tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNew 'Girl' in the Office Ch. 02

New 'Girl' in the Office Ch. 02


Noon finally came after what felt like a very long wait.

"Ok Steven, let's head round to the gym for a quick swim. I know you probably won't have come prepared, since I sprung the invitation on you. I'll get you everything you need when we get there."

I stood up and followed Mr. Laveroc out the door, thanking him. The way he said it sounded slightly strange however, as if there was something he was holding back. We walked the short distance in a few minutes, making small talk.

The gym was quite impressive, as I'd been promised. It was housed in a recently renovated building that must have been over a hundred years old.

"Here we are", my boss motioned me to enter the gym and held the door open for me.

Once inside, he led me to the basement down a marble staircase and into the swimming pool.

"The changing rooms are just over there Steven, I'll be back in a minute." The way Mr. Laveroc smiled left me nervous, but I walked over to the changing area, admiring the pool on the way. What could he be up to?

I discovered that the changing room was just that; a square room with wooden benched around the walls, and no cubicles. I began to panic. What if I had gotten the wrong idea about my new boss? What if I get fired?

A few seconds later I head footsteps echoing outside and I sat down on the bench feeling pensive.

"Now Steven, we're all set. I borrowed something for you to change into and a towel. I'll just get ready, don't mind me." Mr. Laveroc handed me a rolled up towel and proceeded to strip off. "Come on, don't be shy!", he added.

I unrolled the towel and was shocked to find a very skimpy looking two-piece bikini in white. I looked up, speechless, and could feel my face blushing red.

"Don't look so surprised Steven," Mr. Laveroc said with a mischievous grin, "I've not only been checking on your work over the past few weeks, I've been admiring your body too. I've been dying to see more of it since I saw you, especially those incredible tits. Did you think I wouldn't notice?"

I could only mumble, as I felt a rush of embarrassment.

"And when I saw you wearing those panties this morning, I just had to do something about it. Well what are you waiting for my little slutty secretary? Strip."

I noticed that Mr. Laveroc had slipped his trousers off and was now wearing nothing, but rather tight boxer shorts that barley hid his large hardening cock.

Nervous, but incredibly excited, I made my decision and stood up slowly. I began to feel extremely horny and sexy, and looked into Mr. Laveroc's eyes while I slowly unzipped my trousers and bent over while I slipped them off, revealing my ass and my panties.

Next I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and took it off so I was now naked except for my black silky lingerie. My nipples and my cock suddenly went hard, and I could see my boss stroking himself through his underwear.

"Mmm, you look even sexier than I imagined. I'm glad we see things the same way, now take those panties off and put on your bathing suit."

I could feel my cock straining against the flimsy lingerie material, "Yes sir", I said, as I pulled my panties down to my ankles and kicked them off.

"Nice cock," I heard, as I picked up the bikini and put it on, "almost as nice as your tits and your ass."

I blushed and felt my cock push against the bikini bottoms, "Thank you sir, though your cock seems pretty nice from here too."

All of a sudden Mr. Laveroc whipped off his boxers and a thick, hard, seven inch cock sprung out. "How do you like it now? Want to see it up close? I need some personal assistance I think"

I didn't need any further encouragement and dropped to my knees, my boss's cock twitching with anticipation in front of my face. I placed my tongue at the base of his thick penis and licked all the way back up to the head, extracting a moan from its owner. I then opened wide and slipped it into my mouth, sucking hard and licking.

Just as I started to bob up and down, pushing this dick in and out of my wet mouth, Mr. Laveroc clutched the back of my head and pulled me towards him. I almost gagged but grasped his toned ass and kept sucking, while my own cock was just as hard and begging for attention.

"Mmm, that's so good," my boss growled, "I'm going to cum soon, swallow it all."

All I could do was mumble in reply, as I could taste precum on my tongue. My boss started to thrust in and out of my mouth faster than ever and I tried to suck harder. All of a sudden I felt a spurt at the back of my throat and I tasted Mr. Laveroc's cum in my mouth. I swallowed hard, as I milked it from the pulsing cock I was sucking and the thrusts slowed down. When the spasms of semen stopped I licked my boss clean and stood up.

"That was incredible. I'll expect a blowjob like that every morning from now on, from under my desk."

The thought made me even more turned on and my six inch dick popped out of my swim suit.

"Oh I see you're excited too," Mr. Laveroc said, as he noticed and stepped towards me, wrapping a strong hand around my cock. I was already close to coming and after only few strokes, my orgasm shot into the hand engulfing it.

My boss and I met each other's stare for a second before I was roughly spun round and bent over. Mr. Laveroc plunged his hand into my swimsuit and spread my cum over my asshole, lubricating it enough to slip two fingers in. I moaned loudly.

"So you like that do you?" my boss chuckled, "Well lets have some fun in the pool shall we?"

I felt myself being lifted into Mr. Laveroc's arms and taken toward the poolside.

When we reached the pool I was dropped in to the warm water. My boss athletically leaping in after me. He grabbed me by the ass and kissed me roughly before spinning me round again and pulling my bikini bottoms down.

"Mmm, please fuck me, Mr. Laveroc" I gasped.

"I told you to call me Pete didn't I?" my boss grunted.

"Fuck me Pete, please sir" I replied.

"Mmm, I like sir, though," he growled, as I felt a hard cock at my asshole.

There was a short stab of discomfort, as Mr. Laveroc plunged his cock inside me but it soon gave way to overwhelming pleasure. He pushed in and out of my wet ass as I groaned and water splashed around us. My boss then grabbed my breasts through the soaking, almost transparent bikini, which made my moans and his grunts louder still.

Surely someone will hear us I thought, then decided that I didn't care. I was feeling so slutty and ecstatic it didn't matter. I felt my neck being kissed roughly and the thrusting in and out my ass becoming faster and harder. Soon there was another spurt of cum exploding inside me. My boss kept his cock inside me for a few seconds and then pulled out slowly, making me wince with pleasure.

He let me go and I turned round to see him grinning and me, "Did you enjoy that then?"

I got my breath back and told him, "of course, I did."

"Well Steven, there's something else you're going to do for me, and from what I could tell from our swim so far, I think you'll enjoy it."

Almost shaking with anticipation I said, "Anything you want, sir."

He chuckled. "Excellent. I've decided that if you are to be my personal assistant then I'll need you around all the time. Therefore you'll be joining me at head office full time. I'll have one of my other managers keep an eye on things where you were."

"Of course sir!" I replied, giddy.

"The thing is Steven, with a body like yours, I think it's more fitting for my secretary to be female if you see what I mean. From now on you'll be called Suzi at work, and you'll have a bit of a makeover to let you perform your new duties to the fullest. Now let's get back to the office."

I couldn't believe what Mr. Laveroc had just told me. Could I really pass as a woman full time? Work was getting more exciting all the time. I just couldn't wait to see what my boss meant by 'a bit of a makeover.'

To be continued...

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