tagLesbian SexNew Horizons Ch. 01

New Horizons Ch. 01


I guess you could say my introduction to the lesbian lifestyle was slow, sweet and beautiful. I welcomed her into my arms and into my bed just as naturally as if we'd always been together. It was the first time for either of us but it turned out we'd both known for a long time that we were either bi or lesbian and were afraid to do anything about it.

I know that some women battle with their consciences and go through a period of denial. I had a friend that almost suffered a nervous breakdown going through it, but it just seemed so right when we kissed and neither of us ever looked back. The only straight sex I've had since then was a dismal failure but it wasn't his fault. He gave me several orgasms but they just weren't enough. Would I sleep with another guy? Who knows, but I'm not looking and I don't need one to give me what I need.

My biggest problem was and continued to be, that I am so sexual, almost a nympho at times. Well, I was before all this happened.

It all began when I booted up my computer after a days work. I scanned my e-mails, dumping the spam messages, deleting the ones I didn't know until I saw one that puzzled me. It was from 'sizzlinsister', and I'd never heard of anyone using that screen name. The subject said, "Invitation. Please do not delete, Important. Now, I've been duped by a lot of spam tricks but this one intrigued me.. Leaving it on the screen, I went to pour a glass of juice. As I sipped the refreshing liquid, I decided to open it, hoping that the anti-virus and anti-spam programs I'd installed were effective.

The message was double spaced in a very feminine type font on pink stationery. Nothing seemed unusual, at least not at first.

"Samantha," it began. "Greetings. Your name and information were given to us by a mutual friend, who, of course, must remain anonymous. After you read this, I'm sure you'll understand why. She has given us quite a bit of information regarding your new lifestyle and based on her input, along with other facts about you that we've been able to gather, It gives me great pleasure to extend this rather unusual invitation.

The mission of our group, "Totally Woman," is to offer select individuals the opportunity to expand their horizons, meet new friends in an unusual setting, and bring new pleasures to their life. If you are interested in a more full, more exciting life, and would like to know more, please double click on the medallion you see at the end of this mail. You will be taken to a new site that shows a beautiful southern mansion and garden. Only one pink blossom will be visible. Click on that blossom and your journey will begin. Your access code is A22CF9. Please do not lose it or allow it to get into the hands of anyone else. It is exclusively yours for the next 48 hours, after which it will be rendered inactive.

I hope we will see each other soon." It was signed, LTF.

It was puzzling, and yet I had to admit that it piqued my interests. Who could possibly know that much about me and my "new" lifestyle, other than my previous lover, whom I hadn't seen for several months? Why would they care about my level of excitement? I saved it to a new folder and finished reading my postings and e-mails, then went to change into panties and sleep shirt. Pouring myself a glass of wine, I returned to the computer, finally admitting that whatever and whoever it was, I had to know more or I would never get any sleep that night.

Logging on to the site, I was pleased by the beautiful opening scene, the aforementioned Southern mansion with tall porticos, surrounded by beautiful flowers but only one pink blossom could be seen. I clicked on it and was immediately linked to yet another screen, showing a picture of me, sitting in the park as I watched some women playing volleyball in bikinis. I remembered that day all too well. I watched firm bodies of the women and the bouncing breasts in bikini tops. My only question was, who cold have taken the picture? After a few seconds, a soft, decidedly feminine voice welcomed me.

"Welcome, Samantha. We are pleased that you have accepted our offer. In the next few minutes, you will be taken through a series of steps. The reason for all the steps is to give you plenty of time to reconsider. At each step, please take a few seconds to consider what you learn before moving on to the next step. I hope you find our offer acceptable and we will meet each other soon. If you still are interested in growing in the lifestyle, please click on the volleyball in the photo."

With trembling hands, I moved the arrow to the volleyball and clicked on it. It appeared to explode and a pink envelope drifted to the ground. "By your actions, Samantha," the voice continued, "we believe you to be ready for the first step. Our group seeks to take your life to new levels. If you wish to continue, please click on the envelope that fell from the ball."

When I clicked on the envelope, it opened and a note flew from it to open on the screen. "Thank you," it read. "You should be advised that the activities of the group are intensely sexual and require an ability to be accepting of new experiences. If this is not something you can accept, please click on the medallion at the bottom of the screen. You will be contacted later by a representative. If you choose this option, delete any saved messages. If you feel comfortable to continue at this time, you will see a small oval design at the top of the page. Click on it and you will be taken to the next level, but take a few seconds to contemplate your decision."

Without hesitation, I placed the arrow over the oval design and clicked on it. It seemed to turn, opening the note like a door onto another screen. " Now that you have chosen to accept our invitation, we will begin the process of preparing your orientation. Though it is an intense experience, nothing will happen that will cause you intense pain or physical damage. You can be assured that you will be treated with respect at all times. You now have twenty-four hours to reconsider. At this time tomorrow, you will receive an email with further details. Thank you, and have a lovely evening." It began to shrink to the sound of a beautiful ballad, and then it was gone.

The next thing I did was to place a call to my first (and only) lover, Candice, who preferred to be called Candi. It had been months, but we still talked frequently and exchanged emails several times a week.

She greeted me with "Hey Samantha, are you naked?"

I laughed and replied quickly, "I wish. Hey Candi, I need to ask you something. Are you familiar with an organization called Totally Woman?" For a second or two , there was no reply.

"Uh yeah, in a way," she replied, and I knew she was holding back.

"Did you give them my name, and tell them a whole bunch of shit about me?"

"You know me better than that, Sam. I promise you, it wasn't me."

"What do you know about them?"

Again, the hesitation. Her voice softened when she replied. "Ok, listen to me, Samantha. I can't tell you where I got my information from and there is a lot I can't tell you but I'll tell you what I can." I heard her take a deep breath before continuing. "It is a very exclusive, very selective lesbian organization in your area. The very fact that they contacted you should be considered an honor. I do know that it will change your life in ways you can't imagine, and I do know that every time you meet with them, you will be challenged in one way or another. I also know that they aren't kidding when they say it is intensely sexual. I wouldn't even suggest it to most women but I think you'd be fine, and they don't play games with your head. If you decide to get out, you can. I can't tell you more than that Samantha. You'll just have to accept that from me. I already said more than I should."

"Are you a member, Candi?"

"I wish. They don't have a chapter in our area, at least not yet."

"Well then, how do you..."


"Ok, ok, thanks. You've told me enough anyway. Thanks hon. We really need to get together soon."

"I hope we can," she replied. "I'm running all over the country but I haven't been able to get an assignment there again. I'll keep trying though."

True to their promise, there was an email for me the next evening.

"Hello, Samantha. Since we did not receive an opt out message from you, I will assume that you are accepting our offer. The next step is to take you through the orientation program. In this step, you will be welcomed as a new member in a special ceremony. It is nothing like the hazing we went through in college, though it is every bit as intense. For the last time, I will offer you the opportunity to reject or postpone your decision. If you do so, please close this screen and wait for further instructions. If you accept our offer and wish to continue, please click on the medallion at the bottom of the screen."

Without hesitation, I clicked on it, opening a new screen of familiar pink stationery.

"Thank you and welcome. It is important that you follow our instructions exactly as given. Should you be unable to comply, please use your opt out code to postpone your meeting with us.

At exactly 8 PM this Wednesday, you will wait at your door for our driver. You will know our vehicle by the medallion on the door, exactly as the one you've seen in our correspondence. You must wear a button front blouse and skirt that falls at least three inches above the knee. Please be wearing heels when you arrive. You will proceed to the vehicle and enter without speaking. The driver will verify your identity by a photo we have on file. The driver will not speak except to ask you your name and age. A blindfold will be placed over your head and secured with adjustable straps. When you reach your destination, the driver will escort you to the building where a guide will meet you to escort you the rest of the way. You are not to speak to them.

When you arrive at the destination, the guide will position you for your next step. Remember, should you choose not to appear, or if the prospect of a blindfold over your eyes is uncomfortable, please follow the opt out instructions given earlier. If there are any questions, or if you don't understand anything, please type your question in the box that you will find at the bottom of the screen in thirty seconds. We will reply in seconds. If you wish to continue, please click on the pink balloon that says 'I accept.' Thank you for your trust. You will not regret that decision".

Quickly writing the information down on a sticki-note, I wrote 8PM Wed., then stuck it to my screen.

When I clicked on the balloon, I was directed to page 2 where I found the picture of the golden medallion, but now, I could see it more clearly. A picture of a woman was carefully worked into the center. Although it wasn't obvious, I knew that the woman was nude.

I put my mouse pointer right on her nipple and clicked. I was rewarded by the image of a beautiful young woman who winked at me and said, "I'll see you very soon."

I forced myself to focus on the job at hand the next morning, but when I went to lunch, I sat so that I could study Danielle's actions. She was the only other woman who knew or suspected. Was she the one they used to get information? Had it been a mistake to attempt to seduce her that night? Obviously, there was an initiation or something since they were so specific about what I was to wear, and I did have the right to reconsider at the last moment once I knew what I was being exposed to.

I decided to shop for something new, choosing a dark blue mini-skirt with coordinating pale blue blouse. Going to one of the most popular lingerie stores, I purchased white thongs and a matching demi-bra .with front closure.

Wednesday seemed to move with agonizing slowness but as soon as it was 5PM, I hurried out of the office, nearly running into my apartment. After eating a light dinner, I showered and dressed in the requested outfit, complete with heels. At 7:55, I was standing in my doorway.

When a mini-van bearing the medallion on the door pulled to the curb, I took a deep breath and closed and locked my door. Entering the vehicle, I glanced at the driver, a lovely young woman with auburn hair. The woman compared the photo to me, then asked my name and age. That being done, she reached over to slip a black blindfold over my head, pushing me back into the seat. As she leaned over me to buckle the seat belt, I inhaled her fragrance and wondered at the firm young body that pressed against mine.

When we arrived at our destination, the driver got out and opened my door for me. Taking my arm, she led me up a long walkway and into a building. Just before she left, she kissed me tenderly on the cheek and squeezed my arm. For a moment, I stood quietly, but then someone took my arm again and guided me down a long hallway until we stopped and I heard another door open. We stepped into a room and the guide moved me to a spot and dropped my arm. Though nothing was said, I knew that I stood there alone.

"Welcome Samantha," a very feminine voice said. "Thank you for your trust. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable at any time, please feel free to hold up your hand as a sign that you wish to pause to collect your thoughts. Should you choose to stop at any point, just use your safe word. You will then be taken to another room where the guide will escort you to your van to be taken home. A representative will contact at you at some point in the near future. You must speak only if spoken to and follow all directions. I encourage you to relax and enjoy the evening. Your safe word is 'done.' If you speak that word, all activity will stop.."

For a few seconds, there was no sound but then I heard a footstep and shivered as several hands began to move over my body. It was impossible to tell how many people there were, as they softly caressed everywhere on my body. My face was turned from side to side as at least one woman kissed me, though I was sure it was more than one. The kisses roamed over my neck and ears as the warmth that began spreading over my body brought a soft mewling sound from my lips. I felt someone unbutton my blouse, pulling it from my skirt, but it wasn't removed The tender kisses moved down to cover my shoulders, and chest, then on to the exposed globes of my breasts. I felt arms surround me, pulling me into a warm embrace and then the hands stopped and there was nothing but silence. I now stood, wearing an open blouse, and white lace demi bra over my skirt and heels.

The hands soon returned and now I felt fingers working their way under the waist band of my skirt as other hands unzipped it. As my skirt dropped to pool around my ankles, a cool breeze swept over my bare legs. Two pairs of hands grasped my arms to steady me as a voice requested that I step out of my skirt. The hands that again began to teasingly fondle my body were soft and gentle in their touches and strokes, almost as light as a feather, and I heard myself moan in desire. When one of the hands moved to cup my sex, I instinctively spread my legs wider, gasping as they moved over me, caressing and stroking over my panty covered sex. As my blouse fell to the floor, kisses were placed all over my chest and arms, then over my shoulder and down my back. A warm, wet tongue caressed the flesh of my stomach, moving slowly upward toward my bra. I was now moaning and mewling almost constantly.

When my legs began to weaken and start shaking, hands once again steadied me as my bra was removed. I was gently guided to a couch or bed of some kind where I was moved to lie on my back. With just a few motions, my heels and panties were whisked away. My legs were spread and a soft towel was placed under my hips. Soft, well padded restraints were wrapped around my ankles and wrists as my hands were moved over my head and secured there while my ankles were secured at each corner of the bed or couch.. I was now naked, my, wrists over my head, my legs splayed wide, my moist pussy on display. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster and it was difficult to control my breathing.

I tensed when hot breath was blown over my clean shaven mons and my now exposed labia.. Then, once more, as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Again there was no sound. The thoughts of what was about to happen had my body screaming for attention and I felt the wetness between my legs, grateful for the towel that had been placed there.

Though I never heard a sound or sensed any movement, I gasped as tongues began moving over my painfully erect nipples. Fingers kneaded my breasts and swirled over my navel. I could feel the desire building and my moans became louder. I cried out as finger tips spread my labia wide, while still more fingers plunged deep into my wet pussy. The only sounds I heard were my own as I fought against the need for release. I was near, so very near and I needed to come so desperately. As the waves began to move over me, the fingers drove into me, faster and deeper. When my first orgasm hit, I cried out in pleasure and pain as my breath was taken from my lungs and my body seemed to implode. There was a pause in the action as I calmed, then fingers moved over my lips feeding me my own juices.

The aroma of aroused, feminine sex moved over me and I felt the heat from above as a woman straddled my face. I thrust my face upward and made contact with a wet pussy which I lapped at hungrily, thrusting my tongue into her in search of more. I groaned loudly when I felt a tongue begin working it's way into the depths of my pussy, while someone held my lips spread wide. I pushed my hips into the tongue and moaned as I licked wildly at the pussy in front of me until I felt the woman's legs clamp down on my head and kept licking as the thigh muscles began to spasm against my head. When the woman lifted her body off, I felt lips caress my face and a kiss was softly planted on my lips. "Thank you," A second later, I cried out as my clit was bitten and chewed on, sending me over the edge again.

Then everyone left and a voice said, "Lie still, Samantha." My restraints were removed, giving me the freedom to move and the familiar voice returned, only now it sounded as if the woman were right beside her. "Please stand, Samantha." I sat up and waited for my mind to clear, then rose to stand on shaking legs while strong arms held me up. Flexing my legs and arms, I waited for whatever was to happen next. Cool air blowing over my legs brought a shiver over my naked body, wet with not only my juices, but those of others.

As I waited, I wondered how many women were there with me. I snapped out of my trance when someone's lips moved against mine. The lips were soft, sensual and inviting, followed by a smooth tongue that worked its way through my lips and over my tongue. I was wrapped in a warm embrace by at least two people that continued as hands began moving over my back and up the back of my legs , over the cheeks of my ass and into the deep cleft between them. My body tensed when I felt a finger move over the sensitive flesh of my anus. That was one thing that no one had done to me and I wasn't sure what I should do. Could I go forward, knowing what they most likely wanted, or should I use my safe word? The fingertip circled the rim over and over until I felt a slight pressure. Was I about to be penetrated? I didn't panic but I had to admit to reservations about it. As the gentle probing continued, I finally decided to try to relax and let it happen.

I was guided to lean against a smooth round object. Hands firmly pushed me forward, forcing my shoulders down until I felt a padded surface against my breasts. A pillow was placed under my head and my arms were stretched out to the sides, to be secured by restraints. They lifted my feet up, placing them on some kind of bar or platform where they spread them wide and secured them. The cool air against my anus reminded me that my ass was on full display and I no longer doubted the intent of my hosts, only my ability to tolerate it.

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