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New Experiences in London


The following story is the outcome of a very inspiring e-mail from a reader, who was told about that events from the two girls featuring this story, as they had a very erotic experience in London. So thanks for the inspiration.

Maya and Katrina had been friends since their childhood. Now both girls were 18 years old and would finish school in a few months. They both loved the English language and so had the opportunity to take part on a special English course in London during their Easter holidays.

Maya was the more feminine looking of the two teenage girls. She was not thick at all, even could still be considered kind of slim, but her body had full, feminine, round and soft forms. She had rather big and full breasts (D-Cup), that due to their heavy weight were even sagging a little bit, but fully underlined her appearance. Also her bum was of a full and soft apple-form and not too small at all. With about 1,7meters she was of medium-size. She had beautiful blue eyes and a pretty face. Her long, naturally blonde hair was falling down beneath her shoulders.

Katrina was the more girlish type of the two girls. She was of the same size as her friend Maya. But if Maya could be called the voluptuous type, Katrina would be called the more athletic type. She did a lot of sports. So she was quite slim, without being just rips and bones. She still had curves enough. She had a flat, well-trained belly and a very firm and well-shaped little ass, that looked extremely sexy especially in tight-fitting jeans. Her medium-sized breasts (C-Cup) had the shape of perfect peaches and were very firm. She had a very pretty face and she wore her brownish hair down to her shoulders.

Maya and Katrina had always been fun-loving girls who loved to go out to parties, to movies and were interested in all kind of activities. Also both had been very interested in sex and erotic for the last few years and had collected a few experiences but nothing big and special.

That Easter the weather was unusually warm for London. Maya and Katrina had just finished their last class and would return to Germany the next day. So they decided to spend some time out at Hyde-Park in the warm late-afternoon spring-sun. Both girls wore some tight-fitting tops with spaghettis. They felt very sexy not to wear any bra beneath. Katrina had chosen a quite short skirt that showed a lot part of her beautiful, sportive legs, while Mayas skirt almost reached down to her knees.

After walking around in the park the two teenage girls sat down at one of the benches and just enjoyed the sun and chatting with each other. On a bench a few feet away of them sat a tall, black man in an expensive looking business suit. He was of very dark skin and had very short cut dark-black hair. He seemed to be at least fifty years old, but looked very gentleman-like and well taken care of his looks. He also looked like doing enough sport to still be quite slender and athletic for his age. With a size of over 1,9meters he was really tall.

The man had been watching the two pretty teenagers for a while until he finally rose and walked to the bench of Maya and Katrina.

The two young girls looked up at the tall, black elder gentleman.

"I´m very sorry to interrupt you two. I just heard you talk German? Are you two from Germany? I´m just coming around a lot for doing business and so I spend a lot of time in Germany too. My name is Karim, by the way."

So Karim, who later told them that he was 54years old, broke the ice and started a talk. First the teenage girls were quite shy and even a bit afraid that an old, black man talked to them at the park. But the man was very talkative in a funny way and showed very well manners. It even flattered them a bit that such a business man obviously showed interest in two young schoolgirls. After a while he asked them if he might invite the two of them into a nice Italian restaurant just nearby.

Maya and Katrina looked at each other, very unsure what to do. Should they really follow a stranger into a restaurant? They started whispering and finally decided that it could be fun and a restaurant still was a public place, where nothing bad could happen.

"I´m very pleased to get the company of two so beautiful and young German girls," Karim said with a charming smile and kissed both girls hands. Maya and Katrina giggled.

"And we are very pleased to be invited by an interesting man like you," Maya gave back the compliment and blushed a bit.

Karim offered his arm that the two 18year old girls took and they walked off to the restaurant. Somehow both girls felt very special being guided by the black business man and especially now so close to his impressive, tall body.

The restaurant was quite high-scale and had a very nice atmosphere and great food and even better Italian wines. The girls ordered what Karim recommended to them and loved the food and the wine. The alcohol made the atmosphere even a bit cosier and they found the elder businessman even more charming and entertaining.

He was telling funny episodes from his life, asking them a lot of questions about themselves and was making a lot of nice compliments. From time to time his fingers or hands touched their shoulders, their thighs, stroke their cheeks or their hair. There were no objections from the girls.

After three glasses of the best red wine the teenage-girls had ever tried, the subject of their talk turned to a more erotic topic. Karim asked them about their relationships so far and about their sexual experiences. They told him that their had been this and that but nothing really special and convincing so far.

"So if your real – life experiences haven't been so great, I´m sure you two will have some special fantasies or erotic dreams?"

Maya and Katrina looked at each other. They had talked about each other's fantasies, but should she also tell that intimate things to a stranger? Both girls blushed a bit, but finally Katrina nodded.

"O.K., Karim. But you start first."

"I have one advantage. I´m an old man," he smiled. "I don't need to have so many fantasies nowadays. I love to get what I dream about." The girls blushed even more. That man was so experienced. Both were impressed. They did not ask again. Maya looked at Katrina who nodded and so she began in a low, shy voice.

"Hmm. My fantasy is kind of very kinky, I think." She took a sip of wine and then continued. Her eyes did not dare to look at someone directly. "Sometimes when I masturbate, I think of me being in a room full of men. It must be twenty men or so. All different ages and looks and so on. I´m in the middle of the room and I do only wear some very sexy lingerie. A small see-through bra and an even smaller see-through string-tanga. Both pieces are more revealing than covering. I feel very sexy and I dance in the middle of the room. The men are getting extremely aroused. First I can see that they all have hard-ons through their trousers, but soon they start opening their trousers to get their pricks out. They all start stroking their cocks while I dance in a very sexy way. I see that the first one of the men starts to cum and his semen explodes out of his cock. I dance to his place and with my fingers take up his cream and rub it over my string-tanga. There is uproar within the men and they all rise. I´m pressed down to the bottom. Twenty men are now standing all around me and are wanking their cocks. I have one hand in my panties. My pussy is extremely wet and a start masturbating myself. As the first of the men starts to cum, his full load of hot, white semen splashes over my belly. One after another the men cum and shoot their load over my body. I have semen every where – on my belly, legs, bra and all over my face and then I cum myself very hard." There was a short break. Maya was rubbing her hands together nervously. Finally she said: "Quite kinky isn't it. Of course in reality I have not done such a thing and I haven't tasted any men's semen."

Karim put his arm around Maya and drew her close to him. He gave her a kiss on her forehead and gently stroke her blonde hair.

"That was really great. You really have to be proud of yourself. You are a free and open spirit. That is very important, Maya. It's great to have special fantasies. And you have even told it in a very erotic way, my young dear. Erotic enough to give an old man a hard-on, to be honest." Karim smiled and Maya and Karim could clearly see the "tent" that had formed at his groin.

Maya was really relaxed now. She was proud of herself, that this experienced man had been so fond of her young personality and also that she could give a hard-on to such a man just by telling her favourite fantasy.

Now it was Katrina's time. She too was shy, but it was a bit easier for her, as she wasn't the first like Maya.

"Well, I can not tell such a long story as Maya. I´m absolutely not a lesbian. I have had a boyfriend as you know. But sometimes when I pleasure myself I dream of another woman´s or girls – I don't really know exactly – pussy. Sometimes I have my head between the spread legs of another woman and I take in the scent and taste of it and lick the wet pussy for hours and sometime it's me who spreads her legs and has it's pussy licked. It's just a masturbation fantasy of course!"

Now it was Katrina who got Karim´s bodily attention with a little kiss and a close hug. The only thin Katrina had not told was that she knew exactly whose pussy it was that she licked or who it was between her own spread legs – it always was Maya. Not even Maya knew that.

"Thank you, Katrina. You don't have to excuse yourself at all. It is very common for a lot of hetero women to sometimes enjoy the company and sexual passion of another woman. I have seen a lot girls and ladies myself enjoy themselves in lesbian love at special occasions. Incredible erotic! Also your little fantasy did not help to lose my hard-on. Just feel!"

Karim took both girls hands and lead them to his groin. Very shy they felt up and down his hard cock beneath the fabric of his trousers and panties.

The topic remained at the erotic side, till Karim paid the bill and he finally asked them for a last drink into his flat, which was only a two or three minutes walk from the restaurant.

Maya and Katrina were both a bit aroused by now, but still they were a bit shy. They started whispering to each other again and finally agreed to follow the mature black man.

The man had an impressive, huge penthouse overlooking Hyde Park. The two 18year old girls were deeply impressed by the man's exquisite taste. He showed them around, poured them a drink and Maya and Katrina sat on a fantastic couch. Karim was seated a few feet opposite them. They still talked about erotic things and all three were quite aroused by now.

"Would you two, wonderful beauties allow me some pictures of you. So that I have something to remember of the wonderful evening I was allowed to spend with you?" Karim suddenly asked and the girls agreed.

Karim took some shots of the girls just sitting on the couch. He also asked them to stand up and pose in standing positions. Maya and Katrina where in a good mood and loved the posing. After a while the found themselves lying on the couch again.

"Katrina, would you mind giving Maya a kiss on the cheek and maybe onto her neck or throat. I´m sure it would look wonderful." asked Karim.

The girls laughed and Katrina planted some soft kisses all over her friend's cheeks and even kissed down her neck and around her throat. The kisses changed a bit and the laughing stopped. One could clearly feel a changing mood between the girls. Maya loved to feel the soft lips of her closest friend all over her sensitive skin and Katrina's passion in kissing was growing from kiss to kiss.

Karim kept shooting pictures with his digicam. He clearly sensed the erotic mood. "That's really cool, girls. You will love the pictures. Katrina dare you to kiss down Maya's shoulder and remove her spaghettis from her shoulder a bit and would you both hike up your skirts a bit. I´m sure the mood on the pictures will be very great."

Maya and Katrina laughed a bit. But the kind of laughing had changed. Their faces were reddened with a new kind of shy but erotic arousal. Both hiked up their skirts. One could clearly see their panties. Both wore very sexy, see-through string-tangas and both showed some wet spots on the front.

Karim smiled as he kept taking pictures. One could clearly see his stiff cock press against his trousers.

Katrina softly kissed down Maya's neck and her wet tongue drew a trace behind. Maya had closed her eyes now and her fingers were stroking the soft hair of her friend. Katrina's lips now followed her friend's shoulder and her fingers put the straps of her top over. Then she started to kiss even deeper and to pull down her top till only the crowning nipple of her big, soft, feminine tits were covered. She would have wished to go even further, but did not dare yet. So she just planted wet kisses all over the flesh of the exposed upper part of her breast. Both girls had rock hard nipples by now, that were pressing through the fabric of their tops.

Katrina then kissed up again and finally ended her kissing tour with a soft kiss on her friend's lips.

"That was really fantastic, girls," Karim smiled. He did not hide his hard on, but enjoyed the girls eyes on it. "You are like real models! Do you want to take a look at the pictures?" He handed them the camera and the girls look at the pictures in the preview format.

The erotic mood already was at a very high level, when Karim asked the two 18year old girls:

"I have one last request to you. Of course you can say no! But I just love the wonderful scent of young girls aroused pussies. Would you leave me your panties as a souvenir?"

Katrina already was in a very adventurous mood and immediately agreed and so Maya could not stand back. Katrina loved to tease and so she just hiked up her skirt and then slowly pulled down her small string – tanga. It was really wet on the front. Karim could get a very good look at her pussy as the girl slowly rolled the cloth down her beautiful, slender legs. She was almost completely shaved with only a small strap of pubes in place. He could also see that her pussy was shimmering with aroused wetness. Maya just followed her friend's example and with her skirt far up her thighs and her legs spread wide enough to let the black man have a good view, she too, took of her wet panties. She was shaved completely and she too was quite wet by now.

The teenagers handed the 54year old man their wet panties. He complimented on their exceptional taste of selecting lingerie and then slowly and with obvious delight brought one after another to his face and took in the smell like the scent of good wine. His lips kissed the wet spots on their panties, taking in some of their taste. "You two really smell and taste wonderful. Extremely erotic. Do you want to try yourself? I´m very thankful for your great gift!"

The aroused girls took their own panties from his hands and began smelling and even tasting themselves. They exchanged their panties and the three of them even started and erotic discussion of the differences and the specialities of each wonderful scent and taste.

Now Maya and Katrina really had lost their shyness that had fully been replaced by sexual excitement that was growing from minute to minute. So Maya was adventurous enough to say as she handed her own panties back to Karim:

"But now we want to taste your panties, too! It's just fair. Isn't it?"

"Of course it is." answered Karim and immediately began to undress. He first took off his tie in front of the girls. He was standing only a few feet away from them. He loved to see how their hard nipples pocked through their tops as he stripped down his cloth piece by piece.

None of the young girls had seen a naked black man. That the man in front of them was more than 35 years older then they were made the whole scene even more erotic and adventurous for them.

Within a very short time Karim stood in front of them wearing only his boxer shorts that were showing a big tent at the front. "Now it's your part, girls. Please feel free to take of my shorts!" The mood meanwhile was such that the girls did not hesitate a moment. Four hands longed forward and started touching his huge hard-on through the fabric of his shorts. Then they started pulling down his panties and his big cock sprang out, only inches away now from the girls faces. The 54year old, tall black businessman was now standing completely naked in front of the two 18year old German schoolgirls.

Katrina was pressing his shorts to her face, but there was nothing special. Only a small drop of precum showed on the inside.

"So if you are disappointed, you can of course help yourself to some more to taste at!" Karim smiled at the girls and sat down between them on the couch. He took their small girlish hands into his big black ones and guided them to his hard cock and his balls.

For the young girls it was the most exciting and erotic they had ever experienced in their life. Shy at first they started to play with his balls and his stiff cock. Maya was caressing his heavy balls, that felt hot in her hands and Katrina`s fingers were tracing up and down the shaft of his really big and extremely hard cock. Her thumb rubbed over his top again and again and she loved to feel the precum under her fingers. Both girls were especially excited about the erotic contrast of their white hands on his dark black genitals. They changed their hands and now Katrina was playing his balls and Maya started stroking his shaft very slowly. Karim leaned back and a moan escaped his mouth.

The girls loved to see how their fingers and hands could pleasure that experienced man. Their masturbating him and caressing his balls became more passionate and then Katrina felt his balls get even harder and bigger and Maya felt some pressure against her thumb as his full load of semen shot out of his cock and landed on his black stomach. Two shorter shots of cum followed and Karim moaned aloud. The white, warm cum was covering his belly, navel and his pubes now and some was still sticking at his cock that was going limp now. For the girls the contrast of his white semen against his black skin again was additionally arousing. Soon their fingers found it's way to his cream.

For Maya it was almost like her favourite sexual fantasy coming true. She could not resist bringing her head down. Curious she took in the smell and then without thinking she stuck out her tongue and licked up some of his cum. For her the taste of it was just wonderful. Of course Katrina was as curious and also her tongue took a taste.

Karim was extremely aroused now himself to see these young girls lick up his semen. His cock was already growing again. "Lick it up girls and then kiss each other!" he moaned and the two hot girls licked up all his semen – from his cock, his pubes and his belly. And then Katrina really leaned in to Maya. Her mouth opened, his semen still on her tongue and her lips and she kissed Maya whose mouth was open too. They were locked mouth to mouth; their tongues exchanged his semen from mouth to mouth for a while, before they started swallowing it. Some of his cum was even escaping their lips and slowly rolling down their chin, till it dropped to their tops. For some minutes they then were locked into a passionate kiss. Both had brought their hands to the others breasts. Maya was massaging Katrina's breasts through her top, while Katrina had even managed to pull one of Maya's heavy breasts free of the cloth and was now directly caressing her skin and her nipple.

Karim had risen from his place and sat down opposite of the girls on the couch again. He was slowly masturbating his cock as he watched Katrina and Maya in their passionate lesbian love play. With his other hand he started to take pictures with his digicam again.

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