tagGay MaleNever Would Have Thought Ch. 01

Never Would Have Thought Ch. 01


My housemate Kyle was falling asleep again. He did it every time we stayed up late watching TV, especially after having a beer or two.

He was sitting slouched in the chair, his shoulders resting on the backrest. His head had rolled back so his face was pointed toward the ceiling. His soft, red lips were slightly parted and his normally bright, brown eyes were now closed. His face was completely smooth, as if he was a wax statue.

Ryan, my other housemate noticed, too, and turned away from the TV, his blue eyes glancing from Kyle's face, down his chiseled chest where his tight T-shirt settled into every crevice, and finally to his crotch held tight by faded jeans.

I pretended not to see and tried to concentrate on the show, but Ryan snapped his fingers.

"Hey, Sean," he whispered. "Look at Kyle. He must be dreaming of his girlfriend."

I turned to look at Kyle. Both of my housemates claimed to be straight, but when I came out to them about two weeks before, they both had that look in their eyes, the same half-jealous, half-hungry look I get when a hot guy and his girlfriend pass by me on the college campus where I study English and philosophy. They had smiled at me and said it would not be a problem.

Kyle's hands were on his knees and his smooth, vein-rippled forearm blocked some of my view of his crotch, but I could see a lot. The zipper had begun to rise, and his hardening cock strained against the fabric. His lips were moving a little, as if he was kissing at the air, and his defined chest began to rise and fall with increasing speed.

"I dare you to kiss him," Ryan said.

I snapped my head to look at Ryan.

"What?" I said. "No way. Not only is he straight, but he's my housemate, and I don't want to screw anything up."

Ryan's mouth curled into a demented grin. His eyes narrowed a bit under his short, gelled brown hair. His cheeks pulled in to reveal small dimples in the smooth flesh.

"Come on," he said. "I think it'd be hot."

His hand reached down to his red flower-pattern board shorts and twirled the shoelace that kept them tied shut. I could see the fabric begin to rise.

After some hesitation, he urged me on and I finally stood up and walked the few feet to where Kyle was now almost panting, his jeans throbbing between his legs and his hands unconsciously gripping and releasing his knees.

I leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"No," Ryan said. "Give him a real kiss. He'll enjoy it."

Even though I had come out to them as gay, I had never actually been with a guy. I had gone a few dates, but none of them even ended with a kiss, let alone a make-out session or sex. I had made out with a few girls and even gotten head from one once, but those experiences were either awkward or meaningless for me. Now, only inches from the hot lips of my beautiful housemate, I hesitated and felt his warm breath steam against my chin.

"Come on," Ryan said. "It will be so hot."

I finally closed my eyes and pressed my lips to his. I tasted his tongue and ran mine across his teeth. I felt the vibration of a small moan escape him. His hips rose a little and his chest expanded as he took in a deep breath. I broke the kiss and licked my lips.

Ryan's hand was rubbing his own dick through his shorts. I saw him squeezing his balls and sliding his palm over his hardening cock's head.

"More," Ryan said, his breathing becoming heavier. "Sit on his lap and make out with him."

With my own cut cock swelling in my jeans, I straddled my housemate, setting my ass down on his knees. My dick was growing right next to his pulsing bulge.

I leaned forward and kissed him again, sucking his tongue into my mouth where I batted it around with my own. I let my hands reach up and cradle his head, my fingers digging through his fine, short hair.

Ryan's panting grew, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw his slender fingers un tie his shorts and slid below the elastic. His hand began to pump his cock in his shorts, and his eyes targeted my lips locked to Kyle's.

"Suck him off," Ryan said. "I know you want to."

He was right. And Kyle looked like he was ready, too. His hips were thrusting his crotch as he fucked the air. His mouth trembled as he moaned for more.

I unhooked from Kyle's lips and slid down his body, my hands caressing his taut muscles. My knees hit the carpet, putting my lips directly in front of his cock still confined in his pants.

I reached for his belt and undid the buckle. I unzipped his fly and let his boxer-clad cock spring free. Even still detained in the striped silk pattern, it was impressive, and must have measured in a seven inches. I unbuttoned Kyle's fly and his dick shot out, sparkling with pre-cum. I could feel the heat from it on my lips, and my mouth dropped open at the thought that the first cock I would get to suck would be my housemate's.

Ryan moaned. He raised his hips off his chair for a second so he could slid his shorts down to his ankles. His own dick was just as impressive as Kyle's circumcised masterpiece. Ryan's had a base of fine, brown hair trailing down from his stomach to collect above his balls.

His thumb reached down to scoop a drop of pre-cum from the head, and he groaned as he smeared it on his tongue. He then began jacking off, his right hand pulling on his uncut foreskin.

He nodded for me to get to work on Kyle's dick, which was pouring with clear wetness.

I licked my lips and kissed the tip of Kyle's cock. I tasted his salty pre-cum and spread it around his slit and cock head. One of my hands reached up to grip his hard shaft as my other unbuckled my belt and reached into my own boxers, where my cock had been leaking pre-cum of my own all during our make-out session.

I inched Kyle's penis deeper into my mouth little by little, its warmth filling my cheeks. Finally, I took the entire shaft, my lips being tickled by his trimmed public hair. I sucked harder and harder, bobbing my head up and down on his dick. He began to moan louder, with Ryan answering with groans to my right.

Kyle's hips thrust upward and I felt his hot semen explode in my mouth. His throbbing dick pushed spurt after spurt between my teeth, and some of it slid out from the corners of my lips and trickled down my chin. I kept sucking until I was sure every drop of cum had been squeezed from the shaft.

I let Kyle's cock pop out of my mouth. His warm, salty semen soaked into my tongue for a bit before I swallowed it down and looked up at his face.

His eyes were beaming at me, and his lips were curved into a smile.

"That was great, Sean," he said.

Ryan simply moaned and kept stroking his own dick.

Kyle stood up and reached his hand down, helping me to my feet.

"Come on," he said, motioning for me and Ryan to follow him. "I think I have the biggest bed in the house."

He winked and we followed him to where our unforgettable night would continue.

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