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New "Bad Boy" Image


This was the third time in the last couple of weeks she came over crying, full of complaints about her boyfriend. She did not like the way that he disrespected her and treated her like a throw away girlfriend. This latest incident involved him telling her that he had to cancel their date for that night. She had just come back from where she spotted him with another girl. "Something came up huh?" she thought as the tears started to well in her eyes. She told me that she watched enough to see that they were sitting close together and he was obviously putting on the moves. Most of all she was mad because that's where she wanted to be.

Instead of giving her a sympathetic ear this time, I reached down to roughly grab her hair and pull her lips to mine. "You know you look so sexy when you are upset?" I stated as I continued my assault in her mouth with my tongue. I must have caught her off guard since she did not fight the move. My other hand had gone to her chest, groping and grabbing her 34D tits. "These tits with there hard nipples have turned me on for quite a while now." I then unbuttoned her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders. My hand had reached inside of her lacey bra to grab hold of her nipple. Just when she opened her mouth to say something, I twisted it, causing her to moan slightly. "Don't say anything! You have been teasing me with your hot legs, ass and tits. You don't know how long I've waited to devour you." As I had pushed the bra off of her luscious mounds, nipples standing up predominantly. I moved around behind her to rub my now rock hard cock on her ever so sweet ass. An ass I had watched sway so seductively in front of me on many occasions. I had both tits engulfed in my hands as I continued to play a little roughly with them. I had leaned over to kiss and lick her on the neck, whispering in her ear, "Damn girl this body of yours screams out to be desired. I've watched you prance around showing off this hot body of yours for too long. I want you more than I've ever wanted any women!"

I continued to grope her tits with on hand while the other had sneaked its way into the front of her skimpy shorts, feeling that a little wetness had already started to form. "You feel what your body has done for me?" as I ground my hard-on into her ass, and if I didn't know better she was actually pushing back.

"Ummmm!!" she moaned as one of my fingers stroked between her wet pussy lips.

I moved both hands down to push her shorts down and off her legs. Pushing slightly on her back I had her lean forward, offering up one of the hottest asses I had ever seen. I let her know, "Damn honey, this is the hottest ass I have ever seen," I eagerly said while kissing her ass a couple times before pushing her ankles apart allowing a clear path to her now quite wet pussy. "Ummmm!!" I continued to moan as I licked her pussy from bottom to top and back again. My tongue parted her sweet lips as I ate her pussy like never before. In just a short few minutes I could feel her squirm and drive her pussy back onto my face, exploding in an orgasm that flooded me with her juices. I continued to lap up her pussy as her juices flowed. I continued to lick her until her orgasm subsided.

"OH MY GOD!!!! Lick my pussy!!! OH that feels sooo good!!", she screamed throughout her orgasm.

Standing up and turning around, her tits bouncing invitingly as she did this. I was then greeted with a great big kiss and hug. My hard cock was being grabbed as she did this. "You do really like my body judging from this," she stated as she squeezed down on my hard-on. Stepping back a bit and reaching down, she removed my tee shirt. Tossing it over her shoulder, she started kissing her way down my chest, but not before noticing the look of lust in my eyes as they took in her beauty. (She later confided to me that my look of lust turned her on more than anything.) Looking up at my eyes as she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, making sure to avoid my hard cock, she pulled them off my legs.

I could do nothing but just stare at this luscious lady, on her knees in front of me, her tits swaying as she went about removing my pants. Once the pants left my legs she returned to my boxers. Pulling them down, watching my rock hard cock bounce as they descended, she marveled at how hard it was. Thinking to herself, "I can't believe how hot this guy is for me." This only added to her desire to please him. Gently caressing his balls she kissed the head, tasting the pre-cum that had already formed there. She opened her mouth and took the whole cock deep into it, sucking him with a fever she hadn't felt in quite a while. She expertly brought him close to orgasm on at least three different occasions, only slowing down enough to just keep me on the edge of cumming. After about ten minutes of the best head I have ever been privy too, she pushed me back onto the floor, my cock standing up strong. Mounting me while leaning down to give me a great big kiss, she started to ride me hard and fast. Mean while my hands came up to caress her hard nipples as they bounced up and down in front of me. She marveled at the way I continued to devour her body with my eyes, drinking in every sexy curve. My hands were also doing a pretty good job of exploring her lucious ass and heavty tits.

She went on riding me this way for another fifteen minutes or so, again bringing me close to but not over the edge of orgasming. "I want to see that hot ass of yours!" I explained as I pushed her off to direct her to get down on all fours. "I want to watch that hot ass of yours while I fucking you. Damn that is so hot!" I said as I moved to a position behind her, with both of my hands caressing her ass. I bent down to place a kiss on both ass cheeks, moaning as I did. Moving up, I quickly entered her, driving all the way in very hard. She let out a little scream as I drove my hard cock in and out of her tight pussy, The whole time making comments like; "You body get me sooo hot baby! Damn this feels sooo good!!"

Knowing she was enjoying this as much as I was, I tried to hold out as long as possible. By varying my pace I was able to hold out for fifteen minutes. It was the most enjoyable fifteen minutes of my life. The feeling of her pussy walls tightening around my pistoning cock felt so good.

"UMMMM!!" came from her mouth as I leaned over to caress her tits and tweak her nipples a little.

"Damn these tits are so hot, you don't know how many times I just wanted to just grab them and just play with them." I replied as I pounded her tight pussy. "They look so erotic bouncing inside your flimsy lace bras! To see them turns me on to no end. They are quite the sight!" As I pummeled her pussy just on the verge of orgasm. I leaned back to drive in with all my force and exploded deep inside her. I had never cum this much in all my short life. My cum was dripping out on all sides of her pussy, dripping down the inside of her thighs.

"UMMMM OHHHHHH YAAAAAA!!!" she screamed as she broke into her own orgasm. My orgasm must have triggered hers because the next thing I knew she was orgasming right along with me, both of us moaning intensely.

"Wow that was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had," she replied when her orgasm subsided. I laid down on the floor, exhausted. She put her head on my chest and laid down with me, also being pretty well worn out.

After ten minutes recuperating we got up to clean up. We went into the bathroom to take a shower together. While in the shower she got down on her knees to get me hard again. I then took her in the shower, her hands above her on the wall, as I fucked her from behind. I stammered how hot I thought her body was and how much she made me hot. Explaining to her how I never did like to see her leave although the view was just so hot!

After the shower we dressed and I was seeing her to the front door. but just before she left, she turned to me to say that was the best sex she has had in quite a while. She also added that the reason she was so turned on was due to the fact that I lusted after her. She told me she nearly creamed her pants when she saw the look of total and complete lust in my eyes. Feeling your hard cock on my ass also gave away your feelings too. She continued on to explain that knowing she can invoke that kind of emotion in a man is the best turn. It makes her feel sexy knowing some one cares.

Thinking about that I started to believe that the "bad boy" image may not have anything to do with the women being used but instead being desired enough that a true passion shows through. The man, driven wild enough by her body, to take what he wants.

As usual comments are always welcome, either good or bad. I hope you enjoyed it.

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