tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 09

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 09


Slowly I became conscious, a strange noise in my ear. I felt the weight of your body half covering me, pushing me down into the big soft cushions. I focused on the noise that came and went. You were snoring. Snoring!! I realized the Coors and our work out had gotten to you. Message to self: be careful letting this lady drink. NO!! That's not right! I never had a better time with anyone! The beer just loosened us up enough to act like we really wanted to with each other.

I became aware of something else. The beer again. I needed to pee - badly. I hated to take a chance of disturbing you, but there was no choice. Slowly I worked my way out from under you, sliding you slowly against the back of the couch, finally able to tiptoe to the bathroom. Relief! I cleaned myself up a little with a washcloth and splashed some cool water on my face, when I heard a little rap on the door and your voice said, "Don't be too long."

I opened the door to find your naked body leaning against the wall. You pushed past me so quickly I knew you had the same problem. I debated on the bedroom or couch, but decided on the couch so I could sit a minute and clear my head. The water ran for a while, and then you appeared, padding your way back to me. I opened my arms to you and you sat next to me, our arms slipping around each other. We held each other for a moment, not moving or speaking. I gave you a soft kiss on the cheek and you lifted your mouth to me, asking. We shared a long gentle kiss, arms tightening. Slowly and lightly I stroked your skin. You snuggled. At last you looked up with me with a serious face and said softly, "I hope I didn't say anything ... do anything too..." My lips sealed your mouth.

I whispered in your ear, "You didn't say or do anything I didn't absolutely love! As long as I wasn't too rough, you're not hurt, then everything is wonderful!"

"Everything IS Wonderful!" you breathed back at me, and nuzzled my neck, your body moving a bit against mine. Amazing. That's all it took, and I felt my cock stir. I was afraid that if you noticed it might spoil the moment. A second later, I felt your hand lightly on me, softly rubbing. Of course I began swelling at once, and you wrapped your fingers around, just holding me. You turned your face up to me, eyes sparkling now, and said, "This is a magic cock. I never get enough because the more I get the more I want." A rogue thought went through my head that I hoped that wouldn't change.

"Baby, right now that's YOUR cock and I am YOUR Man. You have the right to want and ask for anything from me or "him"." I decided I liked that term - and I liked being Your Man.

You squeezed, and asked for a kiss. This time my lips were hard against yours, and my tongue quickly in your mouth. Your tongue played with mine while stroking me very slowly and gently. My hand found a breast and gently held it, squeezing with slight pressure, letting your own movements slide it back and forth in my hand. Excited as I was, I almost didn't want anything to change.

"Lover," you said, "let's go find out how dark it is out by the pool." What a thought!

Remembering our afternoon encounter he became even stiffer in your hand. "I see somebody likes that idea!" We padded out through the darkened kitchen, and sure enough, we could hardly see the pool. We stepped out together and I shivered a bit in the night air, still quite warm, but tingly on bare skin. What an incredible feeling, being out in the open, naked, with you! I took your hand and we jumped in together to a nice surprise. The water felt warm! Quite different from daytime. Immediately we wrapped our arms around each other in a tight embrace, you breasts proudly out of the water now and crushed against my chest. We moved a little deeper, taking advantage of the warmth, and you let your feet float off the bottom, arms holding on tight to me. My hands found your breasts, floating freely under you, and I began a gentle massage. Our lips were locked, tongues dancing slowly. Finally taking a breath, I whispered to you, "This is incredible!"

In answer you squeezed your arms tighter around me, lowering your feet to the bottom, and pressed against me, your head on my chest. My cock was, of course, rigid, and your felt him now. Your hand grasped him in the darkness, now squeezing, now stroking. Our lips were on fire, our bodies were on fire. Without letting go you pushed me slowly backwards toward the shallow end of pool, then asked me to lie down on one of the wide cement steps so that the water just covered my legs. I propped myself up on one arm as you knelt on the next step down and bent your head to my cock. Holding me with one hand you kissed, licked and sucked, treating it as though it were a Popsicle or an ice cream cone. I could hear you slurping and smacking in the darkness. I wondered what the neighbors would have thought if they knew. Jealous, I'll bet! I closed my eyes and luxuriated in the sound and feel of your ministrations, only afraid that you might stop. But then I realized I was being selfish. I needed to do as much for you. Guiding your head slowly off of me, I told you to trade places, then knelt between your legs. Lifting your ass in my hands I leaned over and gave you a soft kiss, feeling you shiver. Gently I parted your lips with my tongue and slowly ran it up and down between them. Even with all the water, I started to taste you. Your clit hardened, and I licked and sucked it much as you had done with my cock. Each time my tongue slid down and slipped inside of you it was rewarded with more and more of your juices. Your hips were slowly rocking, and I could hear your breath, ragged in the darkness. "Lover, fuck me!"

We moved down the steps till you could kneel with just your head above water, and I moved behind you. I slid into you very slowly, not pressing too hard until my cock reached the wetness inside of you. It took several thrusts before we were thoroughly lubricated, then I started to fuck you at a steady pace, running my hands over you back. I was not thrusting hard, just stroking steadily, enjoying the sensation of your pussy on me. You rocked back and forth in time with me, and I could feel you squeeze and release me when I paused inside you. I knew it was what you wanted too. Deprived of sight, things are very different. Sensations seemed stronger, and the water slapping between us seemed very loud. Still, I could hear your gentle "Ahhh"s as I slid in and out of you. "Lover, that's so fucking good!"

"I know, Baby," I said, "me too."

I started fucking you a bit harder and faster, and you straightened up out of the water, leaning back towards me. I leaned forward and kissed your neck as my hands slipped over your breasts, hard nipples captured between my fingers. Now I was squeezing with each stroke, and your hips were rolling, pushing back on to me. Our bodies slapped louder as I fucked you harder and harder. Finally, in a strangling voice, you said, "Now Lover, NOW!"

I rammed my cock into you hard, three times, then held it buried inside you as I pulled and twisted your nipples. You shuddered. You gasped. You exploded, ramming yourself back at me, your cunt squeezing my cock hard. In spite of yourself you gave out a muffled scream. That triggered my own explosion, cum spurting into you, my hips bucking, slapping against your ass. In turn, you came again, even harder. At last it was over, and I held you very quietly, waiting to see if we had aroused anyone. Nothing happened, and soon we were paddling around, playfully splashing. Eventually, the coolness seeped in, and after a last kiss we ran for the house, where I toweled you off, then myself. We were chilly now, and we both dove for the bed, where I pulled up the covers. As you snuggled against my chest you said, "What a wonderful day." I only hoped, as wonderful for you as for me.

We awoke together. Both of us were a little groggy, both from our midnight pool party and the couple of beers we had downed earlier. Some big drinkers we were! They had the desired effect though, and we had a great time, in part because of them. You crawled up onto my chest long enough for a long tender kiss, then rolled onto the bed, lying on your back next to me. I propped myself up on one elbow and looked at you, a sight I liked more every time. Gently I took one finger and traced lines over you, and you shivered. I circled your breasts, barely touched the tip of each pointed nipple, then slid my finger over your lips, under your chin, and up your cheek. I ran my finger around the outline of your ear, and you closed your eyes and sighed.

Then I drew a line down, finger sliding between your breasts and reaching your belly button, tracing slow, lazy circles around it. You sucked in your breath. Moving on, my finger, sliding slowly, reached the crease of your hip and leg. Your hips lifted slightly, and you moaned, "Oh damn!" You opened your eyes and looked down at my finger, then at me. You saw that my cock was swollen, though not completely hard. You reached and held me as my finger continued, barely touching as it slipped down one side of your pussy, then back up the other. You squeezed. I hardened. I started stroking up and down the crease between your lips. You started slowly stroking me. I pressed barely a little harder and your lips opened allowing my finger to slide up and down between them, where you were already quite wet. I lifted my finger and tasted you. Wonderful! I loved the taste of My Woman.

Moving down again, I reached between your legs and pressed my finger into you. Your hips lifted, taking me in deeper, and you moaned long and loud. Pressing in all the way, I held my finger inside of you, and watched as your hips rolled. You had stopped stroking me and were squeezing my cock very hard. I started finger fucking you slowly, and you relaxed your grip, stroking me longer and faster. I leaned over and sucked in your closest nipple, nursing on it. My lips squeezed and pulled. I could feel your body shaking.

With a huge sigh you pushed yourself up and leaned to me, kissing my chest, then quickly threw a leg over, straddling me. I laid back and looked up at you. Once again you held my cock, lifted yourself and guided it into you, sliding slowly down on me as I stared spellbound at the sight. God you were so damn tight! The juices running out of you and down my shaft allowed you to go all the way down in one push. You stared at me, not moving, but I could feel you clenching and releasing me inside of you.

You started rolling your hips in a sort of figure eight, my cock touching everywhere in your pussy as you went round and round. You leaned forward on your hands, and we kissed briefly before you started fucking yourself on me, rocking forward and back with nice easy strokes. My hips responded, lifting to you and thrusting my cock in harder each time you came back on me. As you started moving faster I reached up and cupped your breasts in my hands, holding them loosely, my thumbs pressing against your nipples. You were moving faster and faster, your body bouncing off of mine, your breasts slipping from my hands and swinging back and forth with each stroke. I pulled up my knees behind you, changing the angle and allowing you to take even more of me. I was along for the ride on this one; you were doing all the work, pounding your pussy down against my body, the bed rocking from your efforts.

In a singsong voice you started chanting, "ooo ooo ooo Lover, you feel so so so fucking good good good in me me me me." No doubt of that. My cock was raging inside of you, ready to burst, but I was gritting my teeth and holding on, wanting to make sure you got everything you wanted, needed. This felt like heaven and I didn't want it to end so soon. Part of my excitement was just watching you fuck yourself on me, seeing how badly you wanted me. Of course I wanted you just as much.

I knew you would not last long at the pace you were going, and suddenly you sat back, your knees digging into my sides, as you rammed yourself down on me one last time. Your hands were fisted into little balls, your head back, teeth clenched, you didn't make a sound, but the look on your face told it all. You were shuddering uncontrollably, and your juices came streaming down my cock and over me. At the end you gave out something between a grunt and a growl, and fell forward on my chest. You were gasping, out of breath, and your body was heaving as I put my arms around you and held you on top of me. I could feel the aftershocks in you as my cock was repeatedly squeezed by your contracting muscles. I pushed forward, making sure to keep him deeply buried in you. At last you quieted, and I stroked your back, kissed your forehead, and whispered, "Thank you, Baby."

My cock was still quite hard, buried inside you, but it felt so good I didn't care. Your eyes opened, and you leaned forward for a kiss. Our lips met softly, tenderly, but soon began to press harder, and you opened your mouth for me. When my tongue slipped in you sucked on it gently. Immediately, I could feel my cock harden again, straining inside of you. You felt it too, and you started rolling your hips very slightly, not fucking me, massaging me. I shuddered and my body stiffened, but I didn't want to spoil the moment. I was breathing hard now, and finally I tightened my arms around you and rolled, ending up on top of you. I pushed myself up on my arms and stared down at you. You had a radiant smile on your face, and you reached back and grabbed a couple of pillows, slipping them under your head and shoulders. "I want to watch you fuck me, Lover," you said, your smile glowing even more.

You started rolling your hips under me, telling me again what you wanted. I started with long slow strokes, watching you watching me. Or at least watching my cock. Now you could see it sliding in and out of yourself, and you were enjoying that almost as much as the feel of it. I pushed in and ground against you and you lifted your hips to me. Very slowly I increased the tempo, becoming even more excited by the thought that you loved seeing me fuck you. Slapping against your pussy now, I was ramming him into you, watching your breasts jiggle with each stroke. You grabbed your nipples in your fingers and looked up at me with a big smile, making sure I was watching as you pulled and twisted. In response, I started pounding him into you, and your head went back and your eyes closed, but you opened them again, not being able to resist watching my cock ramming into you. I was performing for you now, thrusting hard and pounding against you, our bodies bouncing in unison.

I was shuddering, no longer able to resist my need. Softly you said, "Lover, I want to see you cum."

That shocked me, but I rammed into you a few more times, then pulled out of you, and instantly my cum spurted across your belly, all the way to your breasts. You jumped and squealed in surprise, but then reached out and helped me empty him onto your stomach, squeezing hard and stroking.

"I never saw a man cum before," you said, and you dipped your finger into the pool, licking it off as I watched.

"Did you like that?" I asked.

"Yes, but it feels better when you cum in my cunt or my throat." You blushed.

CUNT. I never heard you say that word before, didn't know you would. I smiled at you, realizing that you had become totally comfortable with me, knowing you could say, ask or do anything you liked. I slid up next to you and you shared one of your pillows with me. When I leaned over to kiss you I felt your hand grasp my now very-soft cock and hold it gently. You stroked me gently during our long sweet kiss. When my lips finally left yours I saw a very serious face instead of your usually radiant smile. "I'm scared, Lover," you said in a very small voice.

I knew part of what was coming, but not all. It was Monday morning and you were scheduled to leave on Wednesday afternoon. I had been avoiding thinking about it, but the truth is, I couldn't even imagine that.

"Baby, tell me, what?" "Lover, we have been together for less than 3 days, and spent most of that time in bed. We really hardly know each other; I can't be in love with you. But I feel closer to you than anyone I've ever known." You almost sobbed.

My arms slid around you and held you against me. You focused everything I had managed to push to the back of my head. This was serious - for both of us. I wanted to be very careful, but I knew I felt the same way you did. We had to go for it. "Baby, I don't know what this is either, but it's the strongest feeling I've ever had - and the best. The only way you are going to leave me on Wednesday is if you tie me up and run away. Whatever we have do, you have to stay with me." Your face still looked so serious. The dam broke. Tears streamed down you face. You grabbed hold of me and clung to me.

"OH GOD! Oh damn, oh damn oh damn, yes yes yes yes! You sobbed. "Lover, Lover, oh oh oh, I was SO afraid that I would scare you away!"

"Baby, you should have known there is no way you could do that," I said softly. "Couldn't you tell you do the same things to me that I do to you?"

"Well I knew ... I mean, I thought... But I would never really know unless you told me." The tears had stopped, but you sniffled a bit, then gave me a weak smile.

"Baby, you do things to me I didn't even know were possible, and I don't mean physically possible. Sometimes you surprise me in the nicest way, sometimes you know what I want before I do," I whispered softly.

I held your face in my hands and planted little kisses all over it, licking away every trace of a tear. You were smiling now, but you were still clinging to me, holding on tight, and I didn't want you to let go.

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