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New Found Love


This is for all of you who have looked for love in the wrong places only to find that true love finds you when you least expect it. This story is purely fiction, it was truly a joy to write and I hope you enjoy reading it. Comments are welcome!



I hadn't brushed my teeth for four long days, a fact that I only know because it was the same amount of days that I had called off work. Here I was, 27, successful, handsome, climbing the corporate ladder, becoming wealthier by the minute, and I was falling apart because my boyfriend dumped me.

He didn't just dump me, oh no, he gave me the ultimate 'fuck you' by letting me catch him in my bed and in my house with some other guy. To add insult to injury, I overheard him talking to him saying how glad he was that I worked so much because it gave him time to fuck his little twink boy. I sort of short-circuited. All I remember of the confrontation is me throwing both him and his twink out along with his belongings so I guess you really could say that I broke it off. However, I felt like a grade-A fool.

During my four-day meltdown, I began remembering more and more of the information that I garnered from my now ex. He had been fucking someone else for over four months. We had only been together less than a year but I felt that we were soul mates. Little did I know how wrong I was. He said that he was no longer satisfied with me because I worked so long and hard and never had any time for him. In my grief-stricken stupor, I failed to mention that maybe he could have gotten a job, but that point is moot now.

The fact is, I'm heart-broken, I'm just beginning to realize that I smell really badly, and I can't call off work indefinitely.With that in mind, I went back to work.

By the way, my name is Jeff. I'm 6' tall, 200lbs. of mostly muscle, and I am fairly hairy in a peach fuzz kind of way where my hair sheens my body without growing long enough to start curling. Because of this, I tend to look like I groom my hair. I have a beard and mustache that is full and lustrous despite my only being 27. I look far more ruggish than I am and I love that look on both my partners and myself. My hair is a dark blonde that looks burnished. I've got blue eyes that are rimmed in hazel making my stare both piercing and mysterious.

When I decided to go back to work, I had to do a double take in the mirror because I looked ten years older and like I hadn't shaved in a month. I hated to go back to work but it was necessary.

The day that I got back to work, I felt like everyone could see the change in me. I was even more driven and obsessed with doing my job but now it wasn't out of ambition; it was a way for me not to think about what a shamble my life was in. I was not really a drinker so I couldn't drown my sorrows in liquor and I knew that casual sex would only make me hate my situation more. The only solace I had left was that I was damned good at what I did and could throw myself into it. Pretty soon my boss took notice and relayed to me that if I kept it up I would be getting a promotion. I didn't care about a promotion. I just wanted to not feel so terrible.

A couple of months later I had a vacation coming up and I was ready for it. I knew that pushing myself so hard those last months was only going to make me crash eventually and then I'd be no good to anyone. So I decided to take a nice long road trip to search for answers. Maybe my ex was right; climbing the corporate ladder might have been too much of my focus.

The Friday before my vacation, my boss Mack popped his head into my office, "Hey Jeff, you got a minute?" I told him to come on in, sensing that there was something amiss. He sat down on my couch and started, "Jeff, I know that you're about to go on vacation but the recent merger we've been working on might fall through if we both aren't there to secure the deal."

I didn't really have a problem with it but I still wanted to know why. "I thought that we weren't settling on a deal until next quarter, why did our clients suddenly move up the deadline? . . . Not that i'm complaining, hell, that means more money for us for rushing and coming in under the deadline"

He replied looking a little green around the gills, "well", he said, "they want us to fly to New York for a week to oversee the merger at their corporate headquarters, the company that they're merging with has stock holdings that just shot through the roof and they show no signs of dropping. They've been on a steady rise for almost a month and this was just the push they needed to speed up this process."

I thought nothing of his look once I heard what sounded like good news and informed him that I was just going to take a small road trip and that it really was not a bother for me to go. I was really dedicated to our clients. He looked pleased and said that we might as well leave that Sunday. We had to be there on that Monday, so we could use that Sunday night to get all of the necessary paperwork and to arrange plans. I met him at the airport on Sunday morning and we were on our way.

By then, my mind was in full work mode, I had forgotten all about not climbing the corporate ladder because now I was in my element. I discussed the terms of the deal with Mack and he didn't have to be impressed with my immaculate attention to the minute details of this deal because that was just my work ethic. We were on the plane for what felt like hours and then we finally touched down.

We had only booked one room with twin beds because we were still a fairly small company and I wasn't into splurging if it wasn't necessary. After going over the necessaries once more, we decided to relax for a couple of hours and check out the hotel bar. We were on our second drinks, me a club soda, and Mack a gin & tonic when he saw my face blanch.

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach as I drank in the sight of my long lost ex. Even though I thought I was getting over it, seeing him again made the wound so raw that I almost couldn't breathe. Mack saw my expression and immediately asked me what was wrong. I had never confided in anyone about my ex and not many people around the office knew anything about my personal life, but at the moment, I desperately felt the need to confide.

I told Mack that the guy across the bar was my ex and that I had caught him in bed with someone else. For a moment he just looked shocked. I don't know what shocked him more, me being gay or the fact that I had caught my ex in bed with someone else. I waited tentatively, knowing that he might feel uncomfortable with me. He then said something that shocked the hell out of me. He said, "Damn, I hope you threw away the sheets." I could do nothing but laugh, the tension had drained away. I had never thought he was gay, but now that he knew I was, my curiosity was peaked as to whether or not he was. For the first time in months, I scoped another guy out.

He had liquid brown eyes with smooth tanned skin, his face was clean-shaven but you could tell that he'd have a bush of a beard if he ever let it grow out. I had never seen him work out so I guess that he was nicely built by the way his suits hung on him. He's about my height with maybe 20lbs. on me. He has brown hair that is streaked from sunlight making him look more like he stepped off a beach rather than out of a boardroom.

Mack must have caught me starring because he asked me if I was thinking about my ex. Wow, I dodged one there, he must have misread my scrutiny of the strong planes of his face as reminiscence. I told him that I was and that he was the reason I had missed work those months ago.

He said, "Yeah I remember, you came back with this look in your eyes that struck me as fierce determination at the time, but now hearing this I think it was more hardness, like you were shielding yourself, i'm sorry, if I had known, maybe I could have helped... you know, talked or something."

I thought that was kinda sweet but I didn't say anything. We decided to head to the room when I remembered that I didn't know if he was gay or not. Not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable, I offered to get another room, but he just he shushed me with a quick kiss on the cheek that sent my mind reeling and just said, "No need".

The whole rest of the night I was very contemplative. Was the kiss just reassurance that he didn't mind me being gay? Was he attracted to me? For months after my ex, I hadn't even needed to jack off because I was too stricken to even want sex but here I was now with a stiff hard-on from one quick chaste kiss. And from my boss, no less!! I tossed and turned while Mack slept peacefully. Oh how I envied him.

The next few days were almost a blur. We went through the necessary paperwork, had all of the lawyers look over the contracts... etc. by Thursday morning we were done and had one more day left in New York to just chill out and celebrate the deal going through. We decided to do a little sight seeing and went to the museum, central park, and 5th ave. It was fun, in a weird way; it was almost like a date.

I was sure by now that I was attracted to Mack but I wasn't into casual sex and him being my boss didn't make my predicament any better. On top of that, I was beginning to believe that Mack had a thing for me too. All day he was almost shy in that I swear he would be looking at me but the moment that I would look up to investigate, he would be adamantly studying some object or his shoes. I even thought I saw him blushing, but thought it was just my imagination because there was no way that my formidable boardroom exec. of a boss was shy.

I was not a partier and apparently neither was Mack so we decided to head on back to the hotel. It was only about ten o'clock, but I was a little drained from the jitters that Mack had been giving me all day. I just wanted to take a hot shower, maybe jack off while I was showering, quietly of course, and go to bed, even though we had a late flight that next day.

We got back to the hotel and I rushed straight for the shower. I was so wound up that I definitely needed to masturbate. In my haste, I forgot to lock the door. I jumped in the shower, but the door was still cracked a bit. I let the hot spray wash over my body. The tiny needles of water began caressing my already half-erect penis. 'Have showers always been this erotic?' I thought. Maybe it had just been too long.

I started to gently yank on my cock and I just let my imagination run wild for the first time in all those months. It didn't take me long to cum seeing as I hadn't jacked off in a long time and I was fantasizing about the beautiful man just outside the door. I tried to keep quiet and managed to hold back all but some hard grunts that I couldn't subdue. I quickly showered and put on my pajamas before leaving the bathroom.

I came out and noticed that he was flipping channels with one leg up and his arm over his head. He seemed completely comfortable except that his face was absolutely flushed. I asked him if there was anything wrong and he wouldn't look at me but said that he was fine. I flopped down on the bed with the intent to fall asleep when Mack asked me if I had been with anyone since my ex. I explained that I hadn't and how I felt about casual sex. I then told him the reason for wanting to take the vacation and he replied by saying that he felt like an ass now, making me come with him. I told him not to worry, that I could take the trip once we got back.

He looked distressed when he sat up and looked at me. He asked, "Can I tell you something Jeff?" I nodded in the affirmative and then he shocked me yet again by saying, "I want you in the worst way, I thought about you for months and I felt horrible because I didn't think you were gay. Now you tell me that you are and i'm ecstatic, but I know that you aren't into casual sex. I've been thinking about it all day and if it's cool with you, I'd like to date you. You are a very nice guy, and after hearing what happened with your ex, i'd never want to hurt you like that so i'm willing to take this as slowly as you'd like." If I was speechless at the beginning of his speech, I was completely mute by the end of it.

I don't know what he thought by my silence but he continued anyway. "I know i'm your boss, but we can work something out or if it's not a problem with you then it can stay the same..." He looked like he wanted to continue but I interrupted him and said, "You're gay?" In hindsight, I know it was a stupid question but the thought was just registering in my fog-induced brain. I shook my head and apologized.

He actually laughed and explained that being the CEO of a fledgling company trying to make it's mark on the business community didn't leave much time for a social life, so he hadn't been serious with anyone, thus not giving air to his personal life. I nodded in understanding because I knew he hadn't known I was gay and I was not even close to being in the closet, i'm just discreet.

After what seemed like forever, I was able to form complete sentences, I began to fantasize about how our lives could be together, but my ex's face flashed before my eyes and I saw the pain that another relationship could cause. I looked at him and even though I liked him well enough, I really didn't know him outside the office. I decided to truly guard my heart this time until I was sure that he wouldn't break it.

I told him that i'd love to date him and that I was just fine remaining his employee. We'd never had confrontations in the past but if it came to that I had money put away in case I lost my job.

Armed with the walls around my heart and my other alternatives should this go awry, I got up off my bed and walked over to his bed. He looked a little flushed and I saw a bulge in his pajama bottoms. I knew then that he'd peeked in on me in the shower. I laid down next to him and gave him the most tender kiss I knew how. He responded in kind and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, we had breakfast and we got ready for our flights. I thought it would be a little awkward, but we just shared shy glances and talked about ourselves. I felt like a teenager again with my first crush. It had been so long since i'd been through the dating phase. We touched down in California just close to ten p.m. and we were both jet-lagged and hungry so I told him that I could whip something up at home. We got a taxi and drove to my house. I have a maid that comes in once a week, so I knew that I would have food for my return.

Thirty minutes later I had made bacon, eggs, toast with jam, and fresh orange juice. We ate heartily and sat down on the couch. Mack had already started a fire and after eating, we sat just watching the embers and holding each other. We just talked and smooched. I got up and got a blanket and pillows, he looked hurt that I didn't want him to sleep with me, but when I came back, I just cuddled up next to him and he knew that I planned to snuggle up to him and sleep like that.

Thus started our relationship. We would work like dogs during the day the make the company prosper with no traces of impropriety, and afterward we would go out to dinner, eat at his place or mine, walk on the beach and hold hands, we'd shop, or go to museums, but we still hadn't had sex. Sometimes I could see the fire burning in his eyes or feel the urgency in his touch, but we hadn't gone further than petting. I really wanted him to make the first move and he wanted me to feel secure enough to make the first move. We were deadlocked. After a few weeks of this and with both of us keeping quiet about it, I decided that I had had enough.

That day I was a bear at work. My co-workers steered clear of me once they caught a whiff of my attitude, but I didn't care because I felt like hell. Masturbating was no longer working for me. It just left me feeling unfulfilled and cold showers had never worked for me. I decided to end this waiting game and talk to him.

While I was in my office looking for a way to confront him, I heard a knock on my door. I barked an answer that was definitely less than a welcome and saw Mack pop his head in. I immediately felt bad and gave him an apologetic shrug. He came in and closed my door and I figured now was as good a time as ever. I said, "I'm so horny that I could explode!!" I saw a slow smile creep up into his face but I had more to say, "I keep waiting for you to give me the ultimate invitation, to just take me in your arms and make me yours, but you haven't. Am I doing something wrong?"

I saw alarm come into his face then and he said, "I've been waiting for you. I'm in unmarked territory here. Every time I think that I should go ahead and make love to you, I think about how you've been hurt and it stops me because I don't want you to think that this is casual for me or that I just want to get off, or that if you don't I'll go and get it from someone else like your ex did. It's been damned hard the past weeks to keep my kisses, caresses, and embraces to a minimum because I knew you weren't ready. What I neglected to tell you in New York is that i'm not into casual sex either."

By now he had come around to the side of my desk where I sat and perched himself on the edge of the mahogany desk. He continued then with, "I was ready to plunge headfirst into this ocean we call life, and I wanted you there beside me, but I knew you couldn't handle it, so I've bided my time and just let our relationship flourish. Sex, while it is very enjoyable, doesn't compare to what I have in mind for us. So a few cold showers, some steamy fantasies, and a lot of masturbation is a small price to pay to wait for someone you love to be ready to open their heart and receive that love."

I had never heard anything so beautiful in my life. I wasn't angry with him anymore because I understood the sacrifices that he'd made just to make me feel comfortable. Just then, I felt the walls around my heart crumbling and I feared that I had already lost my heart to this wonderful man and I was seriously doubting that- that would be a bad thing.

I stood up and kissed him with all of the emotions that I was feeling cursing through my body. Our tongues danced to a tune as old as time itself and I felt my heart burst open within the warmth of Mack's embrace. I looked at him, knowing and not caring that my heart was in my eyes and told him to come to my house for dinner after work. He cradled my face lovingly and kissed me once more before standing straight up and adjusting his pants so that he could walk out of my office.

I purposely left early to prepare for his arrival. I cooked roasted pork with a citrus glaze, glazed baby carrots, and Tuscan potatoes. I had wine glasses chilling, the table was set with white candles, a fire was lit, and I had the lights dimmed with soft jazz playing in the background. I knew he'd be at my house in any minute, so I dashed into the shower, and quickly washed myself squeaky clean, even taking time to douche and shave. I put on some nice black slacks with a thin blue sweater and waited for him to turn his key in the lock.

I heard his car come into the driveway and my heart began racing. I had to remember to pace myself because I actually did want to eat, jumping his bones would come later. He arrived at the door and as he came in I just drank in the sight of this handsome man who was all mines. I handed him a glass of wine and proceeded to kiss him senseless. He chuckled and walked with me over to the table. We ate and he praised the food. I was immensely pleased. He then looked taken aback when he realized that I hadn't prepared dessert. I told him that I was his dessert and that he would be mine. He stared at me hungrily as I led him to the bedroom.

We laid down on the bed all the while kissing and fondling each other. We were slowly removing each other's clothing and as his shirt and tie came off, I gasped at his hairy chest. It was as if I was seeing him for the first time. I knew he had been working out because his once rounded belly was now flat and hard. His nipples were dark and pink against the darkness of his hairy chest. There was an extremely sexy trail of hair down his lower abdomen that descended into his pants making me even more eager to explore his beautiful body.

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