave him one last kiss, deeply and sensually, her tongue delving into the depths of his hot mouth, then applied the gag.

She straddled him again and began to rub her body, barely covered by her tight silky dress, against him. As he began to moan beneath the gag, she hitched up her dress, showing the lack of underwear, and impossibly slowly started to rub her smooth pussy against his hard cock. Scott strained against his bindings, wanting to be inside her more than anything, but still she would not let him penetrate her. She kept on rubbing herself up against him, teasing both him and herself. Every time he neared a climax she pulled herself away, preventing him from cumming but kept him near the edge. Kaia herself was close to orgasm too. As his rock hard cock slid over her clit, faster and faster, she felt her pulse and breathing begin to quicken. Her muscles began to tighten and she felt her pussy quivering. As she came, she threw her head back, moaning loudly and digging her long nails into Scott. Her orgasm made the colors of her skin grow more vivid and the patterns begin to swirl faster than before.

When she had caught her breath she slid off the bed and turned on some music. A slow sultry song began to play.

"I've got a little treat for you," she told him in a low, sexy voice.

Standing at the end of the bed, giving him a clear view, she began to dance seductively. As her body swayed to the music the colors of her skin moved faster and faster, becoming brighter and brighter. Scott couldn't take his eyes off her as he sat transfixed, firmly bound to the bed.

Kaia slowly started to peel off her tight dress. When she lowered the straps to her waist, Scott gasped as her full breast were revealed. Her breasts bouncing slightly with each movement, she pushed her dress past her hips, letting it fall to the floor. Now naked she continued to dance, her skin continuing to swirl at an ever increasing pace.

Scott though was no longer responding, hypnotized by her magical skin. When Kaia was sure he wasn't going to be waking anytime soon, she quickly redressed and gathered her things into a pile in the centre of the room. She went through the pockets of his previously discarded jacket, removing his IDs.

"These should make a decent profit," she thought.

Tucking her finds into her travelling bag, she turned to look at the unconscious man tied to the bed.

"I thought by your age you'd know," she told him as she activated her portable teleporter. "Never trust a beautiful woman."

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