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New Experience


While working at a University, I began taking a few courses in the evening which interested me. Having a Masters in engineering, these classes were usually the polar opposite in the liberal arts field, just for fun. The people I met were very different and amusing from those I worked with on a daily basis. As an example, I helped an art school professor with a photo editing program she was having problems with. Most of her photos were of herself and others nude. She pointed out one nude subject was her husband. She told me that she would love to photograph me and her husband together for the contrast. He is much shorter with darker hair and skin. She also warned that her husband has a tendency to become erect while being photographed. She proved her point showing me a multitude of pics where he was indeed sportin wood. I took her card, sounds like it might be fun.

Most of the professors are not quite that interesting, but many of the students make up for it. I was about ten years older than a majority of the other students. These young girls had a tendency to dress sexier and much more scantily than in my day. One of the graduate students that I found sexy, Carla, was rather flirtatious with me and we ended up dating. She was a student teacher, desiring to become a professor herself. Our relationship continued to grow and it has been marvelous. She is smart, pretty, and always in the mood to make love.

In an undergraduate class, I sat in the back enjoying the young scenery. They were too young, but well worth looking at. One very pretty girl who liked teasing me with her big titties, ended up being a friend's daughter. Once we figured this out, she teased me even more, brushing her breasts across my arm. Beside me in the class sat a young man, John, who exhibited a bit of a feminine flair. Years earlier I would have stereotyped him as gay. As it did not matter either way, we became friends without it being an issue or of any concern.

About mid-way through the semester, I spent Friday night at Carla's apartment, this led to lovemaking through the night and the following Saturday. Come late afternoon we were still in our bath robes, following a shower together, when the doorbell rang. As Carla opened the door, she found John standing there. John was in the class which she was a teaching assistant. She had promised to look over a writing assignment and offer suggestions. Though forgotten, she turned to retrieve his paper, while I invited him in.

Not in class, and likely due to a joint or two, John was much funnier and out going. Carla mentioned to me previously that she went to a night club one evening with a gay friend, who she thought I knew. Turns out her friend was John. While Carla reviewed her suggestions to John, I noticed that her robe was hanging open for him to see her lovely breasts. He did look a couple of times, but he spent more time gazing towards my robe which upon closer inspection was slightly open exposing one testicle. Amused, I did not bother correcting this and became even more amused as he was calling Carla his T and A, short for "teaching assistant" but obviously dripping with dual meaning.

As they finished up, I handed each of them a glass while I opened a bottle of wine, inviting him into the living room. Apparently already a bit buzzed, John loosened up more. He was very funny and suggestive. He whined to Carla that he had spent half the semester sitting beside me in hopes of getting laid, but she stole me away. As Carla bent over in front of us pouring more wine, he complimented her, "If I was not gay, I would be all over that sexy ass." Slapping it lightly as only a gay man could get away with in front of a girl's boyfriend.

His teasing of Carla continued through the evening. Noticing that she was resting her hand on her abdomen, being sore from our lovemaking, he asked her if she had gotten "fucked a bit hard last night?" Carla smiled, nodding yes, asking if he was jealous? I enjoyed their playful banter finding it flattering. Mockingly she exaggerated her soreness continuing to hold her abdomen as she returned from a restroom trip. He played along asking just how big is his cock? The questioning continued talking about me in third person as if I was not present, is he circumcised, shaved, bent left or right, describe the veins, does he like it rough...? All while he mockingly rubbed his own cock through his jeans.

While I laughed, Carla informed me he was only partially joking. He had listened with intent interest to Carla recounting our love making on the evening that they had a drink in the night club together. "He really does have a huge crush on you!" He reminded Carla, "Don't forget, I have a huge crush on you as well. Yours is the only ass without a set of balls dangling that makes my cock hard." It was truly amazing how he could say anything he wanted and neither Carla nor I ever took the least offense. "and speaking of hard cocks, Mommy could you tell me the bedtime story about his cock again?"

John had us both rolling in laughter. With great show, Carla teased him opening my robe slightly, just to close it before exposing my cock. She slowly untied the sash to my robe swinging it burlesque style to his cheers of encouragement. Again beginning to open my robe she stopped short, "I will show you his cock if you promise to not miss anymore of my classes, if you promise to read all of the assignments, and you promise to study for the final." With his promise, she exposed my cock to him, completely removing my robe.

Finding this all rather exciting, I informed Carla that I would not be sitting there the only one naked. Feigning making a run for it, she allowed herself to easily be caught. She pretended to put up a fight as I disrobed her and bent her over my lap. Slapping her ass lightly, I spread her big sexy ass cheeks showing John her puckered little asshole. I continued to hold her in place while John began questioning if I had fucked her ass with my big cock? Lightly fingering it, I told him how she had a virgin ass. We had tried a couple of times, but backed off as my cock head is fairly large. I could see his cock straining against his jeans, which were a couple sizes too small to begin with. I showed him how I had been massaging her ass getting it ready for me to fuck. Coming closer, he joined us on the couch, telling her in a calm voice to "relax your gorgeous ass, enjoy the fingers opening your tight little asshole." She moaned softly moving her ass in time with my fingers. "Maybe a smaller cock would be the place to start" he suggested as he hand joined mine fingering her ass. Noticing that both of us were fondling her, she pulled away indignantly, only to sit in between us with one hand resting on each of our thighs.

I pointed to John's hard cock straining against his jeans only inches from her hand, "your sexy ass is the cause of that." She reached for his belt offering to help, noting it was not fair for him to be clothed. He was too big and strong for her, easily fending her off, even if it was a halfhearted defense. Still nude, I joined in wrestling John to the ground holding him there while Carla removed his shoes, sox, jeans, and underwear. I had to change holds on him, so she could get his shirt off, this resulted in his hard cock being pressed against my belly. This was an odd feeling for me which he compounded by intentionally rubbing it against me. After she had him completely nude, I stepped back to notice that he had left a little stream of pre-cum on me.

We resumed our positions on the couch with Carla between us. She stroked both of our cocks, while John and my hands converged between her legs, my fingers massaging her pussy with John's on her asshole. Carla teased me that I had already spilled cum on my belly, as she leaned down licking it off. The information that it was John's cum did not appear to bother her in the least as the two of them were soon licking the length of my cock in turn. The pair together pulled me into the bedroom pushing me back onto the bed, with John taking command of my cock.

With surprising command, he told Carla to mount my cock. Her pussy was very wet, slowly sliding down upon my cock. As she took my entire cock, resting to adjust to it's size, John interrupted her plan of continuing. His hands on her big sexy ass held her in place, spreading her cheeks while his tongue probed her tight little asshole intermittently licking down to her cock filled pussy and my balls. Carla ground her clit against me, moaning loudly every time his tongue penetrated her ass. With such encouragement, it is not surprising that his attention was soon focused on fucking her ass as fast and hard as he could, though his hand continued to hold my balls.

Her moans soon turned to orgasm alternately pushing back against his tongue, then hard down on my cock. Exhausted, she collapsed on top of me, while continuing to moan mildly with John fingering her ass. Completely relaxed she offered no protest as John began rubbing his cock against her ass. His cock head penetrating her ass brought a squeal from her lips followed by moaning commands, "fuck my asshole, fuck my pussy, two cocks, fuck me, fuck me."

I felt his cock going deeper into her ass putting pressure against my cock filling her pussy. He was soon laying on top of her whispering in her ear. I caught bits and pieces "relax your fat ass, ... big cock filling your cunt, ... I am going to fuck your sexy female ass." Soon we were sliding our cocks in and out alternating his stroke with mine. He echoed my thoughts of his cock feeling good rubbing against mine telling Carla how good my big cock felt in her cunt. We were soon fucking Carla in unison, her moans approaching screams. His moans were soon accompanying hers as they came together. I pushed both of their collapsed bodies off of me, needing to find release myself. I mounted Carla and began fucking her harder and faster than we had ever fucked before. A finger penetrating my ass launched me into orgasm. We slept.

I awoke to my cock and balls being sucked. Carla was looking down at my face smiling, leaving it slowly to dawn on me that it was not her bringing pleasure to my cock. While she kissed me, whispering in my ears, "relax, " John worked my cock, balls and inserted a finger into my ass. I felt the finger rubbing lubricant into my ass which soon tingled with a sense of numbing. I could barely discern the difference in pressure as one finger became two exercising my ass.

The two of them rolled me on my stomach, something Carla has done more than once in the morning, waking me with a back message. This did not happen as Carla laid beside me, telling me "relax, you are so fucking sex" as John's cock rubbed against my ass in slow calming strokes. His cock head penetrating my ass surprised me. I jerked, which only resulted in half his cock being buried in my ass. While Carla kissed my neck, ears, and lips, whispering terms of endearment and encouragement, John's cock pressed deeper into my ass. My cock lay under me, hard and needing pussy.

Coming fully awake, I asked John to climb off. He complied with disappointment. I pulled Carla down and underneath me. Her pussy was very wet, but also very swollen from the hard double fucking she had received. She squirmed as I held her down pressing my cock in to the hilt with no foreplay. I looked over my shoulder making eye contact with John who realized that my ass was available after all. Once again I felt the head of his cock entering my ass.

We once again found a matching rhythm as I took half strokes fucking Carla's sweet tight pussy in time with John's extreme lustful fucking of my ass. Nearing orgasm, John proclaimed the fulfillment of his desire, my virgin ass. I have to admit, it felt wonderful, but I found no disappointment as he came in my ass. Pulling out, the discomfort left my ass, leaving me free to continue fucking Carla, filling her pussy with another load of cum. I again dosed off only vaguely conscious of John licking my cum from Carla's pussy.

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I loved this story, I also love a mmf threesome which is how I got my start sucking cock.

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