tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Friends and So Much More Ch. 03

New Friends and So Much More Ch. 03


For the rest of that day Gina and I went over all the shots in detail culling out the less desirable ones into a separate folder then doing some minor correction to the remaining shots. In the end there was a 176 frame slide show guaranteed to make any audience hard and wet. Of course Gina and I had to break from all the hard work now and then and blow off a little steam. That was some of the best sex ever.

I burned the entire collection including out-takes onto a DVD for Vince. I also loaded another DVD with some of our shots that only a very few had ever seen. I didn't know what I was going to do with them yet but I felt we owed them something for letting us share in such a personal moment.

That night as we spooned in bed, we talked about the next day and meeting Vince and Fiona in person. As we looked back on our sexual voyage, we were amazed at how we had traveled from a sedate a typical sex life to avid exhibitionists and voyeurs, almost swingers. It was also interesting just how intense our love making had become. While neither of us regretted any of our journey, we were aware that we were picking up momentum, seeking bigger thrills and rewards. The whole thing was becoming a bit addictive.

Gina told me that she still felt a little apprehensive about meeting up with our new friends. Sure we had done a lot of exciting sexy things with other friends but the relationship with Vince and Fiona felt different, more intimate somehow. She couldn't explain it but it made her nervous and less in control.

I agreed with her feeling. From the first connections I made with the two of them, I felt a genuine fondness and connection with them. It was strange to feel that way about people you had never really met. I guess it was all the intimate pictures we had shared along the way and the all the personal email discussions we had had. Although Gina would only write to them occasionally, she had seen and enjoyed all of my discussions.

After some good old fashioned good-night sex, we both slept until late morning. As I got out of bed I looked back at Gina sprawled out on the bed, a long slender leg protruding from under the sheets. I contemplated my good fortune as I made my way to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. After breakfast, we took a long shower getting our lathered hands and fingers into all the tight little nooks and making everything squeaky clean. While getting dressed, Gina asked what she should wear.

"We'll be on a boat so simple shorts with a light top and you can bring a skimpy bikini," I suggested.

"Boy could I see that coming," she laughed. "Instead of me wearing the suit under my clothes, you're hoping I'll just take the clothes off and not bother changing, right?"

"Well that would depend on the situation," I said, "If we're just hanging around on their boat and not going out, then you'll need a bikini. If we go out to the nude beach or end up in some secluded place, then maybe a bit more skin," I smiled.

"Thank you for the situation analysis and while I'll be showing 'a bit more skin,' there'll be the lovely Fiona strutting her incredible stuff," she snarked.

"OK maybe you're half right, but I'm pretty sure Vince has something you're looking forward to seeing yourself," I said. "As sexy as Fiona is, you're still my dream girl and the only one for me. Come on," I continued, "after fifteen years of marriage you still get my blood boiling by just taking your top off. Even more so when you're showing off for friends." I added with my best Groucho impression.

She opted to wear the bikini under her clothes and that sent me a clear message that she still had real reservations about might happen today. I was going to be on my guard and make sure she didn't feel awkward or insecure.

It was a gorgeous day as we hopped into the car and headed to Vince's marina. I was really looking forward to this day, not so much because of the potential to have some sexy fun but also because I loved boating. In an earlier life I had done a lot of sailing with a long-time friend. I also used to sail out of a club near our home. I don't know why I stopped, I just did, even though I still enjoyed sailing immensely.

It was nearing noon when we cleared the gate at the marina. It wasn't a very big one, perhaps forty-five boats but it looked well maintained and the members didn't look like the 'Party Cove' kind of crowd. We parked, gathered our stuff and walked toward Dock 4, Jetty 2 where Vince's boat, 'OhNaturelle' would be tied up. As we approached we could see Fiona tidying up on the flying bridge while Vince was fixing some lines.

"Ahoy Skipper," I shouted in my corniest pirate voice, much to Gina's dismay, "permission to come aboard sir."

Fiona began her descent to the deck as Vince approached us with his hand extended, "Boy that never gets old," he said tongue and cheek, "welcome Rick, welcome Gina, by all means please come aboard. Isn't this a terrific day for a cruise? You just couldn't ask for better weather."

As I looked at our hosts I remembered the old adage how people rarely look exactly like their pictures.

"Boy you two are much taller than I expected," Vince observed.

Vince was maybe five foot eight and Fiona seemed to be about five-three. Compared to Gina at five-seven and myself at six feet. As we climbed aboard Fiona approached us with warm hugs and a kiss on both cheeks. Somehow Vince and Fiona looked different, not in a bad way, just different. They both had the same good looks and incredible bodies as in their photos, only more compact I guessed.

I admit it was shallow of us but Gina and I didn't feel so much like the physical underdogs any more. I could almost see the difference in Gina's demeanour as we sat and talked on the aft deck. She was clearly looking comfortable and maybe no longer felt as threatened by Fiona's good looks and physical attributes.

"Well Rick I think you have something for me," Vince said with a smile.

"Sure do!" I nodded handing him the DVD case. "I hope you like the work? I'm not as good a photographer as you are but what I lack in quality I make up for in useable volume."

"Take enough shots using a solid process and some will always stand out. There's about 176 that I liked and as many more in the out-takes folder, all in Raw format."

"Wow, I really didn't expect that many," he said as his eyes opened wide. "Can't wait to look them over."

"What's this all about?" Fiona asked. "Are you up to something I should know about Vince?"

"Oh just a little skunkwork honey," maybe we'll have a look at it later on in the afternoon.

"Say, what would everyone like to do today? I think it's too nice to just hang around the marina. Would you like to head out to open water and cruise a little? There's lots of nice places around the islands to drop anchor and have a late lunch. What do you feel like?" Vince asked.

"I'm not sure," I said, "I think Gina wanted to stay close to land in case we have to deal with some family busin..."

"Oh don't worry about that hon," she jumped in, "I spoke with my sis and she's agreed to cover for me today, so we're good."

"Great," I said, "with that little update, I guess we're good to go. For my part I'd love to cruise around the islands. It's so beautiful around here."

"I'm with Rick," Gina said, "I really love this area."

"Agreed then, we'll cruise around the islands and have some lunch. Then maybe we will do some exploring or pop by a beach afterwards. We'll just see how it goes."

We cast off and cruised out of the harbour towards open water. Vince had a beautiful boat. It was 42 feet with three deck levels and tons of room below. I knew he was in construction and figured business must be good. Taking a boat like this out for a day of cruising could set you back a few bucks just in fuel costs.

We ran for a while weaving in, out and around the islands in the area. Most of them with one or multiple cottages on them. Finally, we arrived at a really pretty little island with no structure on it. Vince said it was too small and too far out to be attractive for builders. There were a few trees but mostly it was just layers of rock and sand.

We dropped anchor on the Lee side of the island where the water was quieter. The sun was blazing down and Gina decided to strip down to her bikini. Fiona had long since made the same move into a bikini that was jaw dropping with her incredible figure.

The top barely contained her big full tits and the bottom was basically skimpy little panties that exposed her ass cheeks nicely as she walked away. We had some drinks and a light lunch that Fiona had prepared in advance. I was impressed at how easygoing and comfortable it was in the company of our new friends.

Vince went down into the cabin and returned with his laptop. "Let's look over some of your shots together Rick, I'd love to hear the back story of how you got these."

Just then Fiona chimed in, "What pictures are you two going on about? Have you been taking some naughty sex pictures Rick? Let me see, let me see!"

"Have a look for yourself babe," Vince said, "better still, why don't we all go below and watch them on the TV?"

As we filed down the three steps to the main saloon Fiona asked me again, "So are these some juicy new sex pictures of the two of you?"

"Well they are terrific sex pictures but not of us. I think you'll enjoy them though," was all I could say.

"I know I had the time of my life taking them," I added.

Soon Vince had connected the Laptop to the surprisingly large TV and we all sat back on two love seats to enjoy the show. As Fiona watched, we were all checking for her reactions from the corner of our eyes.

The show began with empty shots of the spot on the beach then cutting to the boat arriving and the dingy coming ashore with Vince and Fiona. With each slide Fiona's eyes grew bigger and her jaw began to drop.

"How the hell did you get these?" she asked. "This is us when we had our picnic a few days ago."

We kept watching as the scenes got more and more intense, as clothes came off and various body parts were fondled, kissed, licked and sucked. Fiona gasped at some of the close-ups especially of her being faced fucked and of Vince pounding her pussy.

As Gina and I had felt the day before, it was an extreme voyeur experience of a couple's very private and personal moment. I guess what pushed it over the top was the sense that the lovemaking was real with no attempt to act for the camera. Just pure emotion and great sex between a beautiful loving couple.

When it was over Vince asked Fiona what she thought.

"I'm in shock," she said, "in shock! My head is exploding with different emotions right now."

"I know this may seem funny to you two," she said looking over to Gina and I, "but although I've been posing for pictures and we've been posting them on the Web for years now, we've never done anything involving anyone else."

"Vince and I aren't swinger's like most people seem to think," she continued, "in fact, I'm a very private and shy person by nature. Posing for pictures and exposing myself on the net is my form of safe release I guess."

"I'm so shy I even had concerns about meeting up with you two today. We've just never done this before. We've never once met up with anyone we know from the internet. And now this!" she half laughed as she fell back in her seat.

"Please don't get me wrong," she continued her soft laugh, "I'm not angry or even seriously upset I suppose, just kind of stunned. Stunned and horny as hell!"

The last comment broke the tense mood and made everyone laugh, although just a bit nervously.

"OK," she said, "now that the shock is passed, I'd like to see it once more and this time I'd love to hear some of the back stories about how you guys pulled this off."

As we ran through the show one more time, Vince, Gina and I recounted the planning we had gone through and I filled in the blanks about how the various shots were achieved including how incredible I felt during the whole process. I even told them about jerking off after they had left as I previewed some of the shots.

After the second show was over Fiona walked over to me and planted a lovely soft kiss on my lips. After excusing herself to Gina she thanked me for a lovely gift that she will treasure always.

"Please forgive my frankness, after what we've all just watched and talked about, well I'm hot as hell and my libido is in overdrive," she said.

"My pussy is so wet the juices are running down my leg," as she spread her legs a little pivoting her right leg a bit to reveal a wet spot at her crotch and a trail of pussy juice on her inner thigh.

"On top of that my hubbies swim trunks won't seem to hold his beautiful big cock anymore," she smiled.

"I'm sure the two of you are feeling the same effects so let's all go for a swim and cool off," she suggested.

Gina and I were in the same over-heated condition so we all scrambled up the steps to the swim deck behind the boat and jumped in the water.

The lake was cool and refreshing which helped us all dial down the lust a little. As we swam around splashing water and laughing. It felt good to release the sexual tension. We really needed to calm down before we all did something that might jeopardize our new friendship. After a few minutes in the water we climbed back aboard and sat down again. After Vince served up some more cold drinks, Gina was the first to start talking.

She told Fiona how delighted she was that she had told us how she really felt. About how shy she was with others and especially the part about her being nervous to meet with us. She told them that we had had the same misgivings the night before and that was why I had made the pretence of having to deal with family issues back at the dock. She went on to say that only minutes after meeting them though, she felt an almost instant trusting and even a kinship for Vince and Fiona.

Fiona was obviously touched by Gina's words. She came over and gave her a kiss on each cheek and then one more very tenderly on the lips. My cock twitched with that one as I'm sure Vince's did as well.

Then I told them that I had brought along a surprise for them and I took out the extra disk I had made from my bag.

"You know, doing the secret photo shoot was one of the most exciting and fun things I have ever done and providing you will allow us to keep our copy of the pictures, we will treasure and protect them always," I said.

"We know just how rare and import important these pictures are to you and because of that, we wanted to share something of equal value to us in return," I continued.

"Like you two we're not swingers but we have invited very close friends to take pictures of our love making and we have also done the same for them. This disk contains a sex series from the first time we were photographed by our friend as well as a number of files that only Gina and I have seen until now. We were originally just going to view it with you but now I think we'd like you the keep it." I said.

Vince was overwhelmed, "Rick, Gina, I don't know what to say, thank you...and...can we see them now?"

We all laughed and headed back to the saloon. In no time Vince had the disk loaded and running and the first set of images was from our wedding and honeymoon. These were taken back when the act of doing so was something new and naughty that we did for our own viewing and enjoyment. The pictures were very personal to us and we had never shown them to anyone.

There were shots at the hotel after the wedding as Gina undressed from her wedding gown followed by tasty shots and small videos of each of us giving head while the other did the filming. Later on our honeymoon there were plenty of nude shots on the beach, in the hotel room and of sex out on our balcony. Vince and Fiona really loved this series because they were so personal and reminded them of their own pictures from when they too were younger.

As we moved on I explained again that the next series was our first ever sex session photographed by my oldest friend Wil. Vince asked if we had planned it before hand and I told him no, that it just sort of happened one night when Wil was in town for a visit.

I explained that Wil and I had been exchanging naked pictures of our ladies for some time and that during a visit he asked if he could see some more and well, things just evolved.

"I'll give you all the fun details later if you want," I added as I started the slide show."

As each shot came up I provided some background explanations. The first shots were of Wil sitting at our computer looking at pictures of Gina as he stroked is cock.

"This is my friend Wil and photographing him was Gina's condition for allowing him to shoot us," I said.

"Clever girl," Fiona jumped in, "I really must remember that one if I ever get the same opportunity." "

"Your friend Wil is a good looking man with obvious assets," she added with a discriminating smile.

"By the way, Wil has given us carte blanche to share his pictures as we like so we're not breaking any confidences here. I added to put them at ease. "He'll be very pleased to know he's now in your collection as well."

The next shots appeared showing Gina peeling off her PJ's, rubbing herself and showing off her dripping wet pussy before sucking her fingers. Then more shots of her standing in front of me fondling my stiff cock and balls, then on her knees administering one of her great blowjobs. As the angles and close-ups changed from frame to frame Vince was blown away by the detail and beauty of the photography.

"You know, this sort of looks like the professional shots you sometimes see out on the net, only better, way better. The amateur quality with all the different aspects really tells a personal, almost intimate story. I love these!" he observed.

Next we were in a 69 position on our bed and again the camera seemed to be everywhere as Gina continued to suck my cock from underneath me and I licked her pussy relentlessly. Everyone loved how Wil would single out one action with extreme close-ups then pan back to put it in perspective. One slide came up with a full screen close-in view of my finger stuck up Gina's butt past the second knuckle.

Fiona gasped, "OK, now that's really personal. I'm not sure I'd like a picture of Vince doing that to me but I've got to admit Gina, I'm wet as hell watching it happen to you."

"Believe me, I'm enjoying it much more right now than I think I did then. To tell the truth though, I was so hot he could have driven a bus up there and I would have gone along with it." she laughed.

"While I was doing it to her," I added, "I was silently praying that Wil was getting all of it because I really didn't know when I'd get away with it again."

That brought a few chuckles around the room. There were more shots of me finger-fucking Gina and then finally shots of her on top of me riding my cock across the finish line. Again from every possible angle and close-up.

Fiona loved the close-up of my cock coming out of Gina with the cum dripping down over my balls. She said she could almost smell the cum as she unconsciously licked her lips. Then came the shots that seemed to get Fiona upset. They were pictures of Gina on her knees giving Wil a double handed handjob.

"I thought you said you weren't swingers," Fiona asked with a slight tone of accusation.

"As far as I'm concerned, we're not." Gina answered. "Wil is a dear, dear friend and he was so over-heated at that moment we thought he was going to have a heart attack while he was jerking off."

"With Rick's OK I just gave him a helping hand. Rick took these pictures including this one where the bugger came all over me," she said.

The next picture showed Gina with her face and hair cover in sticky sperm.

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