tagGay MaleNew Biker's Initiation

New Biker's Initiation


Buying a motorcycle can transform a man into instant roughneck status. Everyone knows a man on a motorcycle is looking for adventure and is willing to pay the price by sacrificing comfort and taking additional risk. But buying a motorcycle is just the beginning, the transformation to roughneck takes more than a set of keys and some fancy outfits.

Bruce was about 22 years old. As he put on his helmet and sat on the motorcycle he had just purchased his mind felt a certain betrayal. He knew some friends and surely his parents would not like this new direction in his life. As he started up the machine the salesman at the dealership waved him on. He slowly let out the clutch and the engine stalled, he was in 3rd gear. After some initial embarrassment the salesman got the bike into the right gear and off Bruce went.

Bruce stalled the bike two more times on his way home. Even with the odd mistakes of a first time rider, he felt a sense of pride as he parked the new bike and walked into his apartment. He went to check his emails and thought about what the salesman had told him. He suggested Bruce take a riding class and that he join some type of riding club.

Bruce searched the internet for a riding club in his area. After looking at a few he found one called "Skull Valley Riders Of The Apocalypse" that club looked intriguing. Looking at some of the photos he could see that these guys had the kinds of bikes he was interested in and the men seemed like the kind of men he would enjoy hanging out with. They all had that roughneck quality.

He decided to fill out the new member application and submit it. The questions seemed almost personal, like how tall, how much do you weigh etc. But then he figured motorcycle riding was a physical activity and they claimed to do allot of desert trail riding, so he filled out every question. He pushed the send button. Right after the application was submitted an auto response popped up. It said he would hear back in 24 hours and if his application was accepted he would be given the time and location of his initiation party.

Initiation party? Bruce did not know what to think about the sound of that. He imagined they might make him drive his new motorcycle through a series of orange cones, or try to pop a wheelie or something he may not be able to do. But the photos of the club seemed exactly like what he was after. And maybe they would teach him what he needed to learn to be part of that group.

Bruce ate a can of chili and then went back to the motorcycle for some more riding. He rode pretty much the rest of the day until it started to get dark. He stopped at the local gas station and filled the tank. As he stood up his bottom was very sore. He had not realized how much his body would need to get used to this new mode of transportation.

As he walked into he apartment he remembered he application to the motorcycle club. Eagerly he flipped on his computer to see if there was a reply. Surprised he saw there was one. It said that his application had been approved and that the next meeting of the club was Saturday 12 noon. There were detailed instructions showing him the location. It was just south of interstate 80 in Skull Valley, a desolate area west of Salt Lake. The instructions indicated that the meeting would be held in a white canvas wall tent next to horseshoe springs, and that there would be lunch, a two hour ride, and then the initiation party for new members to finish off the event.

Bruce was excited. He was not sure what to wear. He had purchased some new riding boots, a leather jacket, some gloves and a helmet. He looked at the photos on the club web site. None of them seemed to be wearing any leather at all. In fact they seemed to be riding in tank tops and jeans. Bruce decided over the next few days he would find just the right outfit to be ready for Saturday.

Saturday finally came and Bruce headed out for the first real adventure on his new motorcycle. The ride out to Skull Valley was trickier than he thought. The wind was gusting which made it hard to control the motorcycle. And the bright sun was blinding. Bruce had not thought to wear any sunglasses and his new helmet did not have a tinted visor.

He finally came down the road to horseshoe springs. It was very desolate and dry. The terrain was mostly sagebrush and a few cactus. He saw the large white tent off in the distance. It was flapping in the gusts of wind. There were five or six motorcycles and an old truck parked in front of the tent. Bruce felt a sense of strangeness, but he was not going to chicken out now. This was what having a motorcycle was all about, adventure.

As he turned off the main road towards the tent his motorcycle started to wobble. He realized this was the first time he had driven in the dirt. His handlebars started to flop back and forth wildly. Before he could even think twice he let off the throttle and hit the front brakes. He remembered the salesman telling him to stay off the front brakes until he had a good feel for the bike, but it was too late. Down he went right in front of the tent. His motorcycle laid down to one side and slid. His leg was pinned. He came to a stop and the engine was still revving wildly.

A few men came out from the tent. One ran over to Bruce and flipped the kill switch on the handlebars. Two of the men grabbed the motorcycle and set it upright. They helped Bruce off. Several others came out of the tent and just stood there. A few of them smoking cigarettes. Bruce took his helmet off.

"You must be the new kid" said the man who ran to turn off the engine. "My name is Bull", he reached out to shake Bruce's hand. "Seems like this dirt road got the best of you. Let's take a look at what damage we got here." Bull looked around the new motorcycle. The handlebars were bent. "Looks like we may need to haul this into the shop, no sense in trying to fix it here. Let's go inside".

Bull held Bruce by the arm as he limped into the opening of the tent. Inside the tent there were eight men. They were definitely the roughneck bunch he had seen in the photos on the club web site. Bull motioned for Bruce to take a seat. There were lawn chairs arranged in a circle. There was a folding table along one side of the tent and several coolers. One cooler was open and there were beer and sodas floating in ice. At the other end of the tent was a cot and a few foot lockers.

Bull went around the room introducing the rest of the men to Bruce. They all had one syllable names like Thor and Buck and Kip. Bruce could hardly pay attention to the names, his leg and butt cheek were in pain from the fall, and he could not help but worry about his new motorcycle. He also felt embarrassed about them seeing him fall down. The adventure was not off to a very good start. Bull asked if Bruce needed them to take a look at his leg. Bruce felt uneasy, but at the same time he wondered himself how bad it was. Without a minute, Bull insisted that he take down his trousers so they could have a quick look. Bull retrieved a first aid kit form one of the foot lockers. Bruce unzipped and lowered his trousers. A few of the men whistled a cat call.

Bull took off his sunglasses and squatted down to look at Bruce's leg. It had some abrasions on his thigh and buttock. Bull didn't even ask, he opened the first aid kit and grabbed some ointment. He grabbed Bruce's leg and smeared the salve into the red skin. Bruce tried to relax but the ointment burned. He pulled away. Bull said, "There must be some gravel in this road rash. Son, you better let us take care of this or it could get infected. Hop up here in the table and we can take it out with some tweezers."

Bruce looked around the tent. All the men motioned towards the table. All Bruce knew was that he was in serious pain. He reluctantly laid face down on the table folding his arms under his face. Bull pulled the trousers off all the way. Then he took some scissors from the first aid kit and cut Bruce's briefs off. Bruce was a smallish young man with a thin waist and a full protruding bottom, the kind you might see on a gymnast. His ass clenched tightly as he felt Bull lift the waistband and felt the cool metal scissors against his tender butt. Within seconds Bruce laid half naked on the table, his round firm white ass protruding upwards with all the men gathered around the table looking on.

Bull pulled out the tweezers and leaned down to inspect Bruce's butt. "Ahh, there is where all the pain is" said Bull pointing to five small pieces of gravel embedded into Bruce's butt. "This is going to hurt you more than it is going to hurt me" exclaimed Bull as he opened a bottle of whisky and poured a small amount onto the wound. The whiskey felt cool. But then it ran down between Bruce's butt cheeks and onto his anus and scrotum. Bruce jumped up to all fours on the table and held his mouth open in pain. When he caught his breath he exclaimed that the whisky was burning his ass and balls.

"Oh Shit", said Bull, "Quick Thor, grab a rag and dip in into the beer cooler and rinse the whiskey off his ass crack. Bruce could not believe what he was hearing. Before his brain could process what was going on, Thor was patting an ice cold wet cloth into his ass crack and rudely wiping the whiskey off his anus and balls. Bull picked up the tweezers and told Bruce to hold still. He told Bruce that up on all fours like that made getting to the stones easier. Bruce braced himself. Thor continued to wipe the ice cold rag up and down the length of Bruce's ass crack. Water ran down over Bruce's balls.

Bruce could not help from getting a slight erection. He felt Bull pull the first stone out, then the next, and the next. Each time Bruce winced. Thor put his arm around Bruce's waist to hold him steady. Then it was finished. After the last stone was removed, Bull put more salve onto Bruce's round firm butt. Without asking he began to apply the salve to Bruce's anus and balls. "Sorry about the whisky kid, I forgot how tender these parts can be." Now Bruce's erection was full on. He did not want to move. He wished he could just disappear.

Bruce laid back down onto the surface of the table to conceal his raging erection. He had never had another man touch his balls or anus, let alone rub salve onto them. "KID you want us to take care of that BONER for you?", asked Thor in a direct all business tone. Bruce lay motionless not knowing how to respond. "Here KID just roll over on to your good side, we'll do the rest" said Thor.

Before Bruce could comprehend what was happening they rolled him on his side. Bull put some salve right onto Bruce's erect penis and began to stroke it. Bruce closed his eyes. He felt his leg being held up and another man cupped his balls, fondling them roughly. Another man began to grope and squeeze his firm tight ass globes. Bruce closed his eyes tightly.

He felt a finger slip into his ass crack and push against his anus. He clinched his cheeks together tightly. The finger wormed it's way into his rectum twisting and turning. "Man that ass it tighter than a steel flywheel on a tapered shaft" said Thor. "Dude we need to open you up a bit if you want to be part of this club", another finger slid roughly in alongside the first. Both fingers pushed in hard and deep with one twist. Bruce lost it as he felt his ass violently invaded. His erect penis spurted out all over the table.

"Aw fuck", said Bull, "we were just getting warmed up. Kid you made a mess all over the table". Another man jumped down on the table and licked up the semen, and then sucked the tip of Bruce's swollen penis to get the last few drops. They all helped Bruce up off the table.

Bull stood up and said, "Well we better get going if we still want to get some riding in today. KID since your bike is munged up and your ass is injured you are welcome to stay here in the tent and wait for us to get back, or you can ride on the back of my bike, it's up to you".

Bruce thought for a minute. He didn't feel like being stranded with no way home and somehow the whole ordeal he had just been through intrigued him. Bull was a large man with well defined muscles. His head was shaved, he had a large muscular neck and a square jaw. Plus he seemed to be the leader of this group. Bull wore a tank top with an old army shirt over it unbuttoned like a jacket. He had small round dark sunglasses.

Bruce pulled on his trousers and said he wanted to ride with Bull. All the rest of the men let out whistles and cat calls. Bruce had no idea why this seemed to get them going. "Well KID, you can ride on the back of my bike, but there is one stipulation, the seat of my bike has something special to hold you in place that You may or may not like" said Bull.

Thor pushed Bull's bike into the tent. It had a bi level seat. On the passenger portion of the seat there was a two inch plastic circle right in the center. Bull opened a foot locker and pulled out two black rubber dildos. One was about six inches long and about an inch in diameter with a large bulbous knob head, the other was eight inches long and about an inch and a half thick with large ribs molded into it. Bull looked at Thor with one in each hand. "You felt the Kid's sphincter, which one"? Thor pointed to the smaller of the two. Bull fastened the dildo to the seat, it locked into the plastic circle and stood straight up. Bruce began to feel his knees go a little weak. "KID we need to put a hole in those fancy pants of yours." Bull took the scissors and motioned for Bruce to bend over. Bruce felt Bull's finger press into his crack and find his anus. He pulled the fabric back and snipped out a two inch hole.

Then Bull sat on the motorcycle and motioned for Bruce to hop on. Bruce just stood there not knowing what to do. Thor opened a can of grease and smeared it all over the rubber dildo. Then he handed Bruce his helmet. Bruce put on his helmet. Then Thor and another man each grabbed a leg and lifted Bruce up over the dildo. Bruce felt a glob of grease applied to his anus. Another man kneeled down and grabbed the dildo with his hand and guided the other two men.

Bruce felt the bulbous head of the dildo against his anus. The men lowered him slowly until he felt the head pop into his rectum. The man kneeling moved the dildo from side to side to insure it was firmly wedged into Bruce's anus. Once he was sure, he motioned for the men to lower Bruce onto the seat. As they lowered him, Bruce felt the soft rubber dildo snake deep into his ass. Once his bottom was firmly resting on the seat, Thor pushed him forward so his ass was exposed. Thor took a rag and wiped the excess grease off the seat and off Bruce's trousers.

All the men left the tent and hopped onto their bikes, Bruce could hear the engines starting. Bull reached back and patted Bruce's behind lovingly. Then he placed Bruce's arms around his waist and told him to hang on tight, to never take his feet off the foot pegs, and to lean when he leaned. Then Bull started the engine. Bruce felt the vibrations of the engine all the way up to the bulbous head of the dildo buried deep inside his ass.

Bull kicked the bike in gear and they drove out of the tent into the bright afternoon sunlight. Bruce closed his eyes and held on tightly. Each and every bump in the road drove the dildo deeper. Bruce could feel his ass slackening around the object and he started to relax. With his eyes closed he held onto Bull's waist tightly. It was like an extended wet dream. Everything inside of Bruce felt warm and buzzing with sexual excitement.

They were on the freeway now. Bruce opened his eyes to see normal traffic along side of them. He realized no one in the cars adjacent to them had any idea about the huge dildo embedded deep inside of him. The suspension on Bull's bike was stiff, so even on the relatively smooth freeway there was still plenty of bumps and irregularities driving the dildo to and fro.

Bruce looked at the car next to them. It was a nice sedan with a man and a woman. Bruce wondered what they must think when they see a man sitting on the back of a bike with another man. Then something strange went through Bruce's mind. He suddenly realized he had his helmet on and that he was the only one in the group who did. Certainly the people in the car must assume he is a woman.

Bruce thought about the dildo fucking him, fucking his tight ass, he thought of how confident and strong Bull was. He reflected on how Bull cut his briefs off with the scissors, how he felt so exposed. He realized that even though it hurt when the stones were pulled from his skin, something about having Bull working on his ass made him feel very erotic deep down inside.

In that moment, he realized he wanted Bull's hot throbbing dick in his ass instead of the rubber dildo. He wanted Bull to fuck his ass in front of all the other men. He wanted Bull to fuck him on the table in the tent with all the men looking on. He wanted to be Bull's woman so to speak. He almost felt like Marylin Monroe or something, like he was a cunt to be fucked and enjoyed by Bull.

He realized with the helmet on, and with Bull being so much larger than he was, the other motorists would assume he WAS Bull's woman. Bull's woman to be fucked hard. Bull looked like a rough man. Surely the motorists knew Bull's woman was getting fucked hard. And when he was done fucking, the other bikers would fuck even more. Bruce relaxed his ass muscles to feel the dildo penetrate deeper, he wondered what it would feel like to get fucked by all the men in the club.

He wondered what would happen when they returned from their ride. Surely they were all interested in fucking him. They were all groping and fondling him when he was on the table. He couldn't wait. Excitement welled up within him. He looked at the other motorists, they were looking at him. Bruce slid his hand down to Bull's crotch and felt the warmth of the bulge in his pants. Bruce knew the motorists saw him do this. He wanted the motorists to know their assumptions were correct, that he was Bull's woman, that he was going to get fucked hard, by Bull then by the whole club.

Bull felt Bruce's hand on his groin. He knew the KID was getting horny, that the dildo was doing it's job getting the KID ready for his nine inch monster. Bull let the bike wander over to the emergency lane where the washboard indentations in the asphalt designed to wake a sleeping driver veering off course were located. Vrrrrump, vrrrrrrupm, vrrrrrrummp, vrrrrrrummp.... The vibrations of the washboards went right up the dildo into Bruce's ass and sent tingling sensations from his ass to his spine. Bruce began to hump at Bull's back with each Vrrruuump, Bruce lost his load again right into his trousers.

Bull pulled off at the next overpass. The other riders gathered around him. They all shut off their engines. Bruce stayed motionless. The other riders asked Bull how the KID was doing. Bull pointed to his groin where the KID was now kneading the lump in Bull's crotch like heavy bread dough. The other bikers whistled cat calls.

Bull turned his head back and asked the KID in a loud voice, "KID are you ready to go back to the tent so we can all fuck that hot ass"? Bruce didn't say a word he just nodded slowly with his helmet still on. More whistles and cat calls all around. The other bikers all grabbed their crotches and pumped their pelvises towards Bruce hollering like wild indians. The engines all started.

On the drive back to the tent Bull pulled off the highway on a different exit. They were taking a dirt road. The bumps were so big that Bruce would come off his seat and come back down with all his weight back onto the dildo. He has to tense his ass cheeks to avoid getting severely impaled, at the same time he had to keep his anus centered over the dildo and took every inch of it. The ring of muscle in his anus was being stretched this way and that way with each giggle, bump, turn or acceleration. It was like his ass was getting tenderized and loosened. His clinching and releasing ass cheeks and the tops of his thighs tensing trying to hold him up off the seat at each bump were beginning to get weaker and weaker.

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