tagSci-Fi & FantasyNew Found Powers Ch. 02

New Found Powers Ch. 02


That was several years ago, and Thomas and Celeste remained together. When they graduated, both decided to go to the same small college to be with each other. This year they had asked to room together, and since both were in good academic standing they were able to. Living together was amazing, and they were able to have sex more than ever. They even started to develop nudist tendencies and walked around their room naked when no one else was there. This helped their relationship, as they often found themselves making love at random times, night or day. It wasn't unheard of that in a day Tom and Celeste would fuck five times, their cum soaking everything. There wasn't anything more that they loved than seeing the other reach the pinnacle of sexual pleasure that was an orgasm. They enjoyed watching the other get off almost as much as themselves, and sometimes had races to see who could make the other cum faster.

Their life wasn't just a sexual one though, for Tom and Celeste found a deeper emotional connection as well. They had the classic fairy tale love, and everyone around could see it. Tom loved to buy little things for Celeste, like a teddy bear or charms, but it wasn't like she was a gold digger either. Their's was the utopian love, and some people around them felt inspired that true love, in this day and age of random, bloody, and senseless attacks across the world, still in fact existed.

His want to buy items for Celeste was what drove Thomas to the shady antiques store. The door was creaky, even when no one moved it. It was dimly lit, and there was ample evidence that there hadn't been any maid service for a long time. There was a significant buildup of dust on some strange items, items that could have been used for anything but the exact purpose was enigmatic. The air inside was stale in a way that gave the impression of time misplacing this one lonely store, leaving it behind. The owner herself could have been as ancient as the rundown little shop. Her face was weathered by time, deep creases scouring her face. Her eyes belied her age-old wisdom, as well as some twinkle of something else, something Tom couldn't quite place. Her clothes were a throwback to a time long gone. Yet, above all that, she exuded a sense of familiarity, a feeling of benevolence. The shop was filled with a myriad of trinkets and knick-knacks, most of which had no aim in existence but to sit on a shelf. There were dusty books on shelves and in piles on tables, some with sheaves of yellowed paper pouring out the sides. Many had leather covers and gold printing, the pages falling out covered in words written by hand. Some had clasps holding the covers, though the processes of time had rendered many fasteners breached, some hanging wildly from one corner.

Tom tread lightly on the warped and groaning floorboards, not sure what exactly he was looking for. It was as if something was calling to him, compelling him toward some unknown destination. He had wanted to get something for Celeste, just because, when he wandered into the shop. He saw nothing of interest, or rather nothing Celeste would like, yet something inside still told him that there was some item in the store that he needed to see. He spied shiny baubles, but thought all were too gaudy, or at least too expensive. Tom paced down crowded aisles, not really knowing what he was looking for. Then his eye caught a faint glimmer of light. He decided to check it out.

The light turned out to be a small silver pendent, diamond-shaped with a strange jewel inset in the middle, whose color seemed to shift and change, never looking the same from moment to moment. It was behind other items, almost as if someone wanted to hide it from view. He picked it up, and as soon as it was in his hand Tom knew his search was over. And yet he was torn, for this medallion would certainly cost much more than he was planning on spending, though it was perfect. Not wanting to think to much about it, Thomas took the necklace to the old storeowner to ask the price. Surprisingly, she had said the price was only ten dollars, in a slightly fearful manner. When asked why it was so cheap, she only said that the pendent was very special, and to be very careful with it. Thomas had just figured that it was old or something, but was a great bargain, so he took out the money and paid the ancient shopkeep. Before he left, the old woman gave him one final warning, to be careful, for great power can corrupt all. Tom thought little of this, thinking that the old woman was turning senile, and pocketed the necklace, not noticing that the jewel was a bit brighter nor that it wasn't as cool as before.

He wasn't sure why exactly, but Tom suddenly felt compelled to try on the medallion. This seemed very odd to him, as before Tom had never had any urge to wear any jewelry other than a watch or his class ring, though the latter had been given to Celeste a while back. Nevertheless, he took out the pendent from his pocket and gave it a good look. The gem glimmered with an odd light, and the colors inside appeared to swirl and twist, as if the center was comprised of a whirling rainbow miasma. The effect was hypnotic, and before he knew it, the chain was fastened around Tom's neck. Looking at his reflection in a nearby window, Tom surmised that, for some reason, it looked good on him. Hell, he looked good, as he always did. Except, there was something that wasn't quite right.

He checked himself over head to toe, several times, not sure why he looked different, yet the same. It was then it dawned on him, his package had changed. For some reason it looked bigger than normal. Tom thought this was just a trick or something, but when he discretely reached down, he found it was true. He was shocked, and began to think things through. He had left the store, his hand clutching the slightly warm necklace in his pocket, and had thought about what he would do to Celeste that night. He could vaguely remember thinking he wanted a larger penis, right around when he put on the pendent, but couldn't believe something like this happened. He looked for a place where he could test out his thought, and saw a fast food restaurant.

Making his way to the bathroom, Tom stepped into a stall, unzipped his pants, and proceeded in examining himself. Sure enough, it was bigger. Even though it was still limp, it hung larger than normal, though it wasn't very noticeable. Tom thought it would be better if he were fully hard, to see just how big he had gotten. No sooner had he thought it, then his penis twitched and blood started to engorge it. Amazed, Tom could only watch as his dick kept growing, getting harder and harder, finally stopping around eight inches and slightly more than a handful, though Tom had estimated this. He reached down to make sure it was actually his, to make sure it was real and he wasn't dreaming. Sure enough, his fingers touched a very hard member, grazing across skin that had become more sensitive. Tom thought about wanting his old size back, and felt his penis shrink a bit in his hand, to exactly what it was before. It was then that he noticed the slight heat on his chest. Putting two and two together, Tom surmised that somehow the pendent had made it possible for him to change his penis size, as perplexing as that was to believe. To put it to the test, Tom thought about having a giant cock, sixteen inches long and large enough around to for two hands. Tom felt the medallion grow slightly warmer, saw it get barely brighter, then felt his cock surge out. It grew and grew, until it was exactly sixteen inches, and so large around he had to wrap both hands around it. Tom beamed as he brought his penis back down to its normal length, not noticing the pendent dimpling his chest. Exiting the restaurant, Tom figured he should show Celeste his new talent, and see if he could find any more.

As soon as he got home, Celeste pounced on him, as usual. After a passionate kiss, Tom had asked her what she thought about if he had a larger penis. To this, she had said that she didn't know if she could take much more. Without further comment, they began to undress, their hormones threatening to completely overwhelm them. They raced to the bedroom, shedding clothes as they went. By the time they got to the bed neither had any clothes on, and they were aggressively attacking each other now. Celeste threw Tom on the bed, and proceeded to leap onto him. She kissed his lips, his face, his neck, anywhere her luscious lips could find. His hands were constantly moving over her body, moving from breast to back to butt, not following any pattern.

One of her hands found one of his nipples, which brought about a deep moan. He had his dick in hand, and was running it all over her succulent pussy, tickling her clit. Each time it hit, it sent shocks through her body, making her vagina spasm slightly. Rivulets of girl juice streamed onto his dick, onto his legs, onto her legs. Her love hole anxiously wanted, needed to be filled, just as his member needed something warm and wet around it. They both needed each other, their lust glazing their eyes and making every cell of their bodies extra sensitive. Their hips were grinding against each other, trying in vain to stimulate themselves more. He bucked up just right, and he was completely enveloped in a warm ocean. She spilled out around him, coating their legs, their stomachs, as if she had somehow stored her wetness until that moment. They both gasped, and looked deep into each other's eyes in a gaze of pure undying love and unbridled lust. They stayed like that for an eternal moment, occasionally twitching and relishing in the pure affection that was flowing between them.

Very slowly, they began to move, even the tiniest rubbing bringing jolts of pleasure surging through their nether regions. Each time their hips met, she would tighten up just for a second, then they would start pulling away. They started picking up speed, gliding against each other almost effortlessly thanks to the amount of wetness coming out of her. The sheer amount of pleasure emanating from their genitals made it impossible to form coherent words, and their mouths just hung slack, occasionally a grunt or moan escaping. With every thrust their lust grew and their fervor for release grew. Each impact of their bodies became harder, their reservations dissolving like a sugar cube in water. Soon, he was plunging in and out as fast as he could pump, while she was almost jumping on him, each meeting stroke sending streams of pussy juices everywhere. She was in a state of almost constant climax, her cunt savagely gripping his rock hard cock with each orgasmic spasm.

In the only part of his mind that wasn't consumed by fucking, he thought about increasing his dick size just a bit, up to eight inches long and only about a finger width wider. She immediately noticed the growth, as she started cumming even harder around the larger phallus. His arousal, in turn, grew even more as the growth made her even tighter, even without the near constant convulsions of her ravaged pussy. He felt a tickle deep inside that grew and grew, eventually becoming a great pressure that threatened to cause his cock to explode. He quickened his pace, leading her out of her pattern of orgasms. She started building her own massive climax with renewed passion, one that was far more powerful than the ones she had been having. Her clit felt like it was on fire, and the constant throbbing was so intense she was astounded that she still had a clit. His cock felt harder than it ever had been, and was about ready to burst. They opened their eyes at the same time, staring straight into each other's soul, and came. He unloaded jet after thick jet of creamy sperm right into her waiting womb. The streams kept coming, and he thought he would never stop. She sprayed pussy juice all over him with such force that it splashed right up to their chests and soaked a good portion of the bed. Her convulsing cunt milked his cock of every drop of cum he had. In the afterglow of their marvelous climaxes, they laid together, his cock slowly dying inside her and reverting back to its normal size. They cuddled for long minutes, not saying a word, just content with being together.

After a while, she asked the unavoidable question he knew was coming, whether he really did get bigger. He didn't lie, and proceeded to show her, even venturing to grow a penis two feet long and so large neither could fit their hands around it. He showed her the amulet, saying it had somehow given him this power. Far from being scared, she wanted to know if it could do anything else. He looked down at it absently, and he noticed that somehow the pendent had been severed in two, leaving two halves of the mysterious stone. Even more mysterious was that there were two chains around his neck now. He took off one and laid it around her neck, telling her to not be scared. He also told her to try it out, to just think of what she wanted to change and by how much. She did, and suddenly her abundant breasts surged out, becoming the size of volleyballs. She looked down, feeling her more sensitive creations, then up at him. He was now hard again, with a giant smile on his face. They both liked what they saw, a pair of ample breasts and a penis big enough for a horse. But they decided to wait to experiment further, both being exhausted from the unbridled love making they just had. Within minutes they were both passed out, snuggled close together, dreaming of the possibilities the jewels could bring.

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