tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNeverending Nightmare Ch. 02

Neverending Nightmare Ch. 02


Felix leans down and whispers into her ear, "It was Blythe's idea...." Talania breaks into sobs, tears streaming down her face and soaking the pillow beneath her. Her cries and pleads are slightly muffled by the thick rubber gag.

"I told you to shut her up!" Devin says as he finishes the last touches on the tie going around her right wrist. "And while you're at it, just flip her over so we don't have to see her sobbing bitch face." She's suddenly hoisted into the air and dropped onto her hands and knees onto the bed. She tries crawling away, clawing the sheets, throwing pillows, anything to put distance between herself and the assailants. Her neck is yanked hard back in the direction she just came from, she's attached to a leash like some animal.... She braces herself on the bed, trying to put up a fight against the tugging. Another yank, this time her balance is thrown off as her wrists go sailing forward. Devin has a hold of the ties around her wrists and is looping the rope around the headboard, spreading out her arms and forcing her on her stomach.

Hiss... Hiss... Hiss... The sound of air pumping fills the room and phallic gag in her mouth begins to expand, making so she can only breathe through her nose. Devin's face pops into her watery view, "You can feel it growing, can't you..." Talania's eyes immediately meet his, that stupid grin creeping across his face again, and then gliding down to his crotch. Devin was definitely packing something as well as enjoying the feel of humping her arm. He grabs his dick, rubbing it against her upper-arm, and dragging his shaven balls up and down her forearm. Devin's other hand forces the hard base of the gag between her teeth so her jaws will stay fully open. A body straddles her already bound legs and man-like hands grab her hips, it is Felix. His grip is rough and fingers digging into her abdomen. Talania squirms, trying to prolong the inevitable.

"Stop moving," Felix demands, slapping her ass hard. She feels him patting the bed around her legs even down by her tied feet, searching for something, and then stops. The sound of a deep breath and soft moan comes from Felix. Talania tries looking back to see what he's doing but Devin grabs the straps of the gag, forcing her head to stay forward. He flicks at the end of the gag, the vibrations distracting her from Felix momentarily. This gave Felix enough time to ready himself for his beloved fetish. Talania wiggles her hips slowly as she feels an awkward pressure at her entrance. She stares wide-eyed at Devin, whimpering behind the gag. It feels like a piece of cloth... Felix laughs softly, "Hey Devin, apparently Tala is getting off on this! You should feel how wet her panties are getting. They're soaking up everything." Devin pets her head, gathering her long hair in his left hand and strokes her face, tracing his fingers around her spread lips.

"I'm sure... Makes you wonder why her husband ever left her. Oh that's right, she didn't want to have sex for fun either! Bet you she's still a virgin." Felix shoves two fingers up into Talania and drags out more of her juices to spread around her mound. The next shove into her feels like he's coated his fingers in something... her pussy suddenly drying up. He fingered my panties into me! Just then Devin deflates the gag and pulls it from her mouth, yet the ring of the base still remains, holding her mouth wide open. With the gag gone, her grunts become audible and her once soaking hole flexes to adjust to the cloth invader.

Devin sneers, "Look at this, she doesn't even scream anymore... but just in case..." He gets in between her spread arms and positions under her head, the collection of her hair as come in handy as he angles her down. She tries resisting, using her neck muscles to avoid his engorged penis. He chuckles and thrusts up, sending his cock into her mouth. Talania has nothing to fight back with, her teeth covered and mouth held open from the ring of the gag... all she can do is lay there. Devin keeps pushing up into her mouth till her neck tires and he uses her hair to force her head up and down his shaft. "She's like one of those masturbation toys you see online, those uh..." Talania gags softly as he forces as much of his cock as he can down her throat, his moans are deep as her throat shudders around his width. "...fake pussies."

"Much better than one of those things," Felix confesses, pulling the small panties from Talania's hole... her moans muffled on Devin's cock as the thickness of the moving wad rubs her g-spot. Her tongue snakes around his manhood and she sucks softly. Felix pauses, "The bitch loves this...." His loud uncaring laugh rings in Talania's ears but as Felix pulls away, she can't help but miss the attention she was receiving. Talania screams on Devin's length, nearly choking down the shaft as Felix's hand spank her bald and exposed pussy. His laugh continues. She knows he can feel her excitement grow with every hit. Her own juices coat his hand, stringing from her mound and his fingers as they separate.

The room seems to go black instantly but her vision returns just as quick to a dimly fire-lit room smelling of sweet smoke.

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