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Whenever I travel to popular tourist locations, especially in warm weather places like New Orleans or Florida, I often see lovely wives with dumpy husbands. What is it with husbands in their thirties or forties? Take for instance last week when I was in the French Quarter in old New Orleans.

As I walked the narrow streets at midday, right in front of me was a beautiful blonde wife, trim and delicious, alongside her odd looking husband with a sloppy tee shirt and baseball cap. She was dressed to be cool in the muggy Southern heat. Her dress was short and the top gapped enough to allow passers-by to see almost to her nipples.

It so happened that they were walking in my direction, so I followed behind them for several blocks to Jackson Square where we joined the crowds enjoying the street entertainers. The wife had noticed me some blocks earlier because she twisted her foot a bit on the irregular brick sidewalk. I reached out to grab her arm and offer assistance while her doofus husband wasn't even watching her stumble.

In Jackson Square she noticed that I was still nearby, and I was angling for a better view down her top. Occasionally she looked my way. The couple took a seat on a bench, and I walked around a bit before sitting on a nearby bench.

To digress, I had long noticed this phenomenon of pretty wives with sloppy husbands, and I had devised a plan. When I find a wife who appeals to me, I find a way to make casual contact and share a few words with both husband and wife. In this case I simple leaned over to ask them if this was there first time in New Orleans, and then I asked them where they were from. Although my objective is to fuck this man's wife, it's non-threatening to ask them when they've had dinner and what restaurants they would recommend.

By this time, I've usually gained enough information about the couple to decide if I should take the next step. In this case, I told them I had to be off to a meeting and as I left them I handed the husband a small envelope and said, "I hope you enjoy your vacation and that you take every opportunity to do different things."

I had preprinted several business cards and inserted them inside tiny envelopes. On the card was printed, "Make this a vacation you'll always remember. Treat your wife to a very special time. Call me for services tonight or any time during your stay." It was signed with my email address and my cell phone number.

I've used these cards over and again, and you'd be surprised at my success rate. I'd say I get a fuck out of at least sixty percent of the offers. Even more at least follow up by email sometime later to say they were intrigued but didn't have the nerve to do it. And I've had a share of nasty complaints, too. I try to size up the prospects, but sometimes I just make a husband or wife angry. It's the cost of doing business.

After I handed the envelope to my new friends, I walked away toward my appointment with hopes of getting a phone call later that day. I took one last look over my shoulder to see the wife leaning over to read the card that her husband was fumbling to open.

Later that day I was disappointed not to have a message on my cell phone. Oh well, win some, lose some.

About ten o'clock that night my phone buzzed. It was my couple from earlier in the day. At first the husband's voice was shaky. He said, "Is this the guy we met today in the park?" I replied, "It certainly is. I'm so pleased to hear from you."

He went on, "Uh, well, I think I understand what this is all about, and I think we want to meet you again. Can you come to our hotel tonight?"

"Nothing would please me more," I replied. "In fact, I was just thinking about you and your wife while I was playing with my cock." I wanted to put him on notice about the seriousness of the situation.

"Well, we've never tried something like this, but she's had a few drinks and so have I, and she said she won't go to bed unless I called you." "Ever since you gave us that card she's been a different woman, asking me what it meant and what you had in mind."

"I think it's clear enough, my friend, my job is to make your wife squeal when my foot long dick pushes into her pussy." "And your job is to be there to make her feel comfortable and safe while you watch your wife get pleasured."

I could hear him take a deep breath and sigh before he said, "Whew, come on over to the Ponchetrain Hotel and knock on room 806." I said nothing but just hung up.

About half an hour later I was on their hotel floor and looking at the door to room 806. Behind that door, I told myself, was a couple who were probably very excited and very nervous. I love anticipating these encounters. The build-up is probably my favorite part. After all, a fuck is a fuck, but the way each couple reacts to the prospect of a ceremonial dicking is different.

A knock, and the door was opened by Joe, the husband. He still looked as goofy as on the sidewalk. I'd have thought that he would at least shave or try to look sharper. He led me into the room, and there sitting on the sofa was his lovely sexy wife, Barbara. She was sipping something from a glass and only made glancing eye contact with me. She was still dressed in the jumper she had worn earlier in the day, and it gave me a nice view up her legs.

Joe asked if I'd like a drink, and then he sat next to his wife while I took a seat across from them so I could keep enjoying the view of Barbara's legs.

"I'm glad you called. I was beginning to think I wouldn't see you again, and that would be a shame because Barbara is so lovely." She smiled a little at the compliment, but pressed her legs together and looked at Joe.

My guess had been right, Joe was a doofus. He just stared blankly at me and did offer his wife any comfort or direction. That was fine by me because I prefer to take the lead.

"Joe and Barbara, I hope you've had a nice vacation here in the Crescent City. Isn't it marvelous? There's lots to see and do when you're on vacation, and you've decided to see and do more than most tourists. You've decided to invite me over to add to your good times. And that's just what I intend to do right now."

With that, I looked at Barbara and said, "Barbara, when I first saw you today I was impressed. You're gorgeous and a joy to look at. Why don't you stand up and show us that great figure?"

She followed my instructions and stood and turned this way and that. "Barbara, did you bring special clothing with you to New Orleans, did you bring some fancy lingerie for Joe to see you wear?"

She looked over at her husband and nodded in the affirmative. "Well, I think this is the time to model it for us. Why don't you go change in the bathroom while Joe and I wait out here"

Off she went to her suitcase and then into the bathroom. And now my dick was feeling heavy and my balls moved around to make room. I looked at Joe and said, "She sure is beautiful. You're a lucky man. She's got my pecker all excited and moving around already. How's about yours? Is your dick getting hard?"

I knew this kind of talk would get him excited. "I'll be it's harder that it's been in years, isn't it?" Joe just looked around the room and didn't respond. "I can't see it in your trousers. Is it little?" Joe kind of made a face and still didn't say anything.

In a few minutes out came Barbara wearing high heels and the hotel's terrycloth bathrobe. She walked over near us and looked at me for directions.

"Good, that's better," I said. "Joe and I were just talking a little man talk, eh Joe?" "I was telling your husband that just seeing you was making my dick hard." "Look, there's already a wet spot on my pants down near my knees." She looked, and sure enough there was a wet spot way down my pant leg.

"I told Joe that I bet he was getting hard, too." "Who wouldn't when the look at you?"

With that, I stood up and put my hands on her waist. "My, you feel good." I moved the coffee table out of the way and led her to the center space between Joe and me. "Now, Barbara, is there something you want to show us?"

It took her a few breaths to get her courage up, and then she opened the robe and slid it off her shoulders. Wow! What a figure. Her lingerie was a wine-colored lace bra and matching panties with lace along the legs. She wore thigh-high nylons and a pretty bow in her hair.

"Turn around slowly," I instructed her. The view was having a final effect on my pecker that was by now at full strength.

"Joe, you must be hard as a rock by now," I said. "In fact, let's see your cock, Joe. Drop those drawers and give Barbara a look-see at her husband's big dick."

Joe was primed by now and didn't object to stripping down. She watched him shuck his pants and J.C. Penney briefs, and there in all its glory was Joe's little fuck sausage, all four inches of it. I didn't say a word, but I smiled as I thought about his wife playing with something three times as big.

Barbara sat back on the sofa and watched Joe who was starting to stroke his dick. She was starting to look shy as if she didn't know what to do next. So I jumped it, "Barbara, just relax and enjoy. This evening is for you. Your husband and you decided to do this, and I'm only here to add to your fun. Just relax and watch."

I stood and started to undress. Barbara smiled and took another drink while Joe sat to the side and continued gently stroking his member while he also watched me. When I took off my pants, my boxers served no purpose because my dick was already hanging down below the pant leg and cum was oozing out in long drips to the carpet.

I discarded the boxers and stood naked in front of Barbara and Joe. I posed a bit from side to side, twisting to allow my cock to sway back and forth as it slapped against my legs. It was just about a full staff, but it still drooped downward. I asked Barbara to open her arms which pushed out her breasts. Then I asked her to let her legs fall apart a little so I could see her panties better. As she did these things, my cock pumped itself to stiffness, eventually pointing straight at her face while my pee hole continued to express a rivulet of cum. Little pulses pushed the cum to the surface and continued in stringy drips to the floor.

I took Barbara by the hand and took her in an embrace and kiss while Joe furiously attended to his little toy cock. I lifted Barbara in my arms and hoisted her panty covered pussy up and over my penis plank. Then I rested her downward so that her crotch was sitting on the topside of my dick. In the mirror she could see herself wrapped around my body with a good seven inches of dick poking out behind her ass.

I held her like this, kissing and fondling her luscious body while I waddled over toward Joe. "Hey, Joe, I'm awful leaky. Would you be a good boy and wipe me off?" Joe didn't hesitate a second. He reached for my pole and used his bare hand to clean me, giving me a couple of strokes while he was at it. Then he used my cum to lubricate his own cock. As Joe cleaned me, I told Barbara what he was doing, "Your husband is holding my cock and giving me a hand job." Then I kissed her again, "What's that? I think Joe is sucking on my dick."

She smiled and gripped me tighter and dug her nails into my back. "Does your husband often suck dick?" I asked. She replied, "This is the first time, as far as I know. He and I been talkin' about somethin' like this for a long time, and yer little card set us off." "Joe, he said he never thought 'bout dick suckin', but if you had twelve inches for real, he said he'd like to see what that was like."

We paused for more kisses while Joe continued to suck my cock. What a scene, holding a wife who was perched on my dickmeat and kissing her while her husband pumped my dong in and out of his mouth. I could have stood there for hours. Joe was pretty good at sucking, too. Being a man, I guess he knew the rhythms. He would give me two or three powerful strokes, then pause for a while to let the pressure off. Then he'd attack again. I don't think I've ever been primed as well for a wife fucking.

I moved away and let Barbara down on the floor while I sat back on the bed. "Joe, come over here and undress this wife of yours." "She's got too much clothes on."

Joe went behind Barbara and unclasped her bra to show me a pair of lovely tits. Not too big and not too small, with pert upturned nipples. Then down came her panties – my favorite part of the evening – to reveal a pussy as blonde as her hair and eyebrows with a perfectly visible slit and inner lips pouting out ever so slightly.

As I drew her to me on the bed and kissed her, Joe got to work again on my cock. That man was a cocksucker for sure. He had a talent. He continued to play with my pole while I propped Barbara up on my chest so I could reach her pussy with my tongue. As I licked at her clit and lips, she held onto the headboard while Joe lay between my legs and played with my magic wand.

I had wanted to cum ever since I saw Barbara earlier in the day, but by now I'd been stimulated so much that I was beyond cuming. I was in that never-never land where the intensity itself is the turn-on and the prospect of spurting off is only a distant thought. I was in a sort of permanent throbbing limbo of hard dickland.

Barbara was a good wife. She started to buck and get off almost right away, and after long slow tongue laps over her clit alternated with quick flicks and near misses and teasing, she began a long series of orgasms. First she built to an obvious climax, followed by continuous rhythmic shudders and shivers. Truly, women don't have much need for a big stiff dick to get them off, but I suppose a big thick cock is just a nice extra, like dessert after a satisfying meal.

Barbara turned around and let me continue my ministrations to her nookie while she faced her husband over my manhood. She and Joe took turns going down on me. One would hold the base of my cock while the other sucked, then they'd switch positions.

Then they started to talk to each other, "Damn, this is the best dick I've ever seen," said Barbara to Joe. And he answered back, "Better than those guys we thought about last vacation." "That guy who pushed his photo under our motel door only had half what this guy's got."

"Come on," Joe said, "let's make this dude pop a load." "I want to see what he's got inside there." "I'll bet it's a super load."

"Wait a minute," interjected Barbara, "Let me try him first."

Little did they know I was past spurting for a while. I was so excited and so hard that I couldn't cum if they paid me, not until I'd calmed down a little. But still I was oozing a constant trickle of man juice. "His cock is self-basting," Joe said, "Just look at the cum this guy has dropped already tonight!" Little did they know that I am a jet blaster when I finally do cum. I love to be watched when I cum.

Barbara stood up and straddled me facing my way while Joe stood and supported her at the waist. She lowered herself until my dickhead tickled her pussy lips, then Joe bent down to grip my tool and guide it safely into home port.

She settled down an inch or two to get used to my girth. Joe shook my dick back and forth to help open up his wife's pussy. Then Barbara raised herself off my cock and lay forward on my chest to kiss me while my cock was pressed between us. She looked down to see that it came up almost to her breasts, so it was clear that my boner would not fit very far into her cunt.

She lifted her haunches to allow Joe to go to work again on the mechanics of plowing me into his wife's pussy. I was inserted again just a few inches, then Barbara began a pulsing back and forth movement and we started to lay pipe.

With every back and forth motion, I sank in deeper and deeper. Her eyes were starting to glaze over and her body got more limp as she relaxed her muscles. I was half way in when she stopped and rested. Holding her in that position, I rolled over and scooped her up in my arms as I had before. I stood with Barbara impaled on my pecker. As I embraced her and kissed her, I bounced her up and down gently in order to penetrate deeper and deeper. Finally we came to an end point against her cervix. I still had about four more inches to go, but I was in a tighter pussy than I had ever felt before.

We lay back on the bed with me on top, and I began to fuck her in the usual way. In and out, in and out, stopping when I bumped into her deepest parts. I told Joe to start counting the strokes. I knew I was nowhere near cuming, and I though they'd enjoy the fun of a long fuck stoke count.

Every hundred strokes I would rest and kiss her, but her head was just flopping back and forth in a near delirium as she panted and babbled. I had to hold her head still while my tongue explored her lips and mouth.

Then I'd do another hundred.

And another hundred.

I don't know if Joe was having a good time or if he was getting bored, but when he finally counted off the thousandth stroke he asked me, "Say fella, how do you do it?"

"I love my work," I answered. "And I know it's a skill that only a few wives get to witness."

But at one thousand, I was ready for a change. I rolled over and we all rested a bit. Ten minutes later my cock had softened to a long limp sausage. Joe had cum twice already, and I guess that Barbara had become exhausted with so much attention. It's hard to tell with a woman, but I guessed that she had cum time after time.

That left me with a load to deliver. I asked Joe and Barbara to take turns playing with my cock to get it hard again. In a few minutes my missile was ready to launch. I halted them and asked everyone to go back on the sofa. The two of them sat together in the middle of the couch, and I took my chair again which was about five feet in front of them.

When I sat down, I dropped my legs open and took hold of my man hose. I pointed it directly at the lucky couple and stroked myself. "You said you wanted to see me spew, well let's see what we can show you," I said. "Barbara, do us a favor and spread you legs so I can look at your pussy while I do this."

She looked so sexy sitting there with her blonde pussy fully exposed for my viewing pleasure. As I love to do, I asked them for a countdown before the blastoff. The gave me a "ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three...two...one....ZERO!" and I obliged by jetting out my first spurt right after zero. The first glob launched and arched over the five feet between us and landed splat on Barbara. I aimed at Joe and hosed him down with the next three spurts, then returned to Barbara for another five spurts. Each one hit higher and higher on them until I started to lose thrust after number ten, and the final four or five bursts hit on the carpet.

I was spent. Exhausted. Joe and Barbara smeared my cum all over each other's bodies and then they started to fuck. I lounged comfortably and watched them diddle while my dong shriveled and lost altitude.

As I left them late that night, Barbara kissed me goodbye at the door and handed me a little envelope and told me to read it later. Out on the sidewalk, I opened the envelope and read a tiny note that said, "Congratulations! You are now a famous live video performer. We invited three couples that are here with us to watch us from their room next door. Joe's a video technician. Come back tomorrow night and meet the other ladies. We'll send the husbands out to have a good time on Bourbon Street."

Before I got into the taxi for the ride back to my hotel, my cock was dripping again and my socks were getting wet.

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