New Horizons


Pete always was very open sexually speaking. "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it" was his watch-phrase when it came to sex. Being alone in a faraway land had just emboldened him a little more.

Lately Pete had found himself fascinated by transsexuals whose pictures he'd seen on the Internet. It was beyond his reasoning how a beautiful woman with a pair of real tits also had a cock between her legs. Some of the shemales were absolutely gorgeous and exuded sexiness. But Pete only fantasized about them because he had no idea where to find them.

Pete had to admit he often wondered what it would be like to hold a cock in his mouth and taste its come on his tongue. He felt no attraction to men though, only a desire to make love to their manhood. Make love in every manner possible, in the mouth and in his ass. He wanted to hold it in his hand and give it the utmost pleasure. If he could just find one that wasn't attached to a man, then his fantasy would be complete.

He had practiced with a dildo and found it pleasing but no substitute for the real thing. His fiancee had used her fingers on his ass, which he found thoroughly delightful (just like everything else she did to him), and had tasted his own semen on her lips and face. He loved the taste and one day wanted to lick her pussy clean of a man's come. But he wanted to be the direct recipient too. To have her lick his lips clean of come.

Such is fantasy. The desire for cock was strong, but not the desire for what it was attached to. Pete often fantasized about drinking come while being fucked in the ass when he masturbated.

But fantasy was all it came to. Then one day he overheard a co-worker talking about walking into a bar called "The Tranny". Pete wasn't listening to intently until he heard the man say that it turned out to be a transvestite club and some of the trannies had real tits. Pete couldn't believe his ears. Only an hour away was a bar that held the key to unlock his fantasies. He couldn't believe his luck.

Right away Pete started thinking of how he would get there. He couldn't come right out and ask where the bar was located, but he did know the general area. He also had to be careful not to be seen going to the club. He couldn't afford any labels other than "Red-blooded, Heterosexual, American Male". His profession allowed nothing less. If he was to pull this off he had to be very careful and plan well. Being caught was not an option.

The first part of the plan was to go barhopping with his co-worker, John. Pete and John were just passing acquaintances, but John seemed to be a likable enough guy. John apparently had a very active nightlife and Pete used this as a premise to approach him. Having never been to the city where his goal was, Pete asked John to take him there sometime. John readily agreed and they made arrangements to go Saturday night.

On the prescribed night John picked Pete up around 8. Pete hadn't preened too much since he knew his objective would not be complete tonight. He was only performing a reconnaissance to find his objective. The final stage of his plan would happen at another time. He dressed well enough to make it seem he was on the hunt tonight, when in reality he was hunting for nothing. He didn't want to draw too much temptation to him. After all, he was still very turned-on by beautiful women and had no desire to have any woman besides his fiancee. None could compare, no matter how beautiful.

Pete made small talk during the hour-long drive. Like himself, John was divorced, and like Pete used to be, lived the real wild life. John was a really nice guy and Pete hoped John found the same happiness he now felt. Pete knew all too well the loneliness of the single life.

When they had reached their destination, John and Pete started hitting all the bars. It seemed that every one of them had women who knew John. He seemed to be extremely popular down there. The women were all very friendly and Pete made small talk with many of them in order to keep up pretenses, but had no interest in any of them.

After several hours of drinking, a heavily buzzed Pete made the suggestion to go to The Tranny as a hoot. He explained that he had never seen anything like that. John readily agreed and the two headed off.

As it turned out they were only a few blocks from the bar, which sat in an alleyway, hidden from the main strip. When they walked in Pete saw a very well kept, seemingly high-class, establishment. Everywhere around him was beautiful women and only a handful of men. The women wore very revealing clothing, showing their full womanhood.

Pete had a hard time believing these were actually men, and said as much to John. John quickly admitted to their beauty, but added that they were all men. He said that one time he was here he actually saw one at the urinal and therefore knew he was a man.

This last statement caught Pete off-guard since he had understood that John had only accidentally came here and had quickly left. Pete asked how many times John had been here and he admitted that he frequented the bar.

As they got drinks Pete wondered if John shared his fascination with transsexuals. Just then a woman walked up and gave John a big kiss and hug. John did nothing to stop her and introduced her as Lisa. This removed all doubt as to John's reasons for visiting this place.

Pete was a bit nervous, but the alcohol was quickly removing hi inhibitions. As the three of them sat at a table another woman came over who Lisa introduced to Pete as Faye. Unlike Lisa who was a tall blond with a large bosom, Faye was a petite oriental with smallish tits and prominent nipples. Pete was immediately taken with her and asked her to join them.

Faye wore a tight mini skirt that accentuated her shapely legs and ass. Her blouse was virtually see-through and her dark nipples were easily visible. Her hair was long and black. Her face was extremely beautiful and Pete once again found himself having trouble believing that this was in any way a man.

Faye was repeatedly touching Pete's knee as they spoke and finally her hand rested there. Pete liked her touch and asked her to dance. Slow, sensual music was playing softly in the background as Faye rose and led Pete to the dance floor. John and Lisa had already been dancing for several minutes and were now very much into each other.

Pete placed his arms around Faye and she responded by pushing her body against his. He felt his manhood grow as Faye ground her hips into his crotch. His hands reflexively went to her ass and before long they were inside her panties, caressing her bare ass. He then felt her tender lips on his neck. He couldn't wait any longer. He looked down and their lips met. They kissed for what seemed an eternity, tongues intertwined, exploring each other's mouths. When their lips finally parted he realized that they were no longer dancing, having stopped at some point during their kiss.

Pete's knees felt weak and he led Faye back to the table. He was out of breath from their passionate kiss, his first with another man. He somehow felt strange about it, but at the same time liberated. He had found what he was looking for.

Back at the table she leaned into him, letting his arm go around her. Her leg was propped up across his and his free hand was resting on her upper thigh. They alternately kissed and talked and looked into each other's eyes. Every kiss brought Pete's hand higher on Faye's sexy leg. Her legs were very smooth and inviting, and she offered no resistance.

It didn't take long for Pete's hand to find the top of her leg. He still wasn't sure what he was going to find there, and at this moment really didn't care. He started to tremble slightly as his hand confirmed that he indeed was with a man. First his hand found Faye's balls then her erect penis under the silken panties.

Faye must have sensed Pete's apprehensions and she told him it was okay if he wanted to stop. He responded by giving Faye's cock a gentle squeeze before starting to caress it. Faye sighed heavily and once again their lips were joined together.

As they kissed passionately, Pete's fingertips lightly massaged Faye's hardness. Faye broke their kiss and suggested to Pete that they go to her place. Pete let John know not to worry about him and he and Faye went out the door. Faye flagged down a cab and gave the driver the address as they got in. Pete placed his hand on her thigh, but allowed himself to cool down a bit from the heat in a bar. He wanted the night to last.

The ride was about 15 minutes. In that time, Pete was alternately excited and scared. Excited by the prospect of living out his fantasy and scared by not knowing how he would react at the moment of truth. He was scared that he wouldn't be able to perform for this beautiful creature. It was a chance he would have to take.

As soon as the door was closed they were in each other's arms. They had come here for one purpose and neither felt the need to waste time with more drinks and small talk.

Pete pulled the clingy skirt off Faye and removed her blouse, leaving her with only her panties. Pete could now see the outline of Faye's hardening cock. She took his hand and led him to the bed where she slowly undressed him. As every piece of Pete's clothing came off Faye kissed and nibbled him. When all his clothes were off she gently started kissing the head off his cock.

As she took his length in her mouth, Pete positioned himself to pull Faye's cock out of her panties and started gently stroking it. It was very hard just as Pete's was, but not quite as big. It was beautiful and felt good in Pete's hand. He urged her hips towards his face, and for the first time in his life, he wrapped his lips around a cock.

His tongue ran along the underside of her cock as he took it deep into his mouth. He held it all the way in his mouth, as his tongue tasted every bit of it. Pete could taste the pre-come as he cupped Faye's balls. Slowly he started pumping his mouth up and down the shaft; the same way he liked his sucked.

By now Faye had stopped what she was doing and laid back to enjoy the blowjob she was receiving. Pete took his mouth off her then slid his lips up and down the underside of her cock then gently sucked on her hairless balls. His hand continued working her shaft before he wrapped his lips around it again.

Faye's breathing was becoming heavier and he felt her body slowly tense up. Her cock became harder and Pete finally received his reward for a job well done. He tasted her come shooting into his mouth across his waiting tongue. He was in heaven. He loved the feeling and the taste and he continued sucking her off until he had milked her dry.

As soon as her orgasm had subsided, Faye began softly sucking on Pete's cock again. Her mouth was hot and moist on him and it was obvious that her tongue was quite used to doing this. It didn't take long for Pete to shoot his load into Faye's hungry mouth. She milked him the same way he had done her.

They lay in each other's arms kissing and caressing each other for a long time. Pete thoroughly enjoyed this new sensation, this new experience. The experience planted in his fantasies by his lovely fiancee. He would have to thank her properly the next time they were together.

He felt Faye's cock starting to rise against him and decided it was time to take the next step. Pete laid her on her back and got between her legs. He sucked her to full hardness and ensured she was well lubricated with his saliva. When he was satisfied that all was ready, Pete straddled Faye's hips and with his hand placed the head of Faye's cock against his ass. Slowly he started pushing himself down onto Faye. He let out a groan when her cock finally popped into his ass.

Pete held that position to allow himself to become accustomed to this new invader. As soon as his muscles relaxed, Pete started allowing Faye farther into him until her whole length was inside him and his full weight was on her hips. Pete started rotating his hips in slow circular motions. The sensation inside him was unbelievable and his body started trembling.

He bent over Faye's lithe body and began kissing her deeply. As their tongues intertwined Pete began moving his ass up and down on Faye's cock. He squeezed his muscles on her with each down stroke, relaxing them on the way up. Pete's head was spinning from the sensation. His cock at the same time was rubbing against her stomach, leaving a trail of slick pre-come in its path.

They fucked like this for what seemed like hours when Faye started tensing up. Pete picked up the pace sensing that she was ready to come. In no time her hips started thrusting upwards and she shot into him. The hot come in his ass was too much for him to handle and he shot his load all over Faye's tummy and tits. They lay against each other until she fell out of him. They fell asleep in each other's arms completely spent.

When they awoke in the morning she bathed him completely, and after she had cleaned herself they began fucking and sucking each other for the rest of the day. Then Pete had to go. On the way out he promised to stay in touch; a promise he intended on keeping.

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