tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 08

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 08


It was almost noon, and very bright in the living room, the day getting hotter outside. I took your hand, pulled you up and led you to the darker bed room, with a little detour to set the AC on low. We fell into bed together, instantly wrapped up in each other. I stroked you slowly and gave little kisses all over your face, while you snuggled against me. I whispered, "If I am Your Man, then I guess you must be My Woman." You pulled your head back a bit and looked at me.

"Good work Einstein, how could you tell?" you smirked.

"Just a wild guess," I said.

"Well I like the wild part, anyhow." And you gave me a hard squeeze. My lips found yours, and a light touch developed into a minutes-long, passionate kiss. Both of us stretched as we began to feel the effects, bodies pressed against each other. Despite feeling somewhat drained, I was ready to go another round with you, but you whispered "Lover, how about that swim?" That struck me as a great idea, knowing it was probably 90 outside by now.

"Get your suit," I murmured, and after one more kiss you trotted off to the bathroom, while I slipped on a pair of bleached-out cut-off jeans. I don't even own a suit, and really don't use the pool that much. I was not prepared for what I saw when you emerged. A black and red bikini, with just enough material covering your cheeks to make it legal, and a bikini top, not quite big enough to conceal the tops of your breasts. You stood and openly posed for me as I took it all in, and I could clearly see your nipples harden under my gaze.

Knowing this could quickly get out of hand, I ducked into the bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels. Still, I couldn't resist one last long kiss inside the kitchen door wall. Your body just feels SO GOOD! You put your arms around my neck, and I grabbed your barely covered cheeks, pulling you against me and grinding against you, as you were busily sucking on my tongue, lips moving. The hard-on you gave me clearly showed through my shorts, and I decided we had better get to that pool!

Stepping into the sunshine I took your hand and led you to the wooden deck. As you stuck your toe in, I dove off the side, and was in the middle waiting for you when you dove after me. You glided underwater to where I was standing, and I watched as you grabbed my legs and gave my still bulging cock a kiss before surfacing in front of me. Damn, you know how to push all my buttons! I was almost hoping the neighbors were watching as you put your arms around my neck and kissed me, pressing your breasts into my chest and your pussy against my cock. I started slowly backpedaling and your feet floated off the bottom, our lips still locked as I towed you around the pool. Of course, now your breasts were free of my chest, and my fingertips were busy teasing your nipples through the silky material.

When we reached the end of the pool you let go and stood gasping, leaning against me. Suddenly you pinched my ass underwater, said, "Bet you can't catch me!" and started swimming hard for the other end of the pool. I was afraid you might be right but I was determined to try! Just before you got there, I managed to grab your ankle and pull you back to me as I stood up once again. I suspected you might have let me catch you. The water was deeper here, I had to stand on tip toe, and it would have been over your head, so you clung to me and wrapped your legs around my waist. We kissed again, and I wasn't surprised when you started grinding your pussy against me.

I couldn't take any more of your teasing. I reached down and untied one side of your suit bottom and slid the other side down your leg. Unzipping my shorts, I freed my rigid cock and let it rest against your stomach. With one hand you reached down and grasped me as my hands under your naked cheeks supported you. You stroked me a few times, but it was hard with no lube, and I let you slide back slightly so you could slip my tip into your pussy. I didn't move, and you slowly wiggled your way onto me, eyes closed as I slid deeper and deeper. At least there was plenty of lube now! "Dammit you feel good in there!" You almost snarled.

I realized that anyone watching would have to know what we were doing, but they couldn't actually SEE anything! You remained still, holding me inside of you, but I was amazed by what happened next! Your pussy started kneading me inside of you!! Your muscles contracted and released, over and over, almost as if you were stroking me. I could see you were concentrating, but you had a radiant smile on your face, nevertheless. "Do you like that?" you whispered.

"Like it?" I gasped. "NO! I fucking well LOVE it! How the hell...?"

"I've been practicing," you said with a broad smile, "but up to now it's only been with a piece of plastic." Conspiratorially you whispered, "This is MUCH better!"

"Sure as hell is!" I replied, and afraid you might be offended, I added, "I hope you don't mind my swearing, but I'm getting a little carried away."

"Mind it? If that's what I do to you, I hope I hear a lot more!"

I could see you clench your teeth as you tried to squeeze me even harder, and I decided it was time I did some of the work. I pressed you back against the side of the pool and stared into your eyes. You held on as I started rolling my hips, fucking you with hard steady thrusts. The neighbors must have loved it, but I decided I would be proud to have anyone see me with you. The excitement was unbearable! You seemed to feel it too, as you ground your breasts against my chest, your breath coming in short gasps, timed to my thrusts.

"C'mon, Fuck Me! You said. "Show me how good you are! Do it harder. Dammit split me in half!"

With your ass pressed against the solid wall I could truly pound against you, ramming myself home again and again, body bouncing off of yours. I growled through clenched teeth as I came to a boil. Your head was back as far as it could go, eyes closed, and you started chanting, "NowNowNow NOwNOwNOw NOW NOW NOW!!" until I blasted my cum into you, pinning you to the wall with each spurt. I locked my lips over yours to stifle the scream that I was afraid might bring the cops.

I needn't have worried about swearing, because when I released your lips, I heard, "Oh fucking damn damn damn, Lover, that was just goddamm amazing!!" Your legs were still locked around me in a death grip, my cock still buried in you. And your cunt was squeezing around me again, shuddering, contracting, but it wasn't something you were doing now, it was natural.

When you finally released me I gave you a tender kiss, but your face changed and I saw tears roll down your cheeks. I was terrified that I had hurt you, but you sobbed, "Oh Lover, you don't know! That has been a fantasy of mine since I was a teenager. We had a pool. At night I used to fantasize about one of the local studs pulling me into the water and pounding me almost to death - but of course, nothing ever happened. I wasn't even popular then, I was on the swim team, but I hadn't blossomed yet. I was just the skinny girl with the muscles."

Holding you close I whispered, "You're pretty popular with me Baby, and you still have some pretty good muscles!"

That put a smile back on your face, and after I helped you re-tie your suit and zipped my shorts we moved slowly around the pool, cuddling each other. Nothing else needed to be said right then.

When at last we climbed out of the pool, instead of toweling off we just spread the towels on the grass and lay back in the baking sun. We held hands, but nothing else, and I no longer gave a damn who saw us. You had a pretty good all-over tan - from a salon, you said, but I had only a farmer's tan, and was embarrassingly light, although my skin has a little natural color to it. I didn't dare fall asleep, and before too long, suggested we move inside. Sunburn was the very last thing I needed now.

It was mid-afternoon, and once again we had eaten nothing since breakfast, so I suggested we go out and find something. "As long as it's simple and easy," you said.

We stopped at the local fast food joint, eating their fancy grilled chicken sandwiches. We were so famished I ordered an extra one to split between us. I ended up eating most of it, but you took a little more too. Maybe not the healthiest food in the world, but tasty, and it left us satisfyingly full. On the way back I mentioned that we should get a few snacks and easy-to fix foods, in case we were too occupied to go out. You mentioned that some Coors Lite would be nice too, and since that's my favorite I was eager to agree. Later I realized you had been in my fridge, and knew what I liked. Two points for you. I don't drink much, but at the right place and the right time ...

When we arrived at the store, you said you would like to duck into the little mall next door, but would only be 15 minutes or so. Since I knew it would take me at least that long, I agreed, and true to your word, you were waiting for me inside the store exit, a small bag in your hand.

When we got home the back yard was in the shade, and with the sun setting and a little breeze, it had gotten a little cooler. After a long hot kiss inside the door I grabbed a couple of cans of beer and we settled into the chaise lounges out by the pool, pulling them together, of course. We needed to relax a little. We were holding hands as we clicked our cans together and toasted, "A great day and a better tomorrow."

Perfect, since that was as far as either of us was prepared to look, at the moment. Letting a thought out that had been in my head since the afternoon I said, "You know, it's really dark out here at night when the lights are off. Might be a nice time for another swim." The smile on your face told me I had gotten 2 points for that one. We drained our beers and decided to go inside where it was more comfortable.

I turned on the dimmest light in the now darkened living room, and you suggested I get a couple of more beers and one of the snacks I had bought. Sounded good to me so I went to the fridge for the Coors, and grabbed a bag of Chex Mix.

When I stepped back into the room I stopped in my tracks and stared. Halter top and shorts were gone, and you were naked again except for the tiniest bikini panties, sitting back on the couch. I got this now. I set the beer on the table without saying a word, all the time staring at you. You were well aware of that! You had your hands under your breasts, and were slowly rubbing your fingers over them! I yanked off my T-shirt and pushed my shorts to the floor, kicking them aside. Remembering what you had said, I stripped off my briefs, letting my already hard cock fall loose, but it didn't fall far. You hadn't stopped playing with your breasts, making me a little jealous, and unbelievably hard, watching you.

Somewhat self-consciously, I took my cock in my hand, and you grasped your dark swollen nipples in your fingertips, lightly twisting and pulling on them. I started to stroke the length of my shaft, very slowly, and as I did, you reached one hand down and began rubbing over the little pocket that contained your pussy. When I stroked harder, so did you. I was almost gasping when you said, "C'mere Lover, I have something for you." You reached for the small bag you had bought, and pulled out something rolled up in a ball, and said, "Here, put this on."

When you held it out I realized it was the briefest of brief men's bikini, a G-string really, a pouch and a waist band, very much like your bikini panties. When I looked questioningly at you, you said, "I can see you don't like just hanging out in wind, and I love to see your bulge when you look at me, so this should satisfy us both." I slipped it on and struggled a little getting my swollen cock inside, but once in place it felt good, almost like a hand holding me. Unlike my cotton briefs it was thin, soft and satiny, and a dark red color. I don't think I would wear it in the locker room of the gym, but I'd let you stare at it all day long.

I posed for you a moment, and you licked your lips, then bit them. The look in your eyes was amazing. You spread your legs and said quietly, "If you want to know what I think, look," and pointed to your panties. They were soaking wet.

As I stepped closer, you sat forward and put your hands on my thighs. You looked up at me, opened your mouth, and stuck your tongue out. My eyes followed as you very slowly slid your tongue up the length of my shaft, tightly held by the little pouch. When you reached the tip you licked off the drop of liquid that had already seeped through the thin cloth. Your hand reached up and clasped my balls as your mouth continued to work up and down my covered shaft, the sensation muted but still very vivid.

Then I realized that your other hand had slipped inside your panties, and I could see your fingers moving. You pulled your hand out again, and reached up, offering me your fingers, covered with you juices. Eagerly I sucked on them, licking off every drop. You rolled down the top of my bikini until just the very tip was bared, then licked and sucked on it, your hand squeezing and rubbing up my shaft, and I realized you wanted more of my precum.

I reached down and got one of the beers I had brought in, taking a deep gulp as I watched your mouth and tongue on me. I knew the first one had some effect on me, I presumed on you too, and I liked it. Swallowing it down, I lowered the can and offered it to you. You didn't take your hands from me, but raised your lips to the can, and let me tilt it for you. A little trickled from the side of your mouth, but neither of us cared. You swallowed deeply and then said, "More."

I tilted the can again, and you drank a long time, finally relinquishing it to me. When I finished what little was left for me I had no doubt you intended to get a little buzz on. Not to be outdone, I picked up the second can and took a long swig, as you watched me.

"Me too," you said. I lowered the can and you gulped down what was left.

"This is going to be fun," I thought.

My cock was throbbing, and the alcohol went straight to my head. At that moment I wanted to devour you whole. I pulled your hand from me and knelt in front of you. We were staring intently at each other. Slowly I reached up and grasped the breasts you had been teasing me with. My thumbs on your nipples, I squeezed as though I were trying to milk you, hard but slow. I kneaded, rolled, and stroked, then my fingers caught your swollen buds and stretched, twisted and squeezed them. Your head was thrown back, eyes closed, and you jumped and moaned with my every touch.

Your legs were spread wide and you hips were moving with a mind of their own. Sliding my hands down your sides, I held your hips as I buried my face into the sopping wet pocket holding your pussy. Licking and sucking, I was drinking your juices from it. Of course, you could feel everything through the thin cloth, and you pressed it into my face, offering me more. I ground my tongue against it, pressing into the slit between your lips, and I tasted more of your juices welling up.

Now you were whimpering, and I knew what you wanted, just like I did. First, I stood, pulling my bikini off and stroking myself in front of your face. When you opened your wanting mouth I grabbed the back of your head and guided your lips over the tip, then pulled you to me, burying myself in your throat in one swift motion. Your hands came up, and I knew you were gagging, but you did not try to stop me, fighting to accept it, instead. When I pulled back a little, my cock was dripping with your saliva. I fucked your mouth hard, feeling your lips clamped around me and watched the lust in your eyes. You were loving it as much as I was, and bobbing your head back and forth even as I rammed my cock into your mouth.

You reached around me, grabbing my cheeks, and pulled me to you. I could feel your throat muscles contracting around me, but you did not release me until you had to have a gasping breath. I knew you would gladly suck me till I came in your throat, but I had other plans.

I grabbed your hair and pulled you slowly back, allowing you to lick and suck one last time. I pulled you up by the arms, and then squeezed your body to mine, lips locked together, tongues battling in your mouth. Taking your hand, I led you around to the end of the couch, the same arm you had lain back on earlier, but this time I held you in front of me, biting and kissing your neck, ears and shoulders as I massaged your breasts from behind. You pressed back against me. After quickly peeling your panties down your legs, I pressed forward on your shoulders, and you leaned forward over the arm.

As I ran my hands over your rounded cheeks and between your legs you lifted your head and turned to me, saying breathlessly, "Lover, I want you to fuck me like an animal!"

I growled back, "Why not, you make me feel like one!

I reached down and slid two fingers into your dripping wet pussy, pushing all the way in and fucking you hard with them. You snarled and rammed yourself back on my hand. In response, I slapped your ass hard with my other hand and added another finger inside of you. That was about all you could take, but I still pumped my fingers in and out of you, feeling your juices running down my wrist. Suddenly I grabbed your hair and pulled your head back. You looked at me with a mock glare, and I pushed my soaked fingers into your mouth. Without hesitation you licked and sucked them clean, then licked every drop you could find off my hand, as well. Giving me a smirk you then put both your hands between your legs and slipped first one set of fingers inside yourself, then the other, coming up with two fresh servings of your juices. Staring at me you started licking one hand and shoved the other in my face, challenging me to take it. Of course I loved your taste, and I grabbed your wrist with both hands and started slurping, even as I watched you do the same. I couldn't help but admire that move. Two more points for you.

I was the aggressor again. Grabbing your wrists, I pulled them behind your back and held them with one hand as I pushed you back over the arm of the couch with the other. I pushed forward on your arms, lifting them behind your head and forcing you to put your head down, face into the cushion. The excitement of our mock battle had made me harder than ever, so I pushed your legs as wide apart as they would go, used my free hand to guide my cock to your cunt, and rammed it home in one motion. Instead of a moan you growled back at me, "Uhhh, that's good, it's about time!"

I let your arms go and grabbed your hips in both hands, pulling back and slamming into you, so hard that both you and the couch shook, again and again. Your cunt was still tight, but so wet it didn't matter. I settled in to a steady rhythm, fucking you with hard strokes that made my balls swing and slap your pussy when we slammed together. You were meeting my thrusts, rocking back into me with every stroke. A few times I gave your ass a slap, and each time you rammed back onto me harder than before. We were in a perfect position for each other, and I could have fucked you all night, but I knew you wanted more, and so did I.

Leaning forward, I slipped my arms around your body and slid my hands till they were covering your breasts. I pulled you up till you were standing, my cock still buried in you. You brought your legs together to stand more comfortably, and your pussy squeezed my cock even tighter. I was kissing your neck and shoulders, sometimes biting and nipping along the way. Each time I did you pushed back against me, offering yourself to my mouth. My hands were kneading your breasts hard, and I was hoping I wouldn't hurt you, but you put both hands over mine, not to stop me, but to make sure I didn't stop! You mashed my hands down on you, and in a breathless voice, commanded, "Do it harder!"

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