tagRomanceNew Home Christening

New Home Christening


She had caught him looking, or at least Sandy thought he was peering intently at her. I must be kidding myself, she thought.

Joel worked for another mortgage broker in her building and they had often walked in from the parking lot together as they began their work day. He was pleasant, attractive and not too forward. He never made any overtures, so she had pegged him for married, though he didn't wear a ring. Over several months they had developed a friendly rapport, sometimes passing at lunch in the building's common break room. Then about 3 weeks ago he had greeted her at the car as she parked with news to share. He had received a promotion that would allow him to move out of the place he shared with his roommate.

"Ah, a roommate, not a wife." Sandy had thought to herself.

Finding house had happened rather fast for Joel and the paperwork was expedited to get him into the place as quickly as possible. He had just finished the cleaning and painting when he once again waited for her to park and get out of her car.

"I want you to come to dinner. I want you to be the first to see my new place." His brown eyes danced with excitement. "What? Me? What about your family or girlfriend?" "My family lives on the East Coast, I won't see them until Christmas. As for my girlfriend, she broke it off with me about a year ago. She claimed that I was in a nowhere job and she didn't want to wait for me to get somewhere." His fingers wiggled in the air in mock quotations at the statement. "So, will you come to dinner on Friday night, if you are free?"

The slight pleading look on his face had been hard to resist and Sandy was free Friday, so she had agreed. Upon arrival at the house on Friday evening, she had been slightly surprised to see that while it was a nice older home with plenty of charm and character, Joel's house was radically under furnished.

He apologized, "The furniture store doubled booked their delivery schedule, my stuff won't arrive until tomorrow."

So they had their dinner on the floor of the dining room, eaten off the paper plates provided by the pizza delivery guy. It was fun and relaxing and a bit like a picnic. They had discussed his plans for the house and how much nicer it would be once the furniture arrived. Then toasted the promotion that allowed for a general upgrade of his living arrangements. After the dishes were thrown away he guided her into the living room to see the new, massive TV he had purchased. With the exception of a floor lamp, that was the only furniture in the room.

Joel mentioned watching a movie, and Sandy started to decline, but the movie he selected was one that she had missed when it was in the theaters and had really wanted to see. So, she agreed to stay, finding a comfortable place to sit cross legged on the floor, commenting on the cushiness of the new carpeting.

That had been nearly an hour ago and the evening sun had faded enough to warrant turning on the lamp to its lowest setting. Joel was sitting a short distance away and Sandy had adjusted her position from sitting to laying on her stomach, hands under her chin as she became more engrossed in the film. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Joel glance at her, then he did it again.

"That's odd", she thought. At the third glance she felt his eyes linger on her a little longer. She surreptitiously looked down at the front of her blouse and to her great dismay she realized that thanks to the way she was laying, her blouse opened to reveal a generous portion of her breasts. The pale flesh against the teal blouse was as obvious as if she had installed a neon sign saying "Look here!"

She demurely placed her hand across her chest, lightly tanned fingers splayed against the creamy skin and looked at Joel apologetically, "I did not realize..." and began to sit up and straighten herself, blushing slightly.

"You can stay there, it's okay." though trying for a light mood, Joel's voice betrayed him.

"No, I should probably get going, its getting late and I have to be up early in the morning." Sandy stood brushing off imaginary dust from her jeans and straightening her blouse. She had heard the tone in Joel's voice and it made her both uneasy and intrigued. A little voice in her head whispered, "What if?"

"Thanks for dinner and the tour of the house, its really nice and I hope that you will be happy here. Perhaps I'll come back to see it fully furnished", she laughed.

"You haven't seen the whole movie, please don't go." His eyes searched her face for a sign of wavering, but Sandy was looking for her bag while trying to quiet the voice in her head long enough to get out the door.

"Where did I leave that thing, its not like its hiding under something", she wandered from the living room into the dining room then to the kitchen. "Ah ha! There it is, by the sink." Bag in hand she turned to say good-bye once more, but stumbled into Joel who was following right behind her. Very close behind her. Staring at the expanse of his chest, Sandy hadn't realized that he was quite that tall.

With her back up against the counter and Joel close in front of her, she had no where to go. With a nervous laugh, she saw his hand come up from his side to grasp her jaw. He tipped her head slightly back as he leaned into her for a kiss. All breath left her body and as his lips crushed into hers he was breathing for them both. The kiss was an audition for things to come. It continued on, changing in its intensity and strength. One moment hard and demanding, the next soft and playful, coaxing her to respond, testing the response to see if the invitation was accepted.

Seconds became minutes and then time stopped altogether. She drew a ragged breath, oxygen, she needed oxygen, badly. The room was spinning and her body was reacting in a way that made it difficult for her to stand, much less walk...away. Befuddled as she was, her bag slipped from her hand, landing on the floor with a soft thud.

"Stay" he whispered, his forehead against hers. It was not a request, nor a demand, just a single word and as he uttered it, his breath gently blowing on her face, he slid his hand around the back of her neck, grasping firmly, lifting her to her toes, he returned to her still surprised lips.

Her mind, numb from the shock of the situation, abandoned her completely and she nodded into the kiss, she would stay. At that, his other hand deftly approached her body to touch and explore the enticing pale flesh of her breasts. Through the material of her blouse and bra, his hand cupped her breast, the nipple hardening at his touch, poked into his palm. Target located, he brought his thumb and forefinger to the nub and as his tongue delved deep into her mouth he expertly rolled the nipple and pinched it, HARD! Her body rocked with the simultaneous assaults and she moaned deeply into the kiss.

Sandy became aware of the drawer handle pushing hard into her back and she shifted to relieve the pain it caused. Her hand on his chest, she nudged Joel back a half step. He grasped her hands and pulled her to him, then leading her out of the kitchen he pointed her towards the stairs. With shamefully little hesitation she climbed up to the second floor, his warm hand on her hip as a guide to the room she had not yet seen.

The bedroom was dimly lit by a street lamp outside, though it mattered little to Sandy what it looked like. What it had was a large platform bed, the only furniture in the entire dwelling and that was where she was headed. She perched on the edge, looking at his shadowy form approach her. He stopped close in front of her and when he did not move, she reached out to touch his chest, then trailed her hand down his firm body to his belt. Looking up into the dark where his face was hidden, she asked, "May I?"

Taking his groan as assent, she began working the belt loose and then turned her attention to the button and zipper. His hands, joining to help her, were slapped away as she intently moved on with her task. Chastened, his hands landed lightly on her shoulders. As she slid the jeans down his legs, her hand lightly brushed the front of his briefs and his body jerked. She was eager to reveal his erection and the light from the street fell perfectly across him as she helped him step out of the last of his clothes.

Turning her attention to his cock, she studied him, at first without touching then, lightly grasping him in her hand. She felt the weight and the warm fullness of the blood pumping beneath the skin. Holding him in that way, she shuddered violently with anticipation. He was pleasantly long and a generous handful with a slight downward tilt that would make for a long, comfortable blow job and promises of other stimulating experiences before the night was out.

The light touch of his hands on her shoulders was becoming more firm as she studied him, but as she moved her mouth to him, the grip became painful. Instead of wrapping her lips around the head, she gently ran the silkiness of him across her cheek. It was now Joel's turn to breath harshly as he waited for the moment her warm, wet mouth would envelope him. His hips convulsed with anticipation and Sandy could wait no longer. She lapped up a tiny bead of pre-cum and his cock danced with the motion. Her tongue, wet with saliva, moved to him and ran the top length of his cock until her nose was buried in the dark curls of his hair. Taking a deep breath she committed his scent to memory before licking her way back down and taking the head in her mouth. Above her, in the dark, he sighed.

Sandy set a slow and measured pace, taking her time getting to know Joel's sweet spots and teasing him with her lips and tongue. Alternately, licking and sucking on the head, then taking him all the way into her throat, his surprised groans thrilled her and caused the wetness between her legs to spread. She was enjoying her efforts as much as he was. The gentle rhythmic motion of moving him in and out of her mouth, his hand gently caressing her hair and the groans from the darkness above her all told Sandy that her efforts were well appreciated. She gurgled contentedly, happy to have him this way and proud that she was able to bring him pleasure. After several minutes his intensity rose and when she was too slow to adjust, he wrapped his hand in her hair and used it as leverage to control her motion. The dominant action clicked a switch inside her, bringing out a compliant side of her. As he pounded furiously in and out of her throat, she occasionally gagged but managed to keep up with him. Then he abruptly stopped, pulled away from her and in her shock she cried out, grasping for his hips to pull him back to her mouth.

"No!" the word was accompanied by a light tap to her cheek and she fell silent. He stepped back and was entirely engulfed by the shadows. "Stand up" came the disembodied voice, "and take off your clothes."

Quickly she rose to do as instructed and seconds later she stood before him, naked. A hand reached out from the shadows to cup a breast and she moaned at the touch. "Get back on the bed and lay down, on your back", he ordered and she scrambled to do his bidding. Light splashed a diagonal line across her torso and as he joined her on the bed it lit his face for the first time since they came upstairs. The look in his eyes made her pulse pound and it tightened things down low in her body.

As he moved closer, he placed one hand on each of her thighs and pushed them up and apart, opening her to his close inspection. His hands slowly slid up her legs until his thumbs nearly met on her folds. Her hands, like panicked butterflies, fluttered around, trying to determine where to land. Her mouth and throat were dry from the gasping caused by the anticipation of his next move. It was clear by the way he held her legs, he intended for her to hold still, though the battle within her to move raged strong.

"Put your hands flat on the bed at your sides," he whispered, though she nearly missed the instructions over the pounding of her heart. She attempted to settle herself and just as she was marshaling her control, his thumbs separated her folds and like a hummingbird to a flower, his tongue darted in for a first taste. The intensity of the touch caused her spine to bow. As she lifted off the bed, his hands slid around and cupped her ass, holding her to his mouth, to the tongue that drilled within her.

"Ah ah ah ah, oh!" she gasped incoherently. Sensation after sensation rolled through her body as her world narrowed down to just her pussy and his tongue. Just when she became accustomed to his tongue and relaxed into its various strokes, he changed his approach and caught her clit between his lips. They pulled on the sensitive nub, while his tongue toyed with it. Once again her trembling became uncontrollable and she shuddered from head to toe. She was dripping wet and her pussy was grasping for anything to fill it. He positioned his fingers to enter her, first one, then two, palm up, slipped into her.

"More," she gasped as she bucked in reaction to his movement, "Gimme more." His fingers curled up inside her, pointing towards the ceiling, lightly grazing her G-spot and sending her screaming into her first orgasm. Her fingers twined in his dark curly hair, holding his head and tongue in place as she rocked over and over again with waves of pleasure. Wordless sounds tore from her throat.

As she released her grip on Joel, he moved up between her legs and began to stroke the head of his cock back and forth at her opening.

"Oh yesss! Give it to me," she hissed. Instinctively she responded, shifting her hips to allow for better access. Slowly, deliberately he eased inside her. Her body grasped at him, trying to encourage his movement without words. More. Now. Faster. Harder, but he held back.

Resting back on his heels, fully inside her, their bodies fused at the connection, he placed a saliva moistened thumb on her clit.

"I want you to come for me." He instructed. "I want to feel you contract around me and I will not move until you do so." He grinned wickedly, even though she couldn't see it. "I am going to drive you insane with pleasure."

Sandy gasped as his thumb began stroking her clit and she writhed on the bed, pinned there by his cock and thumb. Thrashing through the next orgasm she could feel another one building as he relentlessly spurred her on.

"Come on Sandy, I know you have another for me," he coaxed softly "give in to it."

Her body had broken out in a fine sheen of perspiration and the pressure building up inside her was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Together they felt her draw within, like sucking in air for a scream. As the mind-numbingly intense orgasm crashed over her, she heard herself scream from a distance and then felt cum gush from her, soaking Joel's hand and the bed below them. Heart pounding, she struggled to catch her breath and maintain consciousness.

"Yes!" he sounded triumphant at her release. "That is what I wanted." he leaned over to brush wet strands of hair from her face. Kissing her lightly he began to slowly move inside her, prolonging her delirium.

As she began to regain her senses he picked up his intensity. Slow on the withdraw, hard and fast on the return with a jolting thrust that left her breathless each time. His body hovered over her and she drew him down for a kiss, sharing the taste of her on his lips and tongue. He began pumping into her faster with all his pent-up passion, the head of his cock repeatedly hitting her cervix.

As he leaned into her, she whispered into his ear, "Bite me" and exposed the side of her neck to him. Mindlessly, his lips moved back and he placed his teeth on the muscle where shoulder met neck. Closing down on her flesh, tentatively at first, he was spurred on by the whimpering and moans that he forced from Sandy with each thrust. As his passion overtook him the bite became harder, driving Sandy screaming over the edge, yet again. Her pussy clamping down on him, bringing on the first throes of his orgasm and then Joel exploded inside her.

Panting, he collapsed on the bed beside Sandy and they settled down to let their bodies recover.

"I hope you'll come back to see the house with furniture."

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