tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Friends and So Much More Ch. 02

New Friends and So Much More Ch. 02


A few days later I got another email from Vince with his idea. He told me how the two of them had always wanted to have someone take shots of them during love making but Fiona was just too shy to do it. She considered it borderline swinging and was something she refused to descend to. Even though she posted such explicit pictures and discussed them with admirers, public exposure, even with close friends just didn't happen.

Vince's idea was to bring her to a secluded spot he had picked out and have me hide nearby to shoot a kind of voyeur series. Fiona would not be aware of the setup and Vince wouldn't be sure where I would be hidden either. He sent me a map indicating the exact location so I could go there in advance and figure out angles, lighting and cover. He said that they would approach by boat, anchor and come ashore by dingy around four o'clock.

I let Gina in on the plan and she thought it would be fun. She did say though that we'd both better watch out for when Fiona was told, the whole thing could go very south, very fast if she's as shy as Vince says. With Vince's info, we set out to the location to check things out and make plans. Vince had done his work well, it was a great spot. He had picked a secluded part of a huge new public waterfront conservation that had just opened a month earlier. It was still pretty empty because of its size and the fact that the public hadn't discovered it yet. Gina and I would have to come back some time and scout out some new spots for our shoots.

I had Gina stand in the little sheltered clearing that Vince had marked with an 'X' on the map and then took up a position behind a small dune covered with bushes. This seemed an ideal spot to start because the dune was just high enough for me to crawl behind to adjust my view by almost forty-five degrees if needed. The light at four o'clock was perfect and would be off to the side until about six. After six it would in the foreground and I would need a new location if I was still shooting. There was another dune a few feet away that would put the sun to my right again but getting to it might expose me to Fiona. I made a mental note of that.

With all my scheming and planning I had failed to notice that Gina had stripped down and was now standing stark naked in Vince's spot.

As she saw my startled look she yelled out, "About time Sherlock! I was starting to think I was losing my touch or that maybe the prospect of shooting the lovely Fiona had you all distracted"

"Not to worry," I said, "it would take a lot more than that to distract me from that body hon."

But that wasn't the whole truth. I was developing a strong attachment to Fiona although I knew I would never act on it. I turned the camera on and began shooting her from all the different angles that I was planning to use with Vince and Fiona. Gina lay down on the sand, bent her legs then spread them wide and started rub her clit occasionally slipping a couple of fingers into her wet pussy. From twenty-five feet way I could just barely hear the squishing sounds of her fingers at work or maybe I was just being wishful.

Satisfied that I had shot her from every angle I could use during the voyeur shoot, I picked up my camera bag and walked over to her still shooting as I approached. As she lay there rubbing and writhing and moaning I Put down the bag and camera, undid my belt and pants sliding them to the ground with my boxers. Gina quickly rose to her knees grabbed my cock and started to suck the head hard and fast while pumping the shaft with her hand. Her other hand was grabbing my ass cheek roughly clenching and pulling me toward her. I guess we can skip the foreplay I chuckled to myself as I removed my shirt and stepped out of my clothes on the ground.

Gently laying Gina back on the sand I got on top of her and effortlessly slid into her warm dripping pussy. Boy she was wet. There would be no low and slow riding today, it was straight into fast ramming and deep penetration. She moaned, lifting her legs high and back to give me better access to her love hole. I came very quickly with a mind numbing burst that actually hurt.

Suddenly, I was distracted by the sound of voices nearby. While Gina and I were fans of public nudity we hadn't evolved to public sex in front of strangers yet. We both jumped for our clothes but a little too late, because the next sound we heard was a loud 'oh my God'

This was followed by even louder giggling. Scrambling to finish dressing I stood to see three young women running away quickly. As they did, one of them looked back over her shoulder and yelled 'SORRY.'

Straightening out our clothes we both had a good laugh and set out for home. When we arrived I sent an email to Vince telling him all systems go for the shoot. I related to him how I had told Gina about our plans and how the two of us had scoped out the site and taken a few test shots that were attached. I told him that we had even baptized the spot for good luck. His reply came back quickly that he would be thinking of me getting Gina's juices running as he fucked Fiona on the same spot.

Finally the day arrived for the clandestine voyeur shoot. I set out for the site in the early afternoon leaving plenty of time to arrive before Vince and Fiona. Settling in upon arrival at 3:30, I checked out my equipment behind the dune. I had rented a 400mm telephoto zoom lens for the occasion and I was itching to try it out. With it, I hoped to zoom in to her clit from behind the dune. The thought of doing that made my dick hard and uncomfortable in my jeans, so I changed into a loose pair of swim trunks. A few more test shots for lighting and position and I was ready but four o'clock came and went without Vince.

At twenty past four I was beginning to get nervous and disappointed but I decided to stick it out until five. I didn't have to wait much longer though as I saw a boat approaching. I immediately started shooting pictures; I wanted to get the whole story from the beginning. I could see Vince at the helm and Fiona standing at the bow wearing a skimpy bikini. As the boat drew near to shore I heard the splash of the anchor and could see Vince pulling in the dingy that he had in tow. The two climbed into the small boat and Vince rowed them to shore. All the while I took pictures thanking myself for renting the super zoom.

After landing, they both walked up to the clearing carrying a basket and other stuff I couldn't quite make out. Fiona grabbed a blanket and spread it out in almost exactly the spot Vince had marked. Then she knelt and took out a bottle of wine from the basket, opened it and filled a couple of glasses. As she did this Vince was busy setting up his camera on a tripod to take some remote controlled shots of their fun.

With everything in place Vince lay down on the blanket next to Fiona and I started to take shots in earnest. I had lots of memory cards with me so I was going to shoot as many shots as I needed to guarantee a good result. Even though I had a little bit of high ground it still wasn't the best angle and I crawled another ten feet over to give myself a better view.

Emerging again from the dune I took a few more shots. I could see them just lying there talking and sipping their wine. I used this pause to take a better look at them both. They both seemed somehow smaller than I thought but it was difficult to tell for sure being so far away. He was early middle aged and had very good muscle tone with no extra body fat at all. I had never seen his face before now and he had the look of someone who liked to laugh a lot with flashing eyes and a well-groomed handlebar moustache. Fiona was Fiona, pound for pound one of the sexiest woman I had ever seen. What blew me away was how much more beautiful she was in person. She wasn't wearing her wig and that also turned me on.

Pretty soon the occasional kiss became longer, deeper and more frequent and with my trusty lens I was able to zoom in close and catch the emotion and occasional tongue action. I was getting warm just watching. Soon Vince stood to undress and I got a great three quarter profile of his impressive shaft sticking out and up a little. Fiona was quick to her knees just like Gina had been days before and pounced on his waiting cock. As she did he leaned forward pulling the strings to her top and freed her large silky mounds as they dropped and bounced ever so softly. They were now in a different position and I needed to crawl back to my first location for better shots. Once again emerging from behind the dune I resumed capturing every juicy detail of Fiona's expert blow job; her body as it moved and swayed and Vince as he caressed her head sometimes grabbing it at the sides as he face fucked her.

This continued for some time until Vince crouched to his knees while helping her to lie back on the blanket. He lined her up so that her spread legs and pussy were facing right at the dune and me. Then he pulled the remaining strings on her bikini bottom and tossed it aside. I zoomed in and tried for that clit close up but the lens couldn't get in that far. I was still able see clearly the sopping wetness of her swollen pussy lips and got every detail of Vince finger fucking her and massaging her vagina as she bucked and moaned louder and louder. At times she would lift her ass a foot off the ground and quake.

Finally he rolled on top of her driving his cock home and Fiona made a really sexy growling sound as he slid his full length in. I wanted to see more, to see that great big hunk of meat push its way in between her legs but I just couldn't see in my current position. Once again I crawled to a better vantage point and caught a good profile of the two as Vince pounded Fiona's pussy. Fiona raised her legs, each hand holding a bent knee pulling them back and arching her pelvis upwards, making room for Vince's pile driver. Finally, I was getting some good shots of his cock sliding in and out of her. The sun pierced through the trees and made patterns of light on their skin that was now shiny with sweat.

The picture was so beautiful I temporarily lost sight of my goal and started going for the great art shot. A screaming orgasm from Fiona brought me quickly back to the path though. I looked around nervously to see if anyone was about and thankfully we were still quite alone. It started to look like they were winding down. Then Vince pulled out, came around on his knees beside Fiona and I could only guess what he was doing because there was only a quarter profile of him and her face was now blocked.

I couldn't go back to my first position because the sun had moved. Seeing my chance I darted as quietly as I could over to the other dune. I was once again treated to a great view of Vince on his knees and Fiona on her side, propped up on one arm and getting the face fucking of her life. Vince's head leaned back as a look of agony distorted his face and he came. Fiona was taking it all like a good soldier only spilling a little stream that drooled along her cheek and dripped in a thin ribbon to the blanket. She drew her head back and continued to stroke his cock until it began to soften.

She pushed herself up and walked around looking for her bikini. I had to stop shooting and take cover as her search brought her close in my direction but then Vince called her back pointing to the location of her suit. She took a box of wet naps from the basket and after offering a few to Vince took some herself and cleaned up before putting her suit back on. Vince said something to her as he tapped his watch and in no time they had packed up and left for the boat.

I waited until the boat was long gone before I emerged from behind the dune and strolled back to the the rest of my gear. I was horny, I mean really horny. Sure this wasn't my first rodeo, Gina and I had had a few sessions taking pictures of our friends fooling around but this was different. All the planning and intrigue plus the tension and fear of being caught, it all combined to make a really sex-charged experience. I dropped my trunks and sat back down on the warm sand and began to review my shots as I stroked my cock. I was very happy with the results and in no time I was spewing cum on the sand. Relieved, I packed up and headed for home.

When I returned home, Gina was waiting at the door to ask me how it went. I told her to hold on for a few minutes and she could see for herself. She squealed excitedly as we both headed for the den and the computer. After downloading over 350 shots, I set the Adobe software to review mode and began to sift through the them all. I was very pleased with what I was seeing. The majority of the shots were well framed, focused and well lit.

As we moved from shot to shot watching the action grow more and more intense Gina said she really felt like a voyeur peeping in at a very private moment. It was extremely erotic and we were both getting more and more turned on as the images scrolled by. Gina was only wearing a tee-shirt with panties. I, on the other hand, was still fully dressed and my rock hard cock was straining at the zipper of my jeans. I told Gina to wait while I went to the washroom and when I returned all I had on was a smile. As we continued to watch the show and Gina caught sight of Vince's magnificent cock and let out a spontaneous "OOOOoooo!"

"Yeah, I know," I said, "that is some serious man meat."

"You don't have to pretend you're not intrigued on my account. I know down in your heart you'd probably love to try it out," I continued.

Gina looked back at me in surprise, "You're right," she said, "it really does turns me on, just like Fiona's incredible body turns you on. So I guess we're even."

"It doesn't mean I'll be acting on it anytime soon, but he really does have a beautiful big cock, bigger than your friend Wil's and I really did love jerking him off," she went on with a smile.

"I loved watching you do it as well," I admitted, "but Vince isn't a lifelong friend even though we have become very close over the past months."

"I'm not so sure how I'd feel having him stuff all that meat in you. He might spoil you for me," I added.

"Whoa," she shot back. "Who said anything about fucking? I'd love to see him up close and definitely touch and maybe even taste but that's it. I really don't want to cross that line."

"Besides you'd never have to worry," she said consolingly, "the way you give head is so mind blowing, I'm sure you could give Vince a run for his money with Fiona."

We continued to review the shots and soon Gina's fingers were in her underwear softly stoking her sex. Slowly running her fingers up and down her wet labia and every now and then stopping to tease her clit. She was becoming a serious distraction to the picture show. I had begun to slowly rub the tip of my cock with my fingers as we both watched the amazing sex show unroll on the screen.

Finally I just couldn't stand it any longer and stood up. I grabbed Gina by the shoulders and aimed my dick at her mouth. Without hesitation she open up and let me in to her warm wet mouth and she began to suck and bob her head. I grabbed the back of her head and face fucked her faster and faster until I could feel that familiar sensation building in my testicles. I pounded and pounded her mouth and finally it felt as if it were coming from way down in my feet then up through my body in an epic explosion that almost took my knees out. Gina just kept swallowing and swallowing and jerking my cock as she sucked the head and swallowed some more. I began to wobble backwards towards my chair when she looked up into my eyes and wagged her index finger from side to side.

"Uh-uh buckaroo, it's my turn and make it good, you've got me super horny and I want multiples. Get at it!"

When it comes to oral I have never needed an invitation to get in there, it's my favourite part of sex. It's always been that way for me. I was hooked the first time I smelled and tasted a woman's sex and experienced the joy and excitement I could bring to her. I can never seem to get enough and Gina usually has to shop me because she's either become too sensitive or just can't cum anymore.

As shaken as I was from my incredible orgasm I happily maneuvered Gina over to the couch and after lying her down, I crawled up in between her legs and buried my face in her juicy cunt. Her lips were soaked and swollen and her clit was peeking out from under its little hood. I licked her outer lips thoroughly moving in to address her tasty and soft inner lips. I love the feeling of running my tongue in the crease between the inner and outer lips, it feels so good.

After giving her lips sufficient attention a taste of her deeper juices was now in order as I tongue fucked her over and over and deeper and deeper until my tongue hurt from stretching out as far as I could. Replacing my tongue with two fingers I slid in up and behind her pelvic bone and began to massage her G-spot with increasing pressure. All the while my tongue curled around her clit and I began to suck it like a delicious little candy. After a few minutes of this Gina began to show signs of an impending orgasm but I wanted her to have a really big one and slowed down, softening up the pressure on her clit at the same time.

When she calmed down I resumed the treatment driving her back up the wall again only to slow down once more. I repeated this twice again until she screamed that she had had enough and was going to kill me if she didn't cum soon. So once again I increased the pressure and speed but this time sent her right over the top as she screamed so loud I was sure the neighbours heard. She arched her back and raised her pelvis up high as I supported her ass with my hand. In another moment she collapsed whining and gasping for air.

As she relaxed and gathered herself I slowly finger fucked her making sure to keep clear of her hyper sensitive clit. After a while I put both hands under her ass and raised her up toward my mouth. I began to lick her gently once more, still taking care to avoid that all too sensitive clit. As she began to respond I slid my hands down her legs to her knees and raised them up and back to expose more of her pussy and her lovely ass. Her ass cheeks were parted and I could see her tight little rosebud. I stuck out my tongue to draw ever bigger circles around her bud. Every now and then I would stop and come back to the centre and explore her tight little sphincter.

Soon her body began to react again and it was time to revisit her clit. This time I would start from the back of her ass running my tongue all the way through the crack, up across her pussy and ending up at her clit with a soft sucking motion. I found this was always effective with Gina. I did this again and again, faster and faster until Gina again screamed out "damn you, finish me!" I happily obliged and concentrating on her sore little clit, I sent her back over the top bucking and grinding her sex in my face.

Now she was spent but I wasn't. My cock had once again come to full alert. I slid up on top of her and effortlessly slid my cock deep into her sopping wet pussy. Slowly, ever so slowly I slipped the full length in then out, in then out, savouring every sensation, in then out. Gina has the ability to contract the walls of her vagina very tightly with every back stroke. Her wetness, her warmth, her frequent muscle contractions were ecstasy. It was as if there was a little hand in there hanging on to me, tying to hold me back, every time I pulled outward.

It wasn't long before I could once again feel the coming eruption. I didn't want to speed up but I did start to thrust harder and as deep as I could, trying to stretch out the feelings for as long as possible. Soon there was no more holding back as my cock began to spurt stream after slippery hot stream of cum into her pussy. Once again she bucked like a wild animal and moaned as she experienced yet another orgasm. I collapsed beside her and we both just lay there smiling and catching our breath.

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