tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Family Rules

New Family Rules


I will freely admit that I had a fairly privileged life growing up. My parents, my sister, and I lived in an affluent suburb: nice homes, large lots, trees, in-ground pools, the lot. Our neighborhood was safe. Although my sister and I went to public school, it was a good school. Every class was college-prep, and the school offered a huge range of sports. We were upper middle-class or lower upper class kids.

Mom and Dad had met in college and married just after they graduated. Gwen was born about a year later and I followed Gwen by about a year. Our parents were only in their early forties when Gwen graduated from high school. It was in the summer after Gwen graduated, the summer between my junior and senior years in high school, that the family underwent a major change.

Mom and Dad had both been athletes in college. Dad swam and Mom had been a tennis player. They had both worked hard to stay in shape. I say "worked hard," but I think that they enjoyed it. In any event, both Mom and Dad were in great shape. Mom was beautiful. She had kept her firm, athletic figure. Her shoulder-length light brown hair framed her blue eyes and a smile that could make you melt. Dad was, well, Dad. Tall, broad shoulders, narrow hips.

My sister Gwen took after Mom. Gwen was a bit taller than Mom with longer legs. Gwen also had a bit fuller figure. Gwen was also an athlete: volleyball in the fall, swimming in winter, and tennis in spring. People who didn't know us sometimes took Mom and Gwen to be sister rather than mother and daughter. My buddies gave me a fair amount of crap for living with two "hot" women. I really didn't notice. They were just my Mom and my sister.

I always felt like I had drawn the genetic short straw. Rather than being tall and athletic looking like Dad, I was about Mom's height with broad shoulders but a thick chest and thighs. Rather than being a graceful swimmer, I was a football player and wrestler. I was also a shot-putter, but I really wasn't big enough to throw shot.

Growing up, we had been a "normal" family. Everyone closed the bathroom and bedroom doors. Although our backyard pool was completely screened off from the outside, we always wore suits when we used it. Although, my buddies who came over kept telling me that Mom and Gwen looked pretty exciting in their suits.

Once Gwen got her driver's license, Mom and Dad started going away more for long weekends. They were always a little vague about where they had gone. I wasn't paying that much attention anyway. I figured they were going somewhere warm and sunny because they were always tanned. Of course, nothing went on between Gwen and me when they were gone.

Mom and Dad had gone somewhere over Memorial Day weekend. Gwen's graduation was the following weekend and she was partying, moderately, with her friends. Gwen would be leaving for her Ivy League university in August. I had just started working my summer job as a laborer with a neighbor's construction firm. I figured that the hard labor in the sun would be good conditioning for my senior year of football. I also had an ulterior motive: the neighbor's daughter, Amanda Turner, swam and played tennis with Gwen. Although Amanda was a year behind Gwen, they had become friends. Amanda was gorgeous: blonde, blue eyes, great legs, a wonderfully shaped ass, and great breasts. She was also very bright and, unlike many very beautiful girls that age, was not at all arrogant about her looks. I was hoping that working for her father would give me more opportunities to see Amanda.

Gwen's graduation was, of course, a big deal. I felt a little like a fifth wheel. I was also a little melancholy about the idea that Gwen would be leaving in August. I liked my sister; she was a pretty good friend. I also feared that, with Gwen gone, my opportunities to see Amanda would diminish.

Mom and Dad were not what I would call "disciplinarians." That didn't mean that Gwen or I ran wild. We knew what Mom and Dad expected of us and our internal fears of letting our parents down was more than enough to keep us both in line, most of the time. But, that made it highly unusual when Mom announced the day after Gwen's graduation party that we'd be having a "family meeting" the next night. I could not remember having one of those before. I wondered what was up. Had Dad's business gone bankrupt? That shouldn't justify a meeting. Mom was a senior VP at the bank. We could live on her income if Dad had hit trouble.

I got home from work the next evening dirty and sweaty as you'd expect from working on a construction site in June. Mom and Gwen were in the study when I came in, and I could hear female giggles. I hoped that was a sign that the "family meeting" wasn't about anything too bad.

When she heard me come in, Mom called out, "Go upstairs and clean up Harry. We'll eat dinner then have our meeting." I showered and traded my work clothes for a clean tee shirt and shorts.

I don't remember what we ate. I helped Mom clean up after dinner. Gwen had gone into the living room to do something with Dad. When we were done with the dishes, Mom turned to me. She was smiling. "Ok," she said, "now it's time for our meeting."

Mom led me into the living room. Gwen and Dad had set up his computer and a projector that could show pictures from the computer on a wall of the room. What the hell was up? I wondered.

I sat down on the opposite end of the sofa from Gwen. Mom and Dad stood, side-by-side, facing us. They were both smiling. I noticed that they were also holding hands.

Dad started, "Gwen is leaving for college in August so this summer is the last time we'll be together as a family for an extended period. There is something that is very important to Beth (my Mom) and I which we haven't shared as a family. We've talked it over and we think that the two of you are old enough that you are ready to share this with us and we want to do this as a family."

Dad stopped and looked at Mom. Mom smiled again and started speaking. "We've never told you exactly what we were doing all those times we've gone off for long weekends. Your father and I are nudists. We were going to resorts where we could spend time with our friends without having to wear clothes."

I assumed that Mom was joking. It was literally impossible for me to believe that my parents were nudists. As I sat there silently, Dad nodded at Gwen. Gwen stood up and closed the curtains on the windows. It was still light outside, but the room was darker.

Dad said, "We took some pictures on our last trip. Your Mother and I want to show them to you."

Mom added, "People are not usually allowed to take photos at nude resorts, but we got permission to take these so we could show the two of you our lifestyle. Everyone in the pictures agreed to be in them."

Dad turned on the projector. On the wall across from us was a color picture of my parents. They were standing in front of a big swimming pool. I could see lounge chairs around the pool. There were man and women on some of the lounges and I could see men and women in the pool. Mom and Dad were standing side-by-side, facing the camera. Each had an arm around the other's back. They were smiling. They were also completely naked. So were the people in the background.

I was shocked and confused. I had never seen either of my parents naked. Part of my brain registered that they both looked pretty damn good naked and very happy. The larger part of my brain was on the verge of panic. Why were they telling us this?

Dad showed some more pictures. Mom and Dad lying on their backs on lounges side-by-side. Mom and Dad dancing in what looked like a night club. Mom and Dad having a drink at an outdoor bar. In each picture, they were completely naked and so was everyone else in the pictures.

I was so shocked, and mesmerized, by the pictures that I hadn't noticed that Mom had left the room. I noticed when she walked back in though. Dad turned off the projector. Mom had taken all of her clothes off! She walked to the center of the room, did a quick spin, and stood facing Gwen and me. I looked over at Gwen expecting her to be as shocked as I was. Gwen didn't look shocked at all. She was smiling. I looked back at my naked mother.

Mom said, "See, you're seeing me naked and the world hasn't ended."

Dad had taken off his shirt and shorts. He walked over beside Mom and the two of them stood naked in front of us.

Mom went on. "We enjoy the nude lifestyle so much that we wanted to share it with you before Gwen moves out. We're sure that, once the two of you have tried it, you'll love going nude as much as we do."

Dad said, "So, we've decided to adopt a new family rule; actually our only family rule that I remember. From now on, as long as it is only us here, none of us are going to wear any clothes."

Mom added, "We can't really force you to go nude at home, but we hope that you will. We are sure that you will enjoy it as much as we do."

Now I knew that I was dreaming. Mom and Dad were standing in front of me stark naked telling me that they didn't want any of us to wear clothes at home. This was definitely not real. At the same time, my brain also registered how happy my parents looked and, like their pictures, they both looked pretty good naked.

The next shock hit very quickly. Gwen stood up. She was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of running shorts. Gwen spoke directly to me. "Harry, to be honest, Mom told me this afternoon what she and Dad had planned. I told them that I thought that I was a great idea and that I would have been hurt to find out later that they are nudists but never gave us the chance to go nude with them."

Gwen pulled her tee shirt over her head. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. Her firm breasts looked delicious, although I did notice that her nipples were hard. Then Gwen pushed her shorts down. Gwen had very pronounced tan lines which only served to draw my eyes to her bare triangle. Gwen walked over and stood naked beside Dad. I hadn't really thought about it, despite my friends' comments, but looking at Mom and Gwen standing naked on either side of my father, I realized that my mother and my sister were incredibly gorgeous, sexy women.

I think that I sat on the sofa staring for a few moments. Finally, Mom said, "Harry, are you going to take your clothes off?"

Shit. They really expected me to strip naked too! This brought another fear because seeing Mom nude and watching Gwen strip had given me a raging hard-on.

Gwen said, "Harry, come on. I'm really counting on you on this."

Mom said, "Harry, we know that you have an erection. Don't worry about it. That is natural for a man the first time he sees naked women."

"Especially women this beautiful," Dad added.

Mom softly said, "Please Harry."

I was petrified. However, another part of my brain was telling me that my whole family was standing there naked and, of course, I should be naked too.

My legs didn't feel like they had the strength for me to stand up. Somehow, I got to my feet. My dick was pointing straight out in the front of my shorts. I had trouble getting a hold on the hem of my tee shirt. I finally did and slowly pulled it over my head. I dropped the shirt on the sofa. I looked at my naked family. They were standing so close together that they were touching. They were all three looking at me and smiling, although I thought I saw a look of expectation on Mom's face and Gwen's.

I'm sure that I was blushing, at least my skin felt hot. I stretched the elastic waistband of my shorts and started slowly pushing them down. I had to pull my dick out of my shorts in order to get them past it. I finally let my shorts drop to my ankles.

I stood there buck naked in front of my mother, sister, and father for the first time. I could see that Mom and Gwen were both looking at my dick. Another shocking thought hit me: I actually felt good that Mom and Gwen were seeing my dick.

Gwen walked over and started to hug me. I jerked my hips back so that my dick wouldn't run against her bare skin.

"Don't worry about that silly," Gwen said as she put a hand on my bare ass and pulled me to her. I tentatively put my arms around Gwen and had my first bare hug. It felt really good. As we hugged, Gwen whispered in my ear, "This is going to be a blast. Trust me." Gwen and I broke our embrace.

Mom spoke up again. "There are, of course, a lot of difference between men and women. One obvious one is that you have your sex immediately visible when you take off your clothes while ours is more hidden. That hardly seems fair, so Gwen and I thought we ought to address it during this first family strip-off. Gwen?"

Gwen had stepped away from me. When Mom finished talking Gwen smiled more broadly. She turned her back to me and my father. Then she spread her legs and bent forward as far as she could. Gwen's asshole and pussy were fully displayed. She held the pose for a moment, then straightened up and turned back to face us.

"Damn, Gwen," I said, "You, uh, you look great!"

Gwen smiled again. "Thanks Harry. You look great nude too, but I always knew that you would." Gwen half turned. "Mom?" she said.

I looked at my Mother, who looked like she was having the most fun in the world.

Mom said, "Harry, your Dad sees this all of the time, so this is for you." Mom turned and bent forward, exposing herself to me as Gwen had. Mom looked wonderful too.

As Mom straightened up, Dad said, "Harry, the kind of beauty which your Mother and your sister have really shouldn't be concealed by clothes."

Mom added, "Harry, you are a very attractive man naked. You should be proud to have anyone see you nude."

I surprised myself by realizing that, at that moment, I was really happy to be naked with my family. I enjoyed seeing Mom and Gwen nude and happy, and even enjoyed seeing Dad naked. I was also enjoying the fact that they were seeing me naked. Even ten minutes before, I would not have believed you if you would have told me that I'd have that reaction to stripping off with my family.

Dad walked back to the projector and turned it back on. "There is one more picture from our trip last week that we wanted you to see."

The wall lit up with another picture of Mom and Dad standing nude, facing the camera. They each had a drink in their hand. Another couple was standing with them, also completely nude and facing the camera. It took me a second to realize that the other couple was Amanda's parents.

Gwen saw the look on my face as I recognized Mr. and Mrs. Turner. Gwen giggled. "I think that my friend is having a similar experience tonight."

Mom said, "Bill and Joan Turner, and Amanda, are coming here for a pool party Saturday afternoon. No suits allowed."

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Being in a nude family is great fun.

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Families are proud to be nude together ! More relaxed, well educated and treat each other with more respect.

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