tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Employee Pays For Her Mistakes

New Employee Pays For Her Mistakes


I'd been running my own publishing company for some time now and had also made a lot of money from my photography. My first couple of of books and art pieces had been a major success as well, so I suppose you could call me semi famous, definitely rich; and now with the publishing company definitely in a position of power. So I had asked an employment agency to send me a personal assistant to work closely with me and because of the amount of work I had.

I needed someone who would follow my instructions carefully, I do not suffer mistakes, ok I am a bit of a control freak. The agency had sent me a young woman called Natasha she was a really pretty tall shapely sexy girl, with amazing eyes and luscious lips. Natasha was stunning with fantastic full and firm breasts that seemed to be fighting to escape whatever top she was wearing, her hair cascaded in waves down her back. Every time I looked at her sensual figure I wanted to rip her clothes off and make her submit to my will and I kept fantasising about the dirty things I wanted to do to her.

When Natasha spoke you could tell she was intelligent with an intriguing, creative personality.

At first she kept wearing casual suits with long trousers that was the first thing I had to correct with her on; I called her into the office at the end of her first week.

"Well Natasha, I'm certainly pleased with your work but you need to do something about the way you dress, I expect you to come to work looking a certain way, this business has an image to keep." I said to Natasha as she stood before me.

"I'm sorry but I thought I was dressing smartly Sir, and I thought you would judge me on my work." Natasha said apologetically.

"Look Natasha I'm the boss and you'll do exactly as I say ok." Natasha nodded, "Or I'll find someone else to work for me. So on Monday I expect to see you in a tight short black dress and nice classy looking high heels and I expect you to do as I say." I said firmly, Natasha bit her lip and looked so hot I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there.

"Ok Sir I will do anything you want I really want to work here." Natasha said shyly

On Monday morning Natasha came into the office looking amazingly horny and hot, her shoes were high black stilettos, her black dress was tight showing her ample cleavage off to perfection her pale skin looked bite-able as I stared at her breasts. My eyes moved down Natasha's hot body her skirt was tight black and came about half way down her firm thighs her bare legs looked amazing as she moved stealthily towards me.

"Well is this ok Sir; is this how you want me to dress?" She asked her beautiful mouth in a sensual pout.

"Yes that's better, much more how I expect my employees to dress." As I spoke my eyes devoured the hot erotic sight in front of me.

Natasha turned to walk to her desk in the outer office the tight material of her skirt caressed her ass as she walked slowly away, I could see a disruption to the tight surface, I could only hope she was stockings and suspenders. I watched Natasha carefully as she moved round the office, filing, making coffee and phone calls, she moved gracefully giving me coy looks and making a point of leaning over near me so I got a very good view down her top or peeks up her skirt as she squatted down to pick thing up of the floor. The hem of Natasha dress rode up exposing the white flesh above her stocking top her suspender strap pulling into her soft sexy flesh. I was convinced she knew what she was doing, she was teasing me and it was working my cock was slowly hardening and twitching to life.

I managed to tear myself away from my fantasises and to stop myself staring at Natasha's hot body long enough to do some work. My eye flicked to the drawer under the couch where I kept a variety of sex toys including whips and cuffs.

I opened an email from my accountant, I could not believe what I was reading; an invoice that should have been settled hadn't been paid. This meant I had defaulted on a contract and had to pay an additional fee of £200,000.

"Natasha come in here now!" I shouted. Natasha ran in immediately her body shimmying in all the right places. "Why didn't you send that payment of I asked you to do?"

"I'm sorry Sir I forgot to do it on Thursday and found it in my bag on Monday, so I posted it off Sir!" Natasha said embarrassed at her mistake.

"Well actually it was very expensive mistake, it cost me £200,000. You stupid woman." I shouted loudly at Natasha really annoyed I knew my I could afford to cover the cost easily but it was still a lot of money to lose.

"Please don't fire me I really need the job, and I was hoping that you would publish some of my Photos." Natasha's voice quivered as she spoke, "Please what can I do to make it up to you?"

Although I was really annoyed, the sight of a sexy distraught young woman just turned me on and my mind began to race, my eyes flicking to the drawer under the couch.

"Well you'll have to do a lot to work off that amount of money and you have to be punished as well won't you. As long as you do as you're told we can come to some arrangement." I said to a nervous Natasha as I walked back into my office, "Lock the front door and come into my office." I instructed.

I sat on the couch in my office as Natasha walked in and closed the door behind her even though there were no blinds in the office we were twenty floors up so no-one could see us. I pointed to a spot in front of me and Natasha stood there holding her hands tightly behind her back making her large firm breasts look like they were going to rip her dress open. She had a worried look on her face and clearly didn't know what to expect, but from the way she had been parading around in front of me today she must have known things were going to get interesting.

"Right Natasha, first I have to punish you before you can begin to repay me, come here and sit down!" Natasha slowly and unsurely moved towards me bringing her hands forward to smooth her skirt down I grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her down next to me. Her beautiful pert and firm ass passed right in front of my eyes as she fell to the couch.

I carefully stroked her thigh through her skirt rubbing her stockings tops and suspenders, I brought my hand to her knee and began to explore under her skirt. Natasha grabbed at my wrist to try and stop me.

"Sir please what are you doing, no stop please stop it!!" Natasha begged as my fingers forced between her legs, despite her protests she moaned with pleasure as a finger found the damp pouting lips between her soft inner thighs. When she realised she had made a noise she began to plead with me to stop, grabbing my hands to push me away but I was far to strong for her.

I raised my hand and brought it down sharply on her thigh, Natasha grasped at my hand trying to stop me form pushing it up her skirt again, when my fingers made contact with her pussy again, they managed to sneak round the now very wet panties she was wearing. Natasha looked at me with a shocked expression as I forced two fingers inside her cunt.

"No Sir, No stop Sir!" Natasha grabbing and struggling hard.

"Don't be surprised, I said you would be punished and to pay me back you are going to all the dirty things I want you to do." I said firmly bringing my hand down again with another resounding crack as my palm made contact.

Natasha began to struggle a little but I placed one hand on her shoulders to keep her in place. Using my other hand to pull her skirt up over ass exposing her naked thighs her beautiful ass being frame by the straps of her suspenders, she had a beautiful peach of an ass with the mound her pussy just bulging out between her legs. I took hold of her lace panties and with a sharp pull they came away from her body.

My cock began to get really hard beneath Natasha's wriggling body, with a sharp smack my hand spanked her pale bare beautiful skin. I massaged the cheek of her ass making her pussy open slightly and I could see some juices just making her pussy wet. I traced the outside of her cunt lips with my finger just parting them slight then lifting my finger to my mouth and tasted her wonderful musky juice. Natasha wriggled again so she got another smack on her ass to make her stop.

"Look you want to keep your job and want me to look at your photos then you'll do as you are told. Now stand up and take your clothes off." I told her.

Natasha did as she was instructed and facing me she undid her dress letting it fall to the floor and threw it to one side. Her breasts only shifted very slightly as she lost the support her bra gave her. Natasha's erect nipples looked amazing contrasted against the slightly lighter colour of her firm breasts.

Looking down she had a erotic looking pussy with the lips pouting out glistening with Natasha's increasing juices. I stared for a few moments letting my eyes focus on her shaved pussy; Natasha stood there shifting from one foot to the other not knowing what was coming next. I moved to the edge of the sofa and grabbed her hips pulling her pussy towards my mouth my tongue finding her wet clit straight away, she tasted amazing the musky smell of her cunt nearly driving me insane.

My fingers worked round her body forcing their way into her cunt from behind, working her wet pussy and having juices flowing all over my finger. I managed to look up and saw that Natasha was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples hard and she had a look of pure pleasure on her face.

"Please don't I'm not sure about this, I thought you were joking and were going to be nice to me, Sir please stop. Please Sir" Natasha pleaded breathless as she bit her lip sexily.

"I've told you if you want to keep the job you'll do as I order. Ok." I said.

Looking directly at her as I forced another finger into her pussy and then clamped my mouth back on her cunt firmly biting her clit. Natasha began to moan as she gave way to the pleasure as my tongue worked her pussy. Her sweet musky pussy juices flooded into my mouth every time my tongue parted her labia.

I stood up and kissed her firmly her hard nipples dug into my chest and I grabbed and squeezed her heavy breasts firmly, then placing my hands on her shoulders I pushed Natasha to her knees. Taking my shirt of as she undid my trousers I kicking my shoes and clothes to the side of the room. We both stood there naked her pale skin looking so erotic as I placed my hands on her head my fingers lacing themselves into her thick long hair. I forced Natasha's mouth towards me and pushed my cock into her open mouth, she began to suck hard on my erection as I held her head tight beginning to fuck her mouth hard and deep.

I could hear Natasha gag slight as my cock went deep inside her warm soft mouth her tongue flicking the end. Letting go of her I pulled my cock from her mouth and told her to get on all fours, which she did leaning onto the couch for support. Kneeling behind her I massaged her pussy before ramming a couple of fingers inside her Natasha yelped a little at my roughness pulling my finger out they were covered in her wetness and I grabbed a thick purple rabbit dildo out of my drawer.

"Right my little possession put your hands on the table now" I ordered Natasha as she stood there in her stocking, suspenders and heels my cock twitched just wanting to be inside her beautiful her body.

"Sir please what are you going to do with me, I don't like this please no, I asked and said no please sir!" As she spoke Natasha opened her legs a little more giving me easier access to her pussy.

I took the dildo and rubbed it at her labia, as soon as her cunt lips parted juices ran over the tip of the dildo lubricating it as I rammed it inside Natasha's pussy hard and deep building up a forceful rhythm, while using my free hand to spank her ass thighs and twist her pert little pink nipples.

"Right Natasha put your hand between your legs and start fucking yourself with the dildo" I spoke between gritted teeth as I spanked her hard.

"Yes Sir I'm sorry for disobeying you Sir." said Natasha as she dutifully began working the dildo in and out of her pussy.

I returned to the drawer and took out a leather cat of nine tails and as I watched Natasha fuck herself harder and harder her moans becoming louder I could see droplets of her cum fall from her pussy to the floor. I whipped her pale skin.

"No sir please please sir don't hurt me Sir!!" Natasha managed to say through her moans the movement of her hand becoming more furious as the whip lashed at her ass pussy, breasts and nipples. I grabbed Natasha by her long dark hair wrapping my fingers in it as I dragged her to lie on her back on the couch as I lowered myself down to fuck her mouth, sliding my cock slowly as her lips closed round my hardness.

"Natasha, open your legs expose your pussy for Sir!" I instructed her, she couldn't speak or object and didn't move so I repeated the order as I used the whip on her breasts the end of the tassels flicking hard at her sensitive nipples. Then as she opened her legs fully I used the cat of nine tails to whip her pussy I could see her cum flowing out, every time the whip connected. Natasha gave a little muffled yelp as I continued to fuck her mouth and whip her cunt. I could feel my cock getting ready to explode so with one very hard whip to her pussy I took my cock from her. Natasha somehow looked even more sexy with her mascara running and her pussy exposed, reddening and swelling with the whipping.

"Sir can we stop please, you have had some fun now sir please no." Natasha looked so sultry as she spoke there was no way she was going anywhere yet.

I moved around the couch and grabbed Natasha by her arms, she began to struggle as I flipped her over and she brought her legs tightly together. I raised her her hips making her pussy expose itself, she still struggled but stayed in position.

Positioning my cock against the entrance to her cunt I forced my way in, fucking Natasha's cunt roughly, she began to moan loudly as the friction made her pussy feel so hot her moans became louder and more animalistic as I fucked her harder. Holding the cheeks of her ass I pulled them apart exposing pretty pussy which was flowing with her orgasms, I slipped a finger inside Natasha gave a loud moan.

Natasha's hand went between her legs as she began to play with her clit furiously. I fucked her harder and eventually my hard throbbing cock forced Natasha to moan loudly her passion so loud and her still begging no I thought the office next door might call the police. She screamed in a mixture of pleasure and a little pain as I fucked and whipped her with the cat of nine tails, I could feel her fingernails scratch my balls and the base of my cock as she worked her cunt into frenzy.

I took hold of her hair again pulling her head back hard she screamed no but I continued to fuck her hard as I push her face into the cushions of the couch, I could her her gasp for breath as she struggled to breath, I kept pulling her head back as I fucked her so she could take a breath.

Natasha began to moan and groan loudly as her body began to tremble and throb as an orgasm raged through her hot body. I continued to fuck her cunt, her pelvic bone rubbing underneath my cock as her orgasm continued. I knew I could hold on any longer so I pulled out of Natasha's pussy and stood up; she turned round with a dirty smile on her face and sat on the edge of the couch.

Natasha grabbed my cock and began to masturbate it vigorously bringing her mouth close to the end of it letting her teeth scrape the purple skin at the end. I could feel my cum begin to rise as my cock jerked in Natasha's tight grip, my cum shot out into her eager mouth some of the white cum settling on the beautiful pale skin of her face Natasha's tongue flicked out to the side and licked the stray cum into her mouth as the last of my cum pumped onto her luscious full lips.

"Well Sir Do I keep my job?" Natasha said with a sly smile. "That was so hot I loved being fucked like that."

"Hmm well I'll think about it, you must have worked at least three hundred pounds off today, so as long as you always do as you're told I think it will work out.

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