tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Friends and So Much More Ch. 01

New Friends and So Much More Ch. 01


The events of this story took place almost a year and a half after the events of the Private Showing story. As with all of my recounting, I've gone back to the participants to make sure I had most of it right but who really remembers every word and action. I've tried to keep my additional colour to a minimum because these people and our story mean a great deal to me. I hope you enjoy reading this nearly as much as I did remembering and writing it down.


One evening I got an Email from my friend Wil telling me to check out a newsgroup. Now I wasn't really into newsgroups but my friend said that this group was different. I took a look and was surprised to find a group of people posting all kinds of pictures of themselves. Most of the shots were of wives or girlfriends, some couples and a few guys. Most had their faces turned away or masked by blurring, very few showed their faces at all. The comments posted were polite, mostly positive and encouraging and were well received by the models.

It was clear that the group knew and supported each other. After lurking for a few days I finally posted a question, 'where do I go to find out more about this group?'

I was referred by a moderator called Vince to a web site set up for just that purpose. On it I found the group's charter and rules. The group was set up for the members to exchange photos of themselves and/or their partners with other like-minded exhibitionists and voyeurs. Derogatory or flaming remarks were forbidden and trolls were quickly banned by the moderators never to be heard from again.

I liked the idea of the group and thought it might be fun for Gina and I to get involved. As a trial, I selected a half dozen of her pictures softly blurred her face, and posted them to the group with the tag, 'A few of my lovely wife for you to enjoy.'

Within an hour I got a message from Vince asking if these were in fact my pictures and was she really my wife. I responded yes and joked that she'd better be because I have thousands more pictures of this same woman. He wrote back that all postings go through the moderator first and newbies are always questioned to keep out the fakers. Then he complemented me saying how lucky I was to have such a beautiful sexy wife and that he hoped to see much more of her.

I don't know what it is that's so exciting about showing off your wife in this way but it really is! The thrill of pressing the key to upload a series of shots, then watching as comments immediately start coming in, it's very exciting. The feedback from my first posting was great. I got over seventy comments, all of them highly encouraging. At least half were warm welcoming messages while the remainder ranged from complements on each and every part of her anatomy to offers of matrimony. I thought this might be a fun addition to our sex lives and decided to show Gina before I went any further.

"What the hell?" was the first reaction I got. She wasn't impressed.

"How did we go from innocent pictures for our own enjoyment to spreading me all over the Internet? What if someone we know, like my boss, ever saw these pictures?"

It took a few minutes for her to realize that her face was blurred and unrecognizable but even so she was not happy. Then I showed her the comments that her pictures had generated. This was a different story. As she read through the feedback she would smile then blush and even giggle a little. She was surprised and excited as she read all the complements. I think like most women, Gina has never considered herself very sexy, the kind of woman that men drool over. She really laughed when she saw that a few of the comments were from women.

"OK," she said, "I'm not angry any more but let me think this over for a few days before we do anything else."

It had been a week since my internet posting and we hadn't really talked about it much. During that time I had been visiting the group regularly enjoying the many beautiful naked bodies that were regularly on display and providing comments when I felt the urge. I even posted a few of myself just for fun. It was odd though that I found posting Gina's pictures was more exciting than posting my own.

Much like Gina I got some encouraging messages and yes, a few fascinating offers from guys. I particularly enjoyed the shots that Vince would post of his wife Fiona and I always expressed my deep thanks for their sharing. I was also getting to know Vince a little better with each email discussion related to Fiona's posts and about life in general. He would often ask if Gina had decided to post some more but I could only reply that she would when she was ready.

One evening I checked the group for any new activity and saw a whole new series of Fiona. Vince had told me that at one time they had experimented with mild bondage and I assumed these pictures were from that period. Vince is an excellent photographer and you could really see the love, caring and experience in his shots. Fiona is simply one of the most exciting delicious women I've ever laid my eyes on. Even with her face blurred you can tell she is real beauty and her voluptuous curvy body just oozes sex.

I love women who have a little extra baby fat. Hips, tummy, ass, it's all good to me and Fiona has it all in spades. She's not overweight by any stretch, just a gorgeous yummy body that anyone would die to snuggle up with. This series explored different points of view as Fiona sat naked and blindfolded in a chair with her arms and legs bound. With the blindfold covering most of her face Vince didn't bother to blur her mouth. I thought it was interesting how just that one un-blurred detail gave so much more feeling and personality to her images.

The pictures of her back arching in the chair and her head thrown back, lips curled showing her perfect white teeth were sensual in the extreme causing me to reach into my robe and stroke my cock. Gina and I had been shooting for years but I had never succeeded in bringing her sexual energy to life like that. I envied Vince's talent and his gorgeous model as well. I shared all those thoughts and more in my feedback to Vince that evening.

The next morning there was a message in my inbox from Fiona that read, 'Dear Rick,

Vince showed me your comments last night and I wanted to respond to you personally.

First of all, thank you, I have never received such deep heart-felt comments about my photos or me for that matter. Your words made me smile inside and out and also made my pussy very, very wet. You can ask Vince about the second part because he got all the benefit of your feedback last night.

Thanks again and for your reward I've attached a special picture of me that I've rarely shared with others. Enjoy, Fiona'

I clicked on the attachment and opened the picture in my viewer. My heart almost stopped and I had serious difficulty taking in the image. To begin with Fiona always had straight, black, shoulder length hair in her pictures. It never dawned on me that it might be a wig but there she was with short auburn hair and eyes, deep blue gorgeous eyes staring at me. A lovely sculpted nose and luscious lips completed the picture, I was in awe. She was so much more beautiful than I ever imagined. She was lying naked on a chaise lounge in what appeared to be their bedroom.

Vince had outdone himself with this picture. Every luscious detail of her creamy skin and anatomy was clear and crisp. He had captured that look that every man hopes to see in a woman. That look that says I love you and this is all yours. I must have looked at the shot for half an hour until Gina came in to see what was holding me up.

"Whoa," she said in a surprised voice.

"Who the hell is that? She's gorgeous! You'd better not tell me you know this woman because I'm going to get a little jealous."

"Not to worry," I said, "this is Fiona, Vince's wife. She was just rewarding me for a nice comment I sent them about her pictures."

"Well, wouldn't you have trouble with me sending pictures like that to my admirers?" she asked.

"I mean isn't that just a little over the line?"

"First of all, your pictures are your pictures," I said, "and I can't dictate what you do with them.

I have enough confidence in our love and our relationship to feel secure with you showing off to some internet admirer.

I mean you've been naked in front of other men, even during sex. Even though it was with very close friends, wasn't that a little over the line?"

She agreed, then she said that she'd given it a lot of thought and that if I still wanted to we could try some more postings to the group. I was very pleased and gave her a warm kiss. Then she admitted to thoroughly enjoying all the positive feedback and how it was not only exciting but pretty good for her ego as well. That night I uploaded a great series we'd done a while back out in a corn field.

We were driving in the country and saw this field with tall corn ready for harvest. We parked along the road and walked into the field following one of the narrow paths. As Gina walked she began to strip. First her top then her bra stopping to make a half turn providing a peek at her lovely tits. Continuing her walk she slowly inched down her jeans until half her ass was exposed then stopping to drop them down to the ground exposing her tight rear end, long silky legs and thong covered pussy. Stepping out of the jeans and standing back up, she continued and repeated the process again with her thong finally stopping to turn and face the camera for a grand finale.

It was a good series that met with a few more comments than the first, only this time all of the eighty or so comments were pledges of undying love for her great body and each particular body part. Gina read each and every one, responding with her thanks to one and all. She was thrilled and like Vince with Fiona, I became the lucky person she thanked, in the flesh, for all the praise she had received.

The next day or so I got an email from Vince that was a little different. He said he was very pleased that Gina had agreed to keep posting but he continued on to say that there were a few potential pitfalls that we should be aware of. He went on to say that posting and generally putting yourself out there for all to see and interact with could really test a marriage. He had seen many marriages and relationships suffer because of people who couldn't learn to distance themselves from their admirers. Maybe he had read between the lines of my comments about Fiona or maybe this was a problem he had dealt with first hand. The fact was that his warning was clear, there were lots of guys out there who would fall in love with Gina and would stop at nothing to be with her. I needed to talk this out with her before we continued.

Later that night in bed I brought it up but she just laughed and was a little hurt that I had so little trust in her. I told her that she had my complete and absolute trust, it was the stability of her fans that now had me concerned. In the end I asked her to be mindful of the loony-tunes out there and to promise me that she would keep her distance from guys who wanted more than just pictures. She agreed and screwed my brains out just to soothe my troubled mind.

Another week passed before I sent up the next post. This time it was a series of nudity in very public places that were empty or nearly empty at the time. Three shots were of Gina walking across a large vacant parking lot wearing only her six inch spike heels. We took the shot at 6:00 AM one Sunday morning at a local Wal-Mart. I also sent up a couple of her holding the handle on the front door looking as though she was about to walk in.

Next was a shot where we moved to a large concrete planter in front of the store that she sat on. She then spread her legs and fingered her pussy. As I backed up to re-frame the shot I included a giant sign in the background that said 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' that one went up as well.

During the same shoot we took some pictures of her standing naked beside a parked truck. Suddenly there were shouts and loud wolf whistles from somewhere nearby and we were both alarmed. Being caught off guard Gina lamely tried to cover up. She crouched and scouted around to see where the noises were coming from. They were coming from a crew of men on the roof of a bakery across the parking lot, probably taking their morning break. Realizing where they were located, she moved around so I could get them in the background for a couple of shots. Then she turned and faced up to them grabbing her breasts and jiggling them for her audience. Those shots were uploaded as well.

On our way home I noticed another photo op too good to pass up. Pulling over to a new on-ramp that was still under construction I had her stand with her coat open on top and just dropped down to expose her shoulders and tits. Above her the sign read 'Soft Shoulders', a warning about the new uncompleted road. That picture completed the uploads for that night.

The next morning the inbox was full again. Eagerly we read the comments and Gina crafted individual replies of thanks to each one. One of the admirers asked about the bakery and if she lived in that area and how great it would be if he could get some private shots of his own. He even offered to pay. She immediately saw what I was trying to warn her about and politely told him that her husband was her only photographer and playmate but thanks for the offer. This was only the first of a great many more such offers to come.

Meanwhile Vince and Fiona had submitted their latest posts as well. It was a set of Fiona sunning and posing in a variety of very erotic positions on a boat. Each shot at the high level of quality I'd come to expect of Vince. Aside from shots of her using various ropes and gear to pleasure herself, there was also a shot of her with her mouth engulfed by an impressive cock that I took to be Vince's. Damn, I thought to myself, why do I always have to compete with these guys that are so well hung?

Later that day I received an email from Vince with all the pictures from their latest posting unmasked, I was in heaven.

The message from Vince read, 'Fiona wants you to have the good stuff from now on. Take it as a complement buddy, there're very few admirers who get this treatment.'

Taking a moment to reflect on my good fortune, I replied thanking him and Fiona for their generosity and trust and to tell Fiona that I'd treasure each and every shot. Vince in turn replied that Fiona was really the one for all the thanks but if I were feeling generous and trusting myself that he wouldn't mind an unmasked copy of Gina's 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' shot.

I sent him unmasked images for the whole series and added that I hoped Gina did half as much for his libido as Fiona did for mine. Then I asked if the boat they were on during the photo shoot was his.

His reply came quickly, 'WOW, I really didn't expect all this,' he wrote, 'I've always thought Gina was sexy as hell but now that I have seen her beautiful face, well I think I might just rub one off while I look these over.

Yes, the boat is mine, I bought her last fall so this is our first year out sailing on her. We try to get out as often as possible, two or three times a week. Thanks again for the pictures; Gina has that lean leggy look that I just love in a woman.

I've got something special planned for our next series if we can pull it off, I'm still working out the details. By for now... Vince.'

With all of the exciting new additions in our lives; our naked photo shoots; taking sexy pictures with other couples; posting pictures on the internet, I guess it was a natural progression that nudism became the norm for us. We now went frequently to the only clothing optional beach near our town. We would spend the day in the buff with many other nudists and exhibitionists.

It's a funny thing, if you were to strip at a party with lots of strangers watching, the sexual energy and expectations will keep you excited for a long time. At a nude beach, however, you're excited when you get there and strip off your clothes in front of complete strangers but once that's done, the thrill fades away very quickly.

We loved strolling around naked but it was difficult to do any photography there. While nudists have no issues with their naked bodies in public, many have real problems with pictures of them finding their way onto the internet. So every time I broke out my camera there would be someone making strong comments or even outright threats. Despite this we found it possible to take pictures in other areas of the beach.

An added feature to this beach was that it was relatively close to the clothed beach and other public parts of the park. Only a thick row of trees and bushes separated the two areas and there were often people dotting the tree line getting a little thrill. We would often set up close to them to do some shots. It added a little exhibitionist fun to the day and didn't upset the others quite so much. It also had the unfortunate effect of branding us as exhibitionists by the 'true naturists' at the beach. They were right, we were exhibitionists but frankly I've never fully bought into the whole naturist philosophy. I believe that down deep each and every one who strips off in public is getting their jollies at some level.

Along with the onlookers in the tree line there was always a number of boats anchored close to shore visiting from nearby marinas. Every day they would show up, sometimes with naked people aboard but more often with gawkers looking though high powered binoculars and taking pictures of the nudists on the beach. Of course we never minded any of this, it just added to the fun of the day. We even brought a pair of binoculars of our own to look back and sometimes wave.

Arriving home from another beautiful Saturday at the beach, I went to the computer to check the mail and there was one from Vince with attachments. I wondered what it might be given they hadn't put any postings up recently.

The message read, 'You know it never really dawned on me that you two would live in the same city as us. Fiona and I were blown away today to see the two of you at the beach. We were out on our boat enjoying the scenery when I spotted Gina. We'd never seen your face before but Fiona thought it would be you from your postings, small world eh? We always assume that the people we meet on the internet are from somewhere far away.'

Opening the attachments there was a full frontal image of me standing on a beach with Gina lying down in the sand a few feet away. There was another of the two of us walking the shoreline and yet another of Gina stretching and running her fingers through her hair. I showed the email to Gina and she thought it was hilarious. I wrote back to Vince that maybe we could have a beach day together some time.

Vince promised something far better in his reply, it read, 'remember that special shoot I was planning? I think I may have a role for you to play in it, interested?'

I didn't need any other encouragement, I just replied that as long as it didn't involve murder, he could count me in.


I hope you enjoyed my recounting of our story. I will post more to this story soon. If you have any comments good or not so good but constructive please vote and/or leave your comments below. You can also send me a private message from my profile on Literotica. We love to read our feedback. Thanks for reading.

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