tagErotic CouplingsNew Experiences Ch. 02

New Experiences Ch. 02


The days past quickly and before I knew it Saturday had arrived. I hadn't really had a lot of time to think about the visit to the "Sex Hotel" since the surprise announcement that we where actually going. However on the Saturday I woke up with the same thoughts and pictures running through my mind as I had had early in the week of naked people everywhere and orgies as well as tight knot in my stomach which where the beginnings of nervousness and even a little bit of dread. As the day progressed this feeling intensified until it almost overrode any sexual desire born of the imaginary images flashing through my brain. The time had come, we had pack, although that didn't take very long as we where going to be spending most of the night naked, and where leaving for the hotel.

The hotel was a large old build set in a nice amount of open countryside, we drove up to it with mingled feelings of excitement and mild panic. We parked and stayed sat in the car for what seemed like ages, I looked around to Jim, he smiled and raised his eyebrows slightly. I could see he was a bit nervous too but for some reason the smile instantly calmed me, I smiled back and with a new found send of confidence we got out of the car, quickly grabbed the bag and headed for reception.

The hotel reception was large, like the hotel itself, but a bit more modern with trendy sofas and plain and simple walls. They had kept a few of the nice features like the hearth but had replaced the open fire with one of the modern wood burning stoves. Any signs of faded painting of the local hunt or moose heads had long since been removed. The young lady on reception gave us a friendly smile and said, "Can I help you."

Jim found his voice first "Yes, we have a reservation for tonight," and provided his name as confirmation.

The lady was a little relieved, presumably because she now did not have to explain the sort of the hotel this was to unsuspecting holiday makers that had liked the look of the place.

"Ah yes, you have a deluxe room for one night, is that correct?' the receptionist said.

Jim just nodded, his voice seeming to have failed him.

The receptionist gave a slight smirk at loosing the ability to speak and dispensed the usual key cards, directions to the room as well as information about an "induction" which took place for first time visitors later that day.

As we left the reception for our room I whispered "Induction?"

"She means a kind of introduction, I read about it on the web site." Jim said

"Ah," I said, looking slightly relieved "it had sounded like there where going to get us to perform some sort of initiation!"

"What sort of thing did you have in mind," Jim said playfully.

"Wait till we get to the room and I might just show you!"

The room was lovely with a massive bed and a bathroom with a big double bath and separate double shower. There where also two sets of fluffy dressing gowns and more instructions about the "induction" meeting to take place at seven tonight. While I read the notice Jim unpacked which took all of two minutes.

"What does it say?" Jim asked

"It says to meet at the entrance to the cellar at Seven, they recommend wearing one set of the bathrobes."

"I wondered why there where four!" Jim replied

"It doesn't say what to wear underneath," I said smiling.

"Well I doubt they are expecting you to be wearing a ball gown underneath or me a tuxedo." Jim said jokingly.

I smiled back and laughed, our eyes locked and we move towards each other. We began to kiss passionately as the though some sort of tension had been released by the laughter.

I slowly started unbuttoning Jim's shirt as he kissed my neck, this always gave me tingles down my spine. I pulled away slightly to slide the shirt off his shoulders and on to the floor, he took the opportunity to pull my top over my head. We kissed again, the feel of his naked chest and arms against mine as I pushed together making me feel warm and safe. This happened sometimes, we would not rush just slowly kiss and fondle and remove each others clothing until we where completely naked. It is far different from the wanton lust driven sex that we also have although both allow you to drift away into a state of non-thinking and just go with the flow.

We where both completely naked now standing in front of the bed with clothes and underwear strewn around us. Jim's cock was hard and nestled between my thighs as my erect nipples gently rubbed on his chest while we kissed. Jim turned away from me to pull back the cover on the bed, he turned back and kissed me again. I long, slow, deep kiss as we slowly turned on the spot so the backs of my knees where against the bed. The kiss broke and I gently lent backwards and spread my arms letting myself fall backwards onto the bed.

The bed was soft and warm, aided by the sunlight streaming in through the window. I opened my eyes and Jim was grinning at the almost childish way I had fallen onto the bed. He looked great, almost silhouetted in the bright sun light with a big grin on his face. As I looked down his body a grin grew on my face as well I saw his very large, and fully erect, cock accentuated by the sunlight. He looked down my body too, over my slightly flatten breast with very erect nipples to my stomach. Falling backwards had left my legs at unusual angles so Jim could see my pussy but only just, he continued to look down my body to my legs, knees still bent over the end of the bed. As his gaze returned up my body I lifted my feet from the floor to the bed, spreading my legs to give Jim a full view of my pussy. Jim's eyes where locked on my pussy as a slowly moved myself up the bed to rest my head on the pillows. He still didn't move so I placed my hands just below my shoulders and gentle moved them down over my breasts. Cupping and massaging a little before tweaking each nipple a couple of times. I moved my hands down further over my stomach and placed them over my pussy to obscure it from view. Jim looked up as if he was a child who's favorite toy had been taken away. I couldn't deprive him, so I lifted my knees to my chest, still keeping my pussy covered, before slowly pulling my hands apart and spreading my pussy lips. I was already very wet and so pushed two fingers of my left hand gentle into my pussy as far as they would go. I removed them slowly and raised them to my mouth to taste my excitement as I inserted a single finger into my pussy. Jim didn't know if he should be looking at my pussy or the look on my face as a swirled my tongue around my juicy fingers and sucked them deliciously.

Jim moved forward onto the bed and positioned himself of top of me, I removed my fingers from my mouth and placed them on his lips so he could taste my pussy too. I felt his cock touch the finger I still had in my pussy and raised my hips so he would find the moist entrance. He pushed forward slowly filling my pussy and stretching it slightly due to the room taken up by my finger. Jim sucked my fingers and push as far as he could inside me until I felt the base of his cock on my finger and the tip of his cock deep inside me. I felt deliciously full but wanted to give Jim the unhindered ability to thrust in and out of me, as he withdraw his cock I withdraw my finger making me gasp slightly as it brushed over my clit. Jim push back into me very slowly, as I circled my clit with my finger I could feel him deep inside me, filling me up, due to the angle of my legs and hips. His cock was withdrawn again but this time he did not push it back into me but made very small thrusts, just pushing the head into my pussy and withdrawing it. Each thrust gave me that thrill of initial penetration and caused my muscles to tighten around his cock trying to prevent it from being removed. He continued this for a minute of so and then gave one long hard thrust deep inside me making me moan with pleasure and making my pussy clench around his cock so I could feel every inch of it. I could see that Jim was very turned on and it would not be long until he came. I increased the pressure on my clit hoping to come with Jim as he slowly moved in an out of me. He continued his slowly and steady pace, in and out, his eyes closed as be got closer and closer to orgasm. I became mesmerized just watching the near ecstasy on his face, forgetting about myself as he gentle thrust inside me. His breathing became short as I watched and as the performed one very deep thrust his body jerked and I could feel is cock twitching inside me as his come filled my pussy.

Jim opened his eyes and lowered himself down to kiss me on the lips and then neck and down to my breasts. He nibbled my nipple causing my pussy to tighten around his cock which was slowly reducing in size. We continued this for a few minutes until one particular hard bite on my nipple caused his cock to be pushed from my pussy. He went to move away but I put my hand on the back of his and push it back onto my breast which he proceeded to bite again. I moaned slight as he circle my nipples with tongue and gently kissed every part of my breasts. His kisses starting to be placed on the underside of my breasts then the top of my stomach. I got the sudden thrill of excitement and ache deep inside my pussy at the realization that he was making his way down to lick my pussy. He took what seemed like an hour slowly kissing my stomach, the tops of my thighs and the inside of my legs before finally getting to my pussy. I pushed my hips up as I could feel his breath on my very wet and come filled pussy but as I did this he moved back slightly teasing me. He kissed around the top of my clit and down the side of my pussy only just touching the very sensitive parts and driving me to cry out.

"Lick my pussy, please lick me, I really need your tongue on my clit."

"Ok," Jim said, "you only had to ask" as he smiled at me.

He extended his tongue to very gently flick my clit which sent shivers through my body. He moved away and then did the same again causing the same effect on my body. I could stand it no longer, using both hands I pulled his mouth onto my pussy and clamped it there. Jim reacted by sucking my clit into his mouth and running his tongue over and around it at lightening speed.

I cried out again "Oh, Yes, Yes, Yesssssss".

I released my grip slightly and he withdraw so he could furiously circle my clit with his tongue. The pent up orgasm caused by the slow teasing was now growing inside me, I knew I only had a few seconds before it would hit me.

Jim reached around my leg with his hand to place two fingers on either side of my clit to expose the most sensitive part so he could lap at it with his tongue.

"Oh God, Yeh, Yeh," I shouted.

The pleasure was so much know and my breaths so rapid I could not form words I was just making short indistinct noises of pleasure.

My orgasm was building and building and just as I thought I was about to come Jim stopped licking my clit and plunged his tongue deep into my pussy. He swirled his tongue around and around inside me as his fingers squeezed by clit. That sent me over the edge, the probing sensation as well as the thought of Jim tasting the combination of my pussy juices and his come cause my orgasm to break over me. I shuddered, squealed and yelped as I came, Jim had to hold me down as my body shook so he could keep his tongue lodged in my pussy. I let out a final sigh as the very long orgasms finally subsided. Jim slowly removed is tongue and gently kissed my pussy lips and clit causing involuntary shudders to run through my body.

"Wow, Wow." Is all could manage as Jim moved up to lay beside me.

We kissed, I could taste my pussy and his come that he had licked from it which gave me a minor replay of the moment of orgasm.

As we lay there drifting off for a little sleep before the evenings events all I could thing was. This has already been a great afternoon, I wonder how much better tonight can be.

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