tagGay MaleNew Beginnings Ch. 05

New Beginnings Ch. 05


New Beginnings, Trace

I hadn't seen Ben in a couple of weeks but had called and texted. His gym was going through a major remodeling and was quite busy.

I was still having trouble meeting my across the hall hot neighbor. I knocked often but she seemed to be out of town.

Sooo, needless to say I was getting quite horny. Hand jobs are like Chinese food. I would be horny an hour later and the few random hook ups I had had were just that.

When I woke up I had this powerful desire to suck cock. I have struggled with this in those quiet moments late at night. If I am with my new friends nothing bothers me and all seems natural, but when alone my fears come back. I had fantasied about bisex for so long and now in the last few months it was happening frequently.

Needing a work out I figured to drop by Bens and see how the new facility was shaping up.

When I got there Ben was at reception and looked to be right out straight. Clip boards and a handful of legal pads were everywhere.

He was on the phone with someone so I looked around. The place was taking on a nice new atmosphere.

When he hung up, I turned to try and get a quick word in with him before the next crisis. We had a few quick words when he asked how he could help.

I told him I needed a good work out followed by a special treatment punctuated with a wink.

Ben smiled and said: "Boy I would like nothing more, especially the last part but am swamped. But we have a new guy who may help."

He waved a really good looking young guy over from some make work job and introduced us. His name was Trace, a blond surfer looking kid. Mid height, lean in his early 20's I guessed.

Ben says; "John this is Trace and I think he will take care of you with anything you need."

I wasn't sure just how far he was going to go to "help" me but figured at least I was getting the first class tour.

He took me around to each piece of new equipment and showed me how they worked and even got me comfortable on each. Many had me in a position where he was near my crotch or had a good view of it. There was what I hoped was a high level sexual tension between us and hoped there would be more to it.

We were in the new shower room where they were trying something new. It was open for both sexes. A dangerous chance as I didn't know if everyone was as open to it as I was. There were nice sized showers with doors and the lockers had partitions on three sides open for semi privacy. This would leave the occupant exposed to view to the passer by if they wanted but a curtain if privacy was desired.

Trace asked if we could sit in one of the cubes and fill out a quick survey. I wanted this time with him to continue so would do a lot to prolong it. I was on the changing bench and he was in front of me standing. I was going to take a hell of a chance but had to ask; " Is there a box to check on that survey to show how bad I want to suck your cock right now?"

I knelt forward and pulled his shorts and jock down far enough for his cock and balls to be exposed and looked at his fine cock. It was semi hard and a good 6 inches, cut and it and his balls were shaved clean. I took it into my mouth and sucked squeezing his nuts with one hand and pulling them down from his crotch.

'Oh fuck, you can't know how much I need this. It is so hard working here. All the good looking people, it is like a sex supermarket."

Glad to be of service I sucked him for all I was worth. He was very hard now and I was having a little trouble getting all his cock in my mouth, so I was stroking his shaft with my free hand.

Over these last few months I have learned to love cock and this kid was something hot, he was working my face back and forth on his cock controlling the action when he said: "I hate to end this, you are a great cock sucker but I will be missed if I am gone to long."

"Not to worry I came here to suck cock and swallow a load so give it to me. Go ahead an cum"

I had his cock head in my mouth and was swirling my tongue around it. I had my lips tight around his shaft behind the head and working those first few sensitive inches and stroking the rest of the shaft with my free hand. Still holding his nuts with my other hand I felt them try to pull up into his groin when he started to cum.

Started was an understatement, he was cumming with the force of only the youth can muster. Shot after hard, hot shot of cum filled my mouth, hit the back of my throat and was swallowed as a defense mechanism. This kid came like a bull.

Giving a deep moan Trace finished cumming in my mouth and stepped back to pull up his shorts when I turned him around, spread his ass cheeks and stuck my tongue in his hot sweaty ass hole.

He pushed his tight little ass back into my face before I pulled away and slapped his ass.

"Go on and get out of here before I try to fuck that nice ass and you get fired and I am banned." I tell him as he pulls up his gear and says good bye.

"Can I find your phone number in the records?" Trace asks pretending he is writing on him clip board.

"Yes and use it sometime!" I smiled.

"I get off at 5 can I see you after that?" Trace asked?

"Yes and you could get off many more times too." I smiled.

Before he turned to leave he reached over and squeezed my very hard cock and said: "I look forward to returning the favor of that fine suck job. Try not to cum until I see you." And he was gone.

It was hard, as my cock was hard, but somehow I dressed and left the gym without jerking off.

The trip home was uneventful and I was listening to music when Trace called.

When I answered the phone he said: "I hope you were serious about me looking your info up."

"Oh, yeah, I would have given it to you before you left but figured you needed to get back into the gym."

"I may have been forward of me but hoped we could hook up tonight, if you were serious." He added.

"Serious, I have been fighting a hard on that needs relief waiting, hoping you would call. How soon can you be here?" I was anxious to reply.

"Well I am across the street, do you want to let me in?" He says.

"Come on over, I am hard and waiting!" I said trying to contain at least some of the excitement in my voice.

As I had been hard or near hard since leaving the gym, I was erect by the time I hung up the phone. I had only an old t shirt and cut off sweats on and my cock was rolling around all day. Wanting to set the mood even more than it already was, I quickly stripped both garments off and when Trace knocked, I opened the door completely naked.

He was quite surprised to see me as I was but quickly reached down to take my hot hard cock into his hand.

I never know who or if I should try to kiss another man and don't always want to but just had to taste this young man's lips. I figured I had swallowed his load and stuck my tongue in his anus, so went ahead and took his beautiful face into my hands and kiss him wetly forcing my tongue into his mouth.

With no hesitation and now stroking my cock, he put his free hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to his, tongue fucking me back.

I pushed the door shut and brought my hand back to his face again. We were making love to each other's face and I loved it but I couldn't stop my cock from throbbing. Trace had to be feeling this and pulled back and said:

"I have been thinking about this all day and need to suck you. I want to feel your cock in my mouth and feel it shoot down my throat. I can do it right here, but would you like to get comfortable first?" Where is your favorite place to get sucked off?"

"I kind of fancy that old arm chair over there, if that is OK with you?" I pant.

As I turn away to walk to the chair he stops me by putting one hand on my shoulder and stroked my bare ass with the other. Starting with both cheeks and then running his fingers between them he says: "I didn't know you had such a nice ass."

Saying this he touched my anus with a fingertip and feels me relax enough for it to enter slightly causing me to moan.

"Do you like that, are you into this?" He asks.

"I am pretty new to man sex but so far haven't found much I don't enjoy; I would love to feel your cock inside me."

"Well that is something I am looking forward to but now really want your cock in my mouth." With that said he pushes me back into the chair.

He takes my legs and throws them over the arms and spreads me wide. Without much foreplay he takes my cock head into his hot mouth and slowly sucks it all in until his nose is on my pubic bone. Holding me there he sucks me hungrily.

His hands are never still, running all over my inner thighs and ass cheeks. Teasing he runs his fingertips back down my ass crack and over my anus. Not stopping anywhere but touching everywhere.

I can't believe it, here is a fine looking young guy almost half my age sucking me off like he has been doing it forever. Thinking it so I will try to remember to ask, but am so enjoying this blow job, I can't really think of much else.

I flash on that feeling I am experiencing a lot lately, one that I am just a slut.

Here I am slouched down in an arm chair my ass almost off the cushion, both legs spread wide and my cock and balls being feasted on by a handsome young stud. He is sucking my cock for all he is worth, has my balls pulled down with one hand and his middle finger of the other in my ass up to the second knuckle.

Feeling that old familiar feeling I tell him; "Get ready good lookin' I am about to shoot." He speeds up his sucking and slowly pushed his finger all the way into my ass caressing my prostate.

As I shoot the first shot into his mouth all I can do is push my groin farther into him, grab his head and moan: "Of, you wonderful cock sucker, take this, take me, take my cum and make me yours."

Shot after shot of my cum blasts down my cock into Traces mouth. He never slows, his finger in my ass is trapped by me clenching. My nuts pull up into my crotch and my cock still being sucked so magnificently fills his throat.

As he feels the shots slow, he slows his sucking until we both stop. Slowly he pulls his finger form me in sync with my cock sliding from his mouth.

Smiling and swallowing he leans forward and kisses me right on the ass hole, returning the favor I so happily gave him earlier today.

Without moving I look at him and say: "Do you want to fuck me right here or would you like to go somewhere move comfortable?"

"As much as I want to fuck you right here, you look so hot like this, I am too close to cumming and when I get into that fine looking ass I want to fuck it properly."

I sit up and am reminded he is still fully clothed. "Maybe we should go to my bedroom and I will undress you and show you how great this just was. If I suck you off now, will you be able to fuck me later?"

"Yeah, that would be fine, I will be able to fuck you whenever you want, but first I want to feel both of our naked bodies against each other. Is it me or is one of us always naked and the other clothed?" Trace queries.

"Well let's fix that." I say and take him by the hand into my bedroom.

Once there I take off his shirt, drop his shorts and pull his tight designer ball huggers down freeing that fine young cock. It pops right up to slap his belly.

As he kicks off his shoes and the clothes bunched at his feet we roll back onto the bed. Embracing we kiss and try to see how much of each other's naked skin we can feel with our own. Our hands are everywhere at once and our legs tangle and wrap around each other's hips and waist.

Our cocks rub against each other and his is wet from his precum.

I break our kiss and say: "You seem so ready, let me get you off, I want to suck you again."

I slide down to his midsection and take his cock into my mouth. He is so hard and it is bobbing against his belly button and leaking precum into it.

I lean forward to suck on his nuts, each in turn while stroking his shaft with one hand. I use the other hand to place pressure on his taint with a couple of finger tips.

Traces moans are music to my ears. He moaned to me: "If you want another taste you better take it into your mouth because I an sooo close to cumming."

I had wanted to suck him for a while but if he was close, that would do too.

I pulled his cock away from his belly and covered half with my mouth. I was still caressing his nuts and taint when I started sucking harder and faster when I felt his cock start to throb and he said: "Oh, man, faster, I'm cumming. Take this, you have me so hot cock sucker."

I use the hand on his balls to stroke his shaft when he cries out: "Holly fuck, suck me, here it comes."

I am sucking really hard now and my spit is covering his shaft down to his balls so far that my fingers on his taint are getting wet.

His first shot was timed perfectly as I was on a back stroke so all of it could be caught by my tongue but the rest came so fast and was such a large quantity that I had a joyfully hard time keeping it all in my mouth. I was trying to hold it all so I could give him a hot wet kiss after blowing him, but it was so copious that it started to run down his shaft to his balls and over my fingers. I used my cum covered fingers to caress his anus so he would know what I wanted next.

I keep sucking him as long as he would let me after he came.

I did pretty good until he pulled his soft cock from my mouth and said: "Oh, god, I can't take any more of that, you suck like a pro."

I leant up and kissed him pushing as much of his cum into his mouth as he rolled onto his stomach to protect is sensitive cock. This gave me the perfect opportunity to run my cummy fingers down between his ass cheeks and over his anus.

"You just won't quit will you?" He laughed.

"Yeah, I want it all and now, I am afraid you will get up and leave before I can do all I want to this beautiful body of yours." I reply.

He, still smiling says: "I have all night so feel free to show me all that you want."

With this I roll over his prone body and cover him and roll my sweaty body all over his. Our sweat makes a fine lube for us and as my cock runs up and down his tight ass crack I whisper in his ear: "I want to fuck you; I want to feel my cock in that nice ass of yours. Would you like to feel my cock in you? Do you want to be fucked?"

"Fuck yeah, fuck my ass. Put that sweet cock in me and shoot your hot load into me." Trace pants.

Wanting to enjoy all of this, I rub my cock over his ass hole and let just the tip press against him. I want more so as I slowly move down his back I am telling him what I want to do to him.

"I am going to fuck that nice tight ass of yours until we both can't take any more, but first I have something I love to do. Do you know what that is?" I ask.

"Are you going to eat my ass, oh please eat me, I love that so much and so few will do it." He pleads.

"Oh I am going to lick you like you need. I love to do it and want you to forget anyone who ever did this before."

I am now down so that his ass is in my face and he raises it to meet me. He can feel my hot breath on his most private place. We had sucked each other to nut clinching orgasms but we were now to cross over to a new dimension in our sexuality with each other. To welcome another man, a cock into your body was probably the last taboo for two men. Women do it all the time but this is accepted, for men it is the last sexual barrier. And eating another mans ass is beyind even that.

I have been doing it quite often of late and know this is not Traces first time, but it is our first time together.

"Show me how much you want this you slut. Do you want me to make love to your ass?" I ask him, knowing the answer.

He reaches back holding his ass cheeks open so there is no doubt where he wants me and says: "Eat me fucker, eat my like it is my first time then fuck me. Fuck me like yours is the first cock to enter me."

I turn my head sideways and suck on the base of his nut sack. I suck hard and reach under him to find his cock hard as hell and throbbing. I stroke him a few times but turn my face to his taint and kiss him there, hard. I suck it hard. Before he can enjoy that I kiss him wetly right on the anus, my lips pressed tightly on his most sacred spot. I hold my lips tight on him but slip just the tip of my tongue through them to touch his anus directly. Holding there I run my tongue around his opening before opening my mouth to cover his ass hole and slaver my tongue around his anus.

This brings a moan that comes from his gut somewhere.

Between pants he moans: "Of fuck, eat me, eat me you fucker, eat my ass."

I am getting into this now; I have eaten a lot of ass, both men and women, but few really let go and let they really enjoy it. Trace is not one of these; he is completely into this and really let's himself go.

He is very vocal which I love, telling me: "Oh fuck my ass with your tongue, eat my ass fucker, you are going to make me cum before you even put your cock in me. Just touch my cock and I will cum. Oh please touch my cock, stroke me ass eater."

I have made a guy cum just from anal eating but Trace is so hot I want to give him anything he wants and now. He is still holding his ass open to me freeing both my hands, so holding his nut sack I reach around to find his hot cock. I run my hand along the length to find the crown and underside covered by his precum. I stroke him only a few times when I hear his say: "You fucker you are making me shoot, eat me, stroke me, and oh fuck this is so good. Make me cum, here I am , make me cum, make me cum. Oh fuck here it is, don't stop."

I am really into his ass by now and stroking him as fast as I am eating him when I feel his load pulsing down his cock. Shot after shot, it seems to go on forever.

I know I will have to get off his ass soon so enjoy it for all I am worth. He has taken one hand away too and I wonder where, but he has pushed back to my face so hard I am tight to his ass hole eating for all I am worth. I can feel his nut sack pull up to his groin and his cock is pulsing and my tongue pushes farther into his anus.

I am almost ready to cum from all I am doing and have no stimulation to my but am enjoying what he is experiencing.

It takes him a nice long time to stop cumming and when he finally does he pulls away from my mouth and hands and says: "You wonderful fucker, that was the best cum I have had in a while, fuck me now and take all of me."

"Let me get some lube and I will be glad to do just that." I add.

"You won't need any, you have this to use." He shows me where his hand went and it is full of his cum. He takes it and rubs it all over my cock head and shaft.

"You have my ass so happy and loose you wouldn't need much anyway" he says and rolls back onto his front side and spreads his cheeks again for me. He flexes his anus open and closed for me showing me how much he wants this.

"Oh dude I want our ass so bad, show that to me again." I groan.

I want to watch this for ever but need so much to cum so touch his anus with my cock head. Hoping he is as hot as I am I do not wait and start to push my cock right into him. His fine ass welcomes me in with no resistance making me believe me that he is very relaxed and is not new to this.

As soon as he feels my crotch pressing on his back side he raises his ass off the bed and puts a pillow under himself. This gives me full access to his butt and can now lean forward to cover him and kiss and lick the back of his neck.

We are building up a good rhythm now as I am working his ass for all I am worth.

I tell him: "Your ass feels so good with my cock in it. Motherfucker do you feel good! Does my cock feel good in you?"

"Oh man does it, fuck me, fuck me quick before I cum. I want to fuck you now while you are fucking me. Does that mean we need a third?" trace groans.

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