tagInterracial LoveNew Day for Nikki

New Day for Nikki

byAimee OCalahan©

Her laughter trilled as brilliantly clear as the sky blue Texas sky overhead. She glanced briefly over her shoulder, and saw the nose of the sorrel mare edging up on the flanks of her feisty little roan. She leaned low over the arched neck of her gelding and urged him forward with the barest nudge of her knees and whispered words of encouragement. The reaction was nearly instantaneous. The gelding knew what his rider wanted and kicked in the afterburners, pulling away from the trailing mare. As the towering gray-blue cypress tree whizzed past her periphery she eased up her posture, slowly reigning in the huffing horse. She crowed her victory as the nervy gelding pranced around in tight circles. She extended her hand to the rider of the other horse, a woman twice her age and with impeccable racing credentials.

"Damn that girl's like lightening," laughed Todd Kife, the county sheriff.

"Yep, she's beat the pants off of nearly every rider in the state, on horses that most wouldn't give ya two dimes for," agreed Avery Michaels.

Avery made some notes in his notebook. Nicole was building up a reputation for herself amongst the upper echelon of rodeo circuit. If she was hot in the arena, she was blistering outside of it. She had a fine seat, gentle touch, and nerves of steel. She'd push herself and her mount to the ragged edge of sanity and pull out a victory. He shook his head and laughed. To top it all off, she was easy on the eyes. Very easy on the eyes. Avery propped a foot up on the split rail fence and watched as she cantered the heated horse around the field, working him slowly to cool him down. He glanced again at his notes to refresh himself on her stats before interviewing her.

She was the twenty-six year old daughter of a cattle rancher and horse breeder. Reportedly she'd been able to ride before she could walk, and had spent nearly every day on a horse since. She was the antithesis of what one usually looked for in a rider. Where as diminutive stature was preferred, she hovered near the six foot mark. She was willowy in build, but with enough feminine curvature to turn more than a few heads. She had fair, milk-white skin, unblemished by freckles, and a mane of raven tresses that was usually plaited into a braid as thick as most men's forearms. The most startling attribute, however, was her eyes. They were as blue as sapphires and sparkled with a mischievous glint that seemed to hint at hidden knowledge.

On a more professional note, she was becoming the undisputed champion of the barrel racing, and cutting horse circuits. Every contest she had entered two years ago, she had won. She'd come out of seemingly no-where and left the spectators, and fellow contestants spell bound. The way she moved on a horse was magic. Her concentration was fierce and it seemed as if she and the animal were one. Her prowess in the arena was fast becoming the stuff of legends. How she took a broken down seven year old mare, and rehabilitated her into the epitome of speed and accuracy. She was a red hot brand, and she was leaving her mark.

Avery had to shake himself from his reverie when Nicole approached the fence. She swung down easily from the horses back, affectionately patting his neck and nuzzling his nose. She was sunshine and giggles as the horse whuffed softly against her, and nibbled her shoulder with those large warm lips. A stable hand appeared inside the paddock and took the reigns from Nicole and led the horse off. She was exhilarated from the ride, and the color showed high in her cheeks. She tugged off the riding gloves, smacked them against her denim clad thigh and tucked them into her back pocket, before extending one perfectly manicured hand toward Avery.

"Good morning Mr. Michaels," Nicole drawled softly.

"Good morning to you Ms. Everitt," He answered with genuine enthusiasm. "And please, call me Avery."

"Only if you will call me Nikki," she winked playfully and then turned her attention briefly to the sheriff.

"Mornin' Sheriff. What brings you out and about?" she queried.

"Aww, not much ma'am. Just showing this young pup how to get to the ranch, but as I can tell you two don't need any introduction. I also needed to follow up with yer ol' man about those coyotes that brought down that calf," returned Sheriff Kife.

Nicole nodded and smiled, turning to point to the main house. "I think Pops is in his downstairs office. Just go through the back door, and make yourself at home."

Sheriff Kife tipped his gray Stetson and excused himself, heading up to the main house with the walk of a man that's been astride a horse's back a tad too long. Nicole's gaze followed him for just a few moments, but her attention was truly on the man that stood on the other side of the fence from her. She turned back to Avery, and with a practiced ease assessed him in one rapid glace that took in everything about him in less than two seconds.

He wasn't a city slicker like some of the other reporters that had come down lately to interview her. No, this was a man's man. Even as tall as she was, Avery towered over her. It was unusual for her to have to tilt her head back to look a man full in the face. She guesstimated that Avery was in his mid-forties. He was broad of shoulder, with a nicely barreled chest leading to a slimmer waist. His wranglers weren't overly tight but suggested a nicely sized package somewhere beneath the hugging denim. The most noticeable difference was that Avery was black. His skin was the color of a crossing of caramel and chocolate, that glowed with the smooth satiny sheen of health. It made her almost giddy just to be near him.

She leaned against the railing, crossing her arms over the top rung and flashed one of her most dazzling smiles. "So Avery, I suppose you want to interview me or something hmm?"

Avery nodded. Her rapid assessment had not gone unnoticed, but he wondered frankly if he'd passed the test. He'd heard from some of her colleagues that she could be a spit-fire and quite uncooperative in an interview. If she caught whiff of even the slightest bit of arrogance or ignorance, the interview was over and the reporter sent packing. He weighed his words carefully, sensing that he too was being tested. "Yes. That is correct. If you have the time for me that is."

"Well...," Nicole answered with mock hesitation, pausing to check her watch. "I was planning on riding to the back pasture to fetch one of the stallions that got loose. If you don't mind waiting until I get back we can do the interview then."

"Why don't I ride along with you Nikki? I've a fair hand at a lariat myself. That is of course, if you don't mind an old cowpoke like myself tagging along," Avery countered.

He was rewarded with one of her rare, dimple revealing grins. His heart did a strange flip flop and he felt a heated rush begin to fill his restrained cock. Damn but she was gorgeous when she did that, he thought. If Nicole was smiling it was because she was pleased at his answer, and the challenge it held. She nodded her ascent to the question and crawled through the fence slats. She then asked for Avery to follow her to the barn where they could get mounts.

The two laughed and talked as they rode easily over the rolling terrain of the Texas hill country. If Avery hadn't been so well prepared with his questions, it would have been a supreme effort to keep the conversation flowing. She was pure poetry in motion atop a horse and he all too often found his thoughts going in more lascivious directions. He wondered what she'd be like atop him, shifting those flared hip over his pelvis. He discreetly adjusted his thickening arousal as Nicole stopped her horse and stood in the stirrups scanning the horizon with her binoculars looking for the recalcitrant stallion.

"Damn horse," she muttered as she scanned the area. She sighed and sat back down. The stallion was one of their best breeders, but was also one of the most temperamental of all the equine flesh the farm owned.

"Does he normally range out this far?" asked Avery

"On occasion. There are a few stray mares, wild stock, that roam through here. All I can think of is that they were in season and he took off after them. The only other place they could be is out by the old mill." Without a word, she tucked away the binoculars and clucked her tongue sending her gelding forward with a jump. Avery was no slackard on horseback and was quickly at her side resuming the interview. Within a half-hour, the couple crested a large hill. The backside of the small, quaint mill shack came into view. It had the old-timey water wheel that still spun as a spring fed creek filtered down from the hill, catching the wooden cups and setting the wheel into motion.

The two cantered easily down the hillside and dismounted. They'd been riding all morning and both needed sometime to rest their rears. They were still talking genially when an ear-splitting whiney filled the air. "Black Magic!" gasped Nicole and tore around the side of the mill, feet nearly skidding out from underneath her. Avery was hot on her heels, but stopped short at the sight that greeted him. There not twenty feet away was the most beautiful stallion he'd ever seen. He was Andalusian, and stood nearly 18 hands high. His coat shone like the inky midnight sky as he rose on his back legs, lifting another challenging whiney. Behind him a little further distance were the sirens that had called him away from kith and ken.

There were four of them. They looked to be of mixed stock, but showed definite features of the native mustangs that once roamed free over the open country side. Nicole was about to head back to her horse to retrieve her lariat, when Avery stuck out a massive hand and caught her by the upper arm. Nicole's eyes flared brilliantly for an instant, a hot rush of color springing to her cheeks. The retort that was forming on her lips died as she saw the look in Avery's eyes. His voice was husky soft as he spoke, "Let him be Nikki. A stallion's gotta do, what he was bred to do."

Nicole swallowed hard. There were dangerous undertones to the suddenly shifted conversation. Her glittering gaze danced between the man that held her and the stallion that had turned toward the mares. She mentally debated the situation. If Black was to get hurt, it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain. Almost as if reading her thoughts, Avery shook his head and spoke. "C'mere. Watch." His grip softened just a bit as he walked her onto the small bridge that overlapped the creek. He pushed her gently forward to the railing, and then stood behind her, his large hands easily gripping the framework of the bridge. He didn't touch her, but his presence was unmistakable.

Another piercing scream split the air, but this time it wasn't from the stallion. Avery and Nicole both turned toward the sound that originated at the top of the just distant hill. Over the top came a mare so exquisite that Nicole gasped. She was an Arabian! How had the purebred gotten loose? All her questions quailed though as she saw the mare tear down from the hillside scattering the mixed breed mares to the four winds. She skidded to a halt fifty feet from the stallion who was now all ears and eyes. She turned sideways, posturing and prancing. Her tail was raised high, her neck arching as she whinnied in defiance. Black Magic answered the challenge with his own piercing cry, rearing on hind legs again.

Nicole stood mesmerized by the mating dance that ensued. The stallion lit off after the mare who tore off at breathtaking speed. She'd slow just enough for him to nip at her flanks and then as if laughing, take off in another showy sprint. Nicole had never seen such a display before. Oh, she'd seen the stall matings of course. That's how she'd learned the birds and the bees, but this! This was completely different. This was raw power. Her knuckles had turned white with her grip by the time the mare finally pranced to a halt and presented herself to the mastery of the stallion, shifting her flowing white tail aside, almost begging him to cover her.

It was then that she remembered Avery, feeling him pressing against her backside. He was as aroused as she was. She could feel the throbbing bulge as it pulsed against the cleft of her ass. She should resist, her mind screamed. She should push away from him, and run as far and as fast as she could. But her will quailed as she felt the warmth of his lips caress the sensitive flesh of her neck. She groaned softly and attempted to protest, but her words were cut off by his own rumbling reply.

"You're like that mare there Nikki. So independent – well bred – a queen of your kind. But even she has needs Nikki. Even she can't deny her nature." He was painfully gentle with her. He knew she would bolt if he went too fast, but by all that was sacred, he would have her. He'd known it since they had first ridden out of the barn together. "Let me show you what it's like to be with a stallion Nikki," his husky voice commanded.

She trembled. She was awash in erotic sensations. "Watch him Nikki. Watch him breed her. Watch him fuck her Nikki," intoned Avery. His voice was velvety smooth, and gods help her she couldn't look away. She watched the stallion approach the mare, his huge phallus extended from its sheath and dripping with moisture. She shuddered as she felt Avery's lips again. They seemed instinctively to know her most sensitive spots. She didn't resist when he tugged her t-shirt out of her jeans. Her arms lifted obediently as the shirt slipped over her head only to be discarded on the wooden floor of the bridge. Her bra quickly followed, and she sighed in bliss as large, warm hands replaced the fabric cups, to knead the aching flesh.

Her nipples pebbled instantly in the palms that slid over them. She arched into the caress, laying her head back on the strong supporting shoulder of Avery. She watched as the stallion took his first experimental lunge, attempting to mount the mare. He nipped at her flanks in frustration as she shifted forward, upsetting his attempt. "See the way she teases him Nikki," murmured Avery against her earlobe as he continued to massage her large, milky-white breasts. "Even now she's testing him, assuring that he's strong enough to mate with her."

Nikki growled low in her throat and pulled forward, trying to break from Avery's grasp. He growled ferally in return, spinning her around roughly. He hunkered over her, bending his massive frame so that they were eye to eye. The gleam in his eye wasn't equine. It was lupine, and she suddenly felt like prey in the eye of a predator. Her breasts heaved as a heady rush of adrenaline and endorphin rushed through her. "You can feel it can't you," murmured Avery, maintaining the dominating eye contact. "You can feel the raw need. The urge to fight or flee."

"I'll give you one chance to say no Nikki. You tell me no now, and everything ends. We take the stallion and we head back to the ranch." He watched her face carefully. He was on dangerous ground and he knew it. But he also knew that she wanted him, as bad as he wanted her. "Or, you tell me yes and I show you more bliss than you ever thought possible."

His gaze was demanding. It would not release her. Her mind screamed no! But her body ached yes. She was panting as if she'd run a marathon, and her body tingled with his closeness. She should know better, she railed silently at herself. She should plant her knee in his fucking groin and leave him without a horse. But she didn't. Her reply when it came was as soft as the beat of a hummingbird's wings.

"I didn't hear you," he taunted.

"Yes!" she growled in return. "Fuck me Avery! Please goddamn it, fuck me!"

His eyes flashed again, and he crushed his lips to hers, startling her. He ravaged her mouth with his kiss, tonguing through her parted lips claiming her mouth as his own property. She soared with the lust that rolled through her. His hands were insistent and eager as they cupped her breasts again, squeezing them tightly and drawing his fingers down to the coral tips. He broke the kiss and glanced down at the lily white skin surrounded by his dark fingers. "Fucking perfect," he growled. Her breasts were large, perfectly rounded, with a slight upturn. The porcelain flesh was capped by rose madder areolas the size of a silver dollar, from which tiny nipples jutted wantonly.

Avery bent his head and took one of the tender buds in his mouth, laving it with the flat of his tongue. He was rewarded with a throaty gasp from Nicole and a quiver that sent her weak-kneed against the railing. He took his time drawing out her pleasure, first sucking as much of her tit into his mouth as he could, feeling the nipple swell and throb under his ministrations. Then he dragged his teeth down over her wet skin, until he reached the termination of her nerve endings, and clamped his pearly whites around the coral tip. She squealed and bucked, but the hand that slipped to the back of his head drawing him closer, urged him not to stop.

She was drowning in bliss. Avery's mouth was creating a riot of sensations that all clamored for attention. His bite to her nipple had sent a rocket of pleasure straight to her clit. She groaned and ground against the muscled column of his leg. She was in blind heat and moaned out her need. Avery was more than happy to comply. As he suckled at her breasts, his hands moved to the fastenings of her jeans, making quick work of the button and zipper and lustily yanking them down over the curve of her ass. For her part, Nicole was feverishly trying to work the boots off of her feet. It took a few tries but they were finally off. Through it all Avery's mouth had never left the throbbing mound of flesh.

When he did pull back it was with a loud popping sound. Her breasts were both scarlet and wet. The nipples thrust obscenely from her alabaster tits, sporting a crimson blush. "Take them off now Nikki," commanded Avery as he stepped back. He wanted to watch her, to take in the whole of her as she undressed. Nicole recognized the dominating nature, but instead of infuriating her as it normally did, it fueled her lust flames. This was a man she could submit to, if only because he reveled in her fiery nature. She shimmied out of the jeans kicking them aside. She hadn't worn any panties, and so when the jeans left her foot, she stood nakedly vulnerable.

She heard the lusty growl from Avery and quivered as she met his gaze. It was inscrutably dark, roiling with the twin passion of her own. Instinctively she reached up loosing her braid, letting the silken midnight drift over her shoulders and down the middle of her back. "Fucking perfect," Avery announced again.

And then he was on her, his lips pressed to hers again, placing his claim upon her, body and soul. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she clung for dear life. His hands smoothed over her body, memorizing her curves and reveling in the satiny perfection of her flesh. One hand dropped low to the apex of her thighs and thrust roughly between, large fingers glancing over molten flesh. She was hot, burning hot, and wetter than the Guadalupe river. He teased over her clit and found it swollen and standing at erect attention, having shed its hood. He felt her jerk against him as his fingertips passed over the sensitive nub.

Nicole broke from the kiss with a strangled cry of exaltation as those fingers worked their way lower. She was no virgin, but no one had ever caused the chaos that Avery was. His thick fingers slid between her smooth, dripping-wet petals, teasing the mouth of her pussy. He probed almost tentatively for a moment, but increased the pressure as she lustily ground against the digits. Two of those thick, long fingers drilled into the tight sheath of her cunt, massaging and curling into the velvety depths urging her to higher realms of arousal.

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