tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 06

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 06


When I awoke again it was daylight, and a bird was singing someplace nearby. I didn't move for a few minutes, letting thoughts of what had happened trickle back to me. Not everything was clear, but when I focused on you, I could feel a tension in my cock. I realized I had a sheet over me, and I opened my eyes. You weren't here. The sudden sinking feeling stopped when I saw you sitting in a chair by the door, with a cup of coffee. I let out a deep sigh of relief. That caught your attention, and with a smile you said, "Good morning, lover."

"Lover". I needed to get my mind around that. Since we knew each other from the internet, I'm not sure we had even called each other by our real names, Dan and Carol. But "lover" had a nice ring to it - I decided I liked it. What would I call you now?

"Good morning, baby," I said with a smile that was probably a mile wide. Your smile in return told me that worked for you. You half dove onto the bed, and under the sheet next to me, morning chill instantly replaced by our mutual heat. We enjoyed a long kiss, bodies pressed together, passion growing as it went on. I know you could tell. You had bra and panties on, and as I ran my hands over you, slowly, you mumbled that you had needed to get up and decided not to walk around quite so naked. You found my left-over coffee in the kitchen, and re-heated it while you waited for me.

"Don't worry, I love being naked in front of you, you show me how much it's appreciated. I'll take them off again if you want."

"Wait, don't, this might be fun!"

I slid out of bed and got a pair of briefs and slipped them on. When I looked over you were pouting.

"Stop that!" They come off easily when you are ready!" You gave me that wonderful smile again, telling me you were game.

I pulled the sheet down, lay next to you, and opened my arms wide for you to snuggle in. Wrapping myself around you I started giving you little kisses all over your face and neck, feeling you stretch and squirm, pressing tightly against me. I liked the feel of your satiny underwear against my body; I could feel your captive pussy pressing against my swollen, straining cock. I took one finger and pressed against the little bump I found in your bra. You sighed as I gently made little circles around it, squeezed it, pushed it back and forth just a little, playing with you. It was now a much bigger bump.

I felt your hand slide down between us, and I moved to give you room. You did not squeeze or grab me, but simply ran one finger up and down the bulge in my briefs. Mmmmm baby, that felt soooooooo good! I gave you a kiss and bent my head down to your breast. I slipped my lips over that hard bump and caught it with my teeth. I pulled softly, then harder, the soft material protecting you from my sharp teeth. Once again you started making those little noises you know I love.

Now you had two fingers on me, one on each side of my captive cock. My mouth was watering at the thought of you, and the thin bra was quickly wet. You arched your back, pressing the satiny cup against my mouth, and threw a leg over my hip. As I kneaded your breast through the bra with my lips I reached down between your now open legs, and covered your panties with my hand. You pressed yourself against me as I lightly teased up and down over the soft material. You were purring in my ear. Your hand finally gripped my cock, and you stroked me softly over the smooth cotton. After the last 18 hours I was not coming to attention quite so quickly, and I loved the feeling of my cock growing in your hand.

I ran my fingers over and under the edges of your bra, slowly pushing under it towards the center, and I felt you jump as I brushed the outer edge of your nipple. You reached and pulled down the cup for me, baring that hard swollen tip. Your head went back when my lips sucked it in. Obviously, my attention was having the desired effect. I moved my hands to your back, fumbling with the clips, and finally worked them loose. When I stripped it from you, you laid back smiling, displaying yourself to me.

First, I rolled my body against you, pressing my now hard cock against your swollen mound, only gauzy material preventing contact. We moved in unison, rubbing together. God, that felt so good! After a smile and a kiss I lowered my lips over one swollen nipple, taking the other in my fingertips. As I nibbled and suckled, tweaked and pulled, cock and pussy grinding, you moaned and pressed against me, breathing harder.

With a low growl, you broke free of my arms, and pulled away from me. Turning on the bed, you lay down next to my hips, and ran both hands over the front of my briefs. My cock was rigid, laying against my abdomen and pressing against the waist band. Had it not been held captive, it would have been standing straight up.

With another growl, you opened you mouth and bit down on the middle of my cock! I jumped at the sudden attack, but of course you closed your teeth around me gently. your tongue ground down through the cotton on the sensitive vein on the bottom of my shaft. Slowly, you moved towards my balls, then up towards my head. You could taste the pre-cum, even through the cloth, and you ground your tongue against me.

Your fingers went to the waistband of my briefs, and you slowly began to roll it down. As you slid it over my swollen head, your lips swooped down and sucked me in. I had been waiting for that, and sighed deeply at the wonderful feeling of your wet mouth covering me.

You continued to slide my underwear off very slowly, your lips and tongue following it down my cock. I could not restrain my hips from rocking slowly as you continued the torture. When, at last, you freed me, my cock stood straight and proud, as you knew it would. Your hand grasped me and your lips went to my balls. Your fingers stroked me slowly as you kissed, licked, and sucked gently.

I had been running my hands over your ass as you lay next to me, but I couldn't stand it any longer, and whispered, "Baby, I want some too!" I pulled your panties down over your hips. and slid them off your legs.

"Mmmmmmm, Ok," You whispered back at me, your mouth still against my balls, and slid one leg across my body, positioning yourself on your knees, your wet pussy above my face.

Lifting my head I ran my tongue along your already wet pussy slit, eliciting a loud groan of pleasure. You lowered yourself to my face and as I slipped my tongue between your lips, I felt you suck in the tip of my cock. The sensation of your mouth on me was incredible, but I managed to blunt the feeling a little by concentrating on the prize before me. Running my tongue up and down your slit, I collected the juices running from it, drinking greedily. As you let your legs spread wider and opened to me I grabbed your hips and pulled you down on my face, my tongue rammed deep into your luscious cunt! I felt you jump and buck as I swirled around deep inside you, but you never missed a stroke up and down my cock, which was getting even harder by the second.

My hips were rolling and I loved it as you sucked me in deeper and deeper. The tip of my cock in your throat made you drool, and I felt the wetness running down my shaft. I was no longer able to ignore the feeling. Your cream was dripping from your pussy, and I knew this would be over soon if we kept on. That would be way too soon for me. I wanted all of you I could get.

I playfully swatted your ass and said, "Better stop, baby." You moaned as you reluctantly released my shaft. But I'm sure you knew you wouldn't mind whatever came next. You crawled up to me and we snuggled a moment, bodies rubbing and pulsing.

"I hope you know how good you are at that," I said. "I love your cock in my mouth, lover, and it's a perfect fit," you replied. The thought went through my head that I wanted you to have lots and lots more chances.

You pushed me over on my back. "My turn," you whispered.

I watched as you slid your leg over me, facing me, kneeling, and leaned forward for a kiss. Knowing what you planned, I reached and held my hard cock steady so that as you sat back you brushed against it. You smiled at me as you slid your slippery pussy back and forth over the head, teasing me, knowing I loved watching. Slowly you spread your legs wider, opening, and pressed harder against my purple head.

It slipped in easily, eliciting "ahhhhhhh"s from both of us. For a moment you just smiled at me, then very slowly started sliding down my shaft. I loved watching myself disappear inside of you. God you felt so tight! Half way down you stopped, hovered and slid back up again, only my head inside you.

When you started down again you moved a bit faster, your juices already on my shaft making it slippery. All the way down this time, your body atop mine. I was afraid it would end right there, my cock throbbing and tingling, ready to explode. I grabbed your hips and held you down on me as I bit my lip and fought for control. At last I released my grip and sighed, "Easy, baby, very easy!"

Baby again. Sounded nice. Sounded natural. Very slowly, you slid halfway up my shaft, then down again, watching me to be sure I was ok. Finally I managed a smile to let you know I was. Your turn! You fucked me slowly and carefully. Even though you were still very tight your pussy was so wet it slid up and down easily, holding and squeezing me with every stroke. I loved it when you started ramming yourself harder down on me, knowing you were feeling the tension rising just as I was. Once I had to stop you again, and you leaned forward for another kiss. I raised my hips to you, allowing that extra bit of penetration we both wanted. You slid down and ground on me, hips gyrating, dancing on my cock, a real lap dance!

You leaned forward, hands on my shoulders, and started fucking me harder and much faster. It gave you a different angle, which felt wonderful, now that friction was no longer my problem. And you used different muscles, allowing you to slam down hard and fast. In response I rolled my hips under you, meeting each stroke and slapping against your ass.

The look on your face told me it would be over soon, and for myself, I had no doubt. When I reached up and grasped your nipples in my fingers a strange look appeared on your face. You rammed down on me once more, gasped, screamed, and a flood ran down my cock and over my body. Your pussy clenched around me and brought an instant result, my cum spurting into you, bringing a moan from your lips. This time you collapsed on me. My arms held you tight, rolling so that we were side by side. After a few minutes you weakly murmured into my ear, "Can we keep doing this?"

"I don't know, want to find out?"

"I intend to."

Once again we cuddled together, pulling a sheet over us as the morning chill returned, too spent to do more than hold each other.

We cat-napped in each other's arms, but soon I was again aware of the warmth of your body against mine. Involuntarily, I stretched at the sensation, and I felt your hands tighten against my back. I kissed both of your closed eyes, and smiled as they fluttered open. A long, tender kiss followed.

"Lover, what have you done to me?" you breathed in my ear.

"Something good, I hope," I smiled back.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, very good, almost too good. I think you are turning me into a sex fiend."

"That's sex goddess, and the way you make me feel, you must be one."

"Lover," you said, "you're driving me crazy, I can't get enough of you, the more I get the more I want. Every time we make love I cum like it's the last time. And yet, no sooner do you slide out of me than I start thinking of doing it all over again. I can hardly stand not touching you, even for a moment."

We were stroking each other softly.

"Baby. Oh, baby. I know." I was barely murmuring the words, directly into your ear. "After all this, I want you right now as much as the first time I touched you. I should be exhausted, but every time I feel you touch me I feel the excitement again." You reached and touched my hardening cock. A few strokes and he was ready.

"God, lover," you moaned, almost crying. "Damn! I want you too!"

A long, deep kiss followed. I moved on top of you, eyes closed, as you grasped my cock and slipped it inside of you. We both pushed slowly and gently till our bodies touched, holding each other. For a long time we didn't move. You were enjoying the feeling of me inside of you, and I loved the sensation of your cunt holding me so tightly, occasionally squeezing, as your muscles contracted around me.

I felt your hips move very slightly, barely stroking me. I held still as your smoothness moved slowly on my shaft. We kissed softly, arms pulling us more tightly together. Your gentle movements were making me harder, and finally I could stand it no longer, moving slowly with you. I felt your hands shaking against my back. Then I realized, my hands were shaking too. We rocked together, enjoying all the sensations of our bodies touching, inside and out.

The feeling of the moment was unbelievable, and yet, in a way, I felt I was watching as our bodies were making love to each other. I could not have stopped. I didn't want to go faster or harder. I just wanted to enjoy you.

The sensations increased, even as our movements stayed the same. My cock was rock hard, pulsing, throbbing. Your pussy was contracting on me faster and faster. Finally you barely whispered, "Fuck me now lover, or I'll die."

I started moving inside you with long, smooth strokes. There was no need for anything more. Your hands grasped me tighter and you started shaking, almost out of control. You pressed hard against me and sobbed once, "OHHH. GOD!"

You came with such amazing force, and yet you hardly moved. Your cunt clamped down tighter than I could have imagined, and your back arched. I shuddered, sucked in a long breath, and bucked hard as I added my juices to yours. I squeezed you against me so hard I was afraid I'd hurt you, but I couldn't stop. If we could have spoken, there was nothing to say.

I awakened, and realized we had hardly moved. My arms were still around you, clasping you to me. I had slipped out of you, but our bodies were still pressed together, unwilling for the rapture to end.

Gradually I became aware of some other feelings. Mainly - I was hungry - starving in fact! At once I realized we had not eaten since you arrived, approaching a full day now! Suddenly I felt very guilty for being so selfish with my desires that I had done nothing to satisfy a basic need. We had planned on lunch, but that went by the wayside. I felt like I was running on empty - in more ways than one. I noticed a faint tenderness in my cock, and it only stood to reason, I had not had so much prolonged hardcore sex since I was a teenager, if then. Perhaps it had been just as exciting then, but somehow not nearly as satisfying as our marathon sessions. I wasn't getting any younger, and it occurred to me I had actually done pretty well. Somehow you provided a lot of incentive. But we needed a break.

I gave you a squeeze and you purred into my chest. I whispered, "Baby, please tell me you're hungry!" "Mmmmm, for food or...."

"Yes, food!!" We haven't eaten a mouthful since you arrived!"

"I noticed that, sometime back, but I figured you would get around to it. And we were pretty busy," you finished with a smirk. Feeling better that you were not upset, I reached over and playfully smacked your ass, and told you get yourself up and get ready so we could go out. I knew it would take less time for me than for you. While you were in the bathroom I got up and called my work phone, leaving a message for my secretary that I was taking three personal days off, and to please let the boss know. If they needed anything they had my cell, but I was hoping they would not use it.

I had just finished running my electric shaver over my face when you appeared, wrapped in a towel. I ducked in and took a quick shower too, feeling much refreshed when I stepped out. Seeing you were almost dressed, I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and a golf shirt. Once I slipped on a pair of sandals I was ready to go, and I was pleased to see that you were too. I suspected you had dressed with me in mind, short-shorts and a T-shirt, under which, I could see, there was no bra. It was still fairly early, and we headed out to the local breakfast place, both ordering more than we normally would. We left feeling a little full, but much more sated.

We spent a great day in the mountains, an hour out of town, gorgeous now with fresh spring foliage and great views. Much more comfortable with each other, we found more to chat about as we traveled, and we learned more about each others lives, likes and dislikes. Both of us were wary of long term relationships, having been there and done that, but both had been alone long enough to feel the need for some companionship. Your last relationship went south some time ago, and for me it had been longer than that. It was unspoken, but I think we both felt we would just ride our wave of passion and see how it went. For sure, neither of us had any thought of backing away.

Instead of lunch we stopped at the ice cream shop on the mountain, ordering large portions and sharing with each other. We kissed often, but stopped short of letting our passions take over, preferring to tease and tantalize each other, promises of things to come. We stood at the scenic lookouts, taking in the views, our arms wrapped behind each other, bodies touching lightly. I spent a lot of time watching you.

I made sure our trip lasted all day, and finally we headed for the steakhouse at the bottom of the mountain. The surf and turf was the specialty, and we both enjoyed every bite, finally overcoming our food deprivation. We sat in a booth with a bench, and while there was a lot of playful touching under the table, we behaved pretty well as we enjoyed our meal. By the time we left I felt wonderful, well fed and refreshed after a great day with you, and I could feel my body coming back to life.

Darkness had fallen while we dined, and in the privacy of the car we finally let ourselves go once again. It started with a long deep kiss, and ended with my lips on a hard nipple, your T-shirt rolled up around your neck and your hand in my unbuttoned shorts, stroking hard on my fully swollen cock.

"I just knew we couldn't make it home," I mumbled with a smile, as I finally forced myself to pull away from you. It was only a short distance home, with the promise of much better things there.

As we made the 10 minute trip I forced myself to concentrate on driving, since you spent the entire time teasing me. Of course I loved it. We were so much more comfortable with each other now, willing to say and do most anything to and for each other. You made me leave my shorts undone, and your fingers softly stroked me, driving me wild. Of course you didn't pull down your shirt, and I could not resist glancing at you in the darkness, occasionally reaching over and giving you a squeeze, feeling your hard nip against my palm.

You put a hand over mine and tried to hold it there grinding against it. Your lips were softly nibbling on my ear, and when I groaned and shivered at the touch of you hand on my cock, you whispered, "I just want to keep it warm lover, your cock is going to be very busy tonight."

Oh my god! Hearing those words instantly made me rock hard, as you knew it would. I was standing at attention and you took advantage by wrapping your fingers around me and squeezing hard. I was shaking, trying so hard to concentrate on the road ahead. Now you were stroking me the length of my shaft, knowing you had me so close, with no way to resist. But I knew you would not bring me over the top, having much better things in mind. I was dying to find out what.

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