tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Friends, Mirror Mirror Ch. 02

New Friends, Mirror Mirror Ch. 02


I was kind of afraid to go over to Sandy's house the next day but put my game face on and found Sandy on her back porch. She saw me and smiled. I hope I didn't push you too much last night but want to tell you I had a great time.

Yes at first I was ashamed of myself but the more I thought about it the more I am glad we did what we did and said what we said. I need to get out of my shell, kind of like that first time you rode your bike for the first time but need a shove first.

Hey Jan I need your advice on my closet. It is a huge walk in and the design doesn't fit my needs, I admit I am addicted to shoes and don't have as many long dresses that the owner before us did.

We went upstairs and her closet was huge. I looked through her closet at what she owned and she only filled up 60 percent of it. It is strange that the middle of this side is so bare but I guess you need plenty of room to walk. I think if you got rid of these two sections for hanging clothes and put floor to say 6 feet up of little openings just for shoes. I bet you could put at least 60 pairs there.

Sandy what is this latch for? You know I wondered about that myself. I went up and tried to turn it then went the other direction and it opened a door. I opened it all the way and it was a two way mirror. Oh My God you have a two way mirror. Sandy laughed, I'll be damn. You could watch someone doing it in the bedroom from here. Who ever owned this place before was very naughty. Funny the Realtor didn't mention this feature as she laughed.

We went back outside and grabbed a bottle of wine. I think we were getting into a habit but I liked it. Jim comes home tonight and will be back for a week. You ought to come over tonight for dinner. Sure, what do you want me to bring? A salad would be great.

That night Jim gave me a big welcome hug and we had a good evening. I was a little worried that Sandy might spill the beans on our conversation. Jim went inside to get a beer and I ask Sandy not to mention are talk or the fact that we showed each other our pussies. She grinned and then sure Hun, it is our secret.

We both did our normal work week and I couldn't get out of my mind our talk. At work I started looking at guys and wondering what there cocks looked like? What would it be like to suck on them?

Friday after work I went over and Jim was out golfing so Sandy and I set on the porch and yes drank wine.

Sandy suddenly said I have to speak my mind, you know me. I was thinking about our discovery of the magic mirror and got a crazy idea. Why don't you hide in the closet an watch me suck on Jim's cock. You can see my technique. Instead of just talking about it you can watch how I do it. Plus it would be a HUGE turn on for me knowing you are watching. We won't let Jim know so it is our secret.

I was in lust shock!! Like the comic, devil on my shoulder shouting in my ear, do it girl. Do you want to go through your life being a boring hum drum vanilla sexless until you die girl or do you want to explore and make sex fun and exciting. Just imagine watching Sandy suck and lick that cock and watching Jim explode. You know you are getting horny just thinking about it...Then the other shoulder was the shame of even thinking about doing it. Watching two people have sex and even worse Jim not even knowing. How wrong is that, you will go to hell for such wickedness thought.

Tell you what Jan, think about it, you don't have to tell me until you are ready. You will still be my best friend no matter what your decision is. Although you would be and even better friend if you did it as she laughed in jest.

This was a truly hard decision for me. I osculated back and forth for the next two weeks. I would have to admit that I was horny those two weeks because of thinking about it. I for the most part am not a horny person I think because I have been so inactive for so long. To relieve my horny feeling while masturbating I just couldn't get the idea out of my mind and thinking about watching just brought me to orgasm fast and at that moment I made the decision to go through with it.

Friday night on our normal wine night I blurted out before I chickened out, I want to watch you and Jim have sex! Sandy grin was huge and she said what about Sunday.

No I am not sure if I am ready that quickly. Sorry Jan you said yes it is my duty to push you forward, damn Im getting horny already. This will be harder than waiting for Christmas as a kid. Jan smiled and said, I admit I am both a little scared and excited at the same time. It is a good thing I am not working because my mind will be only on one thing.

It was a very long day and a half and I was nervous. The closet had two doors to it, one from the master bedroom and one from the bathroom. They each had locks so Sandy had locked the one from the bathroom.

Sandy walked her into the closet. In front of the mirror was a comfy looking chair with a couple of different shaped dildos and a vibrator. Sandy was grinning ear to ear. I know this is out of your wheelhouse but think of it as a favor for me. Knowing you are watching is making me really hot and horny. I can't wait to perform for you. Isn't it hot thinking that Jim has no clue you are watching? I wish I could watch you masturbating to us, maybe another time as she winked and walked out.

Jan slowly stripped off her clothing off leaving her panties on, don't know why just seemed right.

Jan was both nervous and excited. She couldn't believe Sandy talked her into this. Sandy just had a way with bringing out the hidden desires in her. She knew she shouldn't be doing this. She set in the chair and it had a soft arm on it that she found she could put one leg over it leaving easy access between her legs. She touched between her legs feeling her pussy through her panties. She was already damp.

Just then Sandy came in pulling Jim by his hand. They stopped right in front of the mirror and Sandy slowly unbuttoned Jim's shirt and pulled it off taking time to lick and suck each of his nipples. Jim started to reach for her clothing and she slapped his hand telling him to obey and be a good boy. Jim just grinned. Sandy then did a slow strip tease removing her clothing. I could only see her from behind but the anticipation was getting me worked up. I proceeded to take my panties for better access.

I couldn't believe how wet I was. Sandy only had her panties on as she had Jim stand up and she pulled his pants off. She then turned him so I could see better now. Getting down on her knees she slowly pulled down his underwear as his now at attention cock sprang up at full mass. She was right by her description his cock was larger than I have had but not too large. She slowly licked the tip that had pre cum on its tip. She pulled slowly away with a thin sting of it. I knew she was doing this for me. I started to rub my pussy slowly both inside and out on the clit. I wanted to make it last because right now I probably could cum in 30 seconds if I continued.

She slowly pulled her panties off and she was already wet, I could see her lips were spreading in excitement. Her breast were bigger than mine but I could see her nipples were hard and erect. She made Jim lay down on the bed with his head toward me as she slowly lowered her now wet pussy onto Jim's face. I could see her full front as she reached up and pinched her own nipples and she winked at me. She then closed her eyes as Jim was lapping at her pussy with his tongue and Sandy was slowly rocking back and forth across his face.

I had never watched another woman before and it was exciting. Knowing that she knew I was watching added to the excitement. Also knowing she knew I was masturbating to her also added a heighten pleasure as I reached over, picked up the dildo and slowly slide it into my dripping wet pussy. Damn it felt good.

Sandy had told me she always had orgasms easily as she started sliding her pussy wildly across Jim's face. Sandy became very vocal telling Jim she was going to cum. Her boobs were bounding all over, watching her body convulsing as she exploded with a huge orgasm was all I could take. I had wanted to save my own orgasm but it was just too much to handle as I arched my ass up plunging the dildo in and out fucking myself and fingering my clit at the same time I also exploded drenching my hand as I had whole body jerks. I came in wave after wave never having orgasmed like this in my life.

Coming down off of my high a little disappointing that I couldn't have lasted longer. Sandy looked right at me and licked her lips in a very sensual way like she knew what I had just done. She climbed off of Jim's face that was soaked with her cum. He went to wipe it off and she told him to leave it.

She then placed Jim on the bed sideways as she climbed on the bed between his legs. I had a great view as she proceeded to slowly start sucking and licking his cock. I watched intently her technique. Like I had told her before I had never sucked cock and was very interested. To my surprise I felt a growing excitement between my legs. I had never had more than one orgasm in a sex masturbation session in my life. It was always about pleasing my husband not me.

I slowly started playing with my folds and clit again bring life to my pleasure. Watching Jan suck his cock was very hot. It made me want to run into the bedroom and impale my cunt onto his hardness. Thinking about his cock ramming in and out of my pussy was so wrong. This was Sandy's husband and that thought made it all the more exciting. Sandy was taking all of his cock in her mouth. I don't know how she could do it and not gag. At the same time it made it even hotter. She would pull all the way off and do magic with her tongue. My eyes traveled to Jim's face and he almost looked in agony but I knew it was pleasure.

Then I saw Jim arching his hips off the bed and Jan was pumping his dripping hard cock with her hand at the same time sliding his cock in and out of her mouth as he started to cum I could see spurt after spurt of hot cum as Jan took it into her mouth but instead of swallowing it she let it drip and run out of her mouth as I watched it run down the length of his cock.

It was too much for me to handle as I had pulled out the vibrator ramming it over my click. The roughness was unlike me but it just seemed right as another huge wave after wave of orgasm, like a title wave hit my body. I did everything in my control not to scream out afraid that they would hear me. I had closed my eyes and when I opened them Jan was rubbing Jim's cock all over her pussy. It now was limp but still disappeared inside her. Jan rubbed both of their cum all over her dripping pussy then she made Jim just like before lay down as she planted her pussy on his face again.

She then mouthed Watch This as she started sliding her cum soaked pussy, making Jim taste their mingled cum. Jim didn't seem to care as she starred right at me sliding back and forth increasing her speed until she again screamed I am cumming as another orgasm racked her body.

I was both smiling and a little ashamed at what just happened. It didn't seem right what I just did, watching a couple have hot sex without the knowledge of her partner. Hell just watching another couple having such intimate oral sex like this. Actually the act of oral sex at all was a little disgusting, taboo and exciting at the same time. I felt guilty and invigorated at the same time. How can I even look Sandy or even more Jim in the face.

I started dressing, did not put my panties on because they were soaked. Jim had gone to the shower as Sandy walked in. I know I turned very red. I started to apologize as Sandy put a finger over my lips. I could smell her on her finger.

Before you say anything just listen. I would imagine you are feeling guilty right now. Don't be. Oh My God that was incredible. I was so turned on knowing you were watching. I almost came the first time my pussy was touched by Jim's mouth. I almost orgasmed just giving him a blow job knowing you were watching and masturbating yourself. You did masturbate didn't you?

I blushed, yes twice, a record.

Good, as to you feeling like you were cheating on Jim by watching without his knowledge, well two things. One, that is part of what made it such a turn on. Not only you watching me grind my pussy into his face, twice but me sucking his cock in front of you was so hot. Second, when I eventually tell Jim he will explode with excitement. Trust me he will be so turned on by it not offended.

I am so glad you entertained yourself on our behalf. I can't wait until the next show.

Next Show?

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