tagTransgender & CrossdressersNew Developments Ch. 01

New Developments Ch. 01


It was one of those dreams that had her squirming in bed. Soft moans escaped her lips as faceless hands surrounded and grabbed her through the bed. They pulled at her tank top, ripped at her underwear and finally began to press in- *ERRR, ERRR, ERRR* Rachel shot up in her bed, gasping for breath and looking around confused. Her consciousness slowly began to drift back to her when she noticed the sun peeking through her blinds and lighting up the wall across her bedroom. She sighed, a bit frustrated, a bit tired. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and hopped out of the bed on her way to the bathroom.

Rachel used the mirror to give herself a minor checkup; sticking out her tongue, checking her eyes, and generally looking herself over. Her gauge says she probably needs to hit the gym a bit harder, but the early morning grogginess tells her that she can wait until tomorrow. She lets down her mess of blonde hair from the constraints of the bun she had been sleeping in. Her skin was looking fair but not overly pale and her hazel eyes were surprisingly bright for their darkness. "Meh, I guess I'm looking alright." She said to herself with a shrug before reaching over to turn on the shower.

Once in the steaming shower, abrupt images from her dream began popping back up in her thoughts. The warm water seemed to blanket her the way the faceless hands had done. She closed her eyes and imaged the grabbing and lustful pull wrapping around her chest and waste, mimicking their feel with her own wet hands. Her fingers slid along her soft skin, exciting her small stiff nipples before making their way down to her now swollen clit. She begins to stroke with one hand, the other still teasing her perky small breast. She leans back against the tile wall of her shower as the lust begins to build, her clit pulsing in her hand and the steamy room filling with her loud moans of pleasure. She images multiple men, all wanting her; all grabbing and taking her body as they please. "Ahhhhhhh!!" she moans out as she reaches orgasm and her thin clear semen spills from her clit and down the shower drain. She breathes heavily and her head spins. This had become a reoccurring morning ritual.

Rachel clocked into her office space a bit later than usual that morning. She sat at her desk and opened her laptop, still thinking about the morning's fantasies. She signed into her email account and was a bit shocked at the top email. "RE: Fantasies Explored With Multiple Men". She lowered the screen on her computer and looked around to make sure no one had seen her email. The office was quiet and empty. She pulled the screen back up and began to read. "In response to the classified add you posted on our shared dating site, I would like to extend an offer to meet in person and explore options to fulfilling your fantasies. Please reply by the end of the week and we can begin to schedule."

Her heart began racing. She had made the post months ago on a whim and never thought anything would come from it. It appeared she had been wrong. The sudden very real possibility of actualizing the fantasy she had played out in mind for years had taken her a back. She didn't know what to do. She took a deep breath before hitting the reply button. "Let me know a good time for you to meet up. I'm available."

She continued her work day; an email here, a phone call there. She tried so hard to focus on her work but she kept going back to the email. "I wonder what he looks like", she thought to herself. "I wonder where we would even do it. Oh my god, this is so ridiculous." But she couldn't help but feel a rush. Her nipples tingled with excitement and she felt a continuous pulsing beneath her dress. Suddenly, as if reading her mind, an email dinged from her phone. It contained pictures of 5 men (all naked and surprisingly hansom for a random dating site), an address, and text reading "We are available at the above address any day next week between 7 and 11p."

Rachel immediately opened her calendar and searched for a free evening. "Well, considering my newly single status that shouldn't be hard", she said to herself under her breath. Thursday seemed to be glowing on her screen, basically coated in images from her dreams of men lined up to enjoy her body. She began typing, "Thursday at 8 will be perfect."

To be continued...

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