tagGroup SexNew Agent: A Fine Piece of Real Estate

New Agent: A Fine Piece of Real Estate


I've been married for over nine years and have been with my husband for more than ten. We have a good sex life and strong marriage. He writes a lot of erotic stories and shares them with me, which always gets me hot and in the mood. I have pleased myself on more than one occasion reading his words.

To be honest, he is more sexual than I am - well, at least openly that is. I am admittedly a little shy but do have strong sexual desires and fantasies. I just don't share them as openly as he does. I often think of others being with us as we make love and he, my husband, has written many stories including others in our sex life. Sometimes he includes women, but mostly it's other men taking me, pleasing me, satisfying me. Oh, the images...

Although we have never actually done it, the thought of having another man join us is intriguing and does get me wet. It would be so nice to suck a hard cock as my husband makes love to me or pleases me with his talented tongue, or vice-versa and enjoy a new and different cock between my legs as I please my husband with my mouth. He has also expressed interest in just watching me with another man, which would be very, very hot.

My husband recently wrote me a note about the idea of having someone join us and I was a little taken aback and probably didn't respond in the nicest way. The idea is so hot, but I just wasn't sure at that time if it was something I could, or would, do. But for the past couple of months I have been thinking of it and the idea grew on me. After masturbating to the thought of being with two men a few times and thinking of it more and more, I decided that I wanted to do it, that I had to do it, that I wanted to feel, for the first time, what it was like to fuck and suck at the same time. To feel four hands all over me, squeezing my tits, kissing my neck, satisfying all my needs and wants. With my mind made up, I put my plan into action.

I earned my realtor's license last year and recently hung it with a new agency. For the first two weeks I had training every day from 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. Besides really wanting a threesome, what helped bring my plan into action was the fact that there was an attractive gentleman named Matt in the training and I often found myself looking at him wondering what it would be like to fuck him and how I could make it happen. He was a sharp dresser and had what seemed to be a nice package tucked into, and waiting to be released from, his khaki pants.

As the days went past, I tried hard to sit next to Matt and work with him on projects that required working with a partner. He was nice and seemed to be attracted, but knowing I was married he did not make any overt passes at me. This would be up to me. Knowing he was attracted but hesitant, I started wearing more and more sexy clothes and brushing up against him or sitting as close as possible whenever possible, sometimes putting my hand on his shoulder.

On the day the "event" would take place, I wore a very sexy black knee-length skirt and a tight red ¾ sleeve shirt and some heels, made sure my hair was perfect and some matching lipstick. My husband even commented how sexy I looked when I was getting into the car.

As I drove to the office, my pussy throbbed in anticipation and my heart raced because I didn't know if Matt would accept my coming advances or, more importantly, how my husband would respond.

As promised, this day involved a lot of "partner" work and, as usual, I partnered with Matt. As we sat at the computer, with him on my left, diligently working on our assignments, I was finding it hard to concentrate because I was trying to figure out how to make my first move. Finally I just put my left arm up on his shoulder and lightly brushed my left breast against his arm. Well, maybe not sooo gently. I wanted him to know I did it so I applied enough pressure to get his attention, which I did. He glanced down at me with a bit of a surprised look but quickly went back to looking at the screen. As my heart pounded and pussy throbbed, I thought to myself, "mission accomplished." I had gotten his attention in a sexual way.

We continued working and I subtly moved closer and closer to Matt, further pressing the side of my left breast against him, pretending that I needed to get closer so I could see the screen better. I could feel my nipples stiffening and I had increasing thoughts of Matt's soft lips kissing and sucking them. Then, suddenly, he dropped his right hand down under the desk and onto my left knee. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. What if someone saw us? But my knees instinctively parted just a tiny bit letting him know it was ok. We looked at each other and the mutual desire was obvious. We went back to trying to concentrate on our work.

It was approaching the end of the day and the instructor let us know that we had ten more minutes but if we were not done we could stay late and finish up. Matt and I knowingly looked at each other and nodded at one-another...we would be staying late.

To make my plan work, I needed to get my husband down to the office so I texted him and told him my car would not start, and asked if he would he please come down and help me. It would take him about 30 minutes to get there so I hoped the timing would be perfect.

As others in the class finished their work and left for the day, Matt and I took our time. At this point I didn't know what Matt had in mind but I knew full well what I wanted.

Finally, the last of the class finished their work and left. It was just Matt, the instructor, Daisy, and I. Daisy asked if we were almost done and we said "yes, we should be done pretty soon." Daisy then said the magic words, "would you mind locking up when you are done, I have some properties to show a client." We agreed to lock up and Daisy took off. It was just Matt and I...for now.

As soon as I heard Daisy's car pull away I turned to Matt and planted a long sensual tongue kiss on him. When done he asked, "what about your husband," to which I responded, "don't worry, I have that all taken care of" and resumed kissing him, pressing my 34D's firmly against his chest. Matt responded by pulling my tight, plunging his tongue into my mouth, caressing my back and squeezing my ass as he pressed his bulge against my body.

We were kissing for a few minutes, I could feel the moisture building in my panties, I wanted him -- ohh did I want him. He stepped back and took my breasts in his hands and kneaded them so perfectly. Where was my husband? I knew he would love this site. He might be shocked at first, but he would love it. I know he would. Matt moved closer, kissing my tits through my shirt, continuing to massage them so nicely as I rubbed his arms and shoulders.

My heart was pounding but my pussy was throbbing harder and controlling my emotions. Where was my husband? I wanted him to see all of this. After all it was for him -- and me... Matt continued rubbing me and then, just as he started to go up my shirt and for the first time feel my bare skin, my husband walked in. Matt was shocked, my husband didn't say anything at first, and I looked at Matt and said "it's ok," and then my husband said, "don't let me interrupt, please carry on." And Matt, obviously confused and a little nervous, went back to work on my breasts. Lifting my shirt up over my head, removing my shirt and gasping at the site of my dark, silver-dollar size nipples.

I saw my husband grab his crotch in excitement as Matt rubbed my tits on top of my bra, then he reached his fingers inside and pulled down, releasing my boobs and exposing my stiff nipples. He immediately took my right nipple in his mouth and sucked me so perfectly. He massaged my left and sucked my right. I held his head tight to my bosom while watching my husband feel himself as he watched his dream come true.

As Matt continued sucking my tits, my husband walked over behind me, sat down on the desk behind me and pulled me onto his lap. I felt his hard cock against my ass as I sat on him. Matt did not lose contact with my tits and, once situated, my husband instructed Matt to raise my skirt and enjoy my pussy. As Matt kissed his way down my belly, my husband began massaging my chest and pressing his hard cock harder against my ass.

As Matt began raising my skirt, he pulled my panties down and spread my legs placing his head between my thighs, my husband said, "I envisioned a man's head between your legs, inside this skirt as you got into the car this morning. You are so beautiful." All I could say was "I love you," and I spread my legs so Matt could please me.

His tongue was magic, he was quickly swirling around my clit and mixing in long laps up and down the length of my vagina. I was aching to cum as he had me on the brink. My husband's touch to my breasts was heaven. Matt was a master at eating me. I was in absolute ecstasy.

Before I could cum in Matt's mouth my husband told him to fuck me. As I stayed on my husbands lap enjoying his hands, Matt dropped his pants and jockey's, exposing a very nice cock about 6 or 7 inches long and a good thickness. There was precum oozing from the head and he was moving closer.

I shivered as he made contact, slowly pressing the head of his cock on my opening. First the head, then and inch and another and another then another and he was all the way in. He stayed buried in side me for a while gently grinding against me. My husband held me from behind massaging the tits he loves so much. It felt so good to be sandwiched between the two of them. Matt's cock buring inside of me kissing me on the mouth and down the left side of my neck and my husband rubbing me up and down while kissing the right side of my neck and pressing his hardness on my ass.

Matt picked up his pace, more and more quickly in and out, in and out, in and out he persisted. I loved every stroke, every touch, every kiss. I was so close to cumming when my husband instructed him to take me from behind. I stood up and turned around, bending over in front on my husband and Matt. I placed my hands on my husbands lap and Matt quickly but gently again pressed into my pussy inch by inch. He was rhythmically fucking me so good. I longed for a cock in my mouth and undid my man's pants releasing the cock I know and love.

I took his swollen head between my lips and sucked him in and out taking all his inches eliciting a long moan from deep inside his soul. As I sucked my husband, Matt reached around and began massaging my swaying breasts. It was too much, I was going to cum, my husband was going to cum and Matt was starting to pulse his cum inside me. I exploded calling out, "I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming so good," and I too my husbands full length sending him over the edge and down my throat.

With Matt's exploding cock in my pussy and my husband's hardness in my mouth, I was in heaven. I had an unbelievable orgasm while accomplishing my goal of satisfying two of my husbands all time fantasies of having a threesome and watching me with another man, while at the same time discovering how much I truly enjoyed the experience as well.

I wonder what the next time will be like.

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