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He came fairly quickly in her mouth, and as he relaxed, he spoke again

"Good girl, I'm done with you for tonight, you may go take care of yourself and then go to bed"

"Yes sir."

Quickly she left the room going into the bathroom to brush her teeth and take care of the things she needed to. She caught herself in the mirror, her green eyes bright, albeit tired, her long brown hair disheveled from Kevin's hands, and she looked over her body for a moment. She ran her hands over her small but pert breasts, down her taught stomach, and finally over her smooth pussy, laughing softly at the memory of the first time she had shaved there at his request. She looked at her legs, which while she was not tall, were long and shapely. She brought herself out of her daydreaming and finished in the bathroom before heading downstairs to her bed.

She remembered the plug, and quickly lubed it and herself, slipping the plug in, feeling its fullness. She didn't want to think what she'd have to deal with if she forgot something as simple as that. After getting that taken care of, she stepped into her little bed area, remembering to lock the door on the outside. Now she couldn't leave until Kevin or Sarah came and let her out in the morning. With nothing else to do, she lay in bed, thinking. Thinking about how far she had come from when this whole thing first started…

This isn't how it started, by any means; it really started with my curiosity. I was curious about bdsm, so I went online and looked around. Long story short, I found and started talking to a man, Kevin, who was half of a Dominate couple. As we talked, my curiosity increased, and things between Kevin, Sarah (the other half), and myself progressed. I experimented with them, first with Kevin, and then with both of them. Then one day he asked me if I would like to be trained to serve him and Sarah as their submissive. I was shocked at first, but as I thought about it, I realized it struck a chord somewhere in me as something I craved. Therefore, I told him yes, that's when the real training began, and it has taken a year to get where I am now.

To start with, Kevin had me fill out a submissive questionnaire and rate different things as to whether I had done them, and how much I enjoyed them or thought I would enjoy them. This was also a chance for me to list my hard limits, things I wouldn't do under any circumstances. I had some basic ones, such as kids, scat, watersports, blood, but my own curiosity kept me pretty open-minded about most of the stuff. It also helped that I trusted both Kevin and Sarah enough that I was willing to trust their judgment in doing new things and letting them push my boundaries; and boy did they push them. The first time I tried to fill it out, I did it wrong. I re-did the whole scale and added my own little comments. It didn't help that I had to ask him what half the things were; I couldn't help it, I was totally new to all this stuff. We left it alone for a little bit, and then he had me fill out an even longer one, correctly.

The other important thing we discussed was a safeword that if said, would stop everything. We agreed on my middle name 'sebastiane'. Once that was taken care of things started out slowly, since they were letting me adjust, but I was a pretty quick learner. Some things came quickly, such as using "sir' and "ma'am," but that wasn't hard to learn, it came very naturally to me, and even began to feel right after a while.

When I started, I worked mostly with Kevin, and then once I had a bunch of the basic stuff down, we started doing stuff with Sarah too. One of the first things he did with me was introduce me what different things felt like, and got an idea of how much pain I could take from various things. I had always thought I was wuss when it came to pain, but I was amazed at how much more I could take when it was in an erotic setting. The first time he used nipple clamps on me, I found myself almost immediately wishing they were tighter. Some things were immediate turn-ons for me; having my hair pulled and being blindfolded, so I didn't know what was happening until it happened were two big ones.

After a while, all it took was a slight change in his manner/tone of voice towards me, one that the uninterested observer probably wouldn't even notice, for me to start getting wet. At first I was very compliant, too overwhelmed by so much new stuff to not be compliant. However, once I got more comfortable with it, I started being a bit more playful, pushing him a bit to see what would happen.

At first it wasn't much (though that would change dramatically later), since just as I was getting used to him, he needed to get used to me. Throughout all this 'preliminary' playing, occasionally my mind would start thinking too much and I would feel bad about what I was doing. Too long I had been 'the good girl', hell, up until then I had minimal sexual experience and what I had had, had all been the epitome of 'vanilla'. Society tells women that being submissive is a bad thing, especially to a man. Now, I consider myself a feminist, but this felt right. I'm not saying I wasn't an independent woman, I was; people are made up of many parts. Just as I had an independent, in your face side, I also had a very submissive, sexual side. At times, the conflict between these sides and what society told me got very hard. Throughout all of it though, the submission felt right, and came to be something I needed. I always felt good during and afterwards, and I loved pleasing a Dom and later a Domme too.

One of the first 'walls' I hit was when Kevin told me he wanted me to shave my pussy, completely. I had never done more than trim a little when needed for a bathing suit. I fought him on this, hard, but he won, because in the end, I wanted to please him more than I wanted to not shave. Afterwards, part of me wondered if I hadn't wanted him to win in the first place. As I sat in the bathroom trimming the hair down to shave, I felt naughty; I had always thought that only sluts shaved their pussys. Little did I know I was on my way to becoming a slut myself, and loving it. Once I shaved it, I ran my hand over it, feeling how smooth it was. It felt so odd at first, but it also made me more sensitive their, now that I didn't have the hair protecting it. When Kevin saw it and felt it the first time, he told me he liked how it looked and was pleased that I had done as I was told. At that, I felt happy, and a bit proud; I had done what he had asked, done it well, and pleased him.

The first time he tried to get me to ask permission to come, I refused, and came anyway. He then teased me mercilessly and kept me so close to coming, but he didn't let me come again until I asked permission. Several times afterwards, I balked at asking, but eventually did. That became a rule; anytime I came, I had to ask permission. As long as I asked, he usually let me come, encouraging me as I did, saying things like "yes, that's it, come for me" and other things. Often his voice, saying things like that made the orgasm more intense. I always liked it when he talked to me during a scene; it often made me even wetter.

Sometimes, if things were too quiet, or I felt nervous or something else, I would start talking, or making smartass comments, just to break the tension. Being nervous didn't bother me in and of itself; it was more the fact that that unease got me even more aroused. I realized I liked not always feeling completely at ease, or knowing everything that was going to happen. It emphasized my submissive state, and I learned that anything that did that, particularly mentally, increased my arousal.

Most of the time when I would see him, one of the first things he had me do was take off my panties. A couple times, he threatened to rip them off, but he never went through with that threat; although a part of me wished he would. I didn't really mind taking them off, but one day my mouth got me in trouble. I told him that I would very well wear panties whenever I wanted. Big mistake; he told me that because of my attitude, from then on, whenever he saw me, I was no allowed to wear panties. I didn't believe him at first. Well, the next time I saw him, he checked to see if I was wearing any, which of course I was. He made me take them off, and then gave my ass a sound spanking with his hand. I learned from that. I even got to the point where I enjoyed not wearing any panties, and when I wore long skirts or dresses, I wouldn't wear them, whether I was going to see him or not. I was generally good about following this rule, although sometimes the little devil in my head made me wear some, just to get a reaction.

I think one of the first serious type things he and I worked on was positions. This wasn't a big thing, but he still worked with me on it some. Personally, I think it was just a way to emphasize his control over me, but I doubt I'd get him to admit it. We didn't spend very long on them, but I still remember it well. I was at his house one afternoon…

She walked into the living room, waiting for him to come in. As he came in, he spoke

"Alright, today there are a few basic things I'm going to work on with you. Nothing very hard, but I want you to know a couple basic positions, so that in the future you will know what is expected. So, lets get started shall we? Strip."

"Yes sir" she wondered what exactly he was talking about, but figured she'd find out soon enough.

She proceeded to take off her pants and top, placing them on the couch and then came her bra. Once she was fully nude, she stood waiting for his next instruction. He didn't say anything at first, just stepped over to her, standing right in front of her, close enough to touch, but not doing so, yet. As she looked up at him she was always surprised when she thought about how good looking he was. At six feet tall, he was a good six inches taller than she was and in excellent shape; his brown eyes always seemed to see into her, instead of just seeing her. She reached up, going to put her hands on his shoulders to go to kiss him.

"Stop. I didn't give you permission to kiss me, did I?"

She pulled away again "no sir"

Once she was away again, he swiftly reached up, grabbing some of her hair, pulling he head back and towards him, kissing her hard.

Once he released her again, she stood there, breathing harder, her nipples hard, begging for attention, and her eyes slightly glazed over. He stepped back

"Now, I want you to kneel. Sit back on your heels, hands on your thighs, palm up. Keep your head up, but your eyes lowered."

She thought for a moment, before lowering herself to her knees. She got into the position he had described and waited. After looking at her for a second, he stepped a bit closer

"Sit up straight, you may be submissive, but you should appear proud."

She adjusted her posture and he stepped back again inspecting her.

"Very good. For the future, if either Sarah or I tell you to go wait somewhere for us, or we simply tell you to kneel, this is the position you are to assume. Understood?"

She looked up at him

"Yes sir"

"I told you to keep your eyes lowered. I'm disappointed that you seem to have trouble with such a simple thing"

She quickly looked down again "I'm sorry sir, I forgot, I didn't mean to disappoint you"

She hated knowing she disappointed him; being told that was often a better lesson than any physical punishment.

"Well, as you are still learning, I forgive you, but in the future I expect you to remember it. Now there are two variations on this that I may have you in at different points. One is kneeling like this with your hands clasped together behind you neck. Do this now"

She raised her hands and locked her fingers together behind her neck. This forced her to arch her back slightly, thrusting her breasts outward.

"Good, the other is simple, and you do not have to assume it. It is again kneeling the same way, but with your hands behind you back."

He smiled "you take to this very well" she smiled at his praise.

"Alright, you may stand up now, and you may raise your eyes again"

She quickly stood up, lowering her arms and looking at him again.

"Okay, I think that is enough of that for now. Come here and turn so you are facing away from me"

She stepped over to him and turned around facing the room. There was a soft clink and then out of the corner of her eyes she saw his hands. He put the collar on her, fastening it. She reached up and felt the cool metal around her neck; there it was the physical symbol of her status as he and Sarah's submissive, toy, and sex slave. As she thought about this, she felt her pussy getting even wetter, and felt herself flush.

"Turn around"

She did so and Kevin saw the flush on her chest and face, knowing how aroused she was.

"I'm afraid we don't have time for much playing, but you have been good, so I think you deserve a treat. First, however, you're going to suck my cock. Kneel."

She got down on her knees, as he proceeded to undressed. Once he was naked, he took some her hair in his hand gently.

"Alright, you may start"

At that, she happily began working on his cock. Licking it and his balls, getting them nice and wet. She surprised him, and started licking and gently sucking his balls before she moved to his cock. She smiled slightly when she heard him moan. After doing that for a little while, she finally moved to his cock, slowly taking the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue over it. As she moved down his shaft, she brought one hand up and continued to fondle his balls. She could tell he was close, so she didn't spend a lot of time teasing him. She shortly got down to a regular rhythm, sucking hard as she went up his shaft, swirling her tongue over the head and then going down again. He was increasingly making more sounds, but before he came, he pulled her head away from him.

She looked up at him, not sure why he stopped her.

"You are a very good cocksucker," he told her, seeing her cringe slightly at the crude term.

Before she said anything, he reached down, grasped her arm and had her stand, directing her into the other room, to the bed.

"Lay down on the edge of the bed, keep your feet on the floor, you're going to masturbate for me, make yourself come. Just remember, do not come without my permission"

She was more than happy to masturbate, as she was dripping wet, and needed to come badly. She lay back on the bed, keeping her feet on the floor. Closing her eyes, she brought one hand to her pussy and used the other one to play with her nipples. Using the hand at her pussy, she played with her slit, alternating between making circular movements on it and flicking her nail over it, sending shocks through her body. Her hand was busy pinching and tugging on her nipples. As she was doing this, she heard him groan, and opened her eyes briefly. She saw that he was standing in front of her, also masturbating; she realized that when he came, it was going to be all over her. She closed her eyes again and felt herself getting close

"Please sir, may I come"

"Not yet, wait" was his was his clipped response.

She groaned and focused on trying to hold her impending orgasm back.

"Please, sir, please let me come"

She heard him grunt before answering "alright, come, come for me slut"

With that she yelled and came hard, her body trembling, and her pussy muscles spasming. As she was coming, she heard him let out a short yell and felt his warm come landing on her stomach.

As she was coming down from her orgasm, he lay down on the bed, regaining his composure. She felt him reach over and stroke her hair softly

"Thank you sir" she said quietly

"You're welcome slut; I told you early on I reward good behavior"

She lay there for a moment before getting up and getting a towel, cleaning herself off, and then handing him the towel so he could do the same for himself…

I think that afternoon went pretty well, and I was glad he thought I had been good. He did tell me that in the future I was not to clean myself off until I got permission. I know a lot women might think that having a guy come on them is nasty or something but I kind of like it. It's a little bit nasty, a little bit dirty, and there is something sort of sexy about that.

Things stayed fairly simple for a while after that, and went pretty smoothly. Up until now, I hadn't done much with the three of them, since it was often easier to work with just him. So we managed (between all our jobs and family responsibilities) to find a day when the three of us had time for a scene. One thing that was nice was that the two of them varied in their style as Dom/mes. Kevin was stricter, and a bit more formal, although he could be very affectionate and gentle when I was being good. He was also very naturally dominant. Sarah was different; she was softer, more sensual. Sometimes she even deferred to Kevin when we were doing things. I got the feeling she might have been more of a switch at one time. This made a nice dynamic, although sometimes it was hard for me, because I would slip and forget what I could or couldn't do with Sarah, since she didn't enforce the rules as much.

I was always a bit nervous about doing a scene with both of them, but I think that was just because I was harder on myself when I had two people to please, not just one. The day we got together, I didn't know it ahead of time, but Kevin had decided to push me a bit. I had never enjoyed tasting my own juices, but he often had me clean his fingers after he had fingered me or something. That day it was taken to the next level…

The door opened and she stood there for a moment, dressed as she had been told to, in a short skirt, close fitting top, high heels, and no underwear of any kind. Sarah smiled and then gave her a once over before letting her in. She stepped in and turned around to face Sarah, since she knew better than to try to guess what she wanted of her. Sarah closed the door again and turned to her, walking up to her. She leaned forward ad kissed her, simultaneously reaching up and squeezing her breast, increasing the pressure until she heard her take in a sharp breath. Sarah let go and looked at her with a small smile.

"Go into the room, strip and kneel. Wait there until Kevin and I come in"

"Yes ma'am" she replied quietly.

She turned around and went upstairs, while Sarah got Kevin.

She stripped ad knelt on the floor of the room, looking around. She saw the collar on a table nearby, but didn't see any toys yet. A few minutes later Kevin and Sarah came in and he looked at her enjoying seeing her naked and kneeling there.

"Alright slut, get the collar on the table and hand it to me"

She stood up, picked up the collar and stepped over to them, handing it to Kevin. Turning around she knelt again with her back facing them.

"Good, see you are learning" she heard Sarah say.

She felt Kevin's hands by her neck as he placed the collar on her.

"Alright stand up" he told her.

She got up and turned to face them again. Sarah opened the little drawer on the table and took out a blindfold, letting her see it. She looked at it; it had been quite a while since she had been blindfolded during a scene. Sarah didn't put it on her immediately though

"Now, we are feeling generous today, so we don't really intend on being to harsh, however that doesn't mean we wont keep pushing you on certain things, and pushing your limits a little. This time it will be a bit more mental instead of physical, that's all"

Kevin spoke up as Sarah finished

"Also, as you well know, normally you simply have to ask permission to come. However, today, we want you at the point of begging. You won't be allowed to come unless you are at that point. Do you understand?"

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