New Friends


I stayed in a downtown hotel one night with a roof top pool and hot tub. After checking in at 8:00pm, I hurried to my room, put on my new, light blue thong swimsuit , some white cover-up shorts and a t-shirt. I went up to the pool which I had entirely to myself, and immediately striped down to my thong. The feeling of standing at the wall along the edge of the roof and over looking the city in just my thong was exhilarating.

I took a quick swim, then got into the hot tub. After about 20 minutes, a young, attractive couple came out with drinks in their hands. They stripped down to their bathing suits: hers a gorgeous, tie-side bikini and his typical long baggy trunks. They walked over to the hot tub and asked "How's the water?" They could clearly see that I had on a very brief swimsuit, but could not have known for sure it was a thong.

Most other times in similar situations I've experienced, the couple would have shied away, and waited for me to leave. But these two stepped right in and started up a conversation. They were very "lovey-dovey" like a couple of newlyweds: Hands all over each other and kissing, etc. We continued having a nice conversation as they finished their drinks, and I relaxed in my thong.

Eventually, the hot tub jets stopped. The timer had run down. The couple looked surprised and without a clue about what happened. Without a second thought, I jumped out of the hot tub to re-set the timer. I heard snickers, giggles and whispers as they saw my bare behind exit the hot tub. As I returned, they were all grins, and I realized my un-lined bathing suit was completely sheer when soaking wet. They woman said "I thought that might be a thong before you stood up!"

They both continued commenting that they thought I was wearing a "speedo," but they suspected it was a thong. They also apologized for giggling, but I told them I was not offended. The woman told the man that she thought he would look good in a thong, and she asked me where I got mine. Of course the guy said there was no way he would ever wear a "fucking speedo," but I noticed he caught himself staring at my cock a few times.

The woman kept saying how she thought it was great that a guy would "show it off" like I was doing. She said how more guys should wear bikinis or thongs since they expect women to wear them. I knew that she was not on her first drink when she said "I can't wait for the jets to stop again!" I was very flattered and felt myself getting aroused. She gave her boyfriend some re-assuring kisses and caresses as she complimented me on my thong.

We had a long "Q &A" session about my thong: why, where, when I like to where them. I was open about telling them it was a turn on for me. Eventually, the timer stopped again, and they got a second look at my thong. I intentionally delayed re-entry into the tub to give them a nice long look at the sheer when wet lycra showing off my hard cock. The look on her face was the best compliment of the night.

I realized that nothing more was going to happen, and that it was time to give the couple some time alone. I went back to my room, carrying my towel, shirt, and shorts in my hand the entire way. I was so fucking horny from what had happened that I wanted to walk through the corridors and ride the elevator openly in my thong. I was hoping someone else would see me.

I had an incredible jack off session thinking about the woman I had just met. I fantasized her sucking my cock in front of her boyfriend while he jerked off. Then, I fantasized about her sucking him off while I fucked her from behind. I wondered if she would think about seeing my hard-on while her boyfriend was fucking her later.

I stood in front of the mirror with the curtains open, playing with myself through my pre-cum stained thong. I pulled the sides up tight with the rear strap deep between my ass cheeks. I got some baby oil and slid off my thong. Then, I walked out onto the balcony and oiled up my cock. I wondered if anyone was watching me jack off, and as I was cumming I fantasized about jacking off in front of the couple I had met earlier on the roof.

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