New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 10


I took a moment to strip off my shorts and underwear, then rolled you over and pulled you up to a sitting position, looking at me. "Don't you know the proper way to treat a cock?" I yelled at you.

In response, you snarled, "Think you're man enough to show me?"

I grabbed your hair and pulled your head forward till it was level with my raging hard cock. I pushed until your mouth opened, then rammed it in hard enough to push your head back, and started fucking your mouth. Saliva was dribbling from the corners. Finally I pulled back and said, "What do you think of that?"

You replied, "Is that the best you can do? A real man would have it in my throat by now!

In response I rammed it in again, pressing till I ground against your lips and held it there. "Choke on that!" I growled.

I was holding your head and wouldn't let go, till I was afraid you might be short of breath if I didn't stop. But when I tried to pull back your teeth clamped down on me, and I couldn't move. I don't know how you did it, but you lasted more than a minute and I could feel you trying to swallow me before you finally let go.

Gasping, you said, "That's more like it! Now are you a one trick pony, or can you do anything else with that big fucking cock?"

I grabbed you by the ankles and pulled you forward until your head was at the base of the couch back. I spread your legs wide to the sides and pushed them back till your ankles touched the top of the couch. Your pussy was wide open, facing up to me. I leaned over you till my cock pressed against your pussy. Not having a free hand, I had to guide him in, but I was so hard and you were so gushing wet he slid in easily. My head throbbing inside your lips I said, "How's that for a trick?"

"I'm waiting," you said.

An instant later I rammed him in all way, in that position, able to give you every bit of him! At that, you couldn't help but groan, and you were gasping, eyes wide at the sudden intrusion inside of you. "Still waiting for something?" I said.

"Are you just gonna stand there, or are you gonna fuck me?"

"Think you can handle it?"

"Only one way to find out, Lover Boy," you snarled back.

With that I started fucking you hard, not quite slapping against your body, but using nice smooth, fast strokes, loving the feel of your tight cunt around my cock. I didn't want to go too fast or hard, because I knew you wanted this to last a while, and so did I. For a minute we were staring at each other with phony scowls, but in the end my face broke into a tremendous smile and so did yours. Fucking the woman I love exactly the way we both want is just too good to frown. I was moving a little faster and a little harder, but still under control. You couldn't do too much from the position you were in, but you managed to roll up a little and meet each of my thrusts.

That position was tiring, so it was time to try something else. I slowed to a stop, and finally slid slowly out of you, though I hated to. I helped you sit forward, and was going to untie you, but I found the tie was already off. You had been lying on your hands on purpose, pleasing me. We took time for a long hot kiss, hands all over each other, you stroking me while I played with your breasts and nipples. Our bodies just could not stay still under each others' touches.

"Get on your knees, baby."

You pushed yourself up and turned around, kneeling on the couch at an angle so I could stand in back of you. As I moved behind you, you turned your head and said, "C'mon Lover, finish what you started."

I guided my cock back between your lips and immediately pushed him in, right up to the hilt. "Uhhhhhhhh," you grunted, "that's a good start."

"Get ready for a much better finish," I replied, as I started fucking you hard enough that your body bounced forward with every stroke. You gave as good as you got, however, as you started ramming yourself back on me, meeting my strokes, you ass slapping hard against my body.

"Where did a nice little girl like you learn to fuck like that?" I teased, as I started slamming my cock into you even harder, using your hips as handles.

"My Man has been giving me lessons," you replied, "and I'm a good student!" Your words were punctuated with a grunt each time our bodies slapped together.

"Must be Baby, 'cuz you sure are a great fuck now!"

With that I heard you start one of your chants, making my cock tingle even more, knowing we wouldn't last long. "Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, uh, that's uh it uh do it Lover uh uh uh oh uh damn uh uh uh."

A growl started deep in my throat as I felt my cock ready to burst inside of you. I rammed him in, leaned over you and grabbed your breasts, pulling hard on the nipples, the sudden sensation pushing you over the edge. As you screamed I let go, cum spurting deep into you. You lifted up and rammed yourself back at me, taking the last millimeter of him. I bucked and shuddered, and you had a climax that wouldn't stop, your cunt clamping down on me and milking him.

Once we had stopped shuddering, however, you pulled yourself off of me, quickly turned and slipped your lips over my cum-covered cock. You licked and sucked him as he softened, cleaning him of the last drops. Eyes glistening, you looked up at me and said, "Mine! I love this cock, and the guy he's attached to even more!"

"Yours," I smiled, "he couldn't have a better owner." You gave him a kiss and I sprawled with you on the couch.

"Am I?" you said.

"What, baby?"

"A good fuck!" you giggled.

"Like I have to tell you!" I snorted. "Best I've known, Baby. Times ten!!" We rolled around with each other, laughing, giggling, and teasing. A euphoric feeling had come over both of us. Our closeness was growing every moment. The realization that we were truly, totally, In Love was setting in.


It's dark outside now, and tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the day we met. I'm sitting here trying to finish this journal as a present to you, hoping the memories are as precious to you as they are to me. I have been recounting the first few days of our time together, and it amazes me how vivid those memories are. We are still together; never married, we didn't need to. When two people are as close as we are, there is no point. We never considered children, there would be no room for them in our relationship.

We are still in my same house, a few things changed, but pretty much the same. We have a new, larger pool, and a high fence around it. To keep the kids out, we told the neighbors. As is always inevitable, we are not quite as urgent for each other as at first, but we still spend a lot of time together in bed or on the couch, and our need for each other has never lessened. Neither of us will ever refuse the other, any time, any place. The old couch wore out long ago, but we replaced it with a new, larger, overstuffed model. It's custom made, actually, with the arms just a certain height, a little extra length and width, and a lot of extra cushions. The new plasma TV is in the bedroom. In the quiet house I hear your bare feet padding across the floor, and I turn to see you coming, naked except for your bikini underwear. Your breasts are a little fuller now, but just as beautiful as the first time I saw them, and I love how they sway as you walk. You come up behind me, kiss my cheek and knead my shoulders. "Come on, Lover, there's no moon tonight, and it's almost midnight!"

Taking your hand, I stand and follow you through the kitchen. At the door we stop and strip off our underwear, then run out together in the muggy night air and jump straight into the pool. The water is so warm!!

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