tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Family Rules Ch. 04

New Family Rules Ch. 04


This story is the fourth in a series. I recommend reading the prior stories in order because this story is a continuation of those. Any similarities to any real person are entirely coincidental. Whether you like the story or loathe it, comments are welcome and yes, I know, I'm a poor proofreader. Although it may not seem clear from context, all characters are at least 18.


Football practice started very soon after we got back from Florida. That took up most of my time. I did, and still do, love football. However, the person who came up with the idea of two-a-days in August was a sadist. When I wasn't at practice, I was resting for the next practice.

Amanda had started cheerleading practice. Regrettably, we were not seeing each other as much as I wanted simply because of the demands on our time. One Saturday, after we had finished a "controlled scrimmage" against another school, I got a text from Amanda asking me to come to her house as soon as I could.

When I arrived at the Turners' house that Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Turner met me at the door.

"Harry, we picked up Amanda's cheerleader uniform yesterday. She wants you to see her in it. She'll be along in just a second."

As Mrs. Turner finished, Amanda walked into the room. Amanda looked incredibly sexy. I'm lousy at describing clothes, but the uniform was not the traditional sweater and skirt. Instead, it was a one piece dress; I guess you'd call it. The dress was very snug, which showed Amanda's fantastic figure to full advantage. The front had a deep vee which displayed a tantalizing amount of cleavage. The hem was just below her ass. Amanda looked great in it and I told her so.

"You have yet to get the full effect," Amanda told me with a smile. She did one of those traditional cheerleader jumps where the girl jumps in the air and extends both legs forward. Amanda was not wearing anything under the uniform so the jump exposed her bare legs and pussy.

"That is very beautiful," I said, "but, I doubt that the school is going to stand for you not having anything on underneath."

"Let's look," Mrs. Turner said. "I have the uniform policy here." She looked at the sheet for a moment. Then said "rats." She read from the policy sheet, "genitals must be fully covered with no visible "camel toe.'"

"I can wear a thong and at least be bare-assed," Amanda said.

"Yes, and I'd love it," I replied. "But, I suspect that would simply provoke an amendment of the policy."

"Shit, you're probably right," Amanda acknowledged.

"Let me tinker a bit to see if I can make it any more revealing without getting you into trouble," Mrs. Turner said.

Amanda turned to me so that I could unzip the uniform for her. Once unzipped, she pushed the uniform off of her shoulders and let it drop at her bare feet. Nude, Amanda picked the uniform off of the floor and handed it to her mother.

Turning to me, Amanda asked "Why are you still dressed?"

I didn't have a good answer for that question so I kicked off my shoes, pulled me tee shirt off, undid my belt, and dropped my jeans. I picked my clothes off of the floor and handed them to Mrs. Turner as well. Amanda and I went out and sat by the Turners' pool.

My senior football season was very important to me, but is probably not that interesting for you. I was a two-year starter at inside linebacker. We went undefeated but, because of the complex computer ranking system used by our state high school athletic association, we missed making the state playoffs by two-tenths of a point. Our last game, and the end of my football career, was against a weak opponent at our field. We were up 35-7 at the half so coach began pulling the starters early in the second half to get guys whom he hoped would be starters next year some more game experience.

At our field, the cheerleaders did their routines right behind the team bench. Despite the proximity, Amanda usually left me alone during the games. She knew that I felt that I needed to have my undistracted attention on the game. However, when I came out of that last game, it was obvious that I wasn't going back in. Our second-team offense scored again. As our second team defense went onto the field, I heard Amanda calling "Harry."

I turned to face the cheerleaders and the stands on the hillside beyond them. Amanda was smiling at me. She turned her back to me and bent over. Of course, the hem of the cheerleader uniform ran way up past her ass revealing two bare cheeks. Amanda held that position (which looked very nice) for a few moments before straightening up and turning back around to face me. She lifted up the front of her uniform. Between her thighs was a small triangle of fabric in our school's shade of red. Damn, she'd worn a thong after all.

Amanda's thong did get noticed by more people than just me. Amanda was called to meet with the principal, the AD, and the cheerleader advisor. Not much happened though. That had been Amanda's last game as a cheerleader so they couldn't suspend her from cheering. She also got some latitude from the facts that she was one of the two top students in school and that her Dad had given the school district a fair amount of money over the years.

I moved on to wrestling and Amanda moved on to swimming. It would be a few weeks before I would wrestle a match. I needed to get into "wrestling shape" and drop some football weight. The girls swim team's meets before the Holidays were all away and conflicted with wrestling practice. That meant I wouldn't get to watch Amanda swim until after the New Year.

The Holidays that year were interesting. Gwen was home from college. Mom, Dad, Gwen, and I spent Christmas Eve with the Turners. Unfortunately, it was a clothed celebration. Amanda's maternal grand-parents were visiting for the Holidays and didn't know that their daughter had a nude family. The Turners would spend Christmas Day at Amanda's uncle's house, about 75 miles away.

I gave Amanda her gift on Christmas Eve. With Gwen's long-distance help, I had spent a lot more than I really had to get Amanda a diamond ring. Not an engagement ring, but a very nice ring. Amanda was suitably impressed.

I had studiously avoided talking about college with Amanda. I had really fallen in love with her. I knew that there was no chance that the relationship would survive once we were going to different colleges hundreds, if not thousands, of miles apart. Better not to think about that and just enjoy the time that I did have with her. For that reason, I was somewhat upset and depressed when Amanda asked me point blank at dinner where I was applying.

I hesitantly named the flagship school in our state system where I was sure that I could get in. I also mentioned the flagship state university in the next state west of us and a smaller, "state-affiliated" school not far from home that was well regarded. When I stopped, Amanda had an unhappy look on her face.

"You're forgetting one dear," my mother chimed in.

That was true. I really wanted to go to a small but pretty prestigious school just north of Chicago. I didn't think that I had much of a chance of getting in. To Amanda I said, "Oh, yeah, I applied at ______ but I doubt that I'll get accepted."

Amanda's face brightened. "That's where I'm going," she said. "I did early decision and I'm in. We'll go to college together!"

"Uh . . . I wouldn't take that for granted," I replied.

Amanda blew off my concern. "You'll get in" she said assuredly. What I didn't know at that time was that Bill Turner, Amanda's dad, was alum of and a significant donor to that university.

Mom, Dad, Gwen, and I spent a low-key Christmas Day together. We were all nude the entire day. That did improve the holiday.

New Year's Eve was a different matter. Mom, Dad, and Amanda's parents were going to what they admitted was a swinger's party. We didn't expect to see them again until sometime New Year's Day. There were a couple of big parties being given by others at school. Being a college student now, Gwen felt that she was a bit above a high school New Year's Eve party.

Amanda wasn't too excited about our classmates' parties either. As she said to me, "Great. We'll see a bunch of kids get trashed and puke. Some guys and girls will try to get laid. A few actually will get laid and in a week or so someone will probably claim rape. Why do I want to participate in that?"

The upshot was that Amanda, Gwen, and I would spend New Year's Eve quietly at Amanda's house. I was a bit surprised when Amanda invited her other best friend Meryl Cohen. I was more surprised when Meryl came.

I had gotten to know Meryl a little from dating Amanda. She and Amanda were good friends. They both swam and had played doubles tennis together since freshman year. I also knew that Meryl's dad had died of cancer while we were in eighth grade. Her mom had taken over her dad's business and had been very successful with it. From what I could tell, Meryl had a great body. Her face wasn't classically beautiful, but it showed personality and intelligence. Meryl and Amanda were having a friendly competition to see which one of them would be valedictorian at graduation. Meryl was usually much quieter than Amanda. However, Meryl could say more in a few words than most of us could in several paragraphs. She could be very witty and funny when she chose to.

Amanda's parent had kindly left us a few bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne to open at the New Year. The four of us sat around the Turner's kitchen drinking moderately, talking, and laughing. This was by far the longest I had talked with Meryl and she was moving up rapidly in my estimation.

Amanda decided to tell Meryl about the trip our two families took to the nude resort in Florida. Gwen and I were more than a little afraid that Amanda would tell Meryl everything about that trip, but Amanda didn't, thankfully. Meryl was initially a bit put off and dismissive. However, when Amanda wants to talk about a subject, she stays with it. As Amanda kept talking about everything we did in the nude, Meryl's attitude seemed to change some. She began asking genuine questions.

When Amanda described our tennis match, something Meryl could relate to, Meryl asked, "How did it feel to be on that court naked with those people beyond the fence watching you?"

Amanda smiled at the memory. "I made sure that they saw all of me. Meryl, I'm telling you, it felt wonderful. There were a few girls looking at Harry and that was cool too. But, the feeling knowing that people could see my bare tits, my ass, my pussy; it was incredibly sexy."

Meryl sat quietly, thinking about what Amanda had just said or so it seemed.

About 10:30 that night, Amanda said, "Let's take a sauna." The Turners had a nice sauna on the lower level of their house. Just outside were the back patio and their hot tub. It had snowed significant the day before, but earlier on New Year's Eve I had shoveled a path out to the hot tub.

We followed Amanda downstairs to the sauna. Without even thinking, Amanda, Gwen, and I began getting undressed.

Meryl stopped us. "Excuse me. You're going to sauna naked?"

"Of course,' Amanda responded. "How else would you use the sauna?"

"You guys may be nudists, but I'm not there, at least not yet," Meryl replied.

"It's just us," Amanda said. "Besides, you have a beautiful body." Amanda giggled. "You have to start sometime."

"I'm not sure that tonight is the night," Meryl replied. It was pretty clear that Meryl was going to stick to her position. The thought that Meryl might undress was tantalizing, though.

"Ok,' Amanda sighed. "Let me see if I can find you a swimsuit. Are you ok if Harry, Gwen, and I go naked?"

"That's up to you guys," Meryl replied.

Topless, Amanda ran upstairs and came back in a few minutes with a one-piece swimsuit. "This is one of mine, but it should fit you," Amanda said as she handed the suit to Meryl.

Meryl went into a bathroom to change while Amanda, Gwen, and I finished stripping off. The three of us were standing nude outside the sauna when Meryl came back. Meryl was a bit bigger than Amanda. The suit fit her, but it was very tight, almost like it was painted on. I had been right in thinking that Meryl had a great body.

Meryl looked at the three of us in silence for a moment. I noticed that her eyes ran me up and down. Finally, Meryl smiled and said, "The way this fits, I'm not sure it's much different than if I'd gone nude."

"You look great," Gwen replied quickly.

You'd look better with nothing on, "Amanda added.

After some time in the sauna, the four of us moved to the shower. Amanda and I washed each other very carefully. Meryl, still in her swimsuit, watched us closely. After toweling off, Amanda sent me out in the cold to start the hot tub. As I came back inside the house, I noticed again that Meryl was looking intently at my dick. I enjoyed that.

Amanda ran upstairs to get a bottle of wine and some glasses. The four of us, three of us nude, ran outside. Amanda set the wine and glasses down on a table near the tub and hopped in. "Harry, please pour us some wine," she giggled. I poured three glasses and walked around the tub handing them to Amanda, Gwen, and Meryl. I could feel Meryl's eyes following my bare ass. Finished, I poured myself a glass and got into the tub between Amanda and Gwen.

The extra alcohol was making Amanda more amorous. She was playing with me under the water. About 11:45, Gwen said, "Someone needs to go up and get the champagne." After a few moments of no one moving, Gwen sighed, "Ok. I'll get it myself." I watched Gwen's marvelous bare ass walk into the Turner's house. At the same time, Amanda was stroking me pretty good.

I understood Amanda's plan just before mid-night when she yelled, "Everyone out of the tub for our New Year's toast." I paused for a second. Then I thought "the hell with it" and climbed out of the tub with the massive hard-on Amanda had given me. All three girls were staring at me, Amanda with a sly grin. Finally, Meryl said, "Uh, that's pretty nice Harry." My sister said, "Yup, that's my so-called little brother." Meryl started laughing.

I opened and poured the champagne. The four of us toasted the New Year. After she finished her champagne, Amanda came over to me and hugged me, placing both hands squarely on my ass. We kissed for several minutes.

Just after Amanda reached a hand around front and started fondling me, Meryl said, "Guys, it's after twelve. I need to get home."

Amanda pulled her head away from me and told Meryl, "Just put your clothes on over the suit. You can give it back to me later. Thanks for coming. We'll get you out of your clothes some day."

Meryl politely said, "Thanks for inviting me." Meryl gave me a look and added, "Maybe you will, some day." She walked inside the house and we heard her car start a few moments later.

I said to Amanda, "I hope that we didn't piss off Meryl."

Amanda smiled. "Meryl's not pissed off. She's intrigued. She'll go home and jill-off thinking about us nude and what it would have felt like if she had joined us. She'll keep thinking about it tomorrow and the days after."

"Why is it so important to you to get Meryl to go nude?" I asked.

"She's one of my two best friends. I want her to experience how wonderful it is." Amanda gave another of her sly looks. "And, I think that there are possibilities."

I left it at that. Gwen, Amanda, and I gathered the glasses and bottles and turned off the tub. We put the glass in the kitchen and went upstairs to Amanda's bedroom. I welcomed the New Year again with Amanda riding my dick while Gwen sat on my face.

Amanda and I spent a lot more time with Meryl after the New Year. In the new semester, the three of us had five out of seven class periods together. Most nights, Amanda and I would get together to study after wrestling practice and swim practice. Amanda started bringing Meryl along. Usually, Amanda and I studied nude while Meryl stayed fully clothed.

The first home girls' swim meet was Friday of the first week back in school. As a senior athlete, I had some privileges and was on the pool deck instead of in the stands. When our team came out of their locker room for the meet, Amanda made a beeline for me. She took off her warm-ups and asked, "What do you think?"

Most of the girls wore the new style suits which covered them from shoulder to knee. Amanda, however, had chosen an old style suit that was cut very high on her hips. Frankly, the suit looked like it had been sprayed on. Every bit of Amanda's body was clearly outlined. She looked incredibly sexy. "I took all the lining out," she confessed.

Meryl walked up, still in her warm ups. Amanda instructed her, "Get those off and let Harry see your racing suit." Somewhat hesitantly, Meryl took her warm-ups off. "Amanda talked me into this,' Meryl said apologetically.

Meryl's suit was identical to Amanda's, to the point that Meryl's suit looked sprayed on too. She looked great, and I said so. That earned me approving smiles from both girls. Amanda instructed me, "Be sure to get behind the blocks when we start. The view should be good from back there." I followed Amanda's instructions. When either girl bent forward to start her race, the view was very nice indeed.

My first wrestling match was the following week. The day before, in typical Amanda fashion, she simply walked into our locker room, explaining "I need to make sure that you have the right singlet." The one she picked for me was a size too small. I struggled into it and got it on. Looking in a mirror, I saw that I was outlined in detail in the singlet. "That's what I want you to wear," Amanda said. Well, why not?

Not many people came to an ordinary dual match. However, about a year before, we had adopted wrestling cheerleaders. They definitely noticed that my dick and balls were outlined in detail in the singlet Amanda had chosen. Amanda and Meryl came to the match also. When I walked over to them after winning my match, Meryl, looking directly at my dick, said "I like the look Harry" and giggled.

I responded, "Well, you see it unwrapped every time we study." Some students sitting around Amanda and Meryl heard me and turned to look at us. Meryl blushed, but Amanda simply said, "You look better naked Harry."

We carried on wrestling, swimming, and going to school. By some quirk of fate, I qualified for the district wrestling tournament, the first step to the state championship. However, I was the last wrestler to qualify in my weight class. That made me the lowest seed in the tournament and meant that my first match was against the top-ranked wrestler. The district meet was at another school about twenty-five miles away. Six of us had qualified for districts, so we went to the meet as a team. Amanda and Meryl followed in Amanda's car. I was grateful for all the support I could get. I'd need it.

I wrestled the best match of my life in my opening match, although I was on the defensive from the first whistle. I was nowhere near as good as the guy I was wrestling, but lost by a reasonably respectable 7-3. That meant that I wrestled again later in the loser's bracket. The match had taken a lot out of me. As I sat in my warm-ups between Amanda and Meryl, I was really worried about that next match. I repeatedly told myself that the wrestlers in the loser's bracket would be about the same skill level as me.

That, however, was not how it worked out. The second-ranked wrestler in our weight class lost his first match in a huge upset. That made him the highest seed in the loser's bracket. As I was the lowest seed, he was my next opponent. All I can say about that match is that I didn't get pinned. I do think that my opponent set a state record for riding time earned in a single match. When the match and my wrestling career were done, I felt completely beat up.

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