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New Black Neighbor


After a few frustrating post college years, I convinced my wife Sandy to move to Los Angeles. The job market had been terrible in the Midwest so we packed up our belongings and made the journey across country. In my search for better pay I took a job at a computer firm downtown. I had finally made the move from a cubicle to my own office with a secretary. Sandy and I decided on an apartment in the valley. It was a commute but she really liked the place. Sandy is about 5'6" and weighs 115 lb. She has short brown hair and hypnotic blue eyes. Sandy has medium sized firm tits with nipples that stand out like pencil erasers. Sandy enjoys sex. She especially likes anal sex.

We hadn't been living in LA long when I met our next-door neighbor. I leaving the apartment to go to work when I notice my car had a flat tire. While examining the tire, I heard a deep voice say, "Do you need some help neighbor?"

I looked up at a dark skinned black man. He was around 6'3" tall and His head was shaved slick. He was wearing basketball shorts and no underwear. I knew he didn't have any underwear on because; peeking out the leg of his shorts was the largest blackest cock I had ever seen. That fat slab of dark meat was only inches from my face. I wanted to stand up but my brain wouldn't tell my legs to move. I was mesmerized and he made no effort to cover his cock.

Finally he said, "My name is Carl and it's not polite to stare."

"My name is Mark," I managed to reply even though I was embarrassed.

Carl said, "I live next door."

Composing myself I told him, "I don't think need any help. But thank you anyway." I kept my eyes locked on the nail sticking out of my tire. I thought as long as I could concentrate on the task I had before me not this man's rather large cock I would get through this awkward situation. He left and I finished changing my tire.

The rest of that day if I closed my eyes I saw his sizable cock. I wasn't gay. I wasn't even Bi. Still the images that kept running through my mind really bothered my Midwest sensibilities. After work, Sandy met me at the door wearing a short tight skirt and a top that showed off her belly button.

"I am so hot for your cock," She purred "I have been waiting all day for you."

I was surprised because normally she likes plenty of foreplay. Sandy rarely initiates sex. I quickly recovered from my initial shock. As I pulled my 7" hard cock out, I said, "Baby, I am sorry I kept you waiting."

Sandy quickly went to her knees. She devoured my dick like a fat man at an all you can eat buffet.

My wife begged, "Please, fuck me with your red-hot cock. I need to be fucked now. Don't make me wait." I turned her over and entered her dripping wet pussy. I was hot but she was on fire. I stroked her cunt fast. I am normally in control but this wasn't going to be a long drawn-out fuck.

"Mark, wait honey," Sandy stopped me "Stick it in my asshole. Put your big cock my tight little ass."

My cock was slick with her cunt juices so lube wasn't necessary. I entered her vise-like ass. The tightness created a friction sensation that was out of this world. I was too hot and I tried to pull out without cumming. But it was too late. I climaxed shooting my hot cum up Sandy's little ass. She was disappointed that I came so soon.

Over the next two weeks Sandy showed no interest in sex. By Friday, the second week, I finally had to ask her point blank to have sex with me.

Showing very little enthusiasm, Sandy said, "If you want to, we can but I want to run the show."

We had played some sex games before so it wasn't too odd of a request. Normally I am the dominant one in the bedroom. But, I was so horny I stepped right into her trap. She started by licking my cock like it was her favorite flavored Popsicle, until it was hard.

Once my soldier was at attention, I pushed my erect cock into her dripping pussy. It wasn't as tight as normal but I was too horny to give it much thought.

"Can I fuck your tight little rosebud baby," I asked after fucking her snatch for a while.

"Your nasty," Sandy said in a naughty tone "I will let you fuck my asshole but, I want to tie you up first."

I hesitated. "Ok," I agreed.

It wasn't the first time. She tied my wrists tightly to the metal bedposts. Sandy pulled out a butt plug and a 10" black dildo from the dresser. Fearing what she had in mind, I fought against my restraints.

"What are those for," nervously, I asked Sandy "You aren't planning on using those on me?"

She smiled and said, "We're going to have some fun. If you're good I will give you what I know you want. You get to fuck my tight little ass." Sandy bent over and ran her finger across her asshole. I consented.

She dipped the plug into her moist pussy to lube it. From there she put it to my virgin anus and forced the plug into my tight ass. At first, the pain was excruciating but my hole became accustomed to the butt plug. Sandy climbed on top of me and inserted my hard cock in her ass.

Sandy said, "Now, isn't this fun. I get to play and you get to fuck my ass."

Pleasure quickly replaced the pain due to the stimulation from the plug and Sandy bouncing on my cock. She had the Carl sized rubber black cock in her hand and she sucked it.

Thinking that was why her pussy was looser than before I asked Sandy, "Have you been fucking yourself with that, that thing?"

Ignoring my question she said, "I want you to taste it."

Sandy put the dildo to my lips. I turned away.

She insisted, "Come open up. Suck this rubber cock. It won't bite."

Sandy eased partially off my cock to inform me of my options. The message was received loud and clear.

I open my mouth and she made me lick it. The dildo had a faint odor of Sandy's pussy. I sucked harder hoping to get more her essence from its rubbery texture. The sight of my sucking that fake cock must have excited Sandy because she really pounded my cock with her ass. I couldn't take anymore. The stimulation of that thing up my ass, a dildo in my mouth, and Sandy riding my cock was too much for me. I came really hard.

Sandy immediately got up, pulled the dildo out of my mouth and put her anus to my lips. She forced my nasty cum out of her well-fucked ass onto my face and then replaced the dildo. I fought the whole disgusting thing but Sandy got her way.

Sandy took pictures with our digital camera, as I struggled.

I spit the dildo out and screamed, "What the fuck was that for? Why are you taking pictures?"

Sandy laughed as she left the bedroom. I was alone tied to the bed with cum drying on my face and a plug in my ass.

I yelled, "Sandy come fucking untie me. This isn't fun anymore."

From the other room I heard Sandy talking to someone. I was scared.

She came back into the room and told me "You look so sexy. I have a surprise for you.

Carl walked into the room. He said, "Hi neighbor."

"Get the fuck out of my apartment man."

Sandy kissed Carl. She said, "Relax or I will post those nasty pictures of you on the Internet. What would happen if you're co-workers find out."

The pictures would ruin me so I didn't have a choice. I implored, "Please, Honey don't do this. I love you."

"I love you too. But, I need more. I need Carl's black cock. He tells me you've seen it. It is monstrous and lovely. He has been fucking me with it all week. I crave it. I can't get enough.

Now that I have leverage on you. You can't leave me and I get all of Carl's ebony cock I want."

Sandy unzipped Carl's pants, took out what had to be an 11" cock. I couldn't believe how enormous and dark black it was. Sandy lay on the bed with her pretty face close to mine. Like some common whore she spread her legs to await his fat roller pin cock. Her eyes bulged when Carl shoved his meat in her pussy. She let out a moan of pleasure/pain.

Sandy looked at me and said, "I love when he fucks me with his huge black cock, honey. Mark you don't know how good it feels."

She grabbed my growing cock gently and stroked it slowly. With her other hand she took the dildo and fucked my sticky mouth.

Carl joked, "It looks like I have a couple of black cock-suckers here."

I was humiliated but really turned on at the same time.

He said to Sandy, "Baby, why don't you fuck this bitch's ass while I fuck yours."

Sandy smiled a cruel smile and pulled the cum-soaked dildo out of my mouth. My jaw ached from being face fucked for so long.

Again I begged, "Please, Sandy don't do this."

She slapped my face hard with dildo, "Shut up bitch and take this rubber cock like the cock-whore you really want to be."

Sandy removed the butt plug and began to work that thick black dildo up my sore ass. It felt like she was impaling my butt at first. It took some lube to allow her to ease it into my ass.

Carl said, "Baby, get ready here comes my cock."

With that warning he forced that massive ebony fuck-stick into my wife's tight white ass. In her moment of pleasure Sandy shoved more of that dildo up my ass and I moaned in pain. Carl worked his cock in and out of Sandy's butt. She tried to match his pace with the dildo. Sandy sucked my cock while fucking me hard. Soon, I felt a familiar tingle in my balls. I didn't resist the feeling and I shot cum into her mouth.

Carl groaned, "Shit baby, this is good. I could fuck your ass all day but I have to be somewhere."

He dumped his load in my wife. Carl pulled out and slapped my wife on the ass with his cock.

Carl said, "I really do have to go but my friend Nate will be in town on Friday. We will want some of your sweet white pussy. I will call you."

My wife giggled as she wiped cum from the corner of her mouth. Carl left with out even looking at me. Which was good because I was so humiliated with that dildo sticking out of my ass. I really hated enjoying it so much.

Sandy said, "I realize you are struggling with guilt, so was I at first. I do truly love you."

She climbed up and put her pussy to my lips as she released my hands. I licked her swollen clit. Sandy eased the dildo out of my sore asshole.

In matter of minutes Sandy had an orgasm "Fuck I am cumming, damn that was good. Your still the best pussy eater ever, Mark."

I didn't have the nerve to say anything to her as she left to take a shower. I was really tired and didn't want to fight. Things settled down for a few days. I tried but failed to get up enough nerve to confront Sandy. On Thursday, I left for work before Sandy woke. I decided to invite her to lunch and have things out once and for all. She would have to choose. Stay with me, her loving Husband or go to her big cocked lover. One way meant a normal life and love forever. The other was sex and humiliation. Sandy would choose love and me. She had to.

Around 11:00 that day, my secretary buzzed me and informed me that there were two men asking to see me. I was expecting Sandy. I didn't recognize their names but I went to see who they were. I was shocked to see Carl and another large black man who could only be Nate.

Carl asked, "Mark, this is my friend Nate. Can we speak regarding an interesting proposal we have for you?"

I asked my secretary to hold my calls and nervously said to them, "Let's talk about this in my office."

After, we were in my office. Carl handed me a piece of paper with a URL on it.

He smirked, "I think you will enjoy this site and I know your friends will."

I was scared. I brought up the site. It was those pictures of me that my wife had taken.

Nate mocked, "It looks to me like you were enjoying that black rubber cock. We have decided to give you the real thing. "

Carl said, "We couldn't wait until your wife got home from work."

I stood up, "Get out of my office!"

Carl hit me in the stomach. I collapsed into my chair. He reminded of how he would show the pictures to my friends. Carl and Nate stood on either side of me. Nate pulled out an even larger coal black cock than Carl had.

Carl said, "Hey fag I know you want some fine chocolate cock to smoke."

"I have never sucked cock. I am not a fag. Don't make me do this. I will pay you," I said.

Then referring to the photos Nate said, "You have already been imagining it and here is a dream come true for you."

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't help staring at that cock only inches from my face. It was veiny, thick and getting bigger by the minute. I wanted to run my tongue over that thick fudgecicle but I couldn't I wasn't a cocksucker. I agonized over my decision. Nate then placed his hand on my head and guided his cock to my lips. Against my will my mouth opened accepting his ebony cock. I was powerless as he forced more of his cock into my mouth. I wrapped my fist around his coke bottle thick shaft. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was a cocksucker. But, that black fuck-stick tasted earthy, manly not like pussy but enjoyable.

Carl said, "See I told you this guy sucked cock."

Nate commented, "Your a natural born cocksucker. Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

Carl placed his hard cock in my free hand and I started jacking him. That was when I heard the camera. Carl had taken a picture of me giving head to a real cock this time. After that, I knew I would do anything they wanted. It was humiliating and yet, liberating in a sense. Since it was too late to stop, I took to the task with enthusiasm. I tried to take as much of Nate's cock into my mouth as possible.

Carl said, "Boy, stand up and take down your pants." I knew he wanted to fuck my virgin anus. Submitting, I stopped sucking cock long enough to tell my secretary to take her lunch. After she left, I lock the door. Dropping my pants and I bent over the desk. Carl went around behind me and Nate shoved his monster black hose in my face.

Carl spit on my asshole and said, "Hold on white boy here comes the night train."

He pushed his considerable cockhead into my virginal ass.

Carl said, "Shit man this cocksucker got a tight ass."

I open my mouth in a silent scream. Nate shoved as much of his cock into my mouth as would fit. I felt like a hog on a spit. I was stuck at both ends. It was painful but I loved every minute. My aching asshole adjusted to the size of Carl's cock. He fucked me hard with long slow stokes. He cursed and slapped my ass the whole time while he rammed his elongated cock in and out.

All of the sudden Nate pulled his dick out of my slobbering mouth. He slapped me hard in the face. Nate said, "Pay attention you bitch. Just because you love getting ass-fucked doesn't mean you don't have to do a good job on my dick. Now suck my cock good or I will slap you again."

Nate pushed his jumbo licorice cock back into my mouth so hard I thought my lips would split.

Carl told Nate, "Switch with me. I want to feed this slut some black man's cum."

They traded places. I thought Carl's cock had loosened me up but when Nate pushed his king sized monster up my ass I couldn't breathe.

Carl slapped my face and said, "Don't pass out fuck-whore. You need to swallow my load first."

Nate and Carl both laughed at me squirming on his fat black pole.

Nate then said, "Make the fag beg for your load."

I thought, "It is too late for me now. I have gone too far already and I have been turned. I need to taste that hot cum from his black cock."

I said, "Please Carl I need your hot load. I want to swallow your cum."

Carl said, "Sooner or later all the white girls and fag boys beg for my cum. Open your mouth bitch."

Carl fucked my mouth. After only a couple minutes his cock fired shot after shot of hot sperm into my waiting mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but he pulled out and finished by shooting the last few times on my face.

Nate pulled out of my ass and spun me around so I could catch his load. I took his cock in my hand jacking and licking it. Nate rewarded me with a thick messy load. I savored the taste and licked his cock clean.

Nate and Carl put their spent cocks back in their pants and left my office. They were laughing and joking with each other as they went.

Soon after they left my phone rang. I answered it with my pants still around my ankles. I had cum on my fingers and mouth. It was my wife she said, "How is my little cock sucking husband. Now you know what a real black cock is like."

She had set me up again. I said, "Sandy, how could you do this to me. I could lose my job."

Sandy said, "Stop being such a baby and make sure you pick up extra beer for Carl and Nate. Don't to be late because, I might need help with them tonight."

I knew I was in trouble but that is another story.

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