New Generations


Of course, it all worked itself out. On that day Bill and I had another early morning tee time and it was nearly noon when we got home. I went out to get the barbeque ready and Bill grabbed the net to clean the few leaves out of the pool that had blown in. I had nearly everything out when I realized I'd missed the charcoal lighter and was headed for our detached garage when the doorbell rang. I was closest, so I answered. It was Martha Long.

Martha is one of those beautiful women who is no longer young but still eminently good looking, and you just know in her earlier years she was a knockout. Blonde, although I was pretty sure at her age hair color kept it that way. She often exercised with Debs at the gym and consequently her body had little of the old age flab that so many develop. Her muscles still had tone and definition. She obviously wasn't 30 anymore but most would be hard pressed to guess her age within even 10 years.

"Hey Jim," she greeted me, putting her arm out for a hug, her other hand holding a beach bag. I gave her a brief hug, the terry cloth cover she was wearing feeling like a downy towel. We started the usual chit-chat when Debs came out from the kitchen where the three girls had been preparing salads, appetizers, snacks and a variety of "with it" food -- all the stuff that goes "with" a barbeque.

"Who was it, Jim?" she started to ask, then saw Martha as she came around the corner. They were immediately into girl chat, which I observed for just a moment, having immediately been relegated to a non-entity. I half excused myself, half side stepped, and walked away to continue to get what I was headed for.

"So where can I put my things?" I heard Martha ask.

"Right in here," Debs answered as I stepped out the door and out of earshot.

I found the lighter fluid right where I'd left it and headed back inside. I'd just shut the door when I looked up to see Debs and Martha step out of the front bedroom where Debs had directed her to put her things. Debs was dressed just as she had been in a dressy T shirt and shorts but Martha was now totally nude. She was as naked as the day she was born except for a large folded towel which she was carrying over her arm, but making no attempt to hide behind it.

She looked up and caught my eye. "It's best at these things to just go for it. If you worry about what people will think, it never happens." Martha was absolutely naked except for sandals on her feet. Large areolas tipped breasts that, shrunken slightly from her days of children, had lost part of their battle to gravity. A tan line on her neck showed she wasn't naked most of the time, at least not outdoors. I tried not to look, but my peripheral vision registered a large expanse of pubic hair.

"Somehow Martha, it surprises me that you are one to party naked."

Her laugh was infectious, and just like that -- she wasn't "nude," she just didn't have any clothes on. "Honey, I grew up in a nudist community. I don't think I wore clothes until I got old enough to go to school. When I got married, my Davey and I always preferred to go to nude beaches or on nude vacations. Most people are prudes though; I just live my life and let others lead theirs."

I headed for the back of the house and by the time the fire was started and I came back in, Debs and Jen had both gotten rid of their clothes too. Sara, on the other hand, was still wearing a large T-shirt over the top of I knew not what, but there was no sign of those hard little buttons poking out of her shirt that I'd been carefully trying not to drool over all week.

Most of the people arrived during the next hour or so. Most were strangers to each other, only a handful knew any of the others before that day. Except for Martha and Sara everyone else showed up as a couple. One of Debs' buddies from nursing school, Nancy, showed up with her girlfriend Patty, so we ended up with a little bit of an imbalance between the sexes.

Some immediately shucked clothing, some initially wore swimsuits, but nobody made any big deal about nudity. There were a few comments about how this was unusual (although all thought it was great fun), but other than that, everyone seemed to just take it in stride.

It took a while, but eventually I looked around and most everyone was at least partly naked. Some had sags, and stretch marks, or were less than fit -- but after that initial frightening moment of dropping their clothing, it seemed like everybody accepted themselves, and each other, just the way they were.

When I finished prepping things I was hot and sticky so I shucked my shirt and shorts and went for a swim.

The home we currently have is a large step up from our first and second homes, both of which were just a few blocks apart in the San Fernando Valley. Here, we are practically at the top of a hill, and have a nearly perfectly private back yard. The granite rocks surrounding us are as big as, and in one case bigger than, our house. A neighbor's yard abuts ours on the uphill side, but the rocks and the slope of the hill keep us from even realizing they are there except that their roof line is visible from the doors of our house. On the downhill side of the house we have a deck that commands a view of the entire valley. Our downhill neighbor's home is situated so that all we see, when we are on the deck and can look down, is the roof of their two story home. Standing on the balcony and looking back across our yard, across the pool and the boulders, a large home can be seen on the top of the next hill, but it's over half a mile away. Someone on that hill could probably see someone standing on our balcony, but only for a few feet. Other than that, the yard is totally private. From the patio and pool area, no evidence of the neighbors can be seen. Despite having neighbors living just a few yards away, the yard is a haven of privacy in a crowded world.

The pool itself isn't very deep, only 5 feet at the deepest, and just modestly sized. The solid granite bedrock made it virtually impossible to put the pool "in" the ground, so the downhill side is actually a wall, while the surrounding granite boulders make the other sides of the pool blend naturally into the little cleft of the hill. The attached spa is slightly above the pool, just high enough that it isn't possible to get into the spa directly from the pool. When the spa isn't on, the pool filter return is to the spa which creates an overflow and a pleasant sounding waterfall into the pool.

When I got out of the pool, I sat down naked on a chaise lounge, using a towel to wipe the water from my face. Martha was lying on another lounge right beside me.

"Better be careful, when you sit on hot plastic it burns."

I glanced over, she had her towel spread underneath her, but what immediately caught my attention was a full red bush. I couldn't help it, I laughed.

"What?" she said, as I gingerly raised myself off the lounge with my hands.

"Why Martha Long, I do believe you've been misleading me all these years." I said, a smile on my face telling her that I was having fun with her. "Here I always thought you were a blonde."

"There're a lot of things you don't know about me," she answered, glancing down at her crotch. "And being a natural red head is only one of them. That's about the only evidence of red hair I've got left. I don't like bottle red, the grey looks better blonde."

She grinned, and then looked over at me trying to keep my naked butt from singeing on the hot lounge and nodded in my direction. "Pardon my bluntness, but you need to get a towel. It's considered impolite to sit naked where others are going to sit later. That's why nudists always carry a towel in public."

"Really!" I answered. "I didn't know that."

She laughed, "Rookie!" to which I laughed in return. I went and got a towel, and at the same time told Debs what she'd told me. Together, we gradually spread the word to everyone to make sure they had a towel to sit on.

What can you say about a nude party? It was absolutely as normal as any other pool party I've ever been to - except that the sexual overtones almost totally disappeared. What I mean is, what pool party have you ever been to where your "Adam" who is married to "Betty" doesn't drool and make a fool of himself over your mutual neighbor "Chelsea" who just happens to be on the outs with her husband "David" who's hanging out with either A) the guys, or B) the cute little college co-ed that says "Oh, could someone put sun lotion on my back?" Of course that's tongue in cheek, but you know exactly what I mean. All of that was gone.


Martha wore her nudity as easily as she wore her church clothes. As it was, no sooner did someone new arrive and see Martha and later others in the altogether and the "optional" part no longer seemed to be a question. Martha's immediate introduction of herself to everyone as they entered, a proud handshake from a noble and totally nude woman was the perfect greeting to put most everyone at ease. People with other than slim, perfectly toned bodies, the ordinary folk that most of us are, found her attitude comforting.

Some remained clothed until they decided to go swimming, but once they headed for the water they got naked with but a few exceptions. Stacy Albertson, an old friend of Jen's, went topless, but never took her bottoms off. Jessie, Debs' friend from work, went bottomless, but never took her midriff t-shirt off. The reason for this seemingly backward act was obvious when her normally curvy figure was suddenly flat. Debs later confirmed that Jessie was a breast cancer survivor. She'd had a double mastectomy a few years before. Jessie took her shirt off to go swimming but put it back on when she got out. Apparently she was self-conscious about her scars, so while her artificial boobs stayed in the bedroom, the rest of her enjoyed the sun.

Almost no one got dressed again after leaving the pool. Once they'd experienced being nude with others, being naked seemed perfectly natural.

One very conspicuous partier remained clothed: Sara.

I myself was on again, off again. Early on when people were arriving I had my shorts on, but when we all began to get wet, I didn't hesitate to get naked and remained that way right up until I started cooking on the grill. Splattering grease made me run for my shorts, and I kept them on until I was done cooking and the danger to my manhood disappeared.

Sara was in and out of the house all day. Sometimes she was delivering drinks, sometimes sunning with the girls; sometimes swimming, sometimes hanging out by the grill with me collecting brats and burgers and delivering them to the patio table. She'd started out wearing a tee shirt over her swim clothes, but when she went swimming, she'd taken the tee off to reveal a tiny bikini bra and thong bottom. And as any stripper knows, almost showing everything is a hell of a lot sexier than actually doing so. The whole rest of the day she was dressed either in her bikini top and tight white shorts, or her bikini top and thong bottoms, or occasionally she'd have her t-shirt on over the top. Always, she had on her gold necklace with the pearl, but whenever she didn't have the tee on I noticed she also had a thin gold chain around her hips to go with the belly jewel, and a third gold chain around her left ankle. The jewelry seemed perfect; as perfect as her skin, her bikini, her hair, her face, her eyes. She was truly a goddess.

Sara wandered among all the guests showing remarkable poise for a young woman among adults. Once or twice I noticed that when she wasn't engaged elsewhere Sara seemed to gravitate toward hanging out with me. Not that I minded, I enjoyed any opportunity to admire her beauty. After one swim as I climbed out of the pool and dried off I saw her watching me from afar. As I approached I saw her eyes rise to my face giving the impression she had been checking me out. My imagination momentarily ran away with that -- wondering if the 18 year old daughter of our best friends got as much of a rush looking at me as I did from looking at her. I quickly pushed such silly thoughts from my mind.

Over the course of the day I'd spent a lot of time examining Sara; hopefully without letting her know, gradually memorizing her features. Her thong bikini was a gorgeous green and could have been painted on her body. There was no doubt that, unlike Martha, she had not a single strand of pubic hair, the shape of her mound perfectly displayed through the cloth, a little crease visible where it pulled between her labia. Her bikini bra wasn't lined; like the bottoms, it was form fitting. The pearl between her breasts drew one's eyes to the exposed flesh, and there was a lot of flesh exposed. Her nipples, always erect like her mother's, were perched on the upper side of her breasts, barely contained beneath the fabric. Against her flawless brown skin, the green cloth was a perfect contrast.

From the back side, Sara was essentially naked, her perfect body almost defying description. The tie string of her bikini rested across her back; faint tan lines indicated this wasn't her first time to wear a bikini in the sun. Her sweet bottom was totally bare, only a small triangle of cloth with three strings adorned her lower back, one of those strings disappearing between the cheeks of her butt. Her bottom was perfectly toned, obviously she worked out; if ever a bottom was born that deserved to be displayed, it was hers. Her strong, sharply defined legs ended in dainty feet with green painted toenails and sandals that complemented her bikini.

In the shorts and shirt Sara was fantastic; but in the thong -- she was mouth wateringly perfect. She had clothing on, while the majority of the people were naked, but I'm sure she knew what the effect was.

I overheard Danny comment to a couple of the other guys that "She ought to be illegal."

Someone answered, "She almost is. Believe it or not, she's only 18."

"Oh my god," Danny said, "I don't remember anyone looking that good when I was that age."

I don't know exactly when I noticed that people were beginning to go home. The solar pool heater had switched over to the spa about 3 hours before sunset, so when the evening began to cool down, the spa had already heated up. The drinks and conversation flowed freely until I suddenly realized there was practically no one left except those of us living there. It was after 11 when Danny and Annika started getting their things together that I realized they were the last ones to leave.


"You TOLD her?" I asked, hardly believing what Jen had just said. I mean, although we'd made sure our boys knew about the birds and the bees, we'd never really talked about OUR sexual activities. I'm not sure they wanted to know as far as that's concerned. I know for my own parents, I'd never thought about them being sexually active. I was one of six kids, the second oldest, so looking back I know my parents were having sex -- but the thought of them actually doing it? It just wasn't in my imagination.

"So how did that happen?" I asked when she hadn't volunteered anything more.

"Well, it was after our cruise to Greece; what was that -- three years ago?"


"Yeah, I guess you're right. Anyway, Sara was looking through the pictures we took and was looking at one of the beach pictures Bill took of Debs and me topless. She just said "Do you and Dad have sex with Aunt Debs and Uncle Jim?'"

"So you just told her?"

"Well, not just outright. I avoided answering the question at first," she continued, the whole time running her hand through the hair on my chest, across my belly, or squeezing and holding my no longer solidly erect cock. "It was so unexpected but I'm sure she probably knew the truth from the look on my face. I asked her why she asked and at first she just said she was curious. But when I pressed her on why she was curious she said she suspected that we did. She knew I was being evasive but when she impatiently said "So? Do you?" I told her we did." Jen paused for a while but I waited quietly.

"We ended up having a good talk about sex. She said she'd suspected for a while; the fact that we often did vacations together without them along, and when we did have her and the other kids along that we showed a lot more physical attention, 'touchy feely' is what she called it, than other parents that she'd been around."

"So that was it?" I queried.

"That was the first time. Over the last year as she's become sexually active she's come back with other questions."

"Like what?" I asked, my cock beginning to rise again, both to our conversation and the thought of the sexy young lady that had so unexpectedly entered my house a few days participating in sexually activities.

"Like, did we ever do oral sex."

"Oh my god, she asked you that?"

"Well not outright. I walked in one evening unexpectedly when she and her boyfriend of the time were in the living room supposedly studying and watching television and they were making out and he was feeling her up. They didn't see me so I quietly backed out and made some noise to let them know I was coming. When I came back in they had their books out looking quite guiltily prim and proper. Later, after he left, I told her that I'd seen them playing and that I didn't want to hide it from her but I hadn't wanted to embarrass them either. We had a talk about her and her boyfriend and what they were doing. She told me he liked to feel her up and she liked it when he did, too. When I asked if she ever felt him, she said she had. She told me that a lot of the girls at school said they would do their boyfriends with their mouth and wanted to know if I'd ever done that to you or her dad."

"You told her yes?"

"Of course. I've never lied to her about sex. I told her that I had, and then I asked her if she had to her boyfriend. She said he wanted her to, but she hadn't yet.

I couldn't help but remember you and Debs telling me to "Never give a blow job because he wants you to, give a blow job because you want to." I told her some of the best advice I've ever been given was when Debs told me that. Of course the next question was "why was Debs telling you that?"

"So what did you tell her?" I asked, her hand now idly stroking my completely erect cock.

"I told her everything."


"Everything," she continued. "I told her how I'd known nothing about sex, but that I'd known something was missing, and how her daddy had left me so frustrated that I was going to ask him for a divorce and how she never would have been born if it wasn't for you and Debs. I told her how you'd taught me how to make love, and Debs taught her daddy how to make love, and it saved our marriage. I said that we'd been intimate friends ever since almost like the four of us were married to each other at times. I told her that not everyone would understand our relationship, so we didn't flaunt it in the open, but it worked well for us."

"And what did she say?"

"She wanted to know if I'd sucked your cock and if I did it because you'd asked me or because I'd wanted to."

"And what did you say to that?"

"I told her you'd never had to ask, that when the time was right, it just seemed like the thing to do and I did it because I'd wanted to, and I'd have never done it if I didn't want to." She pushed the sheet aside that had been covering us, and without saying anything else, bent down and took me in her mouth.


We'd had a great time all day long, completely naked for most of the time. Sara had never gotten nude, although the tiny bikini top and thong bottom had barely covered anything. Now she had disappeared, presumably to her room, probably not to be seen until morning. We'd all been in and out of the pool all day but with the cooler evening air we'd gradually gravitated to the warmer water of the spa. And now that Danny and Annika had left it was just the four of us. We were still in and out of the water as we either got too hot and needed to cool off or got too cool and got back in to warm up. We'd allowed the jets to lapse, just enjoying the quiet and ability to talk. I'd noticed Debs flirting with Bill, and knew the situation had changed from earlier; a sexual charge had invaded the air.

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