tagGroup SexNew Horizons Ch. 3

New Horizons Ch. 3

byBob Peale©

Author's Note:


If you've read most of my stories before, you should probably be warned that THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT. This story has a bisexual story line. If male/male activities are not your thing, you probably won't like this one. Oh well; I'll catch you next time.

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In her fervor, she hadn't realized that her towel hadn't come up with her. She'd performed her whole tirade nude, breasts jiggling, cheeks flushed. Ken hadn't heard one word she'd said after the towel fell away. Sandy's mouth opened and her cheeks colored in embarrassment. Her first instinct was to grab the towel, to cover up, but something stopped her. Her nipples hardened at the recognition that once again she was undressed in front of someone that wasn't her husband, even more exposed than the last time.

"So Ken, what WOULD you like to pay me for?" she asked, softening her voice as she ran her fingers over the buttons of his work shirt. "I'm not unreasonable; I told you over the phone that I was sure we could work something out."

What are you DOING, her brain screamed. She didn't find this man attractive, had NEVER had sex with any man other than her husband, and all of the sudden she was trying to seduce this guy. In truth, part of it was power. Ken was an asshole, but he radiated power, and that was making her pussy throb now that she thought about it. Another part was the look in his eyes as he looked at her naked. She could see how bad he wanted her. Her eyes dropped to his crotch and any doubts about that fact were erased.

"Come on," he croaked, pulling her toward the bedroom with Paul at his heels.

As she let herself be led away a cold hand circled Sandy's heart. Could she go through with this? Did she have a choice? What little control she'd had of the situation slipped away as he pushed her on the bed.

"Yeah, we can work something out," he said huskily.

He dropped down on the bed and pinned her arms above her head, holding both wrists in a huge, meaty hand. Clumsily, Ken pawed at her pussy, roughly working his fingers inside. She spread her legs wider, trying to give him better access but they still rubbed her roughly, making her wince.

"Please," she begged. "Make it wetter."

Ken scowled then turned to his brother in law. Apparently foreplay wasn't his strong suit.

"Eat her out," he commanded.

Paul scurried between her legs and Sandy's mind raced back once again to the woman's tongue. Paul wasn't nearly as skilled, but in truth, it didn't take much, not in her heightened state of sensitivity. She threw her legs over his shoulder and raised her hips, moving her pussy closer to his face. When her hips started thrusting against Paul's chin, Ken released her so that he could remove his clothes. She moved her hands to Paul's head and urged him deeper. She looked over at Ken. He had a nice cock, about 6" long and as big around as a tube of toothpaste. Sandy licked her lips at the prospect of him sliding it in to her.

"Now let's really have some fun," Ken said, rubbing his hands together.

He looked over at Paul, who immediately stopped licking her, stood up, and shed his t-shirt, workboots, and jeans. He wasn't wearing any underwear, but in truth Sandy couldn't imagine how he could. His cock, still soft, hung a good 8" down his leg, and was a little thicker than a roll of quarters! Sandy was shocked...she'd never, ever, seen anything like it. It didn't look natural.

"You!" Ken shouted, turning to Sandy. "Don't just sit there, play with your pussy. Help him get hard."

Sandy's heart skipped a beat. This was totally new territory, another in a long line of firsts she'd experienced over the last two days. Both men stared at her intently, but her focus was on Paul. She wanted to turn him on, make him hard. Her hand moved between her legs and she dragged a finger along her slit. She gasped; her pussy ached from being denied an orgasm for so long. She continued to tease herself, humping the air and moving her fingers faster, until she couldn't stand it any more. She was about to slide a finger in when Ken grabbed her hand and pulled it away.

"Nice show. But I think we can do better," he said lustily.

He got back on the bed next to her and pulled her toward him, maneuvering so her pussy and ass were pointed at Paul as she gobbled Ken's cock, making sucking and slurping noises as she coated it with her saliva. Although the length didn't change much, it continued to get thicker until she could barely close her hand around it. Her pussy was so wet droplets had collected along the edges of her lips.

In a fluid motion he pivoted her so that she now straddled his torso, back facing him, then sat up and moved them to the edge of the bed. His cock was under her, wedged against her slit. It was maddening - she could feel it throb thickly, desperately wanted it in her, splitting her wide, but he wouldn't enter her. She squirmed, trying to get him to slide it in, but he held her steady.

"Paul, get the fuck over here" he moaned.

Paul dropped to his knees in front of them and swallowed the head of Ken's cock. Sandy shivered. She'd never seen a man suck another man, and now she had a front row seat. It was both fascinating and revolting. Irrationally she was angry...that was her cock he had his lips around. Paul drew his head back, releasing the head , and began licking the length of the shaft. Sandy shivered again as Paul's hot tongue danced over the Ken's cock as well as her swollen lips, attacking them both with determination. She rocked, pushing it further between her pussy lips, moaning softly, needing to get fucked.

"Play with your clit baby," Ken said, his voice thick with arousal.

Sandy complied willingly, reaching down and fingering her nub, sliding Ken's cock along her labia, and reveling in the feel of Paul's tongue. She noticed that Paul was much more enthusiastic now that he also had Ken's cock to play with.

"Oh shit, that feels so fucking good! I can't take it anymore," Ken growled, lifting her up like she was a doll and setting her next to him.

With surprising speed and strength he grabbed Paul by the shoulders, yanked him to his feet, spun him around, and impaled him. Paul's head fell back and groan spilled out of his slackened mouth, his eyes rolling in pain/pleasure. There was a practiced rhythm; an understanding of what fit where, that indicated that this was part of a normal routine. But with whom? Surely not Brenda. Sandy's nipples throbbed as she watched, the only sounds in the room her heavy breathing, Ken's panting, Paul's grunting, and the wet sucking sounds of Paul's ass getting drilled.

And holy shit, Paul's cock was amazing. At least 9" long, bobbing drunkenly with each lust filled thrust from Ken. And like Ken's, it had thickened considerably, not quite as big around but enough that a girl wouldn't know which to concentrate on as he put it in - the length or the girth. Paul's eyes were half closed, fluttering intermittently, as his cock continued to sway erotically.

"Woman, get up on here!" Ken called.

She looked at the tableau, dumbfounded. Ken had Paul's hips in his hand, pumping his cock in and out like a jackhammer. Paul was a willing participant, rising and falling on Ken's cock, hands on Ken's knees for balance. Paul's cock stood so tall that at first she had no idea how she'd mount it, but she knew she wanted it in her, at least as much as she could take. She scrambled up onto the bed and motioned for them to close their legs. Straddling them it was a hard reach, and her legs were stretched precariously. With one hand on Paul's shoulder she reached down and grabbed his cock, guiding it toward her dripping hole. If he noticed her he gave no indication, oblivious to everything but the cock buried deeply in his ass. She was so wet the head popped right in, and the shock from being entered knocked her off balance. Ken caught her hips and gently guided her all the way down Paul's massive cock. She leaned forward, burying her face in Paul's neck and biting down as his cock hit home. The poor guy was trapped between Sandy humping furiously and Ken, who was actually strong enough to keep lifting and dropping their combined weight on his cock, driving it into Paul's ass. Paul didn't last long against their combined efforts, and Sandy felt his cock start to twitch rapidly inside her moments before the hot sticky cum dribbled out of her pussy and down along the base of his cock. She kept riding him, milking his cock, until he groaned with exhaustion.

Mustering her strength, she pulled her wobbly legs up under her and slowly stood up. Paul's cock, wet with pussy juice and cum and still rock hard, slid out much easier than it went in. When she was clear of them Ken pushed Paul forward, separating his cock from his ass with a wet pop. Then he gestured for Sandy to join him again. Obediently, she walked to the bed and he grabbed his cock, covering the head and part of the shaft, and pulling it toward him.

"My balls are sore. They need your tongue."

Sandy dropped between his legs, nuzzling the base of his cock with her nose, and lapped at his balls. They were sweaty from all the fucking, and she could smell the mingled musk of both him and Paul's bodies. She sucked each ball deep in her mouth and hummed, making him groan with delight. She reached between her legs to rub herself while she licked. Rubbing was soon replaced by fingering as she rammed two fingers into her drenched pussy, her own juice and Paul's cum allowing her to slide in easily.

"Please fuck me," Sandy begged, looking up, surprised by how desperate her voice sounded.

Ken nodded and she climbed on top of him, positioning his cock at her outer lips. Her vision was clouded, her brain thick with thoughts of sex. She didn't care that Ken had just finished fucking Paul - in fact, it thrilled her. He pushed gently and it felt like there was a fist between her legs. Gritting her teeth, Sandy returned the pressure, sliding back suddenly as his cock gained entrance. She gasped, her chest tight, her tits swaying heavily, as his cock proceeded in her, splitting her wide.

"Mercy," she mumbled over and over softly, both as a plea as well as an exclamation.

When he finally hit bottom she raised up on her haunches slowly, gripping his cock with her pussy, inching along the length. Every time he withdrew she felt empty, every time he was in her she felt overflowing. It was the most incredible she'd ever felt.

She was so distracted by the feelings originating between her legs that failed to realize Paul was behind her until she felt his hands spread her ass cheeks and his tongue tease her asshole. Her body went limp and she fell forward, her breasts falling across Ken's face, as small explosions rocked her. Paul's tongue tortured her puckered anal ring, tickling nerves she hadn't been aware were there. Under her Ken nibbled on a swollen nipple as he forced his cock in further and Sandy found herself struggling to spread both holes wider.

Through the haze she felt Paul climb behind her and place the head of his cock at her asshole. Possessed, she pushed her self on him, head thrashing as she got used to the invasion. She never would have gotten Ken in there but Paul fit nicely, spreading her ass wide and filling it. Alternating between her tits, Ken did his best to distract her as Paul fed inch after inch of hard throbbing cock into her gaping, waiting ass. Like Paul before her she was trapped, at the mercy of the two men's thrusts. It took some time but eventually the fell into a rhythm with one withdrawing as the other was entered. They could feel each other inside her, adding to their arousal, causing them to increase their pace, and Sandy moaned and grunted between them, feeling her orgasm build with each stroke. Actually, that wasn't exactly true; she'd been cumming non-stop since she mounted Ken, but she could feel a really mind numbing orgasm on the horizon.

Paul grabbed her hips and sped up, a sign that he was nearing climax. Under her, Ken bit down on her tits roughly, leaving small marks, as his own orgasm grabbed hold of him. He bucked hard enough to move the three of them up in the air, his cock expanding and contracting with each spurt. Maybe it was because she was so close herself but Sandy could swear she felt every hot jet of sperm, splashing deep in her, mixing with her juices and Paul's jism from before. Behind her, Paul pounded into her ass one final time and then he too started to cum, groaning and shaking as he emptied himself into her ass.

The stimulation was overwhelming. Sandy screamed as both of her holes contracted and her own orgasm rushed over her. It was the most intense one she'd ever felt...every nerve in her body was sensitized. Her skin tingled from the salt in their sweat, the walls of her pussy throbbed as Ken's cock spread it past it's limits, her ass ached as Paul drilled deeper, and she loved it all. As the wave after wave crashed over her she screamed louder, shaking and drooling, squeezing both cocks tightly as they filled her holes with their cum.

Moaning, Paul fell on top of her, his cock continuing to spasm, his hot breath in her ear. Lazily, he rolled off and onto his back, his cock flopping lazily over one leg. Ken writhed under her as his cock softened, his breath coming in ragged pants.

Gingerly, Sandy got up off the bed. Every muscle in her body was sore, and she had no idea when she'd be able to close her legs again. Right now both holes gaped wide, the remnants their session dribbling out. The smell of sex was everywhere; the musk and tanginess making her throb even while she was enjoying the last vestiges of her orgasm. She looked over at the too men lying prone on her bed, their members starting to thicken already, and she smiled.

"Well Ken, I think I may be able to take regular deposits from you. How about you give me a little more as an advance?"

The End.

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