tagGroup SexNew Friends and So Much More Ch. 06

New Friends and So Much More Ch. 06


Over the next few years life became very different for the four of us. For one thing, we had become almost inseparable. At first we began alternating whole week stays in each other's homes and sharing expenses. Eventually, Gina and I rented out our home and moved in with Vince and Fiona. Their home was enormous with plenty of common spaces as well as private areas for when we needed them. This was without doubt the highest point in our relationship. That doesn't mean it was downhill from there, quite the contrary, it was just a magical point where it didn't seem possible to be any happier.

Life at home was very relaxed. We worked, made love and generally enjoyed each other to the fullest. You would think that with four people living so closely together that there would be frequent arguments but in all our time together I can't recall one single moment where words were spoken in real angry. Sure there were minor disagreements but they never became anything else.

Somewhere after our first year together something changed for all of us. As couples we had been the perfect yin and yang combinations. Gina and Vince were gregarious and outgoing while Fiona and I were more quiet and introverted. As time passed though, we each began to gravitate to the one that was most like ourselves and that's where it becomes a little more difficult to explain.

When we entered into our relationship we were all very much in love but from the point where Fiona and I or Gina and Vince began to bond even more deeply, something amazing occurred. Slowly and irrevocably we began to fall more and more deeply in love until there didn't seem to be a place where one would end and the other would begin. For Fiona and I our love for each other became unfathomable and we were almost lost in each other.

That didn't mean we had switched partners though, in fact it didn't alter our relationship as a foursome at all. We were all still very in love with each other and sex just always seemed to get better. The only difference now was there were very special relationships within our relationship as a whole. For Fiona and I our sharing and lovemaking would soar. Like I said, very hard to explain.

I suppose you could say our life together was a little different. We had continued to live naked at home and it followed that other habits like casual fondling would became second nature to us as well. What this meant was; a good morning kiss always included the slight fondle of a breast, penis, bum or pussy. A hug always included roaming hands or connecting somehow at the hips. A brief caress or soft kiss as we would talk was normal and expected. It became so customary that we had to remember not do it when we were outside or when we had company.

There was one time when Gina's mom Louise was by for a visit and as I kissed her hello I inadvertently caressed her left breast through her sweater.

"RICK!" Gina shouted out to me as I quickly withdrew my hand.

"Oh shush now Gina, I was enjoying that," Louise laughed, "I know all of you can't seem to keep your hands off each other. I see you touching each other all the time even though you try to hide it. Anyway, it felt nice to have such a loving touch there once more. Feel free to do it again Rick, just not in public please."

"You know I just love the way you are all so happy and caring for each other," she continued. "I don't think I'll ever understand what you're all up to here but I can't deny that it certainly seems to agree with you. Like any parent I just want to see you happy in your life."

"Thanks mom," Gina said as she kissed her and playfully rubbed her ass.

"Oh," Louise jumped. "This is becoming sensory overload but I still like it," she laughed.

That evening when Louise left I made sure to give her boob a nice gentle squeeze as I kissed her goodbye.

The next time she visited was on a Sunday afternoon and she was wearing a loose cover-up over a modest two-piece bathing suit. She had arranged with Gina that she was going to take some sun and use our pool for the afternoon. I said my hellos as she came in filling my hand with her large breast as she leaned in for a kiss.

"Mmmm I really love the way you guys do that," she said. "I'm so happy we cleared the air about it the last time. These big puppies don't get enough love," she laughed.

Her breasts were a solid 38DD and they felt nice and firm for a 57 year old. Her ass and legs were also still in pretty good shape since she was an avid walker and did a lot of low impact workouts.

"Well I'm happy to send out the love," I said. "In the meantime I've got some chores to get done and the pool awaits you ma'am," I said as I bowed walking backward toward my office.

Louise laughed, went out to the pool and made herself comfortable after removing her cover-up. A short while later Vince came out to take a dip in the pool and as usual he was au-naturel. He walked right past Louise without seeing her.

"Hey big fella," she called out jokingly, "don't I get a hello?"

Vince was startled and turned to face her as her gaze immediately fell to his prodigious member.

"OH MY, you really are a big fella for sure," she chortled. "Forgive me for being so crass but I'll bet that one keeps the girls pretty happy, there's more than enough to go around," she laughed a wicked little laugh.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Louise," he apologized, "I didn't know you were out here and I just came out for a quick dip."

At that juncture I walked out of the house wearing my swim trunks and saw Vince standing stark naked in front of Louise as they talked.

"Wow we've gotten a little relaxed with our company haven't we Vince," I observed as I approached.

"Oh come on Rick, what's wrong with you?" Louise exclaimed. "You don't think I know you all go naked and only get dressed for certain company? Just like the touching I'm more than fine with all of it, in fact, I'd simply love to see you naked as well. Come on, make and old lady's day."

"Sure, if it makes you happy Louise," I said as I stripped off my trunks and turned to face her. "How's that?"

"Ohhhhh boys," she gushed, "who'd of thought that at my age I'd get to stare at such good looking, virile young men in the raw. You're making this old broad very happy and just a little damp to."

"Well we're happy to do it and we'll stay this way for you all day and any other time you want us to," I offered. "Feel free to join us as well, it can be very liberating."

"Oh go on, Rick," she guffawed as she made a sweeping gesture with her hand, "You don't want to be looking at an old lady like me when you've got such beautiful seductive wives."

"You know," I said, "Gina got her looks from somewhere and it wasn't her dad. I've got to admit that a part of me has always been curious to see the original model looked like."

"Curious about...," she stopped dead in her tracks, "oh you can't mean you want to see me without anything on? You can't be serious!"

"Well as long as we're admitting to stuff," Vince said, "count me in on that, call it an Oedipus complex but yeah I'd love to see Gina's mom naked as well."

"Well boys," she laughed, "you certainly don't need to ask twice."

She stood and undid her top then slipped off her bottom in one more deft move. She lifted and spread out her arms as she turned to give us the full 360. Her breasts were very large as expected and sagged but not as much as I would have thought. These were loving puppies indeed, full and plump with large pale aureoles that had wonderful thick erect nipples standing at attention in the centre. Her skin showed age but her lean; trim shape made you overlook it easily. She was hotter than I ever expected and both Vince and I rose quickly to the occasion.

"Oh my God boys, look at those lovely things," she beamed, "you can't know how good it feels to still cause a reaction like that."

We stayed naked as we talked and not long after Gina got home from shopping with Fiona. When they came out and saw us it took some explaining before Gina calmed down and relaxed. From that day on, when ever Louise would visit none of us bothered to dress. Gina and Fiona would have great fun making lewd comments about Vince and I and egging Louise on. Louise would sometimes strip and go naked with us but not always.

Louise was the only one of our parents who accepted our life style and even embraced it. The others rarely came to visit choosing to have us come to their home or meet them at a restaurant and avoid embarrassing situations.

As far as friends went, we had many who knew us as a foursome and as many who chose to think of us as very close friends sharing a home. Some thought we were crazy while others loved and envied our lifestyle. There were some who asked to join us but we always declined the offers. We had no interest in becoming a free love group more interested in sex than the relationship as a whole. It's true, we were pretty oversexed to begin with but at the end of the day we all loved each other more than life itself and for us that made all the difference.

Entertaining was a mainstay in our home, mostly with dinner parties. Fiona and I had become a top notch cooking team able to dazzle the fussiest palate. We both loved cooking and often set a table for as many as sixteen. We would make our dinners an all night event beginning around five with finger food continuing through the evening with multiple small courses and often ending after eleven.

Over time most of our friends succumbed to our love of nudity and would often go naked once they crossed our threshold, even some who never did it anywhere else. We became a kind of safe haven for friends who were closet nudists. Even though we were mostly all naked at our parties they never once turned into orgies. There was always lots of touching and fondling but almost never any public or group sex. There were some of course who would retreat to a more private space to relieve tension but that was pretty much it. Even though some friends might get carried away and push boundaries we never walked around policing our house or ordered people to stop having fun.

There was one occasion, however, where we pretty much threw all the rules out the window and it involved my life-long friend Wil and his second wife Elaine.

Before we met Vince and Fiona, Gina and I loved being photographed by Wil as we made love. He was very talented and he loved to watch us have sex more than anything. When Elaine came on the scene we soon discovered that she to shared our love for exhibitionism and voyeurism. As we became closer we would visit each others' homes and spend long evenings taking turns on the bed or any where else for that matter as one couple would pose and the other would watch and take photos.

Wil was a frequent visitor to our new home since his business often brought him to town. His long and intimate history with Gina and I also helped Vince and Fiona forge a strong friendship with him. We all appreciated Wil's skill with a camera and he was one of the very few friends we permitted to photograph us individually as well as in group situations. He never participated in our lovemaking sessions but he would often masturbate when he couldn't take the pressure any longer.

When she could, Elaine would accompany him to town and they would often stay overnight as our guests. She was aware of everything we were up to and I think envied our lifestyle more than anyone. The best nights were the ones where she assisted Wil as he photographed us all. She would be naked as well and besides helping with the cameras she would help relieve Wil's tension with her hands or her mouth as he shot our tangled up lovemaking. Often we would finish the evening with Vince and I shooting them from every conceivable angle and close-up as they frantically screwed their pent-up libidos into submission.

Such was the case on that one night we broke all the rules. We had just finished a very exciting shoot involving one of our favourite sex positions where Vince and I double penetrated Gina while Gina chewed on Fiona's pussy. It was a fantastic session of lovemaking and we finished shooting it and still wanted more. Meanwhile Wil and Elaine were over heated to the point of spontaneous combustion.

Elaine whispered something in Wil's ear and he shook his head 'no' and said very softly, "no they don't do that, not them."

"What is it Wil, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Well it's just that Elaine is really hot and she's never tried double penetration and.. well.. she wanted you guys to help."

"I told her you're not into that but she doesn't get what you guys are all about," he added.

"OH FUCK, I'm so sorry," Elaine cried out, "I was just so hot and wasn't thinking, come on Wil let's go back to the room and you can fuck my brains out."

I looked at Gina and Vince, and then we all looked at Fiona.

"These are our best friends," I said, "and sometimes we should bend rules for people we love and who love us."

We were all still pretty worked up and even Fiona didn't put up a fight at this point. Vince and I went over to Elaine as we pushed Wil towards Gina and Fiona. The women both quickly began to work on Wil rubbing, caressing, kissing and sucking every part of his body. The look on his face was priceless, as he seemed to be swallowed up by their affections.

"Oh m-my," Elaine stammered, "does this mean..."

Before she could finish we were down on our knees, me at the front and Vince in back licking and sucking from both sides of her. The sensations overwhelmed her as she wriggled in between us. I reached up and massaged her ample tits as I licked and sucked on her delicious pussy. She came over and over again in small but intense orgasms as Vince and I showed her no mercy.

When she was sufficiently wet we gently laid her down in between us. As I fondled and massaged her pussy Vince lubed up and began to work his way into her ass. At first she begged him to stop saying he was too big and he was going to tear her apart but I just began kissing her over and over, sucking on her tongue and working her pussy. Her sphincter finally relaxed and Vince moved in further as she once again recoiled in pain.

"OK, I'm sorry I asked for this I was wrong, can we stop please."

"Of course we'll stop if you want us to Elaine," I cautioned, "but you're so close now and I promise you will love this more than anything you've tried before, trust me."

"All right," she moaned, "keep going but please go easy."

Vince only had a little farther to go and we knew that she wouldn't believe what she was about to feel. Even the girls slowed up their work on Wil so they could enjoy the show as Vince finally pulled out of Elaine's ass at the same time that I rammed myself in all the way. We felt our cocks rub against each other as we passed inside her. The look on Elaine's face was amazing as she felt the huge void as Vince's great big cock retreated. Her face contorted again as I replaced that empty feeling with my thick cock as it bloated her pussy to capacity.

"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, OH SHIT, FUCK, OH, OH, FUCK, THIS IS AMAZING," she screamed out as Vince and I began to pump her from both sides.

"I feel like I'm constantly coming," she yelled loudly and out of breath. "It's like my whole lower body is having an orgasm, fuck!"

We kept it up for quite a while until I felt Vince got harder inside her and soon he was coming as he grunted, reached around and grabbed her tits squeezing them in his big hands. I couldn't hold on much longer myself and unloaded into her soft warm pussy.

"Holy FUCK, I can feel you both coming in me but in different places, god this is unreal," she shouted again, "I can't take much more of this."

Soon we both became soft again but we continued to hold her close as we slipped out of her tired and abused orifices.

We lay there enjoying the sweaty feel of each other's bodies as we watched the tangle of flesh that was Wil, Gina and Fiona squirm around the floor. Fiona was locked in a sixty-nine position with Wil while Gina was eating Wil's ass and working her way to Fiona in the front as Fiona syphoned the life out of Wils cock.

Vince and I got up and carried Elaine over to the other three as the six of us huddled together just enjoying the closeness and sensations. We invited Wil and Elaine into our bed that night and we all slept like babes as we cuddled until morning.

It was a one-time thing and never repeated and Elaine often said she didn't think she could survive a repetition. I know Wil would have loved many more repeat performances but he also knew that was never going to happen at least not with Fiona. Gina would probably have been happy to comply.

Our lovemaking was also evolving significantly as we seemed to be pushing the boundaries every chance we could get. Vince and I were actively enjoying sex together and there seemed to be no limit to the sexual combinations we could now come up with in bed. If we weren't having incredible sex, we would often be talking about it or planning for it. While there were few references for foursomes with same-sex partners, we found that if we combined gay, lesbian and/or heterosexual positions, voila incredible sex. The added sexual preferences also made researching much more interesting.

One thing we could never fully get into though was anal. Strangely enough, it was the women who seemed to enjoy it more but even they weren't huge fans. What they did seem to enjoy was double penetration. We would do it often and both women had mastered different techniques of moving their hips to maximize contact with both men. Both of them really seemed to love it. For Vince and I we both loved the way we could feel our dicks rub against each other inside.

Whenever we did all holes the odd woman would usually sit on someone's face or bury her own face where the other three connected and have an oral feast. Foursomes were our best activity and we had developed a large repertoire of positions and combinations.

Even though Vince and I weren't big fans of anal, we did seriously enjoy prostate massages, especially Vince. One afternoon when the four of us were sitting around in the den I asked him if I could try something I'd read about.

"Suurrre," he answered, "since when have you known me to say no to sex. Are you going to try something new?"

"Oh come on guys," Fiona urged, "stop talking and do something already. Gina and I can watch."

"OK," I agreed as I reached for some lube, "why don't you stand here in front of me Vince? I just want to try a different way of massaging your prostate."

Vince stood and moved in front of me as I lubed up the both of us and slowly inserted my finger into his ass. I began by finger fucking him sliding in and out and enjoying the sensation as I fondled his ass cheeks and occasionally ventured around front to give his large cock some small love tugs and strokes. Vince was really enjoying the effect it was having on him.

Soon I felt for the oval spongy patch covering his prostate. The massage technique I read about said I should touch the far end of the area and hook my finger as if I was scratching the spot gently and draw it towards me. Then I should do the same thing in reverse only dragging the back of my nail lightly forward to the beginning again. I was to vary the pressure slightly based on his response but the speed should be constant.

Both women were now watching intently as they massaged their wet pussies making wonderful squishy sounds. Vince moaned loudly and produced the fastest, hardest erection I'd ever seen on him. Both women squealed as they laughed and joked at the instant reaction.

"God damn that feels so good Rick," Vince moaned. "Why is this so different from the other times? I can't really describe how this feels but it would be hard to improve on it."

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