tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 02

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 02


As I approached the bed with you in my arms I was shaking, not from your weight, but from the desire I felt raging through my body. I set you gently down and whispered "I need you". In response you reached out and grasped my hard cock, and pulled me gently towards you as you raised youself up on one arm. I groaned as you softly stroked my shaft a few times, then lowered your lips to my darkly swollen head. Without hesitation you sucked it in, and my shaking legs threatened to buckle as you closed your lips tightly around it.

I could tell you enjoyed the moans you elicited from me as you sucked and teased harder and harder. All at once, you opened your mouth and I watched as your lips slid down my shaft in one swift motion, engulfing me until your mouth pressed against my body. I shuddered as my hands grasped your head and pulled you hard against me, and I could feel your hot wet tongue, massaging up and down my length. Instinctively, my hips started to move and I slowly fucked your mouth while you sucked and licked my shaft. Your hands slid around to my ass and you pulled me deeper and deeper with each stroke

As I stroked your mouth harder and harder, my cock was swelling and throbbing, and I know you would have been happy to have me cum deep down your throat. But this was far too good to end so soon, and my eyes kept wandering to your delicious looking shaved pussy, still moist from your juices and swollen from my attention. Finally, with a loud sigh, I slowly forced you back off my straining cock, which you had been busily devouring.

The question in you eyes disappeared as I climbed on to the bed between your legs and stared down at your luscious body spread out before me. For my pleasure you wiggled and writhed as my eyes sucked you in. Your hands went to the sides of your breasts, and you jiggled them back and forth for me, while staring back at my eyes, Teasing and taunting me til my cock was throbbing once again. In return, I grasped my swollen shaft, and slowly stroked it for you to watch.

I moved closer to you, and you spread your legs wider and raised your knees so your swollen mound was lifted up towards me. Using my hand I stroked the head of my cock slowly up and down your lips, feeling it getting wetter and more slippery as it slid down inside your slit. Both of us were moaning loudly at each movement.

As the tip reached the bottom, it slid suddenly into you, and I gasped loudly as I was gripped by your hot slippery wetness. Your lips enveloped my head, and both of us were motionless for a moment, savoring the feeling. I grasped your hips, and slowly pulled myself deeper into you, feeling you opening wider and wider to accommodate me as my shaft slid home in that hot, tight pussy.

I loved the delicious whimpers and moans you made at my first entry, your hands clenched and your eyes tightly shut. When my body pressed against yours I began to slowly gyrate my hips, moving myself within you without stroking. You responded by moving your pussy up and down, so you could feel my shaft deep within you.

I leaned forward over you, propping myself up on my arms as I stared down at you. Slowly I pulled back until you held just the tip, then, started long slow strokes into your hot, sopping wet pussy. Your hips started to pump, meeting each thrust, as I fucked you harder and harder. I was breathing deeply, and sweat built on my brow as I rammed my hard cock into you, loving the loud wet sounds of our bodies slamming. Your eyes were wide now and I could see you watching our bodies coming together. I loved the way your breasts jiggled and heaved below my face. Suddenly you lifted your legs and wrapped them around me forcing me deeper inside of you.

I needed no more urging when you screamed, "Oh damn, fuck me nowwwww!' and I pounded my throbbing rock hard shaft into your dripping pussy as hard and fast as I could.

In moments you gave a sharp cry under me, and your spasms triggered an instant response as my burning hot cum shot deep into you. I growled and rammed it deep inside of you, holding it there as I pumped and spurted a tremendous load, filling you to overflowing. I could feel your pulsating pussy milking the last drops from me.

Panting and gasping for breath, I at last fell half on top of you, half on the bed, my arms sliding around you while your legs were still wrapped around me.

We kissed and caressed softly and langorously, and at last I murmured, "I never dreamed of this." In response you whispered, "It better not be a dream, I don't want it to end yet."

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