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New Dimension


My wife, Lana, and I had just finished one of our longest (in time) fucks for quite some time.

We both were gasping and groaning after the second mutual orgasm. I was lying on my back with my fast wilting cock still embedded in her hot cunt.

She was smiling down at me when she suddenly rolled off me. "I was just wondering about all of our friends. Do you think they are as sexually active as we are?"

I was surprised by her question. Usually, after a good fuck, she was quiet and rather demure. My blond, very lovely wife has an hour glass figure and nice, firm tits and is very reserved around other people. I tried to make light of the question.

"I doubt that they are nearly as good at it as we are, especially you!" I quipped. "What made you think about that?" I asked.

She grinned a shy grin. "I just wondered if they all enjoy fucking as much as we do," she admitted.

She seemed to be deep in thought. "I wonder how it might feel to be gang banged," she said, startling me. "I have never had more than one at a time."

I was now more shocked than before. Lana had never even mentioned the idea before. "What do you mean?" I queried.

"I have seen gang bang on video movies but never actually seen one in person," she said. "I wonder if it is as much fun and erotic as it looks on tape!" she continued.

I was flabbergasted. She has always refused to allow me the back door bit and now she was openly confessing that it looked like fun. My cock began to rise again at the thought of being allowed to bang her lovely, protruding ass.

She laughed when she noticed my cock coming to attention. "No! Not now, but maybe sometime," she said. "I was just making an observation."

"Are you suggesting that you--" she cut me off with, "You are too big. I wonder if someone smaller might be better, at least the first time."

I groaned aloud. What a time to have a big cock. "I suppose you have someone in mind," I said, pressing the issue.

She thought for a moment. "I hope this is not making you mad," she expressed avidly.

I hesitated a moment to gather my thoughts. "No, I am not mad, just slightly perturbed that you want someone else to fuck your ass."

"No! Not really! I just wondered aloud," she said wistfully.

"Like whom?" I asked bluntly.

"Well, if you really want to know, I was thinking about several people." She hesitated for a short time. "Well, maybe Wally Sheffield, or Dan Modiset, or Harry Hanady, or Stan Brown," she said all too quickly.

"All four?" I asked with a grin.

"Why not?" she rebuked me. "The more the merrier."

My cock had wilted. "What about me?" I asked gruffly.

"You could watch," she said. She was now really getting excited. She began to chuckle. "Would that be too awkward for you?" she said sincerely.

I coughed aloud. "You are really sincere aren't you?" I asked.

Without hesitation she said forcefully, "YES! If you are OK with it!"

I began to ponder the idea in my mind. This might just be the break through that we both needed. I could put the pressure on Wally, Dan, Harry and Stan to allow me a crack, so to speak, at their wives, not to mention getting a piece of my wife's ass.

Lana noticed my smile. "Are you OK with the idea?" she asked again.

"Hell! I will even help you set it up!" I exclaimed. I rolled from the bed and grabbed the phone.

Lana began to laugh. "You are impetuous," she said with a wink.

I nodded, thus putting the idea into gear. I phoned all of the fellows and asked them to come over that very night for a little party.

They all seemed surprised when I did not invite their wives. They all were eager when I suggested that Lana had made some fun plans.

Stan was first to arrive. The other three were right behind him.

Stan is a large black man, with broad shoulders and very muscular.

Wally is a rather small man but he too is quite muscular. He is tanned, nearly as dark as Stan.

Dan is slightly over weight. His long, creamy white body makes him look even bigger. No tan here.

Harry is a woman's delight. He has curly black hair, a rough bearded face and muscles where they should be.

The evening seemed to be starting perfectly. It all began with sexual innuendoes from the men. Of course Lana had dressed in a very revealing outfit, minus a bra and panties.

Lana asked the men to go with her to the back room where she had a surprise for them.

I watched as my wife wriggled down the hall and into the back bedroom. The men were following in close cadence. I waited, as my wife had ordered, for several minutes.

When I arrived at the door of the room, I was greeted with hushed mumbles. When I opened the door, I saw Lana was naked, her tits being fondled by Harry.

Stan was naked. His huge cock was embedded deeply in my wife's pussy. Dan was lying on his back under Lana. His small cock was pressing against her ass sphincter. Lana was sucking on Wally's cock. Her free hand stroked Harry's cock vigorously.

I was shocked how rapidly it had all started. Stan noticed me in the doorway. He looked at me sheepishly.

When I nodded my head in assurance, he shouted, "Let the orgy begin!" as he pumped his cock in and out of my wife's cunt furiously.

I watched, transfixed by the sight of Stan's big black cock moving in and out of my wife's pussy. Her cunt lips would appear as he withdrew and disappear when he shoved the black monster into her. The contrast of his black cock and her white body was unbelievable. I could not tear my eyes away from the sight.

Lana was gasping and grunting loudly. Her sudden shout of ecstasy echoed in the room. Dan's cock had slipped into my wife's ass and Stan's huge black cock was pummeling into her pussy with long, deep thrusts.

I had to chuckle when I noticed Wally's eyes. Lana was giving him the blowjob of his life. Her cheeks were pulled in and I could see she was rolling his cock around in her mouth with her tongue. Wally's eyes rolled back. I thought he would pass out.

I watched in awe. My wife was being gang banged big time. Her eyes were wide and glazed. Her smile could be seen around Harry's hard cock. She was enjoying every minute of the orgy. Her spontaneous shouts of encouragement reverberated in the room.

Stan's balls began to contract. His growls of sexual passion filled the room. With a huge stroke and a loud grunt, his balls deflated, and his cock jumped as his huge load filled my wife with cum.

Lana shouted her climax around the cock that was exploding in her sucking mouth. Her hands were busy on Harry's throbbing shaft. Her ass sphincter closed tightly on Dan's invading cock just as it spewed his seed into her rectum.

Harry shot a huge load onto her bouncing tits.

Lana was in seventh heaven. Her smile and shouts of encouragement were testimony of her complete satisfaction. "More! More!" she begged as the men switched positions.

I watched as the men switched positions. Lana's eyes were begging for more just as her mouth was begging for them to fill her holes again.

She groaned in delight each time they switched. Her running commentary of how good it felt filled the room as did the smell of mingled cum.

I glanced at my watch. They had been fucking for over half an hour when Lana noticed me standing inside the room. "Thanks!" she mouthed during a switch.

I watched as long as I could. I finally left my wife with her orgy men and wandered back into the family room. I could hear the sounds of the men fucking my wife, so I turned up the TV.

It was much later when I heard the men coming down the hall.

Lana entered behind them. Her body was covered with cum. Her pussy was as red as a turkey's snout. Her ass, pink and stretched. Her face was effervescent with joy.

They stopped at the door to the family room. "Thanks for a great evening," they said in unison.

My wife agreed heartily. "My pleasure, I am sure!" she said emphatically.

"Whose wife is next?" I asked when they started to leave.

They all stopped dead in their tracks.

"Turn about is fair play!" I exclaimed.

Lana noticed the look on each one's face. "Try it. You might find she will like it. I totally enjoyed the whole thing except when you all stopped."

Her blatant words surprised me. She had been so apathetic about fucking before I was quite amazed. She was a changed woman now. Her whole perception of sex had changed, I must admit, to the better. She had shed her inhabitations and was a completed woman.

They were all shaking their heads in dismay as they slowly trudged down the sidewalk.

I grinned at Lana. "I hope you don't mind if I fuck their wives. After all, you seemed to enjoy your fantasy, I should be allowed the same pleasure."

She laughed aloud. "This is a start of something big and new," she announced. "After I shower, I will tell you all about how it feels to be so delectably fucked by your friends."

She talked for hours about it that night. When we fucked again, she seemed to have urgency in her fucking. Of course, she now wants to fuck more often than ever before. She seems to be measuring up every male friend we have. We are waiting for the next orgy. I hope it is not a very long to wait.

Lana wondered aloud how she should explain to their wives of the great revelation she has had.

I just smiled and nodded.

"It is too bad that more women don't give in to their secret desires for the pleasure of gang bangs," she admits. "I am sure glad that I finally did!"



As for becoming a slut, I can readily admit that she still does not come on to men any more than she did before, only now she can be quite discerning and selective. She never has a gangbang unless I agree to the participants and I get to participate in one way or another.

I must admit, though, that she has become quite proficient in her sex life, but that is an altogether different story.

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