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New Born Passion


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The hot spring sun relentlessly beats down on me, leaving me uncomfortable and frustrated as I watch you walk towards me. I smile mischievously as I feed my eyes on your sexy body.

"See, I told you I wouldn't be late"- the unspoken sentence is portrayed through the triumphant look in my eyes.

You take hold of my hand as soon you're just a few paces away, and we stroll back to your flat grinning from ear to ear, looking completely and utterly in love.

As I walk up some stairs, the lacy material of my thong rubs torturously against my clit. I realise I'm already wet from just being with you. Glancing at your cock, I eagerly anticipate getting to your room and once we do, I'm totally blown away.

I immediately notice, you have drapes over your window causing your room to be completely blacked out. There's not a ray of light coming through, just the way I like it. My eyes then momentarily drift over to the candles you've placed strategically around your room to give it such an elegant and romantic look.

Glancing over to the far corner I see you've pulled out your sofa bed (hmm... now THAT could be interesting) and your lava lamp is on, making colourful, sexy psychedelic patterns on the ceiling. I sigh blissfully; it's all I can do not to rip off your clothes right there and then! I can't believe your room looks so perfect!

You lead me over to the sofa bed and take me into your arms. We've missed each other so much! As "My December" starts to play on your stereo, you look into my eyes and see the glimmering reflection of the candle flame in my dark pupils. We've never looked more beautiful to each other.

You lower your face and gently touch your lips to mine. Slowly, you deepen the kiss. Suddenly you're kissing me with the immense passion that's been building inside you for weeks. Moving your mouth to my neck, you trail your kisses all the way down my chest and gently run your tongue teasingly over my shoulder.

My legs refuse to hold me up any more, muscles quivering; I fall backward taking you down with me. You never once break the kiss and probe your tongue tentatively into my mouth to explore every inch of me.

You break away from me just for a moment to pull off your top. I caress your naked flesh and feel you hard against my leg. Reaching down I unbuckle your belt, feeling you grow harder in my hand.

Ever so slowly, I take your cock into my hand and feel the blood throbbing beneath the skin. I glide my hands up the shaft, and then trail them back down with a feather light touch.

Never breaking our kiss, I gradually build up my pace and pressure until I hear your breathing quicken and watch your face become flushed.

I ease down your jeans and kiss you feverishly. It's something you've never felt from me before.

Gently, I stroke your neck and lower my mouth to your shoulder. Softly I bite the skin and move further and further down your naked body. You feel your cock aching as you get more and more frustrated from my hot breath against your sensitive skin.

As I slowly kiss my way down your chest, to your stomach; you hold your breath; you're desperate to feel my mouth on your cock. You're harder than you ever remember being in your life, and as my mouth gets ever closer, it's all you can do not to thrust upwards into my mouth.

Your cock twitches as you feel the heat radiating from my breath; slowly I lower my head to your cock. I can see the pre-cum glistening on the tip and gently lap away at it with my tongue. This momentarily satisfies your insatiable hunger for my mouth- but you need more.

I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock before closing my mouth and wrapping my lips tightly around the tip. This is the sheer bliss you've been waiting for.

You throw your head back as a groan escapes your lips; I wrap my hands around the base of your cock and take more of you into my mouth. I begin to lick you up, then down, starting slowly at first. My hands quickly pick up the rhythm and begin to move with my mouth.

You can feel the orgasm building deep within you, but you want this moment to last forever. Wrapping your hands around the back of my head you push me further down onto your cock until you can feel yourself pushing against the back of my throat. I suck harder and faster, moving my hands up and down your shaft until I can sense your muscles starting to tremble and your legs beginning to shake.

I know you're close, so I wrap my lips tighter around your cock. I use my tongue to tease the head and take a moment to look up at you. My eyes meet yours, and in that moment I can sense the unbelievable amount of love you hold for me.

My head continues to bob down on your cock until I can hear your breathing starting to get raspy.

You're panting; I can see your chest heaving. I know you want to cum so I finally take you down my throat. This is the climax you need and you feel your balls contract blissfully as you shoot your load deep into my throat. I can feel the stream of hot cum sliding its way into me. Your cock becomes soft as I milk it dry and slowly release you from my mouth, lapping away at any cum that's left on you.

I pull up your jeans and gently place my mouth on yours. As I deepen the kiss; you can taste your salty sweetness on my tongue. Immediately, you feel the blood rush back into your cock as you once again, become horny.

You deepen our kiss and shove your tongue into my mouth. I'm surprised by your roughness but don't complain or tell you to stop. You feel my breasts through my top and sense yourself getting hard all over again.

Never moving from my mouth, your hands find their way inside my top, and into my sexy, deep purple bra. You find a rock hard nipple and roll it between your fingers. Hearing me gasp in pleasure, you squeeze it until I cry out in pain.

As you pull my top up over my head you hold my gaze and unhook my bra with ease. You throw my clothes behind you, and then resume kissing my mouth with your bare chest pressing against mine. I wrap my hands around your neck and pull your mouth closer.

You break our kiss to gently suckle on my neck. A sharp intake of breath tells you I like it. I run my hands up and down your back. We're both extremely sweaty but somehow, the beads of sweat rolling down our faces just heighten and add to my arousal.

You kiss your way down my neck to my nipple where your mouth hovers over me for a second. I can feel your breath on me; my nipple desperately needs your touch, so- you decide to play...

You kiss me all over my chest, lightly brushing your fingers against my nipples causing me to squirm under your touch. You feel them get harder, but you never quite give me what I want.

A frustrated moan escapes my mouth and you silence me with a rough kiss. You move the palm of your hands over my breast and finally decide to give me what I've been yearning for. You're still being torturously slow!

I wind my hands into your hair and desperately push your head down towards me. You respond by grabbing my hands and holding them by my sides.

Ever so slowly, you lower your tongue to me; a fire blazes within me as you roll my nipple around with your tongue, making my body writhe and twist with every stroke.

I need more and you can sense it. You can see the candlelight reflecting off my breasts. The flickering light makes you see they're glistening with your saliva. In a frenzy you pinch my nipple, whilst bringing your mouth down to suck on the other.

You painfully graze your teeth against it, and then slowly start to kiss me all the way down my stomach. You already know that I'm soaking wet from the musky aroma wafting tantalisingly up to your nostrils.

You unzip my skirt and help me shimmy out of it. Throwing it behind you, you bring your mouth down on mine and rub my pussy through my panties. You're amazed at how wet I am, your fingers slip over my slit easily and within seconds you can feel them slick with my juices. The rough fabric drives me crazy as I buck my hips in time to your fingers.

You can hear me breathing quickly and you know that I want to cum. Not yet though, you slowly roll me over and pinch my ass. I yelp in pain and you respond by slapping me. I shudder involuntarily, knowing my orgasm is close.

You know this too and it enrages you! You don't want me to cum yet. I only cum when you want me to. You spank me like the naughty, dirty little slut that I am and you allow yourself a satisfied smile when you hear me scream in pain. Grabbing the nearest candle, you carefully tip it over so the wax drips onto my naked flesh. The searing heat burns right through to my pussy as you gently tease me with the hot flame.

Rolling me over so I'm facing you, you pull my panties down and work your finger up inside me sliding it in and out with ease. I arch my back, wanting to feel more of you; so you slowly spread my legs wider. You're well aware that I'm craving for your tongue to slowly slither over my folds, and tease me seductively until my body explodes in a delightful orgasm.

You push your finger roughly into my mouth, wanting me to taste myself before lowering your mouth to my dripping wet cunt. You lap up all my juices and tongue-fuck me. I wriggle in pleasure. I can feel your breath on my clit and wrap my hands around your neck pulling you deeper into me.

Your tongue licks away at my clit, flicking over it, teasing me like hell! You close your mouth around it, gently sucking on it; you run your tongue up and down my slit, hearing me breathing hard and calling out your name.

You concentrate on my clit and lick harder and faster until you hear me cry out and my body tenses around you as my orgasm takes over.

You can feel it rippling through me in waves. The pleasure appears to be never ending, and when I've finally calmed down, you clean me up and kiss me...gently this time.

We lie there in each other's arms, with you nuzzling gently on my neck, until the CD finishes and you realise painfully, that I need to head home.

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