tagGay MaleNew Daddy, New Job

New Daddy, New Job


I'm not sure how it happened. I was really drunk and somehow ended up separating from my friends at the bar. It was my 21st birthday and we were celebrating by going bar to bar. I was drunk as fuck and lost them at this random leather bar we went to, kind of as a joke. This guy, about 45 or so, came over and started to talk to me, asking if I was okay and what not. Barely able to answer, he offered me a ride to my apartment and I accepted.

I suppose I fell asleep at some point, but when I awoke the car was parked in a garage and I was in it. He got out of the car. I was sober enough to make him out now, about 6', definitely well muscled, but he also had a beer gut of sorts. All of the sudden I realized I was in a bad situation and I jumped, only to find that my left arm had been cuffed to the dashboard. He came to the other end of the car and opened the door.

"Boy," he said, "What's your name?"

"Paul," I answered, "but what am I doing here, please let me go, I promise I won't tell anyone you did this."

He snickered, leaned over and uncuffed me. I thought he was listening. But as I went to dash out of the car, he grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me towards a door leading inside what at this point, I realized, was his house. He didn't say a word as I kicked and protested, but only led me down the stairs into a small cellar with a cement floor, a drains, one door and a wall hook. He tossed me in and went up the stairs, sharply returning with a leash.

"Take off your clothes son, make yourself at home, because you're going to be here for a while. I'm Frank, but you can call me dad or sir for now boy. Now take off those fuckin clothes."

"No I won't," I yelled.

He cracked the chain on the floor and barked "you will so boy." Fearing he would hit me I did as he told and took off all my clothes. I was lying there naked on the cold cement and completely afraid. Frank put a collar around my neck and leashed me to the wall. I couldn't do anything, say a word, or scream, it seemed pointless. and so far, he hadn't hurt me so I was optimistic. In a quick motion Frank pulled down his zipper, unleashed his cock and pissed all over me.

I scrambled on the floor trying to avoid it and he laughed, "get to like that boy,you are mine now, learn to like it."

With that he left and shut the upstairs door behind him. I laid there and cried for a good 15 minutes, not knowing what to do. He came back about one hour later, with a cigar in his mouth and a beer in his hand. He took a swig and spit it in my face, then whipped out his cock again, grabbed my head, and pissed in my face.

"Boy I want us to have a nice relationship, but you gotta be good to your daddy, take it like a man, and do what I say. I won't hurt you, I wouldn't do that, but you will have to be punished if you don't listen, you understand boy?" I gave in, what else could i do, but give in and wait until I had a chance to escape or call for help.

"Yes" I moaned.

"What's that boy? Is that how you speak to your old man?"

"Yes sir," I replied.

"Now that's a good boy," He grabbed my leash from the wall and told me to get up. I followed him into that other door downstairs. The room was out of control. It had leather couches each with built in ash trays across from a large wall of TVs. The floors were cement and drains dotted them, their use I knew at this point from the earlier two pissins I received earlier. There was a leather sling at one end and on the wall was several sets of leather jocks, harnesses, whips, and assorted dildos. On the other end, near the couches was a walk in humidor with an adjacent fridge and sub. Frank moved me in and hooked a much long chain that hung from the ceiling to my leash. I could move, but only within the room.

"Now boy, You will do as I say. If I ask for a beer you will get me one. If I tell you to suck my cock you will suck it. If I tell you to suck my friend's cock you will suck it. But only I fuck you raw boy, and you remember that. Don't let me catch you with a raw cock in that hole. That's my hole now son."

"Yes, sir. I understand."

"Good boy, now get daddy a cigar."

I walked to the humidor and chose a cigar, unaware at that point of which my new daddy preferred and which were for his friends, whom I had yet to meet. When I walked bakc in Frank was naked and lyin on the couch. At this point I really saw his cock, it was 7 inches flaccid with really big hangy balls like i'd never seen. I cam eout and he grabbed the cigar and lit it.

"Now suck my meat while I enjoy this stogie boy"

I was gay, I had sucked cock before, but felt hestitant because this was being forced, but I listened. Frank forced my head down onto his big shaft and it hardened as my lips slid over it. I started to suck and soon his cock was a full 12inches, filling my mouth and gagging me. I heard him moan and I looked up and saw him puffing on his cigar.

"Good boy," he groaned. Suddenly I felt comopletely turned on by Frank, sucking his cock while he laid back. The smell of the cigar and his musty crotch hair made me hard as a rock.

He saw my bulge and yelled out "See boy I knew you would like this. Daddy knows best, right? You just worry about beinga good boy and you got nothin else to worry about." I sucked on his cock some more until he choked up my leash and pulled me at attention. I knew what was next.

Frank looked and me real hard. He took a big puff on his cigar and blew the smoke into my face. "Turn around and bend over boy," he barked. I did what he said and felt his two large hands grasp my ass cheeks.

"Thanks for sucking on my cock boy, save me the lube. You want to feel Daddy's cock in your ass, boy?" At this point Frank knew I was totally turned on by him and totally in his control. The though of his fat 12 inch rod tearing up my hole made me nervous but i wanted it so bad.

"Yes sir, daddy, I want your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me hard daddy."

Frank put his cigar in his mouth, smacked my ass crack with his cock and slid the head in. I moaned, it already felt like he had filled my whole.

"Don't cry yet boy, you still got 10 inches to take," he snickered, puffing on his cigar. He pushed in hard and I felt myself buck as his cock slid deeper inside me. He smacked my ass hard. "Don't loosen up boy, keep that ass hole nice and tight for Daddy." He smacked me again, and again, until my ass was stinging from his slaps and my hole puckered tightly around his rod, now halfway inside me.

Frank spit on my back, and before shoving his cigar bck in his mouth said "get ready boy i'm gonna give it to you now and you are gonna take it from daddy good." AT that he slammed the rest of his cock in my ass and I yelped from the pain.

"Shut up boy and tell daddy how you like his fat cock in your ass." HE was pounding me and it hurt like hell, but I loved feeling his huge meat inside me. I looked back and Frank was aggressively puffing on his half smoked cigar, slappin my ass and grunting as smoke blew out of his mouth and nose.

"Give it to me sir, I love your cock in my ass sir, I want more." Frank slammed me harder and starting slapping my ass so hard it began to hurt again. He spit on my back, slapped my ass, and pulled out in one swift motion, grabbing my head and shoving it down on his wet cock.

"Drink that cum boy, swallow that all for daddy."

His cock pulsated in my mouth and squirts of hot creamy cum drizzled down my throat and out the corners of my mouth. He game for a good 40 seconds, unloading what seemed like a gallon of cum down my throat. He slapped my face with his cock,

"Good boy. You were a good boy for daddy. you like that you little slut, don't you?" I couldn't lie, I loved it.

"Yes sir, I love your cock sir." He took a puff on his cigar, and barked "now drink daddy's piss so I can go to bed" He pissed on me and lightly slapped me on the ass and rehooked my leash to the wall.

"Now go to bed boy, it's saturday tomorrow, and that's game day for me and my buddies. You're gonna need some rest because we're gonna work you over tomorrow like you don't even know. And don't you forget, only daddy fucks that hole of yours raw boy, or else."

With that he puffed on his cigar, flicked it on the floor, spit at me and left. I was officially Frank's new son. His new slave. I was to do what he wanted. And scarily, I realized I liked it. I went to bed, crazving the smell of his cigar smoke, the taste of his cum, and his hot piss, but most of all craving that giant cock. I wanted more, and as I would find out tomorrow, I would get more of these things than I could imagine...

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