tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 04

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 04


Our latest round of passion had taken a toll on us both, and we held each other, entwining arms and legs in a gentle but very tight embrace. Just a few short kisses, as we relaxed against each other. For a long time we did nothing but enjoy the feel of each other's body, perhaps even drifting off momentarily. But the excitement of our unexpected passion soon overcame our languor, and when I felt you move against me I squeezed my arms tight around you once again. Your response was almost a purr. Not wanting to rush the moment, I slowly and lightly stroked your body with my hands.

You broke the silence as you whispered in my ear, "I'm so glad to see you were as anxious as I was to meet at last."

I almost giggled as I quipped, "How could you tell?"

With a little snort you said "I'm just really good at reading people."

"Guess I must be an open book," I responded. "I was so glad when you said you were coming into town, I knew we had to get together, but I had no idea you would feel the same way. I thought you might even say no." I swear I could feel a little rush of heat wash over your body, and when I looked at you in the dim light, your face was quite red.

You whispered, "I have to admit something to you. The meeting I was going to attend was cancelled, but when you asked me to get together, there was no way I was going to miss the chance. If there hadn't been a meeting, I might have had to make it up." You giggled.

When I heard that, a little thrill went through my body, and when I gave you a hard squeeze in reply, you quickly responded in kind. For a moment our bodies strained against each other, and our lips sought each others for a long and very deep kiss.

As we slowly caressed each other, I replied, "I have been curious about you for a long time, but never thought or said anything about it because you were involved."

With a pained little moan you replied, "Dammit, if I had known that, it would have been over a lot sooner, it was a dead end anyway, and just hard to say "finis". I thought a long time ago you sounded intriguing, and always looked for you in the chat. In fact, I usually didn't stay long if you weren't there."

Suddenly a lot of new thoughts rushed through my head. "Wow, if I had only dreamed you shared my interest!. But you said your meeting was over this weekend, does that mean you won't be tied up for another couple of days?"

"Another confession," you said. "The meeting was not till Monday, and I don't have a flight reservation for home til Wednesday. When you asked about the meeting, I just figured the weekend might give us a chance to get to know each other a little. But I do have room reservations, just in case," you laughed.

"Consider them cancelled," I smiled. "Unless you don't want to stay, this is your room for as long as you want it!."

"Oh poor me," you whined, "all alone here with the big bad wolf! Who knows what might become of me. But I'll bet it will be fun finding out! It's pretty obvious we need a lot more time together than just tonight!"

With that, we started giggling and laughing, rolling around the bed in each others arms. We both knew it would be no holds barred, anything goes now, and with that, our passion suddenly grew even stronger than before.

I pushed you over onto your back and leaned over you, my chest pressing hard against your breasts, as our lips locked and ground against each other. You were eagerly sucking and playing with the tongue I had slipped deep into your mouth. I reached between your legs and cupped and squeezed your smooth mound in my hand, while my hard cock pressed against your thigh. Our moving bodies sparked an ever more delicious feeling in him. I lightly ran my fingers over your pussy lips, stroking and teasing, loving how you squirmed, and the sounds of pleasure that passed from your mouth into mine.

Finally, I reluctantly pulled my lips from yours, and, bending my head down, stared up at you as I slowly slipped my lips down over one of your hard, pointed nipples, sucking it in deep and grinding my tongue against the rock hard tip. I hope you could tell I loved it too, as you groaned and arched your back when I used my lips to squeeze and pull. Finally I caught the swollen nub in my teeth and pulled hard. I let my fingers slip between your pussy lips, stroking up and down, deeper each time.

Your body moved in rhythm with my hand, your hips rocking. The sounds you made got my cock even harder if that was possible. I used your breasts as my playground, first one, then the other. Nipping, kissing, then sucking deep, tongue grinding. I ran my tongue in circles around your breasts, then down between them, slowly kissing over your firm tummy as I moved between your legs. I looked up at you and smiled as my tongue explored your belly button, feeling you squirm at the mild tickle.

The expression on your face surprised me, full of passion almost to the point of pain, as if you were holding your breath. Seeing that made me hotter than ever, and I grasped your hips in my hands, kissing side to side across your stomach, each pass a little lower. When I ran my tongue down the crease of your leg you jumped and let out such a whimper I thought I might have hurt you. But when you pushed my head down again I got the message. I knew what you wanted, but I was having such great fun at your expense.

Slowly I kissed and licked my way down the front of your thigh. You spread your legs wider as I started kissing back up the inside, nibbling and licking along the way. Each time I looked up at you I saw that strained look of passion in your eyes and heard your sobbing moans, spurring me on to please you even more. I was kissing, licking and nipping when I felt your hands on my head, pulling.

"Dammit lover, eat me! NOW!"

I slid my tongue up between your legs and gave your wanting pussy a kiss. Your hips lifted in response. But I took my time, slowly kissing and licking, ignoring the throbbing hard-on I had ready for you. I wanted to please you as much as possible, knowing how sweet the pain of anticipation can be. My tongue parted your pussy lips and tasted the sweet nectar, making me want more. Slipping my hands under your ass, I lifted your dripping pussy to me, and buried my face in it! As my tongue rammed deep between your lips, your thighs wrapped around my head and I felt your body arching, feeding your pussy to me.

I fucked you with my tongue, swirling the tip deep inside, hard and fast. Sliding my tongue up between your lips, I found the hard little button of your clit and sucked it in. Your body writhed and you were almost screaming as I swirled my tongue around on it. But your hands were holding my head down, telling me you wanted more and more. Your juices were running a river, which I eagerly drank down. Suddenly, a hoarse, high-pitched screech, your hips bucking wildly as you came for me, my face getting soaked with your gushing cum.

I continued to suck and lick until you had completed your orgasm and settled back on the bed, gasping. I pulled myself up over you and stared down at you as I pressed my throbbing cock against your pussy.

"Great appetizer baby, now for the entree'!"

"Shut up and fuck me."

You spread your legs wider and I felt the head slide into your slippery, white-hot hole. I pushed hard, burying it to the hilt, groaning with delight at the sensation of your tight pussy surrounding him, and even though you gasped, I could feel you clamping down on him, pulling him deeper. Not able to contain myself, I started fucking you with long hard strokes, giving you his full length with every thrust. Your hips were rolling under me, meeting every stroke and telling me you wanted more and more. The bed shook as we fucked harder, faster, animals in heat wanting only the maximum possible pleasure.

Gasping, panting, moaning, hanging on to each other, my steely shaft rammed deep and our bodies pounded together. Explosions and white light as I felt you start to cum, and in response my cock erupted, spurting and bucking, filling you with my seed, which mixed with your flowing juices and covered us both.

I collapsed on top of you, and we lay there, bodies heaving as we gasped for air, too weak to move or speak.

"MMmmm, I LOVE being eaten by the big bad wolf!" you breathed in my ear.

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