tagToys & MasturbationNew Beginnings Ch. 01

New Beginnings Ch. 01


When he reached out and grabbed her wrist it was a spontaneous act.

Rangappa, over 60 years old was a fit and strong man. Early morning walks ended with a Yoga session. At the end of that Yoga session he would go back to his room on the first floor of his house and lie down.

His body would be energized and in this phase he would lie down and allow his body to relax completely.

Yoga increases circulation and opens up blood flow in vessels. A strong erection was the inevitable result and Rangappa allowed the freshness and power of the early morning erection.

His wife hardly maintained herself and sex at their age was a thing of the past.

Every once in a while Rangappa tamed his erection with a vigorous session of masturbation. On many other days he just enjoyed the fact that his body felt so alive.

No one disturbed him up here in his den. His wife had her own morning routines and typically stayed out of his way.

Only occasionally, Maniamma, the ironing lady came to collect the garage key to pull out her cart, which she stored in the garage for a small monthly rent. Maniamma also and her daughter Rukku also helped around with other chores. They were not the official domestic help. But they relied heavily on the goodness of Rangappa and his wife to run their small clothes ironing business.

Maniamma did come in more than once when Rangappa's erection was at full mast but Rangappa was pretty sure it was not visible.

He could not have been more wrong. In fact, on one occasion Rangappa's dhoti had a gap through which the strong, hard penis was fully on display to Maniamma.

She smiled to herself and collected the keys, discreet as always.

Rangappa was a fun guy. There were many afternoons when Maniamma and her assorted relatives sat out an extra hot afternoon or rainy day watching TV. Jokes were shared. Maniamma often made tea or lassi for everyone. All in all, the house had a very relaxed atmosphere.

Somewhere, Rangappa's instinctive grab of the wrist was borne of that informality.

It was not as if Maniamma had not fantasized about Rangappa's erection. She was impressed by the older man's virility. Her own body, in her 40s, was well toned and always hungry with sexual desire. She took as much of it was available from her husband and the odd paramour. She thought about his erections but liked him too much to risk doing something that might upset him. Not to mention her own economic compulsions.

Rangappa had not had a woman in any form in a while. This morning's erection was full and loaded and he had not masturbated in a while. He felt full with arousal and suspected that his cumming would be copious. It was at the precise moment when he felt it would be fulfilling to have a woman engage him that he heard the woman enter his room.

As she neared the headboard where the key was kept, he reached out. Waiting for a moment, without opening his eyes, he looked for a sign of resistance, outrage or cooperation.

Maniamma allowed her hand to be held and waited for guidance.

Sure enough, Rangappa was direct in communicating his desire. He slid her hand under his dhoti and brought her palm in contact with his throbbing cock.

A sexually active woman like Maniamma needed no prodding or persuasion.

Her fist closed on the cock and she gently moved her hand in the motion of a slow, relaxed fuck. The kind of fuck she reserved for long trysts with her lover. Those afternoon trysts were intended to last hours till the last quarter hour or so when he would pound their orgasms out like an animal.

Rangappa shuddered as he felt her rough hands on his flesh. While his own masturbation needed several strokes before he juiced up, today his fluids smeared her hands within a few strokes.

Maniamma leaned over Rangappa and placed her other hand on the other side of the bed. Her breasts were now over his face though he did not see them- his eyes remained closed.

But he was aware of her hovering over him.

She varied her speed. For every three or four relaxed strokes she gave him one quicker thrust with her fist. Rangappa gasped and his hand, which had been clutching the side of the bed, grasped her arm.

Maniamma continued her fisting silently, almost as if she was carrying out an assigned task.

Rangappa felt his cum boiling and rising in his system as he felt his orgasm coming on.

It was at that point that Maniamma stopped. Rangappa opened his eyes to see if she was leaving or anything disappointing like that.

Instead, he saw the woman opening her blouse hooks and her chocolate brown breasts spilled out of their confines.

Rangappa gratefully accepted the offering. One arm went around her and with one hand he grasped her breast. Licking and nibbling at the long nipples he sucked on them hungrily.

"Ayya!" she said soothingly and softly calling Rangappa by the title 'sir' as she always did.

Rangappa acknowledged her with a grunt and shuddered as Maniamma allowed her fingers to play on his balls and underside of his cock. Her fingers fluttered from the base to the head tapping him and then providing a fist into which he thrust frantically.

Rangappa sucked on one breast and then the other. The pleasure she was giving him was divine and long forgotten. The nipples were salty and wet and the breasts were nourishing.

Maniamma's pussy juiced up nicely with the ministration. She felt a tingling sensation as Rangappa's teeth played on her teats almost bringing her to orgasm.

Their sexual encounter more resembled that of teenagers than of two mature adults.

While the comfort between them was complete there was furtiveness in their illicit gratification.

And that setting was rudely interrupted with a call from downstairs by Rangappa's wife, "Maniamma, where are you?" The woman was taking much longer than usual to fetch her keys.

"Tell her I have left," whispered Maniamma to Rangappa, increasing the urgency of her fisting. She noticed an immediate softening of his cock in the tense moment.

"She is gone," called out Rangappa.

Maniamma rose and moved her head toward Rangappa's cock. Her masturbation was now more like the frantic animal fucking of the last minutes of the tryst with her paramour.

"But I didn't see her go," came the reply from Rangappa's wife.

"What will we do if she comes up now?" asked Rangappa in panic.

Maniamma slid her wet open mouth down his shaft in response.

The flagging erection was wrong-timed. Maniamma needed Rangappa to remain hard. This was a first for them together and while there was excitement in the rendezvous there was also the furtiveness associated with the illicitness.

Maniamma loved long, wild lovemaking. Nothing was taboo for her. Oral, conventional, positions, inventiveness and daring locations were all part of her sexuality. The only thing that would convince her to quicken to a finish was if that was needed for the new variant she was trying out.

And there was a need for being quick now. Her husband, her lovers were all from her social class and around her age if not ridiculously younger. Rangappa was an upper class gent and her first time with a man seriously older than her.

There was only one way to get him back to orgasm-imminent hardness.

Rangappa gasped in pleasure as Maniamma closed her wet mouth on his drenched cock. She deliberately salivated on the pulsating flesh.

She bobbed her head up and down, expertly looking for the spot on that cockhead which was Rangappa's high-pleasure spot. In one move she dragged and pressed her lower lip against the base of the cock.

It gave Rangappa great pleasure but she knew that the spot she was looking for would not be there. She then arched her upper lip and pressed it down slightly to the left on top. Rangappa's grunt and gasps were unbroken and continuous. As she came up and the cock slid out, she adjusted herself to caress the right side of the top. Once again Rangappa's sounds were unbroken and with no variation.

Maniamma then formed a tight 'O" with her lips and ran it down taking in the cock but applying pressure on the center-top. Rangappa jerked and shuddered as his legs lifted up in a spasm. The rhythm of his moaning became ragged. Hands, which were gripping the bedside suddenly wildly, reached out for the heavy hanging breasts of the woman who caused this pleasure. The hand squeezed the breast hard, pinching and twisting whatever flesh came to it.

Maniamma had found what she wanted. Rangappa's twisting of her nipple was painful but she did not mind that. She loved it when her men lost control and hurt her. She had been bitten with deep teeth-marks. Scratched with nails digging in. A strained hip when her leg had been thrown over the shoulder to fuck her with vigor. And then the fury of passion which left no marks when her man hammered her pussy with his cock, so hard as if to take revenge on her for her seductive prowess.

She treated all those marks, scratches, aches and pains as trophies. She took pride and she savored them. They helped extend the pleasure of what had transpired beyond the moment when each trophy found its spot on her. As she ironed clothes through the day she relived the moment when a particular bite or scratch was inflicted.

The next few bobs were focused on the knot of nerves Maniamma had so expertly uncovered. Rangappa felt his fluids move from simmer to boil as he readied to cum. Maniamma's hands coaxed and cajoled the underside of his cock and his balls. "Will she keep me in her mouth when I come?" he wondered.

Maniamma moved the final phase, marveling at Rangapaa's stamina. He would be a wonderful fuck she thought. She wrapped her fingers around his cock gripping him tight. She positioned her mouth at the top so that when the cock emerged from her fist it slid into the waiting mouth.

From here, ruthless rhythm was needed to bring about his release. She paced herself well, displaying the expertise borne out of innumerable trysts. One of those, she remembered was with her squatting beneath her cart. One of her lovers had shown up at her workspot and was desperate for release. His desperation was exciting and the challenge of being inventive had motivated her. That had been a really quick cum.

Rangappa's body was in convulsions. These sensations when he was masturbating would have caused him to slow down and extend pleasure. But Maniamma's rhythmic beat was merciless in its pursuit of his pleasure.

He had her breast in his palm and his nipples between fingers that milked her in rhythm with her milking action on his cock. Saliva poured on his cock and reduced the pleasurable friction. Maniamma compensated for this by a series of rapid bobs of her head, which was a lot more rapid than the rhythm set by her fist.

Rangappa was now ready to release.

"Maniamma!" he sighed as he stretched his legs out. His toes pointed downward and nerves and muscles went taut as his entire being was aligned to the release to come.

Maniamma had correctly guessed that Rangappa's wife would not come upstairs. But she failed to anticipate that her daughter would come looking for when the keys did not arrive.

Her daughter Rukku came to the door just when Rangappa gave a loud bellow as his body gave Maniamma what she was looking with such fervor.

Rukku retreated a little to be able to watch without being spotted. She saw her mother continue fisting and mouthing with unvarying rhythm.

Rangappa half sat up as his semen spurted. "Oh, Maniamma!" he gasped. He thrashed violently his hands roaming her back. Feverishly, he rubbed her flesh, her breasts and her nipples and her back.

At the first spurt, Maniamma had his cock well inside her mouth and it filled her with the copious release. She allowed the thick semen to mix and flow out with her saliva.

Rukku watched in fascination the cock in its glory and the mess of fluids her mother was managing with her hands now. The 21 year old had nowhere near the same experience as her mother. In fact, she was almost a prude in such matters as a reaction to her mother's sluttish permissiveness.

Nevertheless, she was a young woman with a body alive with all the desires and passions a 21 year old knew was there to be had. She had never been with a man in any way and watched with fascination the cock and its jerking spasms, revising her opinion of Rangappa as an old man who had his best years behind him.

For the next spurt and pulse, Maniamma withdrew her head and fisted down completely, pulling back the skin as much as it would go without hurting Rangappa. The angry red sheath was seen by both Rukku and Maniamma with equal fascination. The head bulged and the next spurt of thick semen rose in the air towards Maniamma's face and fell back after nearly kissing her lower lip.

Reflexively, she pulled back and continued fisting rapidly.

Gobs and gobs of cum spewed as Rangappa helplessly released all of his fluids into Maniamma's waiting hands.

Rukku felt her body hot and flushing as she instinctively felt the desire to receive those jets of cum inside her. She had no clue that a woman could use her hands and mouth to substitute the pussy for which the cock was intended. In that one instant she felt that she too should explore her own sexuality as her mother seemed to be doing.

Maniamma turned her head away from the cock which was now showing signs of flagging and her eyes looked at Rangappa who was looking down at her.

Mischievously, Maniamma ran her tongue over her lips cleaning the mess around her lips, which combined her saliva with his semen. Using the end of her garment she wiped her tongue and mouth and looked at the smear in her cloth and then up at Rangappa.

Rangappa was well and truly spent. He sagged back, allowing his body to relax. Maniamma reached for her breasts her eyes locked on his. Her fingers ran over the reddish marks Rangappa had made in his madness.

He started to apologize; but then stopped when he realized that Maniamma was giving him a show of who she was. With great deliberation she hefted the large mound of flesh into the panel of her blouse, eyes fixed on him. Then the other bulging breast. And she reattached each hook one by one.

It was sensuous as it might have been had she been unhooking her blouse. When she was done, the damp sweat patches and the stiff, hard nipples still showed Rangappa the best of her assets.

His cock lay on its side, still with volume if not hard. Cum dribbled from it. Maniamma wiped her hands on his dhoti and loosely covered the manhood, leaving it to the man to handle himself.

Rukku found herself regretting that she could not see her mother's sumptuous breasts. As the older woman turned to leave the room, Rukku fled down the stairs.

She did not want to be discovered. Maniamma was intensely aroused by this encounter. She had just been pragmatic enough to postpone her pleasure. She had a portfolio of lovers, each reserved to providing specific pleasures and indulgences. She needed to be fucked like an animal and she had a young one targeted.

Rangappa was drained. He had no time to react, respond or prevent anything. Not that he would have liked to. Deep slumber came quickly.

When he awoke, it was like any other morning in his house.

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