tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Boy's Filling First Day

New Boy's Filling First Day


James was anxious about his first day at St Argyll’s boarding sixth form college; he tried to hide his nervousness from his mother; ‘everything all right?’ she asked.

‘Great, I can’t wait’ fibbed James.

When they reached St Argyll’s lane, James began to sweat slightly. He and his parents pulled up just outside the main entrance, Mr Cartwright came out to greet them. ‘Ah, you must be Mr and Mrs Neilson, and James, we’ve been expecting you, come this way.’

A few moments later they reached the Head Master’s office. ‘Take a seat, please.’

‘Thank you’ James and his parents said simultaneously.

‘Now, let’s see. You’ve paid all the relevant fees and have had the meeting with Dr Gregg have you not?’ asked Mr Cartwright rhetorically.

‘That’s correct’ Mrs Neilson replied.

‘Well then that’s all I require of you, Mr and Mrs Neilson, thanks you for coming. Miss Hartley will show you out’.

James hugged good-bye to his parents – trying fervently to hold back the tears. They then left the Head Master’s office and got back in the car. James peered out of the blind-covered window as best as he could to see his parents leave. He turned round timidly when Mr Cartwright re-entered the room. ‘Right, now, I’ve appointed a Fletcher Williamson to be your guide, he’s a very diligent student, so he won’t lead you astray. Now do your best to make friends because you’re here for two years day and night; you should count yourself lucky, we don’t usually allow outsiders in to the school, you’ve your father’s wallet to thank for your being here. Have you anything to say?’

‘No.’ muttered a companionless James.

Mr Cartwright instructed a prefect to show James to his room. It was 4pm so all the boys were in their rooms after an arduous first day of the school year.

‘So, you’re gonna be this new guy’s mentor?’ asked Phil.

‘Yea’, replied Fletcher with a smirk, ‘He sounds all right, we should have some fun with…’

A knock was heard on dorm 23. Fletcher opened it while Tom doused out his fag in case it was a teacher. Fletcher looked down at James.

‘I believe this is my room, I’m James Neilson, I’m new here.’ Uttered a very tense James.

Fletcher could see the new boy was uneasy and so introduced him to the other roommates: ‘Good evening, I’m Fletcher – your official guide. This is Tom… and this is Phil.’

The four then sat down on their beds, James unpacked and for the first time in a month, felt calm; his illusions of boarding school were promptly dispelled by his dope-smoking roommates, however, one particular “illusion” was never brought up during the conversation; an “illusion” soon to be performed.

It was 10 o’clock and the four boys had eaten and were preparing for bed. James felt grubby and so had a shower in the dorm’s bathroom. He decided to have a wank whilst showering, as it had been a few days since his last one. He ran the water hard over his bell end, getting him increasingly aroused. Then James pulled at his dick until he cum onto the shower floor; he watched his cum slide through the plughole. A few minutes later James dried and got out of the shower. He slipped on his boxers and opened the door and proceeded on out of the bathroom only to find his four roommates standing in the space between the two bunk beds, naked, with their dicks all staring up at them.

‘What’s all this? What’s going on?’ enquired James fearfully.

‘We’re gonna fuck you, mate!’ whispered Tom.

‘Fuck me? What do you mean?’ James asked.

‘Well’ said Fletcher, ‘we’re gonna pack our cocks into your ass and mouth, and you’re gonna wank us off, so get on the bed and lie face down.’

‘But, b…’ murmured James.

‘No buts, just fucking do it!’ demanded an excitable Fletcher.

The boys had clearly already decided on the order of play as Fletcher pinned down James on the bed and rammed his cock up James’ ass. James was shouting and so to shut him up, Phil lay halfway underneath James so he could stick his cock in James’ mouth. ‘Bite it and I’ll fucking kill you!’ affirmed Phil whilst pushing James’ head onto his cock. Sighs of pleasure were coming from both Fletcher and Phil. Tom was fed up with wanking himself off so he ordered James to do it for him.

James was being fucked in his ass, mouth, and now his hand. Fletcher was evidently getting absolute ecstasy from every shove of his hard wet cock up James’ ass. James began choking due to Phil’s cock going too far down his kneck – Phil pulled out a little and began to face fuck – he had to keep his cock in James’ mouth because if he didn’t he’d start squealing like a pig. By now Tom was reaching his climax, he cum all over James’ back, Fletcher bent down to rub his face in it, Tom cum a little on Fletcher’s head as he did so.

It was all too much for Fletcher; he blew his load inside James’ ass and collapsed on top of his back. Phil was dissatisfied with James’ feeble sucking and so, seeing as Fletcher had finished, asked Fletcher if he could fuck James. Fletcher agreed and pulled his sodden cock out of James. Phil then picked up a crying James and took him to lean up a wall. Tom got behind Phil to put his hand round James’ mouth to stop him making any noise. While he was doing so he slid his freshly hardened cock in to Phil’s ass. Phil didn’t object, he too jammed his cock in to James’ very tight ass, or at least it appeared to be tight, Phil’s dick was very fat. Tom and Phil fucked in chorus and in less than a minute they had both cum, Tom inside Phil, and Phil inside James.

Afterwards, James was sitting on the floor in the spot he was fucked in by Phil, sniffling away, when it was decided that James had had no fun. Fletcher decided he would wank off James. He went up to him and without asking, grasped James’ cock and began moving his hand up and down continuously for about 3 minutes. James’ dick exploded with cum all over Fletcher’s hand and wrist; he wiped it on James’ cute little face.

At around half eleven, everyone was showered and in bed. When the four teenagers were settled, Fletcher issued a warning to James: ‘you tell anyone about this, you’re finished, we’ll get you, however, if you keep quiet we’ll get you popularity. Do you comprehend?’

‘I comprehend’ was James’ last words of the night.

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