tagGay MaleNew Horizons Ch. 02

New Horizons Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Live to Love Another Day

Diego gazed with eyes that glittered liked black diamonds at the beauty between whose thighs he lay. Lowering his head he steered a course of open-mouthed kisses down each side of the irresistible throat. Soft moans were a symphony of pleasure that spilt from ruby-red, kiss-swollen lips. The lithe body writhed delightfully, occasionally brushing over his furred torso or causing their twin raised shafts to rub together most agreeably. He gave a groan as a gentle hand slid between their bodies to cup his sac and stroke his weapon.

A cry of pleasure accompanied his licking a taut teat, nibbling the caramel areola before taking the whole cinnamon nub into his mouth and sucking slowly. His hand fondled its twin, pierced by a gold ring that matched one he now wore, before his questing lips replaced his fingers to worship it as befitted things of such exquisite loveliness. His tongue sailed lower, sliding easily over smooth skin until encountering musk-scented fur. He inhaled deeply letting his face rub against the hot, hard flesh that rose so proudly from its island of dark, wiry curls.

"Love you, Diego."

The Spaniard lifted his head to gaze into eyes as dark as his own and that shone with the depth of emotion they held.

"I love you, my angel," he replied. He stretched his body over the slender form and mated his mouth with that of his lover's. He let their tongues parry and thrust in an age-old duel neither could lose. As they kissed he reached for their oil, drenching his fingers before letting them slide between his mate's legs and delve into the downy declivity to tease at the hidden portal. As his fingers caressed furled flesh, his lips closed around Nat's nipple to an impassioned cry. His tongue jabbed through the ring, flicking it back and forth, the innocent nubbin more sensitive since its piercing. He then pinched and rolled whichever nub was bereft of his hot, hungry mouth as he began to lay amatory siege to the younger man's intimate defences.

A single digit slid into tight heat to a moan from both men. Diego felt the hot sheath flex and relax around him before beginning a slow slide in ... out ... in to accompany the gentle bites to the breast at his mouth. The hitch of slender his told him his lover was ready for more. A second finger joined the first, spreading as they sailed forth, stretching resilient muscle and slickening the narrow strait. Soft whimpers of need fell from Nat's lips as Diego stroked over hidden sweetness. A third finger crowded inside and Diego moved more insistently, the aching flesh between his thighs demanding it be sheathed in the moist heat of his mate.

"Let me love you, mi angel," Diego mouthed against Nathaniel's throat. He hooked slender legs over his powerful arms as his pulsating sex pressed against its desired harbour. He eased forward slowly, letting the smaller man accommodate his length and breadth as he sank into welcoming heat. Diego felt as if he could drown in the bliss of being buried to the hilt in his lover's body. The sheath enveloping him was hot, tight and grasping. He kissed Nat once more as the tightness eased fractionally and undulated his hips, swallowing the cry that told him his aim was true. As his hips began to pump harder, faster and deeper, his kisses became hungrier, wetter and more demanding. His tongue duelled with Nat's before he sucked the vanquished organ onto his mouth to utterly ravish it.

Slender hands gripped or stroked his back and flanks, occasionally dropping to grasp at his nether cheeks as if to pull him impossibly deeper into Nat's willing body. Narrow hips moved in counterpoint to his thrusts and dulcet cries fell from sweet lips as his weapon effortlessly rubbed over his mate's jewel. The younger man's head tossed from side to side as Diego inexorably steered him towards glory and the Spaniard could feel the slim body tremble with imminent release.

"Come for me, guapo," he husked, sliding his hand between their sweat-damp bodies to stroke Nat's hardness.

Nat arched his back and cried out. Ecstasy shimmered behind his closed eyes, just a heartbeat from his reach. His heart thundered and his breath came in short, sharp gasps. Heat began to radiate from deep in his belly as Diego's words were husked low and dark in his ear and a calloused hand took command of his own primed weapon. With a scream of Diego's name he erupted into rapture. His pearlescent crème adorned their undulating bodies as his body shuddered with the intensity of his release. He heard the roar from his mate and moaned his approval as the organ buried within him swelled and pulsed sending Diego's hot, wet juices deep inside him.

Nat felt Diego's weight settle a little heavier upon him as they lay in the sated aftermath, the older man's breaths panting hotly against his throat. He smiled as Diego began to press soft kisses against his collarbone and shoulder and reached to desultorily stroke his mate's cooling, sweat-damp skin.

"Love you, Diego," he murmured, silently mourning the loss of his lover's flesh as the Spaniard's softened sex left his harbour.

"Te amo, guapo," Diego replied softly. As he slipped from his mate's body, Diego began to lick Nathaniel clean. As he reached his lover's shaft he sucked it slowly, ensuring he had every precious drop of the younger man's cream. Finally satisfied, he stretched out alongside the smaller form and pulled Nat into his arms. A soft sigh of contentment harmonised with his own. He had never been happier in his life.


Boro sat in the library in one of the oxblood, high-backed armchairs. On the small walnut table at his side was a crystal wine glass, half-full of claret. He raised it to his lips and sipped appreciatively as Nat's soft voice read aloud from a favoured tome. He smiled at his friends who sat together on the sumptuous settee. Diego's eyes were closed and his arm was around Nat's shoulders and the blond knew his friend was playing with Nat's luxuriant chestnut tresses. Nat leant unconsciously into his older lover's body as he held the book he read from, his beautiful face a mask of concentration. The blond felt privileged that the couple felt so at ease in his company to openly display their affection for one another.

There were times when he felt the insidious gnaw of loneliness, especially when the couple sought some private time alone. Boro had not attempted to seek out intimate company since they had taken up residence in the large house and there were times he wished for someone to share his bed. However, the blond considered himself a most fortunate man to have Diego and Nat's love and friendship and be part of their lives. He raised the glass in a salute to the younger man as Nat clearly felt Boro's stare and looked over at him. The bright and genuine smile that he received in return warmed his heart better than the most expensive brandy they had and he smiled widely. He loved both men as brothers and, to his mind, occasional loneliness was a small price to pay for the joy their companionship brought.


The evening meal concluded, Diego watched his lover and best friend as they chatted animatedly, discussing an appropriate time for Nat's continuing fencing lessons. His fingers toyed with his medallion and then to tap, almost nervously, at the letter in his breast pocket. It had been delivered that morning and throughout the day Diego had read and re-read its contents. Now it was almost burning him.

"Nathaniel, Boro," he said loudly to catch their attention. As they turned to look at them, he smiled and prayed to keep his voice calm and neutral. "I received a letter today and I need to discuss it with you."

"Shall we adjourn to the sitting room, Diego?" Nat asked. He had been with his husband long enough to know when the older man was agitated and hiding something and he wondered just what the letter contained.

Boro sat back in a black leather armchair, a glass of port in one hand and a cigar in the other. He knew as well as the more agitated Nathaniel, who perched anxiously on the edge of his chair's twin, that Diego had something important to say. He watched the Spaniard walk to and fro in front of the fire for a minute.

"What is it, my friend?" he finally asked as Diego made no attempt to speak.

"This letter is from Ilario," he said, slowly drawing the missive from his pocket.

"The same Captain who bought 'Maria'?" Nat breathed, noting that Boro suddenly sat up straighter at the name.

"Aye, my love," Diego confirmed. "He took commission to transport cargo, but has had an accident and broken his leg. He wants to know whether I would be willing to take temporary Captaincy and complete his contract. We will, of course, take full payment if we accept."

"Just one cargo?" Boro asked, his eyes bright.

"Nay. There is some island hopping to be done. As he drops off one cargo, there is another to transport. It would take about three weeks or so to complete his full commission." As Diego spoke, his eyes darted between his lover and best friend. It had not been his intention to return to sea following the attack that had almost resulted in Nathaniel's death. However, the lure had been almost irresistible when he had read the letter. To be back aboard his beloved 'Maria', to feel the sea beneath his feet and the breeze in his face once more was a daydream he had indulged in since the letter's arrival. However, if Nat or Boro demurred, then he had his answer.

Nat had dropped his head as he listened to Diego and used the curtain of his hair to study the older men's faces. He gave a silent sigh. They had a good income from a plantation they had bought and so it was not a financial incentive that caused interest from Diego and Boro. He knew they had given up the sea for his sake even though they were sailors first and foremost. Whether they knew it or not, their desire to be back at sea shone from both and their eyes gleamed in a way Nat had not seen for some time. Although his personal experiences at sea had left much to be desired, it had resulted in his meeting Diego and he loved the Spaniard more than he could ever express in mere words. Perhaps his was the way to show in actions instead.

"It sounds like a marvellous opportunity, Diego," he smiled. "If you and Boro are interested of course," he added.

"I'm game if you are," Boro said rising to his feet.

"Then it is settled," Diego said, moving to Nat to pull the smaller man into his arms. He kissed his lover with passion and love. "I will let Ilario know we accept and confirm the date we set sail once more."


Diego grinned as he held the wheel of 'Maria'. Most of his old crew were still aboard and had welcomed the three men enthusiastically, although a couple of his older crewmen now worked at their house or in the plantation as supervisors. It had been a move that had paid dividends in regards helping his land venture to flourish. His men were as loyal and hard-working on land as they had been at sea. The wind was in his hair and the smell of the sea was as exhilarating as he remembered. He glanced over at his lover and Boro as they duelled together on the deck.

Nat faced Boro, his rapier in his hand. He lunged forwards slightly as the blades crossed and then slashed to the left, but Boro ducked out of that manoeuvre. He circled round the blond, both men's feet crossing slightly as not to overbalance. Their eyes were locked on each other's, unaware of the audience of Diego. Hazel met azure as the blades lifted again. Boro lunged at Nat, blade to blade then a slash. Nat grinned as he side-stepped. Their blades flashed with the light from the sun illuminating them as they duelled, back and forth. Neither of them gained the upper hand although both looked for an opening. Boro's blade cut the air over Nat's head. As he ducked, Boro's foot tried to sweep his feet from under him. With an agile twist Nat danced away, laughing.

"That move is old."

"Aye, but this is new." Boro countered. He parried Nat's blade aside, spun round and used his fist. It caught Nat's left shoulder causing the smaller man to stumble a little backward. Boro slashed and caught nothing but air. The two of them fought for the pleasure of duelling. The only gain in the outcome was to improve Nat's agility and fighting skills. It was apparent to the blond that Nat was getting better as he backed Boro steadily towards the wall.

"Well done, Nat," he panted. "Now let's see how you handle this." Boro came at him furiously, his sword flashing.

Nat was temporarily caught out at the speed of Boro's attack and was immediately backpedalling to keep his balance. He was pushed towards a wall harder and faster. Nat stumbled as Boro jabbed, once, twice, but he avoided each blow, and then slashed at Boro's blade to knock it aside.

"You're getting better, my friend," Boro said with admiration.

"I know." Nat replied with a grin.

Both men laughed and the battle was begun once more. Boro turned fast, bringing his blade up to block a slash on his left and then his right. Boro's rapier moved faster, the older man bringing all his experience to bear. He could see Nat was tiring, having come at him hard and fast at the start but, to the blond's approval, the younger man refused to give in. The blades clashed again and again, the sound of steel ringing in the air. Finally as Nat stumbled and fell, his rapier flying from his hand, Boro tapped his arm with his sword.

"Do you surrender?" the blond asked.

"Aye," Nat smiled as Boro tossed aside his weapon blade and reached down to help the young man rise.

"Well done, my love," Diego shouted as Nat was pulled to his feet. "'Twon't be long afore you will best Boro."

"I'm not so certain," Nat panted as he removed his sweat-soaked shirt. "Every time I think I've improved Boro has something else he catches me unawares with.

"I have years on you, my friend. But I envisage you as my equal in the near future," Boro said. The blond moved to the bucket of water ready for the conclusion of their fight, letting the cooling water slide over his golden-furred, overheated torso.

Diego watched the passage of the drops of water over his friend's chest and imagined them caressing Nat's as his avaricious eyes shifted to devour the sight of his bare-chested mate. He licked his lips.

"I think Nat needs a little rest, Boro," he shouted to the blond. "Will you steer 'Maria' whilst I take a short break with him?"

"Aye, of course, Captain," Boro laughed. He doubted the dark-haired beauty would get any rest when the couple first entered their cabin.


"Nat," Diego whispered, as they entered their cabin. "You are so beautiful," he husked, running his hand over the flushed torso, tugging at the one be-ringed nipple. He released the chestnut curls from their tie, letting the luxuriant tresses spill past Nat's slender shoulders.

Nat felt the heat rise in his body and his cock twitch in response to the man standing so painfully close to him. His breath hitched when Diego's soft lips touched his, the Spaniard's facial hair erotically tickling his own smooth upper lip. Nat felt a callused hand lay flat on his chest, to feel every thundering heartbeat. As Diego leant forward to tease Nat's neck and chest with his tongue, Nat let out a sigh, closed his eyes, and then leant his head back against the wall. He felt Diego's hand slide down his abdomen, and then into his breeches. He groaned and bucked, feeling the strong hand of the Spaniard wrap around his growing need. The older man's warm lips and velvet tongue steering a path across his chest. Moving his hips in rhythmic thrusts, Nat let Diego stroke him to full hardness.

"Oh, Diego," Nat breathed. He pulled his mate into a deep kiss, where this time the duel was between lips and tongue.

"Do you want more?" Diego teased as he stood back and drew his hand away from Nat's hardness. He slowly removed his leather vest and the shirt underneath to reveal his sculpted chest.

"Yes," Nat said, reaching for his husband. Diego smiled and let himself be moved closer, staring into Nat's deep, chocolate eyes. His smile widened as Nat unfastened the bow that restrained his hair, running slender fingers through it to encourage it to frame his face.

Nat ran his hands across Diego's chest, tugging the matching nipple ring and kissing him heatedly. He felt Diego's hands glide down his sides to his hips where his breeches were swiftly loosened, and with a quick, seductive movement, Nat felt them slide off. Diego was slowly sailing his mouth down his neck, chest, abdomen and Nat groaned when he finally felt the warmth of Diego's mouth on his hard shaft. Wet heat engulfed him, and he gripped Diego's head, guiding him, carding his hands through the raven-black hair. He felt the hairs around Diego's lips against his length as the Spaniard moved slowly up and down.

"Faster, please," Nat groaned, and for a moment Diego complied but then slowly let Nat slide out of his mouth, licking the tip of his hard flesh before he stood up.

"Want more?" Diego smirked and ran a finger down the side of Nat's heat-flushed face.


Nat's hand encircled the back of Diego's neck and pulled him into a kiss. Nat felt Diego press his hips into his side as they explored and tasted each other's mouths, and he felt the hardness of Diego's manhood still restrained by the Spaniard's tight-fitting pants. Nat broke the kiss and traced his tongue over Diego's hard nipples. "Let's have these off." Nat undid the belt buckle and ties that fastened Diego's breeches.

"Hold on, Nat," Diego said huskily. He slipped off his pants and then smiled and kissed underneath Nat's jaw. "Much better," Diego whispered. He then began to bite at his lover's neck.

"Yes," Nat moaned as the Spaniard once again attacked his throat and collarbone. Nat gave a small yelp, but then moaned as the older man increased the pressure of his teeth on fragile flesh. "The bed," Nat groaned at the bite to his left nipple. "Please."

"As you wish," Diego rasped. He grasped Nat's arm. Almost throwing the dark beauty forward in his haste, Diego fell on top of him as they landed on the small bed. Grinding down his hips, Diego kissed the younger man, sucking the very breath out of him. The Spaniard reached for the small bottle on the bedside locker, whilst trying to still kiss and touch, and tossed it on the bunk.

"How do you do this to me?" Nat gasped against Diego's kiss-swollen lips. "You undo me with a look, a touch, a kiss." He was floating on waves of love and desire as their sweat-slicked bodies writhed against one another, limbs wrapping and rubbing, hands stroking and stimulating, lips and tongues sucking and licking.

"'Tis easy, mi amor," Diego rasped. "You do the same to me." He reached and pulled Nat back into his arms, driving all else out of the smaller man's mind with the depth and passion of his kiss. He enslaved Nat's soft, smooth lips, appreciating the slighter man's responsiveness. He knew he would never tire of this; of loving this special, beautiful, young man.

He slid his hand down Nat's slim, torso to grasp his lover's throbbing shaft, murmuring his approval as he felt the organ already slick with pre-come. He trapped Nat willingly beneath him, and kissed, licked, and nibbled his way down the trembling body. He pressed a reverent kiss to the small scar at Nat's shoulder. Dropping lower, he lavished attention on the dusky nipples with their large dark areolae, teasing them to proud peaks with his tongue and teeth before licking his way down to Nat's navel and dipping his tongue in, lapping up the sweat he discovered there.

"Mmm, you taste so good, my love," he purred. He raised himself up to gaze lovingly at the flushed, aroused face then slid down further. He swirled his tongue around the crimson-hued head of Nat's maleness before taking the pulsing organ down his throat in one smooth movement. He heard Nat gasp, his slender hips bucking, thrusting into the hot, moist cavern of Diego's mouth. "Steady, love," Diego murmured, grasping the hips to pin his lover down. He then began to slide his mouth up and down the heated shaft. He drew teasing patterns and swirls with his talented tongue before pausing to flicker over the slit, gathering and savouring the copious pre-come that was freely dripping from his lover.

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