New Generations


My mouth fell open.

"Uncle Jim!" Sara exclaimed, running across the room to throw her arms around my neck and give me a hug and a kiss. I gave her a squeeze, immediately aware that the pre-pubescent girl I'd known before had developed breasts that were firmly impressed against my chest, unencumbered by a bra. Her black tube top, covered by a white vee necked cropped blouse, was fashionable. A gold necklace with a single pearl nestled in the sweet valley revealed above the two shirts. The bare belly between the bottom of the blouse and the top of the form fitting jeans revealed the exquisite complexion of her skin that I was sure was the same all over her body. A dainty belly piercing, quite the fashion among the young these days, was a simple diamond stud. Her medium length black hair framed her eyes and set off her face which was totally without makeup and needed none. Taller than her mother and shorter than her father, when I looked at her, she looked up and kissed me, full on the mouth. Not quite a father/daughter kiss but, after all, this was my god-daughter. My hands grabbed her hips where I immediately realized their womanly curve and embarrassedly slipped them up to her bare waist to hold her away from me while looking her up and down.

"Sara!" I started, "I had no idea you were coming too! I thought it was just your parents."

"I wanted to come. There are things I wanted to do, too," she answered. I was acutely aware of the two little nubs of her nipples that protruded toward me through her tube top and blouse, beckoning to my eyes. It was all I could do to hold my eyes on her face, to not let my gaze drift down her body, which I so badly wanted to admire.

"I can't believe how much you've grown!" I lamely admitted to her and her parents.

"Not a little girl anymore, huh?" she answered.

"I should say not." A little uncomfortable, I started to pull away, but she hugged me once again, which I returned, before finally pulling away.

"It's so good to see you again, Uncle Jim," she said.

I turned, embarrassed at the unwanted physical reaction beginning in my pants toward this unexpected visitor -- who just happened to be young enough to have been my daughter. I headed toward the kitchen. "Anybody up for a glass of wine?"

I opened a bottle, and we moved back to the living room to relax, unwind, and catch up. Although it wasn't necessarily very late in California, the three hour time change and the long flight had taken their toll upon our visitors. Sara had one glass of wine and stayed with us until about midnight when she excused herself and went to bed. The second bottle hadn't quite disappeared, but everyone indicated they'd had enough. I collected the empty glasses as well as the two bottles and took them to the kitchen. I'd just re-corked the half empty Merlot when Debs followed me into the kitchen.

"Jen went to take a shower," Debs said, "but I know she'd love for you to wash her back." I grinned at Debs, knowing full well that I was going to join Jen momentarily and it was more than her back that would get washed, but I was still a little taken aback by the presence of Sara in the house. The images in my mind of no holds barred uninterrupted sex with two beautiful ladies in every room of the house had suddenly changed to carefully orchestrated trysts in the night with cautious and quiet participants trying to carefully have fun without upsetting the applecart.

"What about Sara?" I queried, thinking, what if she were to come out, or see me going in or...?

"Why, I hadn't thought of that before, but I suppose Sara would love to have you wash her back, too. It would probably be a bit crowded with three of you in there, though." I did a double take, at first not quite following what she was saying, but I caught on as she continued with a naughty grin, "But truthfully I imagine you'd rather take a shower with her alone, without her mother there."

I was shocked, and then realized she was pulling my leg as she continued. "What? You haven't noticed what a sexy little thing she's grown into?"

"Debs -- she's our god daughter for heaven's sake."

"Of course, but she's not a little girl anymore either, she's a young woman."

"I know that, which means she's going to know things she didn't used to. What if she sees us together, or hears us...."

"Don't worry, she knows about the four of us already," she answered, putting her arms around me and looking up to give me a kiss.

I'm sure I had a stunned look on my face. "How?" I answered back, thinking of all the precautions we'd taken over the years to not present an awkward situation to our kids; all the weekends away, all the two family vacations where we were careful to not let our kids catch us in unexplainable situations.

"Sara's no dummy," she answered. "She figured it out, asked her mom, and Jen told her the truth."


The large guest bathroom had clear glass shower doors that allowed Jen to see me enter, and allowed me to observe her beautiful body as I removed my clothes. Her back was to the shower, hands raised, rubbing shampoo into her hair. Her breasts, lifted by her raised arms, were still nearly as beautiful and firm as they had been twenty years before. She no longer had the look of a 20 something, but I knew it would have been difficult for anyone seeing her for the first time to guess she was anything over 30 either. She didn't seem to have gotten any older, her beauty merely enhanced with maturity.

Water cascaded off her shoulders and mostly funneled between her breasts. One rivulet, alternately directed and redirected by her moving arms, traced down from her shoulder to run from her nipple or slipped between her breasts with the rest of the water on its path to the floor. My cock began rising of its own accord as she watched me undress just like it used to in our younger years.

Once my clothes were off, I stepped to the shower as she pushed the door open, an unspoken invitation to join her. She reached for me as I took her in my arms, our lips crushing together, our tongues dueling like teenagers, once again excited beyond words by the illicit functionality of our 20 some year old affair. My right hand slid to her bottom and pulled her to me as my left found her breast. Her hand simultaneously found my nipple, tweaking it even as my fingers rolled her own long, nearly always hard nipple, her moan of pleasure filling my mouth. Jen's hand slid down my body grasping and gently stroking my continually hardening cock, but I barely noticed. My mind was thinking of the hard little bullets that had been visible through Sara's shirt earlier. She's got THO's (titty hard on's) just like her mother.

"God I've missed you... missed us," Jen said, pulling away from the kiss, her mouth planting kisses on my face and neck and chest, moving her mouth downward toward my nipples. I pulled the washcloth from the hook and began to soap it up on her back as she bent to my breast. Washing each other in the shower would be just the beginning of what had turned into a ritual for us over the years. That first time, many years before, Jen and I had started in the shower where I washed her, touching every inch of her body. After she washed me we finished out of the shower with her on the bathroom counter, legs over my shoulders, as she experienced her first-ever orgasm from penetration. Somehow ever since, whenever we'd gotten together after being away for longer and longer periods of time, we always ended up in the shower doing it again, just like that first time.

I finished washing Jen, although not really washing, more just running my hands over her body. She let my soapy hands slide across her hardened nipples, rubbing her ass, sliding a finger across her water-lubed rosebud, through her labia lubed with her own juices, momentarily feeling her swollen clit which cause a moan of pleasure. I moved down her body, washing her legs and finally her feet, ending on my knees with my face in front of her crotch. I grabbed her butt with both hands, the washcloth still in one, moving my tongue towards her almost hairless pussy until it found her clit. I flicked it with my tongue, a back and forth buzz saw and felt her body react with a twitch. Extending my tongue, I lapped up her pussy and across her clit, then continued my tongue up her body, swirling it around first one and then the other nipple before I again stood completely and handed her the washcloth.

Jen smiled, took the cloth and began to soap it up. Bit by bit she lathered me, letting the water rinse the soap off, and then kissing the part she'd just washed; my neck, my arms, my hands, my chest. Her tongue darted into my belly button, but she bypassed my cock and balls. She had me lift my feet, and afterward kissed every toe. Finally on the way back up she washed my cock and balls, but when she rinsed the soap off, she wasn't done.

On her knees in front of me, the water was splashing mostly onto my back, a minor amount cascading over my shoulders. With a smile she looked up into my face as she took my cock in her mouth, her hands alternately gripping my ass to pull me to her face and sliding around to play with my balls. Now it was my turn to groan in pleasure, her mouth and tongue sucking and licking, my cock slowly expanding and growing still harder.

She giggled and pulled off my cock momentarily to say, "Isn't this where you pick me up and take me to the counter and fuck me silly?" Then before I could do anything, she immediately sucked my cock back into her mouth, playfully making it hard for me to pick her up, making me think twice about whether I really wanted to. I grabbed her under the arm pits, but as I lifted, she bared her teeth, catching them just under the rim of my cock head. If I continued to try and lift to pull her off, it was going to hurt.

I laughed. "Ok, you win. No fucking for you this vacation, you just want to show me how well you can suck my cock, is that it? Is that what you want?"

She giggled; we both laughed outright before she once again slipped her lips over the head, her tongue twirling around my glans as she gripped my balls in a pretend vise grip. She slowly pulled back, my cock gradually appearing from between her lips. No teeth this time, her lips floated up and over the ridge until with a kiss to the tip, she pulled away. I once again lifted her by the armpits, her hand relinquishing my balls, and raised her legs to wrap them around my waist. Once she was high enough, I began to lower her, her hand reaching down to guide my cock into her waiting pussy.

We slid together, interlocking, my cock inside her. She tightened her legs around my waist as I reached with one hand to push the shower door open again and with both of us dripping, stepped over and placed her bottom on the bathroom counter. Her mouth attacked mine again, her hands moving across my chest, around the back of my neck, forcing my mouth to hers. Our tongues dueled, four hands on four nipples, tweaking and twisting. Her legs relaxed from their vise grip, her heels now alternately pulling me into her and releasing as we began to fuck in earnest.

She pulled her mouth back from mine and gasped. "Oh God, Jim. It's been so long. Fuck me. I need you so bad. Fuck me. Hard." I was trying, my hands sliding around behind her to pull her harder onto my cock. "Oh yes," she breathed, followed by an "ahh," and then another "Oh God" as I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her hard onto my erection.

After a few minutes I sensed a desire and pulled away to change up. I dropped to my knees, her feet following to my shoulders, my hands forcing her knees apart to make way. I dove in, my tongue easily finding a little pink nub already swollen from our lovemaking. When I sucked her clit she cried out again, "Oh God, Jim. Yes! Suck my clit. Suck my clitty and make me cum! Oh my god, Oh God, how did you know? Just like that! How did you.... Aghhh. Oh! Oh! Oh Fuck Yes!" Her legs came together around my head, her hand gripping my head, simultaneously holding me in place and pulling me away.

I'd forgotten how loud Jen could be when she came. I was vaguely aware of a thought drifting by somewhere in my subconscious, wondering if Sara could hear her mother's loud climax, wondering if she did if she'd be imagining what I was doing between her mother's legs at that moment that would make her scream so beautifully. I'm sure she probably could; hell, the neighbors could probably hear her.

Jenny's legs clamped hard around my ears, effectively holding me in place. I quit sucking on her clit, but continued to tongue and suck her pussy lips, nibbling and sucking her folds of flesh, my tongue darting deep into her folds to taste her juices. Finally she loosened her death grip on my head, lying back slightly so that her vagina was more directly in front of me. I extended my tongue, penetrating her as deeply as I could, while reaching up with my hand to gently rub her clit. I began drooling from trying to fuck her with my tongue. Pulling out, I began tonguing lower trying to catch my saliva and her juices as they dribbled toward her ass. I slid my hand down, penetrating her pussy first with one finger and then another, but as I tongued her perineum, I sensed a touch of excitement, her legs raising further as she lay back yet a bit further.

I've never been into anal. After years of being married to the same woman, I can truthfully say we'd tried nearly everything pleasurable that two human bodies can do together. I'll admit we tried anal a couple times, but neither of us found it satisfying enough to do it again. And to mix oral and anal? It had never crossed my mind, until that moment in the bathroom.

But there it was, a small bit of flesh that I'd never really paid any attention to on this particular woman; a small pink bit of flesh which just moments before had been washed in the shower. Without thinking, I found myself sticking my tongue out to that little bud as I sensed her desire and surprisingly found no revulsion in the act as the puckered little folds of her rosebud tickled my tongue. I didn't try and penetrate her, just played with my tongue as if it were her clit, which was simultaneously being toyed with by my fingers. I felt her inhale sharply as I touched her there for the first time, her hand dropping down to the back of my head, not to hold me in place but rather just telling me what I was doing was good.

I didn't realize that she was holding her breath until there was a sudden gasp followed seconds later by another. She was practically still, not moving much at all with her legs high in the air, her body growing tense beneath the onslaught of my tongue on that virgin territory. Suddenly she contracted; another gasp, almost a gurgle tumbling from her throat, her body shaking as she came hard. I was rewarded with more of her sweet fluids, which flowed down onto my lips.

I gently peeled myself from between her legs and rose, pushing her legs open with my hands until I could slide my still iron hard cock into her. Slower and more gently this time, I finished what I'd started earlier, building myself to a climax. She moved little at first, her own concentration lost in the glory of her own orgasm. I slid in and out slowly, relishing the silky smoothness of her sex. Shifting my position, varying the pressure, I searched with my cock for that pleasure spot inside that would keep her aroused as my own arousal increased. With each thrust, I pushed her back up that steep slope she'd just come tumbling down, drawing us both closer to our goal of mutual orgasm.

A burning sensation began at the base of my cock, a burning that spread upward in the shaft, until finally I was there. With a grunt I thrust myself forward into her, unable to pull out as my cock exploded, throbbing, filling her even as her pussy contracted around me, sucking me in, forcing me to bury myself deep inside her with that uncontrollable urge to plant my seed as close to her womb as possible. I gripped her ass, pulling her forward onto my cock with a groan as my penis began its eruption inside her. At the same time I bent, sucking her right nipple into my mouth, my right hand releasing her ass to come around and fondle her other nipple. She groaned and convulsed a third time, just as my cock weakly finished pulsing.

My hand and mouth relaxed their holds on her nipples and I straightened my aching back, relaxing from the difficult position. I just stood there panting from the exertion, sweat dripping down my forehead as her legs wrapped behind me to hold me inside. It was a losing battle as my rapidly withering cock was unable to sustain the impalement. Her upper body moved to me and I once again kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth momentarily, then let it slip away as she pulled it back.

"Oh my god, you are still the best."

"You're still pretty good yourself," I said as I picked her up to step back into the still running shower, her arms going around my neck.

"I should be," she answered, "You taught me."


I woke in the morning to find the sunlight streaming through the window, Jen snuggled into my side, a fingernail gently raking back and forth across my left nipple. Sensing I was awake she whispered, "Twenty years ago we'd have done it two or three more times before falling asleep."

"That was twenty years ago," I whispered back, not because I had to, just that there was no need to talk louder. I felt my cock thickening below the covers. "Now it takes a little help to do it so many times in one night."

"Bill too." Her hand slid down my belly and squeezed my still only slightly hard cock. I felt myself stiffen much more to her grip.

She giggled. "Sara gives me a hard time about it."

"Sara?" I questioned.

"Yeah, she calls it a 'Vitamin V' night."

I thought about it momentarily; decided I couldn't quite see a daughter commenting to a mother about the mother's sex life.

"And just how is it that your daughter knows that much about your sex life?" I asked, rolling over slightly so I could begin to play with her breasts.

"Well, she sort of figured it out, and I guess the fact that it's hard for me to be quiet didn't help." She paused talking while my fingers tweaked her ever hardening nipple. An unbidden thought of Sara's little nubs from the night before, how they'd been erect with no outside stimulation, popped into my mind. I suspected she was very much like her mother.

"I got a Viagra out for Bill one evening, but dropped it and couldn't find it, so I got him another. The following morning Sara found it on the floor and asked if I knew what it was. I was a little embarrassed about it, but I've never lied to her or made up stories about anything. So I told her it was Viagra, and she said "So that's why you were so noisy last night."

"Only 'a little' embarrassed?" I questioned, repeating her words while sliding down in bed so I could begin licking and sucking her breasts.

"Not too much," she continued. "Unlike my upbringing, I've made sure she knows about sex and I've never hidden anything from her."

"So what would she say if she knew we were together right now?" I questioned, suddenly realizing once again that the four of us were not alone in the house.

"Nothing." A brief pause, then, "She already knows." I found my tongue freezing up; my other hand involuntarily stopped its caressing of her warm motherly breast as I heard the almost identical words confirming what Debs had told me the night before.

"How does she know?"

"I told her."


Just how does one go about hosting a nude party? Do you greet your guests in the buff? Are they waiting for you to show the way? Do you meet them in a swimsuit as a host, and suggest they take theirs off? I had no clue. Although I've been a nudist at home when there was no one around but family, although I've been to nude beaches with my wife where there were strangers that saw us and we saw them, I've never experienced public nudity with people I knew.

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