tagGroup SexNew Directions Ch. 02

New Directions Ch. 02


Robyn and I became an "event." I shared with my aging parents the fact that I was dating a much younger woman but did not tell my kids yet. I was still not sure of their reactions. Robyn and I traded keys and started to live out of each other's flats depending on our activity and often who had the better pantry. I still traveled a night or two a week so I missed her during those times.

One night I got back to my own place a little on the late side and Robyn was fixing dinner dressed only in an apron -- that's all. After she'd served me dinner and we'd made love she told me she had a confession to make. I told her to go ahead.

"Well," she started slowly, "I was poking around in your DVDs and I found out you like porn."

I was sort of defensive since my ex-wife Melissa was not at all sympathetic to my needs when she was in one of her long sexless moods. I started to say something but Robyn put a finger to my lips.

"Just so you know," she said, "I like porn too. All kinds. Well not what they call BDSM but most of the other stuff. That's where I got the idea for the apron tonight. I watched part of a DVD while I masturbated."

I grinned. I also got a hard-on again. I also thought how unconventional she was to admit she'd masturbated while I was late from the office. This must be an angel -- my sex angel.

I brought the DVD she'd been watching in my living room into my bedroom and put it in the bedroom player and we started watching. As it turned out it involved two couples that swapped back and forth. We started fucking as we watched the DVD and listened to the sexy dialogue.

When we came both of our climaxes were enhanced due to the sex movie. We resolved to do this more often.

We got into a routine. Well, to tell the truth, I thought my life was anything but routine. I'd never averaged sex more than twice a day in my life. If I hadn't of been enjoying it so much and been in such good physical shape I would have gotten tired pretty quickly.

After we'd been serious about each other for three months or so Robyn announced that her sister Pam was coming for a weekend. I knew she had a younger sister that lived in Buffalo but never thought about seeing her or wondering what her opinion about me, us, or our relationship would be. I thought, this would be a good test to see how my own kids might react.

Pam was expected about six o'clock Friday evening. I figured she'd arrive an hour after that by taxi from the airport. I'd left Robyn to welcome her and get her settled in her second bedroom, plus they had all that sisterly girl talk to dispense with. I told Robyn I'd be around whenever she wanted to introduce me and then I'd be willing to sleep alone in my own place in case Pam was put off for any reason by my presence.

About eight o'clock I heard the key in my door as Robyn followed by Pam came into my living room. Pam was a knock out. I'd seen photos but they clearly didn't do justice to the real thing. A short, blond version of Robyn with big dark eyes, long shiny hair that hung in ringlets beside her face, high cheek bones, and a figure that even super models would plead for. I rose from my computer and went to shake her hand. Pam slipped inside my arms and gave me a big hug.

"I don't shake hands with my sister's boyfriends. They deserve big hugs," she said with a smile.

She was in tight jeans, sequined sandals to apparently celebrate the first warm day of spring, and had on a bright top on that showed off her generous breasts without being too revealing. The affected casualness was both sophisticated and sexy.

I invited them to sit and offered them my assortment of refreshments. Robyn declared this a special occasion befitting of a glass of wine. We opened a bottle of Merlot and I poured three glasses.

As we sipped the wine, Pam told us about her work as a paralegal in one of Buffalo's largest firms. She also shared a little about her social life, mostly commenting on its absence. She told us she was thinking of moving to Boston depending on what the job market for paralegals was in the City. She had a specialty in large commercial development deals. Monday before she left she was going to have 'informational interviews' with a couple of firms to get a feel things here.

We talked for about an hour then Robyn grabbed Pam and said it was time for bed. We promised to meet the next morning about seven for exercise and a run.

Robyn then surprised me by excusing herself and going into my bedroom. When she came back she had one of my porn DVDs with her. She gave me a wink and then led her sister out the door and back upstairs. Wow! What were they going to do? I was hard just thinking about it.

The next morning my alarm woke me and I pulled on my gym togs and headed downstairs to the exercise room. I was partway through my routine when Robyn came in leading a sleepy Pam; both were in running outfits and had windbreakers with them. We greeted each other and then Robyn got Pam started on a simple circuit of the machines.

At one point Robyn was next to me on one of the machines. I looked over and asked, "Did you enjoy the movie last night?"

She said, "Oh yes. We both did. Great to cum to, but I guess you already know that." She gave me a wink and added, "I'll tell you more later."

Now she had my attention. Apparently they'd watched the film together and jilled off. Wow! She really was my sex angel. I got hard just thinking about the two of them doing that.

After our run, Robyn suggested I come up after I'd showered and we'd do something fun for the day. Something fun turned out to be prowling around antique shops in Newburyport, about thirty miles north of Boston. In the late afternoon we went to Rockport, prowled the tourist shops then had dinner at a seafood place in Gloucester and drove home.

During our drive Robyn kept running her fingers up and down my thigh, often using her fingernails to ensure I was paying attention. She'd often stroke my inflating cock too. I was getting unusually horny by the time we got the apartment.

I whispered to her as we got in the elevator, "Can you come down alone for a few minutes?" but she pretended not to hear. I figured I would have to make use of one of the DVDs or find some good porn on the Internet that night.

When the car got to my floor, Robyn pulled me back in the elevator. "Come upstairs with us for a little bit," she said. She whispered to me, "We'll make it worth your while." Now I wondered what that comment meant.

Robyn went around and turned on some minimal lighting as Pam and I stood in the living recounting the day. Robyn then pulled us both to the sofa and made me sit down. She directed Pam to sit next to me and unless I was wrong there was some mysterious sisterly communication that took place. Robyn sat down right beside me, as did Pam.

Robyn said, "Now Rob, you have been a very good boy today and so we're going to reward you." With that she kissed me with one of her hot, metal-melting kisses that lingered and had a lot of tongue to it. All my attention was focused on her.

Then Pam spoke and I turned to her; "Yes, I want to thank you for all the driving you did today and putting up with our silliness as we shopped and walked around." With that Pam took my face in her two hands and thrust her tongue into my mouth in a slow and very erotic gesture. We kissed some more.

When she stopped I whirled around to see if Robyn was all right with what her sister had just done. She was smiling. She reached over and started to undo the buttons on my shirt. My brain went into overdrive, burnt out several circuits, and then quit working altogether.

Pam was running her fingernails up and down my thigh the way Robyn had been doing in the car. She too occasionally stroked my package. I thought, 'Wow, sisters!'

I undid the buttons on Robyn's blouse as she tugged to get my shirt off. I glanced at Pam who was pulling her top off over her head.

I looked back at Robyn, "You OK with this?" I asked almost in a whisper.

"Yes, most definitely," she said as she kissed me. "My idea in the first place. Help Pam undress." She turned me and pushed me towards her sister.

I embraced Pam and at the same time reached behind her and undid the clasp to her bra. I pulled away and her two taut breasts were bared to my eyes for the first time. I leaned down and sucked on each one, running my tongue between them as I traveled the short distance from one nub to the other.

I turned back to Robyn; she was watching Pam and me with a smile. I hugged her and removed her bra as well. Somewhere along the line I shed my shirt. The skin-on-skin and chest-to-chest contact was very nice. The women used their erect nipples to stroke my chest; it was very exciting.

Pam undid her own jeans and pushed them off her long legs. Robyn and I fumbled with each other's belts and zippers and then took turns removing the rest of our clothing. When we turned Pam stood there naked as well.

Robyn held her arms out and both Pam and I joined her in a three-way hug that also involved lots of French kissing and incidental fondling. Frankly, I was still amazed that the two sisters were romantically involved -- and here I was in the middle.

Finally, Robyn said, "Let's take this to my bedroom."

I thought there be some awkwardness about who did what to whom in a threesome. As we melted into a pile of sexually driven humans, what to do seemed to be a natural event for each of us. Further, we were each driven by given pleasure to the other two rather than claiming satisfaction for just ourselves.

Robyn told me to go down on Pam as she sucked on her breasts. I couldn't help but compare the tastes and texture of the two women. Pam was muskier and had more of a sexual aroma. Further, she'd removed every vestige of hair from her pubes whereas Robyn kept a shaped heart of pubic fur.

Pam responded even more wildly to our attentions than I thought. She groaned, moaned, writhed, twisted and turned as I licked, sucked and fucked her with tongue and fingers. I noted how erotic it was to be able to peer up her body and watch Robyn loving Pam's breasts.

Pam started to talk to us -- it was a wonderful stream of erotically suggestive words that turned me on even more than I was, if that was possible. "Oh, Tom, fuck me with those fingers. Find my G-spot. Make me cum. I've got girl juice ready for your mouth. I want to feel your cock slip into me. Oh, Robyn, my dear sister, love my tits -- rub them, be rough, bite my nipples. Oh, fuck, my clitoris -- right there, don't stop." She went on and on.

Pam's first orgasm was well announced and publicized as she talked to us. Robyn actually had to hold her down as I brought her to her heaven. She practically bucked me off of her then I thought she was going to inhale me into her vagina.

Robyn moved up and made love to her neck and face as she crested. Pam was clearly out of breath for the moment.

As she floated down she looked at me and said, "Lie back. I have some serious sucking to do." With that she pushed me back and pounced on my cock, inhaling my rod entirely until her nose was tight against my pubes and I was lodged in the back of her throat. The feeling was extraordinary.

Robyn lay beside me and started to love the upper part of my body. We French-kissed and she showered me with kisses.

At one point Robyn told me, "It's interesting to taste Pam on your lips. Not bad!" I noted that she knew what Pam tasted like. She then moved up and straddled my head so that I could inhale the sweetness of her moist pussy. My God, I loved how this woman tasted -- how both women tasted.

I have a preference for cuming in pussies and not in mouths. Not that I don't like blowjobs, it's just that for the conclusion I have a favored nesting place.

"Pam, come up over me," I told her as she was bobbing up and down on my cock.

Robyn turned and looked at her sister and said, "Let's sandwich him between our pussies." Robyn moved so that my hard cock was resting against her pussy then Pam came from my other side and pushed her pussy up against my cock as well. My prick was nested between two sweet pussies. They started to move and push against me -- and against each other. Oh, my God, what a feeling and what a sight picture.

I erupted like Mount Vesuvius. My cum shot in the air from the rod between the two pussies and then came down like molten lava, and covered both pussies and my pubic area. Further, the women both kept pushing and sloshing their cunts together with my cock in between. Accordingly, I kept cuming and pumping out more seminal fluid until I had to stop them because of the over stimulation I was feeling.

I came down from my high and looked at the two of them. "THAT was spectacular. I couldn't last long being fucked by two pussies at once - plus, of course, a fantastic blowjob ahead of time." I pulled the two of them to me and alternately hugged and kissed each.

"Now it's time for Robyn," I announced. She smiled lecherously at me.

Before I had a chance to organize anything, Pam slipped from my grasp and moved across my body so she could start eating out her sister's cum covered pussy. Robyn immediately gave one lovely sexual moan as Pam's tongue went to work, focused amazingly well, I noted, on her clitoris. Pam's fingers were a blur as the thrust them in and out of Robyn's dripping cunt.

I held Robyn and occasionally kissed her or paid rapt attention to her breasts. I couldn't see how I could do better below her waist than her sister was doing.

She came once then again. Pam didn't let up. I could feel a big "O" building in Robyn as she tried to hold off a third. She weakly smiled at me as the intensity of the pleasure kept her near a peak.

Then Robyn exploded. There was a scream -- "Oooooooh fuuuuuck!" She tried to rise but then threw herself back on the bed, slapping the bed with her hands as the orgasm started. Her voice came in halting gasps. "Oh. Oh. Oh. Ooooh. Oooouuuu." Her back arched and she reached down and tried to freeze Pam's head and hands between her legs. This time Pam stopped.

Robyn shuddered, shook and manifested every symptom of a major earthquake. Pam raised her head and had a most satisfied look on her face. I noticed her face was dripping wet with juices from her sister's cunt.

I cradled Robyn as she floated around in her orgasmic state for a couple of minutes. I gently rubbed and fondled her breasts. Whenever I touched a nipple her whole body would jerk as the shot of pleasure rifled through her.

Finally, as she cooled down, Robyn said, "Now THAT's what I call an orgasm! I could have THOSE all day long. I'd starve to death and die happy."

Robyn cuddled Pam and me to her as she floated in that ecstatic emotional state she enjoys after an orgasm. From my position I could suck on one of her nipples as well as reach across and stroke, pinch and cup Pam's breasts. She seemed to like that.

After a long silence I said, "OK. Can one of you tell me about you two? This didn't just happen did it?"

Robyn started the answer, "No. We started doing this when I was just about to start college and Pam was in high school. She caught me masturbating one day and that led to some experimentation and show 'n tell."

Pam chimed in, "It changed our whole relationship as sisters. Before that we fought hook, tooth and claw all the time. All of sudden we were in love with each other -- physical love, emotional love, spiritual love. Our parents wondered what had happened; we told them we made a peace pact."

Robyn picked up the explanation, "Anyway, we never stopped after that. We've had long periods of time when we tried to save ourselves for a boyfriend, but then we'd revert. Does that freak you out?"

I thought for a minute then answered, "No, not really. To tell the truth I think it's sort of sexy and romantic. I don't feel threatened by your relationship. Should I? It's gone on for fifteen years or so."

Robyn said, "No, you shouldn't feel threatened or left out. I love you more each day. I also love Pam. Somehow we get taught that you can only love one person at a time -- physically I mean. That's just not true -- case in point."

Pam started to lazily play with my flaccid cock.

"So it doesn't bother you when I love Pam or she makes love with someone else?" I asked.

"No. Not a bit. In fact I get pleasure by way of the pleasure you or she or both of you are having. I do want to watch the two of you make love -- to fuck. Pam's a great fuck as you'll find out in a few minutes if she keeps doing that to you."

Pam was making me hard again. She finally reestablished her mouth-hold on my cock, sucking me fully into her mouth and then using fingers, tongue and teeth to bring back to icy hardness. I sucked on Robyn's breasts, something I love to do, as Pam made me ready.

When I was pointing at the ceiling, Pam declared, "There! Ready for my next adventure."

With that, Pam lay back and pulled me over her so I was centered and ready to insert. I love to tease, putting only a little of my cock inside a vagina then yanking it out, then a little bit more, yank, and so on. I'd done this with Robyn and although she told me she hated it, I could tell this act heightened and stimulated her to new highs. Thus, I started in on Pam with my slow fuck, gradually building up to full insertion.

This took a few minutes. Pam was writhing beneath me, cradled in Robyn's arms as she stroked and pinched Pam's breasts. Pam kept moaning and interjecting some expletives related to fucking; "Oh just fuck me. Pleeeeease sink that cock into me. Fuck me, pleeeease! Oh, deeper -- that's it -- deeper. Oh, push it in that way. Oh shit, you just hit my G-spot. You're going to make me cum. Oh, I'm cuming. I'm cummmmmmmmmming!"

Pam's orgasm occurred as I finally sank fully into her body and then yanked myself out and then jammed myself back into her. She detonated like a fourth of July skyrocket. She clutched me to her and we showered kisses all over each other. Robyn was there too.

I started to pump into Pam again. I was still hard as granite and full of juice destined for her cunt.

As I fucked her I started to talk dirty to her too. "You like my cock don't you?" She nodded.

"I like to fuck your pussy and your sister's pussy too. I can't decide which pussy I like better. I think I'll just have to keep fucking both of them over and over and over again. Are you going to be my slut?" She nodded enthusiastically.

"Well, slut, I'm going to keep fucking you until you're begging for mercy. You are going to get so much of my juice shot into your cunt that you're just gonna float away. I have a lot of cum for you. Do you like to swallow cum?" She nodded. "Well, I like to blast cum into cunts -- that's my thing. And I'm going to blast cum into your cunt for the first time just so you know what it's like."

As we fucked, I'd flipped her over and was fucking her doggie style. Robyn had slid under her and was sucking on her pendulous breasts. Pam hung one and then the other down into her sister's mouth.

I shifted positions again, coming into Pam from the back but so that her front was fully exposed to her sister. This time, Robyn went down on her sister as my cock pistoned into her cunt from behind. Robyn's hand became a blur as she rubbed Pam's clit.

Pam came again, moaning and arching her body as the pleasure event arrived. I maneuvered Pam's nubile body around so I could fuck her in the missionary position again. I sank my hard cock into her body and started to thrust into her. Pam's bent legs came up and hovered beside my hips.

I thrust and thrust into her body. She was meeting my moves with return thrusts of her own. Our bodies were slapping together. Robyn's hand was in there on her sister's cunt. I reached around Pam and found her rose bud. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her. Pam arched into me and let out a string of epithets -- "Oh fuck. My ass. Oh shit. I never ..."

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