tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Friends and So Much More Ch. 04

New Friends and So Much More Ch. 04


The next day I received an email from Vince.

'Rick and Gina,

It was an absolute pleasure getting together with you both yesterday. We're grateful to you for being a major part of one of the best days of our lives. First I think of how concerned and shy Fiona was about just meeting the two of you. Then I think of how, in the company of two sincere and thoughtful people, she got past all her issues and raised our sex play to a new level. I am amazed and will be eternally grateful. We discovered so much of what we had been missing and what's more, we learned that we could enjoy a deep sexual experience with another couple and not compromise our principles. We will treasure the memories of that day for years to come. We both hope we all can get together again some time very soon and maybe continue our exploration.'

'With that in mind, we have some friends who own one of the islands we passed by yesterday. There's a great cottage on it with all the amenities. They are away in Europe for three months and have left us the keys. I know it's early in our friendship and things have moved very fast but would you two consider coming up and spending a weekend with us?'

'Please don't answer right away, take your time and think it over. Perhaps we can all meet for dinner one night soon and enjoy each others company. I know I speak for Fiona when I say that the two of you have touched us deeply with your honest and heart felt friendship. We would love to get to know you both much better, if you'll let us.'

'Finally, I want to thank you for taking those fantastic pictures of us and for your generous gift of such private pictures of you own. We have looked at them over again and they are a prized addition to our collection that we will always treasure.'

'Your Friends, always,

Vince and Fiona'

The email had me excited and I was feeling the same emotional connection for our new friends at that moment. Even though I had told Gina that we needed to calm things down, I kept thinking of all the things we had yet to explore and how incredible it could be. I had to talk to Gina, she needed to be the voice of reason here. I printed out the message and went looking for her.

I found her out on the patio by the pool and handed her Vince's message. As she read, her face beamed but then the smile melted to a look of concern.

"This seems serious," she said, "and I'm not sure we can handle this kind of serious right now. What do you think?'

"I'm going to be honest and tell you what you probably don't want to hear." I began. "I'm so turned on at the prospect, my heart is pounding. Believe me I know it's dangerous and I said as much on our way home yesterday but I can't help it, I want to do it all again and more, lots more. I need you to talk me down from this."

"Wow, I didn't expect that," her eyes opened wide with surprise, "you're always the voice of reason at times like this. Is it Fiona? Are you falling for her?"

"Oh God no hon," I quickly replied, "I guess, just like them, I'm kind of hooked on the high I felt when we were all together. The passion and excitement were like nothing we've ever experienced before. Sex around other couples has just been fun and games up till now but this is on a whole new level and I want... no, I almost need more. I feel like anything else will be going backward from here. Do you understand?"

"I think I do," she said cautiously, "but right now I'm very afraid for us." she began to get misty eyed.

I moved over to hold her tight and console her. "OK, I can't have you feeling this way, this isn't just about me it's about both of us. I'll write Vince and tell him we can't go on."

"No," she replied with a thoughtful expression, "the least we can do is meet them for dinner and talk it out. I'm really fond of these two and I'm willing to consider going a little farther but what I won't put our relationship at risk."

After a few emails we arranged to meet at a restaurant near us called Franco's. As it turned out it was a spot they had been meaning to try out for some time. Franco was an old friend of ours so I was able to reserve a private booth that would allow us to speak freely.

We met at seven and had a delicious meal as we discussed our possible the weekend getaway. Surprisingly Vince and Fiona had more concerns than we did. I guessed they had had time to cool off and consider the ramifications. Fiona's main concern was still the same, she didn't want to become a swinger hopping from bed to bed looking for casual sex. Gina and I agreed with that and fully supported her, as did Vince. They were a little surprised at our concern of becoming too attached to them, of getting lost in a complicated emotional relationship. Until that moment I don't think either of them had even considered the possibility.

This brought about a round of confessions about how much we were beginning to feel about each other and emotions began to run high. Finally we all agreed that while the risks were probably there that the possible benefits of growing our relationship far outweighed them. We would have to be watchful of things developing too quickly but we all agreed to spend the coming weekend together at the island.

It was Friday morning and both of us had taken the morning off to pack and get an early start. We were both very excited about the coming weekend. We had packed some good wine and food that I intended to prepare. The forecast looked great so we figured a single change of clothes each and lots of swim wear would be all we would need if at all.

After the ride back up to Vince's marina we were parked and walking to the boat by noon. Vince and Fiona were already sitting on the aft deck and they waved us aboard as they saw us approach. There were warm hugs and nice wet kisses as we greeted each other. Our spirits were high as we stowed our gear, cast off heading to open water.

I went up to the flying bridge to sit with Vince while the women went below to change. Soon they were back out in their skimpy little bikinis and went up to the forward deck to lie in the sun. It took about forty minutes to reach the island and Vince pointed it out as it in came into view. The island was bigger than I expected, at least four acres. Large enough for three or four cottages.

The cottage came into view as we got closer. It was beautiful, obviously a custom design with windows everywhere. It was all one floor and 'V' shaped like a big wing. The narrow part was perched on a large rock outcropping while each side of the wing extended out over a beach supported by tall posts. We tied up the boat and gathered some of our gear before heading up a stone path. A large deck filled most of the centre part of the 'V' and we climbed up winding stairs to reach it. The deck was full of nice rattan furniture, a bar, a huge BBQ and an entrance at the deepest point.

We went inside to a grand open plan space that served as living area, dining and kitchen. The bedrooms were in either wing of the building, two large rooms and washrooms in one and a massive master suite and bathroom plus an office in the other. Vince pointed us in the direction of our wing while he and Fiona moved toward theirs.

We unpacked what little there was then went back to the boat to get the rest of our provisions. When we returned, Vince and Fiona were in the living area looking at pictures on a projector screen. We watched the show with interest as we stowed the provisions.

These were new shots and Fiona looked stunning. I commented that she wasn't wearing her customary wig that she wore on the internet. She responded that these shots were for us not the internet and asked if I liked them. I told her that they were terrific but I could get just as excited watching her read a phone book. As Gina punched me on the shoulder, Fiona looked at me with a sexy glare and thanked me.

It was still beautiful out so we headed to the back deck. There was a large outdoor shower on the far side sheltered by trees and more patio furniture. Vince suggested we take a walk around the island and maybe bring our camera gear. I agreed and we each grabbed our equipment bags and headed straight for the beach.

The weather was beautiful and boats were already abundant as they navigated the channels between the islands. We continued to walk along the shore with the women up front as Vince and I followed enjoying the view of our wives asses. As they walked and talked, they had their arms around each other's waste. We took pictures as they giggled and crouched together like schoolgirls sharing secrets.

As they moved along Fiona's hand reached up behind Gina and pulled loose the string on her top. This action was quickly matched by Gina releasing Fiona's top. Vince and I's attention was now peaked as they stopped and turned to a three quarter profile topless while holding hands. We kept walking taking shots as we approached ending up on either side of our ladies.

We continued on along the shore much to the enjoyment of boats passing close enough to see. One sounded an air horn while three women on board flashed their tits as they laughed and waved.

"Let's head back to the cottage," Fiona said, "I feel like taking some better pictures."

"Why not right here?" Vince asked.

"I'm not ready for that Vince," she answered, a bit perturbed, "I've just gotten used to being naked around these two. I'm not ready to let the rest of the world in yet."

"Naked here, naked there, wherever you like as long as as it's naked," I smiled.

"There's a news flash," Gina laughed.

We turned and headed back towards the house and as we walked Gina pulled the strings on her bottom and was now carrying both pieces in her hand.

"I can't wait," she said, "I'm really getting horny guys and I want to feel the air on my pussy."

We had barely cleared the doorway and Fiona was completely naked herself. As the women entered the living area Vince and I spread out and were capturing both women from every angle. I was beginning to feel a little confined in my trunks so I removed them and everything else. Vince was close behind and soon his great log of meat was swaying side to side in front of him as he moved around getting shots of Gina then Fiona.

The women took poses on the furniture, floor and stairs. Anywhere they could strike a sexy pose and display their beautiful bodies. Gina was holding onto an eight inch support column in a stripper pose when Fiona came up behind her and rubbed her tits and her body up against her back. Gina's back arched like a kitten and her eyes closed as she took in the new sensation.

"That feels really good hon," she almost whispered as she let go of the pole and turned to face Fiona.

"I've been dying to touch these, may I?" as Fiona nodded, Gina placed both hands on her breasts and began to rub them softly.

"They're so big and beautiful, I love the way they feel in my hands," she cooed.

Vince and I were now barely able to press the shutters on our cameras, we were both almost shaking and very distracted. Just the same we did manage to get some good shots off.

By now Fiona had begun massaging Gina's breasts as well and the two of them stood transfixed in their new sensual discovery. Soon their hands began to wander all over each other's bodies as they savoured the feeling of each other's touching. Gina really surprised me as she reached down to Fiona's pussy and after a few slow rubs I was sure I could make out a finger slip in as Fiona's back stiffened and her eyes opened wide with a fiery gaze. Staring deep into Fiona's eyes Gina slowly removed her hand from Fiona's pussy, raising it to her lips she tasted her fingers with the tip of her tongue.

Vince and I never uttered a sound, terrified to disturb the vision we were watching. Neither of us had ever dreamed we would see something like this from our wives. Just the same, here they were and they showed no signs of letting up soon. Fiona moved back to a chair behind her pulling Gina towards her as she sat down. Gina whimpered a little as she reluctantly came down on top of her and they kissed passionately. Gina broke free with a look of shock.

"Holy shit, I never thought I'd ever do something like this," she said in disbelief.

"Neither did I," Fiona said in a slow sexy voice, "but I really loved it. It felt so natural and loving but also kind of forbidden. Do you know what I mean?"

"Yes I do," she answered, "are we still OK? I mean, I don't know what to think now."

"Oh yes girl," she came back, "I think we just found out about a new thing for us. You know, when the guys are busy, or not," she winked as she chuckled.

"Would you girls be OK if we fucked your brains out now?" Vince asked. "You see we're both kind of worked up after your little show and my cock is going to explode very painfully if it doesn't find a nice wet pussy soon."

"I think we can manage that," Gina said getting off of Fiona and leading her by the hand to the large leather couch in the living area.

Sitting side by side with their legs spread open they slid their asses to the edge and the gave us that come hither look. Vince and I assumed the position quickly as we each rubbed our cocks up and down their wet pussy lips. The women just lay there watching everything, sighing and moaning softly.

We each slid into our ladies and began a slow fuck as we drank in the view of our beautiful wives lying beside each other taking our cocks and moaning softly. I rubbed Gina's clit with my thumb as I began to pick up speed. Soon I grabbed her legs and raised them high to give me better access to her g-spot and began ramming for all I was worth.

Vince had flipped Fiona over and was ramming her hard from behind with her upper body still on the sofa. Fiona angled herself towards Gina and started sucking her tit. That was it, the new sensation was more than Gina could handle and she had a shattering orgasm as she held Fiona's head to her breast. Between Gina's orgasm clamping down on my cock and the sight of Fiona suckling I came so hard I almost saw stars.

Vince and Fiona weren't far behind as they too yelled and grunted out loud. The four of us collapsed in a pile at the couch sweating and out of breath. We stayed there, a tangle of spent moaning flesh until finally Fiona suggested we go get cleaned up.

"Why don't we try the shower on the deck?" Vince suggested.

"Aways looking to up-the-ante, aren't you Vince," Fiona snarked.

"In fairness to Vince," I said, "I was thinking the same thing."

"Another news flash," Gina laughed, "I don't think you need to jump in front of the bus for Vince, Rick. I'm game if Fiona is."

"Oh sure I am," Fiona laughed, "I was just teasing, let's go rub some skin and clean up."

We marched out to the deck and headed straight for the shower. It was spacious with two large rainfall shower heads. Despite all the room we still needed to clump together to get wet though. Vince grabbed a big bottle of shower gel and poured it over everyone as we all worked hard lathering up each other's bodies and enjoying all the slippery fun.

As we bumped and rubbed against each other our hands roamed freely as we washed up. The scene became kind of communal as everyone soaped and washed each other. At one point Vince's hand was on my hip as he ran a soapy hand up my ass crack while Fiona worked on his cock and balls and Gina worked on Fiona's ass and pussy. It was a great ice breaker to finally be able to touch as well as look.

We emerged from the shower and while we were towelling off, Fiona suggested we stay naked for the rest of the weekend.

"I'm really enjoying this new freedom," she said happily.

"I'm good with staying naked," Gina added, "but can we try and reign things in a bit? I'm loving every minute of this so far but aren't we moving a kind of fast?"

"She's right," Fiona agreed, "we need to take it down a notch and relax a little. I'm feeling pretty good about us right now and I want what we have to go a long long way. So let's not screw it up by getting ahead of ourselves."

"Hear, hear," Vince cheered.

That night after dinner we lay in the main room viewing the pictures we had taken that day. As we lay there in couples watching and fondling each other, we critiqued the day's shooting and discussed doing some shoots that we could post on the internet. The shots of the two women caressing and kissing were electric and Fiona stroked Vince's engorged cock as they watched and Gina did the same as we watched them. This continued well into the night until we all decided it was time to head to our rooms and fuck our way to oblivion.

Despite the size of the house and the distance between the rooms we still heard the other couples' screams, moans and groans in the night. At last we were all sated and the soft night sounds were all we could hear as we drifted off.

The next morning I was up early as usual and I left Gina to sleep in while I whipped up some breakfast. When I got to the kitchen I found Fiona puttering around in all her naked glory.

"You know, I'll never get used to seeing you naked around me Fiona," I said as I walked into the kitchen area.

"Oh, Rick, good morning," she said in a startled voice, "I'm afraid this all continues to be new to me. Isn't it funny that after all the intimate things we've done in front of each other that I'm still startled and a little nervous at being alone with you right now."

"Oh my gosh Fiona, I'm sorry," I apologized, "I'll go back to our room and wait until we're all together again."

"Oh, no no no," she responded softly, "I'm OK, you just startled me, don't worry. To be honest this is giving me a little tingle between my legs right now and it feels nice and just a bit naughty. Can I make you some breakfast?"

All I needed to set my cock to full mast was to hear about that tingle and watch her tits sway and jiggle as she moved. I made no effort to hide it, in fact I did all I could to give it some air as we continued to talk.

"You know Rick, I have to admit that I never feel quite as naked as when I'm around you. For some reason when you stare at me, which is all the time, I feel so exposed. At first it made me a little uncomfortable but now I kind of like it, it excites me and I look forward to it."

As she finished, she struck a pose holding her arms up in the air to give me a full frontal view. Her smile melted everything inside me and suddenly I realized just how deep I was getting in.

"Oh God Fiona, you don't know what you do to me girl," I said, "you are just so gorgeous, you make me hurt inside."

"Oh no," she said coyly as she walked up to within inches, "we can't have you hurting."

I felt her fingers lightly touch the tip of my cock and I sucked in my breath as I came and spurted right up in between us. My cum hit her hands and the underside of her tits and she jumped back and squealed with surprise.

"Holy cow, I guess you weren't kidding. I've never had that effect on a man before, I'm flattered. I'd better clean up before someone comes in and sees."

But it was too late because Gina had seen it all as she had approached us unseen from the Hall. She had a strange look on her face and I couldn't quite figure out how much trouble I was in. When she reached us she leaned in to Fiona and gave her a big wet kiss good morning and then quickly turned to me and did the same.

"I thought we were going to slow things down?" she asked.

Fiona fought to explain as she wiped my cum from her hand and chest.

"I'm so sorry Gina, you have to believe me but somehow the air gets so sex-charged when any of us are together, things just seem to happen. I really want to fight it and hold back but I keep getting drawn in. Are you very angry with us?"

"I was as I came down the hall and saw you two but somehow I just couldn't stay upset," she said, "you were both just so fucking hot to watch. You just barely touched him and he came. Just like Vince did with me at the beach," she continued. "Just don't get too upset if you come into a room and find Vince's beautiful cock in my mouth some time. I can get pretty drawn in as well you know."

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