tagSci-Fi & FantasyNew Beginnings

New Beginnings


Adrian Grody sat watching the night sky in his car. He had just gotten off. He hated his job as a security guard at the mall but someone had to do it. He drove around for the fifteenth time. He wanted to make sure the teens he had seen earlier had left. As he pulled around he saw the sport car still there. One of them had stayed behind it would seem. He took a deep sigh and drove over. Slowly he walked over to the car that was now moving to and fro. He took another sigh, he could make out the male teen in the back seat.

"Come on hurry." he heard the female voice. The poor guy was doing the best he could. Adrian waited. He knew what it was like to be a teen. Then her legs popped up. Adrian stifled a smile as he knew the poor girl underneath was in one of the most uncomfortable positions. "I'm cumming." the boy said.

"Pull out jackass!" the girl said. Adrian started his walk back to the car. Timing it just right. As he could tell boy was about to cum.

"knock knock." Adrian said tapping his flash light against the window.

"Oh fuck." the boy said spraying his cum all over the back seat, some even on his girlfriend. Sometimes this job had its perks.

"You guys need to get going before the cops come." Adrian said. As he walked away.

"Asshole! You got it all over my shirt." he heard the girl say.

"But he surprised me." the guy said.

"Shut up and lets go." the girl said. "Fucking gross!" she finished. Adrian saw the guy climb into the front seat. The car started up and drove off. The guy rolled down his window to give the one finger salute.

"Fucking rent a cop. Get a real fucking job." he said peeling out of the parking lot. That would be his excitement for the night. Being called a rent a cop by a one minute teen. He went back into his car and drove back around. He looked at the clock on the dash. It was two in the morning. Bill would be here soon. To take the rest of the shift. He drove back around to the meeting place. Already he could see Bill's truck driving up.

"Finally." he said as he pulled close to his own car. He got out grabbing his metallic lunch box.

"Thanks man." Bill said getting out of his truck. "I owe you big time."

"No problem." Adrian said throwing his stuff in the back of his car.

"I won't ask you to cover for me for a while now. Getting things in order at home." Bill said climbing into the patrol car. Adrian had heard that for months now. He nodded anyway and got into his car. He didn't not have to go to his second job today, that's why he was upset when Bill had asked him to cover his shift. Adrian did have the night off, but being a good friend he had covered for him. Now he drove off to his parking spot. The trouble with living in a small town like this was there was nothing to do. They thought that building a mall would bring more people off of the highway and into this town but it did not work. Now they had a mall, but no one to shop it. Soon it would close just like all the other failed attempts to gain a population growth. But for now all this town was, one of those small names on a highway sign. As he drove to get more alcohol he spotted the same sports car from before. He took a deep sigh and began to pull in next to them at the liqour store. He parked his car and slowly got out.

"Well if it isn't the rent a cop." the male said. To which some of his new buddies started laughing.

"Hey guys." Adrian said. Trying not to start anything.

"This the one that ruined your time with Rachel?" one of the other guys said.

"Yeah it's him." the guy said.

"Look was doing my job, if you guys had jobs, you would know what that was like." Adrian said. He walked into the liquor store.

"Hey Maxwell." Adrian said. The small man behind the counter woke up, looking around. "The kids are outside again, and I think they got some of your beer." he said walking over and picking up a 12 pack of his favorite.

"Damn I must have dozed off again." the man said lifting up the handset. "Yeah, send a patrol over, they are outside again."he said into it. The man rang up his order. "You want to wait inside, till the sheriff sends a car around?" he asked Adrian.

"Nah they are just kids." Adrian said. He walked outside. Sure enough they were still there.

"You should give us some of those." the same guy said. "You owe me." he said walking towards Adrian. Adrian nodded over the guy's shoulder. When he looked around he saw the patrol car coming into the parking lot.

"Another time, Rent a cop." the guy said as Adrian nodded and walked to his car. The cop stopped and turned its lights on. The group of guys got into their vehicles and left. Adrian nodded at the cop car as he left the parking lot.

Adrian sat on the trunk of his car, drinking his beer. His life wasn't that bad, he knew there were a ton of people that had it worse than he did. He was still alive, had two jobs and a roof over his head. He saw a bright light up in the sky it as he looked at it, it began to get closer. Much closer. He put the beer bottle down. That was not a light it was a plane and it was crashing. But it was much bigger than any plane he had ever seen. As it got closer he realized that it was not a plane, it was a UFO. It was huge, but it was definitely crashing. He got into his car and chased after it as it flew overhead. The whole town would of seen this thing. He punched the gas and shot after it. He was now under it, well part of it. It took up the whole road, it was over a mile long and just as wide, it had lights all over it. It shot off to the side of the road and that's when he heard it. The loud crash, he hit the brakes hard, as tree's, and dirt crashed in front of him. He looked around before he got out of the car. He was safe, but the road ahead was littered with tree's and dirt and mud.

"What the hell." he said running into the field. The scene looked like something from a science fiction movie. The large space ship had crashed, the field was torn from one side to the other. The ground itself was torn asunder. There was definitely no way they were going to hide this. The craft was much bigger than anything he had seen. He heard the sounds of the sirens.

"Fuck this!" he said to himself. As he ran back to his car. He knew that they would try and hide this and any witnesses, would some how go missing or worse. He jumped back into his car. The sirens were coming from behind him. He punched the gas again maneuvering his car around the debris.

"I did not see anything." he kept telling himself. But the site of the ground split wide open for all to see. Filled his head. Then he saw it. First he thought it was another piece of debris, but then it moved.

"Keep driving." he said to himself as he got closer. It was definitely moving, slowly but surely it was moving. He stepped on the gas and sped by it. He looked over at it as he went by. It was humanoid and in pain, lying on the ground. Crawling away from the wreckage.

"It's not my problem." he said to himself again. "They will find it and help it." he said trying to assure himself. But he knew they would find it. Take it somewhere. Interrogate it. Dissect it. And at the end kill it. He stomped on the brakes with both feet. He could not live with that. He could still see it, in the rear view mirror, the flames from the wreckage lit up the night sky, now he could also see the lights from the emergency vehicles.

"I'm so fucked!' he said as he put the car in reverse. "Can't believe I am doing this." he said as he got close to the alien life form. He got out the car.

"Hello?" he said as he walked over to it. It was metallic, it was a bright silver color. It was face down in the mud and dirt.

"I mean you no harm. Ok?" he said trying not to be scared. He looked over at the tree's that had fell. He could see the outline of the emergency team heading into the field. He could also hear helicopters.

"Fuck me, this is getting too much." he said as he turned towards his car. Then he heard it. The life form made a noise. A slightly audible whine.

"Was that you?" he said turning to look at it. It's face was looking at him. It was a female, well female looking from what he could see. It's eyes shone a bright purple color. "You look kind of like a robot of some sort." he said to it. The life form again made its low audible whine.

"Ok." he said. He ran over to it. It was less than 5ft long, had arms and legs, is whole skin was silvery metallic.

"I am going to pick you up now. Is that ok?" he said as the life forms eyes blinked. If that's what you would call it, the purple light switched off, then back on.

"Ok here we go." he said as he reached down. He picked it up expecting to feel cold metal. But instead it felt cold, and alive. It did not feel metallic at all.

"Metal skin?" he thought to himself as he carried the life form to his car. It was surprisingly light. He opened the back door, balancing the life form on one arm, he pulled the door open and slid it inside. He got in next to it and buckled it in.

"I have no idea what I am doing." he said to himself. The life form blinked it's eyes again. "Don't thank me yet." he said. He stopped.

"I heard you." he said. But then the life form went silent, its eyes dimmed. "Are you dead?" he said as he nudged it, its eyes turned on then back off, with each nudge.

"Unconscious." he said. The helicopters were getting closer.

"Go already." he said as he got into the drivers seat. He punched the gas again. Spinning his tires. "That was stupid." he cursed himself. There was only a few cars in this town, with the wheel make up he had. They were going to know he was here. As he drove he kept looking back but he was not followed. When he got closer into town, there were people everywhere. Nothing brought people out like an accident and this was a big accident. He slowly drove through, trying not to get attention drawn to himself. They were lined up in the streets, looking over at the bright lights in the fields. He looked back at the silver figure of the life form in his back seat. If he did not do something, it would seem suspicious that he was not around especially since his tire tracks would show that he drove down here. He pulled into one of the many deserted strip malls. He grabbed his work jacket and threw it on the alien.

"What's going on?" he said running up to a person gawking.

"Adrian!" the man said. Adrian recognized him as one of the mall walkers that came early in the morning. "Did you see the large UFO?" he asked.

"It woke me up." Adrian lied. The man looked at him weird. Another man standing by also looked at him.

"I was drinking, and well I fell asleep, out by Daniel's creek." Adrian said establishing his alibi. "When the ground shook. I thought we were having an earthquake. I sped down here as fast as I could." he said. Looking over at the light's.

"You must have been close to where it crashed." a lady said.

"A UFO?" Adrian smiled shaking his head.

"It was." Another said. "I was on the highway. You could see it clearly, it was huge." Adrian looked at them. There was enough people here to vouch for him being here. But he would have to stay around just a bit longer. So many people described it exactly the same.

"ADRIAN." Bill shouted running toward him. "They are setting up a base at the mall." he said. "The national guard are there and everything." he said. "They escorted me away." he said breathing heavy.

"They blocked off Nearman Road." another man said. That was the road that the UFO had crashed near.

"They are going to try and cover this up." Someone said.

"Yeah. Like thousands of people did not get this on their phones." Adrian said. Hoping that the more he said, that people would remember that he was here and no where else. He looked back at his car.

"Shit!" he said. He could see the purple lights of the aliens eyes sitting up.

"I am going to see if this had made the news. Plus I don't want to be here when they come for witnesses. They always seem to disappear." he said walking backwards.

"That's true." another person said.

"Fuck that. They aren't making me disappear." another person said. Soon it was a mass exodus as people began to run towards their car. Adrian drove away slowly heading for his house. The alien had laid back down as he had gotten in the car. He lived in a small community. Luckily for him his part of the community was never finished, many houses around him were still in the building stage. Another failed attempt, no one was buying the houses so the developer left. There was only two other houses that had people living in them. One of them belonged to a traveling salesman, another belonged to a nurse and her kids. Neither of them were home at this time. He pulled into the driveway, opening the garage. He pulled in then shut the garage door. Turning on the light he picked up the alien and brought it into the house. It was definitely a female of its species. It had a slender figure. When he got it inside he could see the metallic look of its body was actually it's skin he could see it's pores as he laid it down on the couch.

"I don't even know if you can hear me." he said to it as he backed away. The purple of it's eyes stared right at him. "I heard you before, inside my head." he said kneeling close to it. "Can you do that again?" he asked. It blinked again at him. "Earth." he said as he heard it again. He got up and turned on the television.

"This is our source of news and information." he said. It's eyes looked at the television. It began to blink as it blinked the channels turned. "That's right." he said. "It is primitive." he smiled. It was communicating with him.

"What is your name?" it said out loud.

"You can talk." Adrian said. Looking at it.

"Sorry for using your head to communicate, but I did not know your language." it said as it sat up.

"My name is Adrian." Adrian answered. "Yours?" he asked.

"My name is hard to pronounce in your language. But you can call me Solaria." it said as it stood up. "My body repair is at 10%."

"Are you a robot of some kind?" Adrian said as he followed it around the house.

"No. But I can understand why you would come to that conclusion." she said. "This is your... place of living?" it said as it walked into the bedroom.

"Yes." Adrian said.

"Your heartbeat tells me you are scared." she said. "You saved me from certain death." she said staring at him. "I am in your debt. No harm will come to you." It now walked into his computer room.

"Hold on." Adrian said as he got in front of his computer. "You wanted information. This is the best place to get it." he said. But then he thought if this alien was part of an invading force, then he would be showing it, everything.

"You can set your mind at ease. I am not an invading your planet." she said sitting at a chair. "Ask me anything." she said staring at him. Adrian felt at ease staring at her. Her eyes were larger than a humans , she had two vertical slits where a nose should be and her mouth was horizontal but he had never seen it open.

"How do you talk?" he asked.

"We make sound from these." she said touching the side of her neck. There were a few horizontal slits. "Our mouths are for talking to others like ourselves." she said. As she said that the slight whining noise pierced his ears. "That is our language." she said. Adrian nodded.

"You sound like a female. Are you?" he asked. For this question she shifted her head back and forth as it processing the question.

"Yes. We do not have specifics as far as females or males. We choose our form and voices. When we reach the right age." she stared at him again as if waiting for his next question. He could not think of anything. "I sense the alcohol in your system, combined with the amount of hours your body has been awake, is making you sleepy." she said.

"Yeah a bit." he said. "But.." he began to trail off. He was more tired than he was leading on. Sitting down had made him even more so. Now that he was relaxing.

"I will be fine. Your care for me is over. My body is repairing and will be at one hundred percent in four days of your time." she said.

"Sounds good." he said. "But I will stay up with you." Adrian said.

Adrian woke up in his bed. He was still fully clothed from the night before. He shook his head and sat up. He wondered if it was a dream. But then he heard a noise in the house. He got out of bed and walked into the kitchen. There she was walking to and fro. It looked like she was making breakfast.

"Good morning." she said.

"Good morning." he replied.

"You fell asleep in mid sentence, so I carried you to bed." she said.

"Do you do that often?" he asked.

"Read your mind?" she said. "Yes it is how we communicate back on our planet." she said.

"You say We and not me, or I." he said sitting down at the table.

"We do not see ourselves as individuals, individuals lack the means to think of others, and work for the common good of the community." she replied. "But if it makes you feel safer, I will try."

"Thank you." he said as she put a plate of food in front of him. It was eggs, toasts and sausages. "um.." he began to say.

"Your welcome." she said returning to the computer room. He looked down the hall after he finished eating. She was still in there. As he looked inside he could see the screen flashing at incredible speeds.

"Your reading all that?" he asked.

"Yes, your race is both fascinating and troublesome. You fear a lot of things and are very suspicious of others." she said.

"That's the human race in a nut shell." he said as he got up and walked into the bathroom. He did not know why but he felt safe with her around.

"That is because I will not harm you." she said into his head.

"While I am in here, I would like it if you did not read my mind." he said. There was silence, which he took as an agreement. He took a quick shower. As he put his clothes on he began to wonder about her. He stepped out of his bedroom.

"Did you need to clean up?" he asked her. She had moved from the computer room, to the living room.

"Clean up." she said twisting her head back and forth as her purple eyes flashed on and off repeatedly. "To bathe or to shower, to remove unwanted dirt, dead skin." she said if she was reading from a page. "No. My body does not collect dirt, and my skin does not die." she said returning her gaze to the television.

"What about food?" he asked. Feeling hungry himself.

"I ate. But I made some food for you." she pointed to the kitchen. He looked at her with curiosity. How could she have known he was hungry. He walked into the kitchen. Sitting on the counter was a plate with a large sub sitting on it. "Turkey Sub with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and light mayo. With something called jalapeno?" she said from the living room. He did not know what to say. He was thinking of going to the sub shop to get one of these exact subs.

"How did you know?" he said looking through the separation between the two rooms. He spotted the television. The site was jaw dropping.

"I sensed you were hungry, when I looked further, I saw that you wanted the sub so I made it. It was simple once I went back to my ship to get my matter converter." she said holding up a remote sized metallic object.

"That is your ship." he said pointing to the screen. The view was an overhead view of what looked like a building, that had been thrown into a field.

"Yes it is." she said. "It is repairing, it will take one week to fully repair." she said.

"Can you turn the volume up." he said circling back to the living room with the plate in hand.

"You can not hear her?" she asked. Adrian reached for the remote, the sound was at it's lowest level.

"You can?" he asked.

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