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As a young couple just moving in together, my boyfriend and I have been under quite a bit of stress lately. We've only been together for 2 years, so we decided to move in together. We've found a wonderful small cottage style house, this is going to be so much better than trying to visit each other at our parents' house. Because we both lived with our parent's houses, we haven't really had the time to have sex or even fool around, plus I'm still a virgin. I am a little worried in how things will change once we are finally moved in together, I know I'm ready to have sex because I love him. I know sounds really vanilla of me but it's the truth. I've just turned 19 and he is 20.

I move the furniture around the best I can by myself just to see where I would like it, almost everything is moved in, just putting it up is the hard part. I decide to start to put up my clothes I'm my closet, one less thing to do I thought. I make my way to the bedroom and began to unpack my things. I hear the familiar sound of footsteps behind me. By the way he drags his feet I can tell who it is, I decided to continue working like nothing is going on.

"Hey Babe". He whispers in my ear as he wraps his arms around me from behind. I instantly feel chills run down my spine. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him, I am so close I began to feel a bulge developing in his gym shorts. He bites and gently kisses my neck giving me that same chills as before, my body begins to grow warmer with every touch. I lean into his embrace and softly moan as he continues to nuzzle my neck. My body takes control and guides his hand up my stomach and on to my breasts, he holds them tightly under my shirt and pulls me tightly towards his body. I feel his hardening cock against my ass, this has me growing wet at the thought of his cock against me. Still in his grip he leads me toward our bed, pushes me down and flips me onto my back. The excitement is driving me wild, I look at him and bite my lip. I see the outline of his cock through his shorts.

He quickly climbs on top of me, pinning me down with his weight. I wrap my legs around his waist feeling his cock through our clothes. We kiss passionately letting our tongues intertwine only to release briefly. He kisses me softly, then smiles. He teases my skin with his lips, chill bumps rise. I moan softly enjoying his touch. Still paralyzed under his touch he slowly pulls my shirt up over my eyes, I feel his breath on my chest before he teases me. I squirm as I feel his warm lips on my skin.

He then pulls my shirt completely off and kisses me again. He reaches behind me and unlatches my pink bra exposing my full chest. He gently grabs one in his mouth, nibbling and sucking my rose colored nipples. His touch is driving me crazy, I moan at his tongue moving across my nipple. I can feel my pussy growing wet with each touch. My nipples rise from my arousal, he slowly trails kisses down my stomach to my waist band of my shorts. He teases me with his touch as he pulls my shorts off, they then join my shirt and bra across the room. My arousal grows stronger from all his teasing. He slides his hand over my soaked panties, finding my clit. I moan at his touch , he lowers his mouth toward my pussy finding my clit again. He begins to nibble and suck through my panties. I moan in pleasure, I feel as if fire is pumping through my veins. He pulls my panties down to join the rest of my clothing. He continues to flick his tongue over my swollen clit, the intensity of the moment hits me like a train. I moan feeling a numbness over come me , I instinctively move my hips closer to him, I become breathless as I feel a release. As I try to catch my breath he moves away for a second, stands up and slides down his gym shorts. I look down to meet his ready cock and instantly on pen my legs , inviting him in.

He finds my clit and teases my opening with the head of his hard cock. I moan " don't tease me babe" . He shoots me a smile and glides his cock inside me, I feel pressure from his cock stretching me for the first time. I feel him deep inside filling me perfectly, he begins to trust slowly. I moan loudly, wrapping my legs around him tightly to take every inch of him inside.

Sweat pours down our bodies, sounds of skin slapping with each hard slow trust. He nuzzles my neck and thrusts harder. I feel as if my body is on fire, I can't take much more. I kisses me passionately and. Thrust one last hard time, I feel his cock pulsating inside me. My body goes into over drive, I'm left breathless as I climax, I feel his cum fill me to the brim and seep out of me. I moan loudly as he bites my bottom lip.

Just as I feel my body can't take no more, the trails love bites down my body until he reaches my clit. He gently flicks his tongue over my still swollen clit, sending my body into jolts. I begin to shake uncontrollably, my legs feel numb. I'm completely under his control. Just as I feel like I'm about to cum, he stops, teasing me again. He continues to suck my clit until my juices flow uncontrollably.

Just as I regain my control he slides his hard cock inside and pounds my pussy hard. I scream out as my legs go numb. I feel my body regain pressure as he pounds harder. I close my eye and arch my back as I cum. I feel a release as the bed is soaked with cum.

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