New Horizons Ch. 01


Nothing happened for a few seconds, but then hands caressed my back and ass cheeks. Tongues moved over my cheeks and into the crease. The fingers that had been caressing my ass then began spreading my cheeks as a tongue moved over the tender flesh of my anus, continuing to move lower, stroking over my perineum, and on to my moist sex. As the tongue moved over and into me, I felt fingers stroke over my anal opening, stroking and testing it. The tongue in my pussy now moved away to lick my thighs as a finger moved in to take its place. Fingers began working my clit into a fiery frenzy and then the tongue returned. There was no way to control my body as it began to build toward another orgasm but then the action ceased.

A warm liquid was poured over my ass, between the cheeks and down over my abandoned pussy. For a second, I once again contemplated using the safe word, but again, I decided to allow the penetration to happen, hoping that it would not be too painful. My cheeks were pulled apart and more liquid was poured over the hole and a finger began working it into and over me.

The tongue now returned to probe into, up, and over my pussy, licking from side to side and up and down. When I felt a moist, warm pussy move into both hands, I opened my hands to cup them in my fingers. I knew what they expected and had no intention of denying their needs. As I played with the wet holes, fingering them aggressively, I awaited penetration, knowing it was near. My head was lifted from the pillow and soft thighs moved around my head and the fragrance of her highly aroused pussy drove me to taste her. I began licking into it with my tongue, still wondering if, and when I was going to lose my anal virginity. I grunted softly as a finger penetrated my ass, then yelped as a second was forced in. Very near to my head, a soft voice advised me, "Just relax, Samantha. Allow your body to totally relax." I felt a rather large object, probably a cock press against my anus but as it pressed, released, and pressed again, I realized that it was more likely a strap on of some kind

I moaned as a dildo moved deep into my pussy and began moving rapidly. It didn't take long before my orgasm made itself known. Thrusting me hips into it, I cried out into the pussy in my face as it hit me. At that precise moment, the cock penetrated my rim and stopped, while the dildo continued working in and out of me, keeping my orgasm alive. There was a sharp burning sensation in my anus, but then the cock was removed and a finger rubbed some kind of cool cream into me just before more pressure was applied and then I yelped as the head popped through my sphincter. The cock stopped for a second and then began moving deeper and deeper into me with short strokes, pulling completely out as more lubricant was drizzled over and into my anus. I felt the pressure of the plastic testicles against my cheeks as a final thrust buried it deep in my rectum.

I took several deep breaths and relaxed as it began moving in and out with slow deep strokes that began to send sensual waves through me, providing sensations I'd never dreamed of. The dildo was removed from my pussy and the tongue returned. Now I had my tongue in someone's pussy while I fingered two others and my own pussy was being licked and my ass was being hammered by a large strap-on. As I reached still another orgasm, the other women followed one by one. As the women pulled away from my fingers, they kissed my cheek. Then the cock was slipped from my ass and a warm cloth tenderly cleaned away the fluids. The woman whose nose my pussy was in was the last to come. She slipped out from under my face and the pillow once again was slipped under my head.

The room became silent and I once again felt alone in the room. I just lay there, relaxing as my anus continued to pulse and my pussy continued to seep fluids. "Please lie still," the voice ordered.

The restraints were removed but I remained where I was, quietly waiting for whatever was to happen next. "You may stand, Samantha, " the voice announced. I sat up and turned, sitting as my head suddenly seemed to float away, then carefully began working my way off the surface, taking some time to make sure my legs would support me. "You may remove your blindfold," .

I shuddered when I looked down on the padded table where I'd lost her my anal virginity but I forced my eyes away, to find a chair nearby that held a basin of water,a bath sponge and some cleaning solution in a squeeze bottle. A towel was draped over the back of the chair. I cleaned myself up as best I could and toweled myself dry. Goose bumps covered my shivering body in the chilly room. A door opened to my right and I turned as several nude women began walking toward me. One by one, they took me in their arms and kissed me. They each thanked me and the last woman held me, looking into my face. "Thank you Samantha. Are you all right now?"

"I'm weak, but I guess I'll make it," I replied. The woman smiled and put her arm around me and as we walked toward the door, each woman caressed my face tenderly and once again thanked me.

Just inside the room we entered, I found my clothing, carefully folded. Foregoing the need for panties and bra, I dressed under her watchful eyes.

"Thank you for your trust, Samantha," she said, as she led me to the other door. "I hope you enjoyed your visit."

As I moved through the door, another woman who was completely dressed, met me and escorted me to the outside door. She kissed me as I began to leave. I smiled at her and thanked her. "We'll be meeting again soon," she said, as the door closed behind me.

When I headed for the car, my legs were still a bit wobbly but I made it, finding it difficult to climb in the door that the driver held open. Once I was seated and buckled in, she started the car and opened my window while the air conditioning began to cool my sweat covered face. Taking some deep breaths as my body continued to quiver, I felt the quite tender flesh around my anus pulse and smiled.

I felt the drivers eyes on me as I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. "This has all been a dream" I muttered, but my anus told me otherwise.

"No, it wasn't a dream," the lovely young thing in the driver's seat corrected. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm not sure," I reported. "I've never experienced anything like that in my life. My anus took the worse of it, I guess. I've never had anal before."

"And now?" she asked. "How do you feel about it?"

"I think I was so frightened at the prospect that I didn't relax enough to enjoy it as much as I might otherwise, but if given the opportunity again, I'd gratefully accept. I think that it might be wonderful. I know the orgasm I got from the combination was awesome and took the wind right out of me."

"You're going to enjoy your membership Samantha. I've been in for almost two years and I just can't get enough of what the women do for me and with me."

"Were you one of the women who had their way with me?" I asked.

She giggled, "No, I'm not a member of the host chapter. I just got to watch and have my pleasures with one of my own chapter members. Wait till you observe one of those ceremonies. You can't keep your hands off yourself or your neighbors. It is so very erotic."

She handed me an envelope which, for a few seconds, I held in my hands, but then I ripped it open to read as she drove. .

"We appreciate your trust, Samantha, and the privilege of enjoying the taste, look and feel of your beautiful body. We trust that your experience was a pleasant one. Further information will be forthcoming. Thank you."

I felt the skirt between my legs become wetter and wetter until it began feeling uncomfortable. Still, I smiled in spite of everything, enjoying the cool air in the car.

When we got to the house, she ran around to open the door for me. As I got out of the car, I almost laughed at how wet the upholstery had become, and how strong the scent of sex was.

"I'm sorry," I said to the girl. "I'm afraid I was wetter than I thought".

She laughed. "It's all right. They're treated. Samantha, I hope you stay with us. You're a beautiful woman with a fantastic body and one day I'd like to be the one you're with."

I smiled and took her in my arms, accepting a kiss on the cheek. "I think I'd like that too, Terrice."

Worn out to the point of exhaustion, I slowly went into the apartment, falling asleep in the recliner, fully dressed.

Several days later, a package of rather substantial size was delivered by messenger. For quite some time I left it laying on the coffee table, unopened. Finally, when I couldn't stand it any more, I ripped it open, to find dozens of high quality photos of me in various positions, doing various things. The women I'd met as I left were around me, doing things to me that I remembered quite well. I could make out several other women behind a glass panel of some kind, most in various stages of undress, some completely naked, watching my orientation while some appeared to be engaging in some activities of their own . Each activity was photographed at various stages from many angles. Some of them brought an embarrassed flush to my face, especially the ones that graphically showed my ass being penetrated. The size of the strap on, now that I could see it, almost frightened me. How could that monster possibly have fit in my ass? No wonder it was tender and shaking. The photos of my pussy were graphic, showing it, fresh and pink, splayed wide by many fingers, a tongue flicking over my clit. The longer I studied the pictures, the less clothes I had on until I was stark naked, with my fingers driving in and out of my wet pussy. After my second orgasm, I looked in the bag and found a card. "We sincerely hope that you enjoyed your orientation session enough to want to continue with us, either as a spectator or participant." A phone number followed with a note that requested that she contact a woman by the name of Melissa within ten days. An hour later, I dialed the woman's number.

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